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  1. Things to note (from kevin1127):
  2. • I'm not an actual WN reader, so don't expect this to be 100% correct and accurate.
  3. • English is not my first language, so I apologize if there is bad grammar or something that confuses you.
  4. • I might continue this summary thing, MAYBE.
  6. Things to note (from Zafiel):
  7. • I didn't summarize the arc, I simply rewrote alot of the grammar errors or misunderstandings for kevin.
  8. • I am submitting it on his behalf
  9. • I am inclined to help him with the previous arcs if he wants!
  13. **Arc 6: Corridor of Memory
  15. *For those who know nothing about previous arcs, here is some information you might want to know before reading this:
  17. - Yes, Rem had her memory and name eaten by the Bishop of Gluttony during arc 3, and no one remembers her except Subaru, but her body is still there (shes in a coma). So even though Ram doesn't remember Rem, she see's the similarities and Subaru, who is unaffected by Gluttony's authority, can confirm that Rem is Ram's sister, Ram still has some sense of responsibility to protect Rem. (arc 4)
  18. - Puck broke contract with Emilia (for the sake of helping Emilia to pass the trial) and hasn't appeared for the rest of the story thus far. (arc 4) (Zafiel also noted that the stone that contains Puck was fractured during one of the major battles in the previous arcs)
  19. - Garfield captured Meili. (arc 4)
  20. - Subaru signed a contract with Beatrice. (arc 4)
  21. - Subaru developed three magic spells with Beatrice: EMM that blocks everything, EMT that nullifies mana in the area, and the third one is currently unknown. (arc..4, or 5?)
  22. - Subaru learned how to use a whip and parkour from Clind. (arc does count in arc 4, right?) (Subaru did use the whip in this arc, I just didn't put it in my summary)
  23. - Since Subaru's name means Pleiades, Subaru is interested in stars and has some decent knowledge on constellation. (arc 5)
  24. - Subaru saved the Watergate city from the Witch Cult, but it ended up costing them a lot. Afterwards with people from Emilia's camp and Anastasia's camp, Subaru decided to visit the sage who could possibly cure those who became victims of the bishops. (arc 5)
  25. - Otto and Garfield stayed in the city to cure and rest up. (arc 5)
  26. - Capella let her dragon blood flow inside Crusch, which caused Crusch to become sick (or something along those lines) and he had to stay in bed. (arc 5)
  27. - Roy ate Julius's name. (arc 5)
  28. - To save Anastasia from Capella, Echidna (not the witch, the spirit on Anastasia's scarf) possessed Anastasia, but couldn't get off of her body after the battle, which is the reason why “Anastasia” is going with Subaru. (arc 5)
  30. Q: What is the relationship between this Echidna and the Echidna known as the Witch of Greed?
  31. A: Asking this is just like asking what's the relationship between Emilia and Satella. The author hasn't explained it yet.
  33. - Other victims include those who had their names or memories (or both) eaten by the Bishops of Gluttony and those who were turned into flies or dragons by the Bishop of Lust. (arc 5)
  35. end of information*
  37. * Start of arc 6:
  39. Subaru starts off by returning back to the mansion since there are many powerful beasts in the sand dune where the watchtower was located. Subaru went back to speak to Meili, who was jailed after arc 4. However, it was not really a jail; it was more like a nice comforting room with a lot of stuffed animals made by Subaru so that Meili wouldn't be bored. Subaru said some things that convinced Meili to join his team.
  41. Subaru also brought Rem in a wheelchair so that the sage could cure her. Roswaal ended up warning Emilia that Rem and Subaru have a power connection and that it was clear Rem loved Subaru deeply. He stated that Subaru most likely has powerful feelings for Rem as well, and that she would return to being very close to Subaru if she were to reawaken. Emilia didn’t care however and was determined to help Subaru save Rem. “Me, Rem, Beatrice, Petra, Patrasche, Otto and Garfield! As long as Subaru is very very happy.” (Subaru: “Ah.., there are animal and men in there.”)
  43. After they passed the sand dune, they came to a garden filled with 花魁熊. They are basically bears with flowers on their back. Meili could not handle this large amount of beasts, so Subaru and the team decided to sneak through the bears.
  45. But they alerted the bears, people started to run and fight the bears while rushing to the tower. All of the sudden a light coming from the tower evaporated Subaru’s head. All the other people were also shot through the head by the light and killed.
  47. --Bad End 22--
  49. Subaru was back at the middle of the flower garden. It wasnt long before the team alerted the bears again, but Subaru decided to go another way this time. The bears were still attacking, then all of the sudden the light from the watchtower struck again and shot through Subaru’s body. Subaru died. (Before he died, Beatrice was crying, so Subaru wiped her tear with his invisible hand)
  51. --Bad End 23--
  53. This time Subaru tried to find a way around the garden. Then the light targeted Subaru again. Subaru used EMM to block the attack, but the light was still shooting, so he used EMT instead. This time, the lights touched the EMT territory and were nullified, they fell down and became needles. While everyone was behind cover, they discussed possibly using transportation magic to return to the sand dune, but using dimension magic while mana was nullified in the area wasn't a good idea, the portal exploded and the whole team was blown and scattered away.
  55. When Subaru woke up, he was with Ram, Anastasia, and Patrasche under the sand dune. The others weren't anywhere in sight, so they started looking. They encountered a branched road, and Subaru went to the left.
  57. Subaru fell into a hole and encountered a centaur-liked beast (餓馬王, a beast with top being the human and bottom being the horse, the whole head becomes a horn and there is an opening in the stomach as the mouth. There is fire burning on its back and it can shoot fireball). Subaru was burned to death by the beast.
  59. --Bad End 24--
  61. The checkpoint changed to the place under the sand dune.
  62. This time, Subaru decided to go to the right. On their way, Ram had some small disputes with Subaru. But eventually for whatever reason the groups anger got the best of them to the point they began attacking one another. Anastasia’s body was cut by Ram’s wind magic, Ram was eaten by Patrasche, and finally Subaru got eaten by Patrasche as well.
  64. (I don’t know what exactly happened in this loop. I assume they are driven insane due to something similar to Wrath’s emotion control)
  66. --Bad End 25--
  68. This time Subaru went to the left, due to the fact that the centaur had no eyes and lived underground, maybe it was possible that it had no vision. Subaru distracted the beast with noise, but the plan failed mid-way. They tried to fight the beast, but the centaur had regenerating abilities.
  70. All of the sudden, the light, the same light that shot Subaru in the previous loop, attacked. Even when the centaur-beast could regenerate, the light kept shooting until there was nothing left for the beast. Then a woman appeared, Subaru fainted due to the battle with the beast.
  72. Subaru woke up in the sage tower (The Pleiades watchtower) with Emilia sleeping near him and Beatrice sitting there as well. There are a total of 7 floors in this tower. The fifth floor is the ground floor, and the sixth floor (where Subaru is currently at) is B1 (counting from top to bottom). Rem was being cured in the fourth floor, but not the kind that can cure the authority. Julius and the other people were in a trial of sorts.
  74. Then the needle-using woman jumped from the sky. “….Three. That’s not important, I've finally found you, Sensei-sama” And she started hugging Subaru with strong force, saying how Subaru was her teacher and how she missed him so much. Subaru of course was in confusion and the other people returned.
  76. The woman was Shaula, the sage that they were looking for and also one of the three beings that sealed the Witch of Envy 400 years ago, according to history. Subaru and the team were confused about Shaula calling Subaru her teacher. Julius explained that when the teleportation magic exploded the others were transported back to the other side of the garden and managed to arrive at the watchtower secretly. When Subaru was sleeping earlier all the people tried to make Shaula to talk, but Shaula didn’t say anything. Shaula said that teacher ordered her not to say anything, so Subaru gave her admission to talk. During their conversation, Shaula used a lot of modern words, and Emilia pointed out that Subaru and Shaula talked in a very similar manner; the others agreed.
  78. Anastasia took out pictures of Dragon Lugnica, The First Sword Saint Reid Astrea, and Sage Shaula. On the coin with the sage, it was a handsome, long-haired man. Shaula identified him as her teacher and said that her teacher was the kind of person that would give the credit to his apprentice. So they asked why she was calling Subaru her teacher when they had completely different appearances, Shaula said that her teacher was the only person that would have such a heavy (witch) smell.
  80. Although Shaula knew Raid and Lugnica, she didn’t know anything happening outside while she was in the watchtower, so she didn’t know things such as Raid becoming Sword Saint).
  82. The last question was the name of Shaula’s teacher. Shaula answered “Flugel.” Subaru realized that it was the sage who planted the Flugel Tree (and only known for planting that tree, which is already cut down and crashed that beached whale).
  84. This watchtower was Flugel’s library; in order to obtain the knowledge, they had to pass the corresponding trial. The sixth floor (B1), the ground floor fifth floor (F1) and the fourth floor (F2) where Shaula’s house was located had no library, and the top three floors did; Subaru assumed that the difficulty of trials would be harder as he moved up. Subaru asked Shaula not to hurt his friends and confirmed that the names of each floor was named after the Pleiades Sisters. However, according to Shaula, Subaru is currently unqualified to do the seventh floor Merope, or the 0th floor. He needs seven things to do that and he only has three so far. (Probably Sloth, Greed, and the third is either Pride or Envy)
  86. Shaula’s needle worked by linking the target’s mana with the needle; this attack was invented by Flugel. Julius and the others entered the watchtower when Shaula went to the underground sand palace. There were many dangerous beasts in the palace. The centaur beast was one of them and it escaped
  88. Subaru then went to the green house on the fourth floor where Rem and Ram were at. This room is inside the body of a spirit and is filled with abundant mana that can cure anyone who enters. (But can’t cure Bishop's authority) Ram stayed and took care of Rem, while Subaru continued the trial that others couldn’t pass.
  91. The third floor was a pure white room, and there was something floating in front of the staircase, Subaru called it a monolith. When he touched it, the monolith multiplied and spread out in the room without pattern. A voice hinted “touch the shine of the hero destroyed by Shaula.” And the trial began. To pass the trial they have to find the right monolith.
  93. Then suddenly Subaru asked Shaula if she killed Reid, which scared her. Subaru apologized and asked if Reid was a scary person. Shaula said he was the worst human trash and a disgusting person who liked to bully others.
  95. Subaru figured out the answer was Orion. Shaula’s name came from the stars Lambda Scorpii, which was the scorpion that killed Orion. There are two stars that are the brightest in Orion: Betelgeuse as the right shoulder (name of the Bishop of Sloth) and Rigel as the left foot (name of Subaru and Rem's son from IF). Subaru chose Rigel just because, and he passed the trial. The pure white space became a library. (By the way, the constellation in this world is different from Subaru’s original world)
  97. Subaru picked a book and he entered the Witch of Pride’s memory.
  99. Typhon’s father was an executioner, so to teach her some life lessons, her father let Typhon watch all the executions when she was a little girl (wait, but she IS a little girl). Eventually Typhon learned that all sinners deserve punishments, but she didn’t know how to distinguish between good and evil. One day, she broke her father’s wineglass. She confessed and apologized, and her father forgave her. She suddenly realized that she could determine what is good and evil by herself; she decided what punishments the sinners deserved. She started follow her father and executed other people. Looking around, the only people here are sinners waiting to be punished, and so the Witch of Pride continued interrogating, punishing, and executing sinners.
  101. Emilia saw something was wrong with Subaru so she slapped him to bring him back. Based on other people’s reaction to the book. They concluded that they could only read the memory of those whom they knew, and this library possibly had the memory of all people from the past to the current time.
  103. Then Subaru entered the Witch of Wrath’s memory. Minerva was an anti-war person who was invincible on the battlefield and tried to defeat the entire enemy so that war could end. However, the number of enemies increased as she fought more. She finally fell into despair, and understood that her emotion was called wrath. She went back to the battlefield once again, told all the people to live peacefully, and started to punch all the people to cure them. Eventually people quit the war since they were in full health, and some wanted to thank her for curing them, but she disappeared.
  105. Subaru couldn’t find the staircase to the second floor and Shaula didn’t know either. Anastasia asked Shaula if there were some secrets that were kept for protecting the tower.
  107. Shaula didn’t say the secret because they didn’t ask for it before. The first thing was that if anyone secretly leaved the tower, he/she would be killed, although Shaula didn’t want to do this. Next thing was that once the trial has started, the challenger cannot leave the tower, or Shaula will start killing everyone. The priority of this order is higher than Subaru’s “not hurting my friends” order (Shaula did the pose that is the same as Subaru’s pose, the one in which he points his finger to the sky). Other prohibited things include: resist against what the trial says, does something inappropriate to the library, and destroys the tower.
  109. They started looking for the staircase to the second floor, and found the staircase appeared next to the green house where Rem and Ram were at.
  111. End of Summary
  112. credits go to kevin1127 for summarizing the arc.
  113. credits go to Zafiel for proof-reading and submitting the final script.
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