Cress' Backstory

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  1. Cress... The unknown warrior:
  2. - = -
  3. Cress was a saiyan who resided on planet vegeta, before a ruthless space emperor took over. This emperor had gone by the name of Cold, and he had noticed the young saiyan's inner potential. Cold had taken in Cress, and turning him into a silent warrior.
  5. By the age of 17, Cress was sent to destroy a planet for Cold, the mentioned planet happened to be Planet Vegeta... After it's destruction Cress stop talking completely... allowing his training to take him to a strength beyond Cold and anyone in his way! A few days after the destruction of P. Vegeta, the demons in Cress' head had started to change Cress' body, to an unknown being of nothing but pure strength. Cress later left Cold's forces, to learn more about his new form... Later in his life he was brought to Earth [ ORIGNAL DB: ULTIMATE ], meeting strange people.
  7. - Age of 20 -
  8. During his time on earth, things were just calm until the arrival of Cold. Cress and Cold had their final bout, allowing Cress to tap into his full potential, transforming him into a demonic creature with the power of nullifying ki... After that he was never seen again until a man by the name of Sync allowed him to have perfect seclusion, Cress wished to erase himself from the world so Cold would never attack again, the wish was granted by the help of Sync... who absorbed all of Cress' power.
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