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  1. [20:31:30]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': Tell me how you knew his safe box was empty.
  2. [20:31:49]  [IC] Kirito Jakuza: That would be client attorney privilege.
  3. [20:32:02]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': Or, y'know.
  4. [20:32:06]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': Obstruction of justice.
  5. [20:32:21]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': You do realise both of your clients just admitted to organized criminal activity?
  6. [20:32:38]  [IC] Kirito Jakuza: They signed agreeing to being charged with it, they didn't confess.
  7. [20:32:41]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': They agreed to be booked on that charge.
  8. [20:32:51]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': If they agree to being booked, they've confessed to being booked.
  9. [20:33:03]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': Now you tell me.
  10. [20:33:08]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': How is there safebox open.
  11. [20:33:38]  [IC] Kirito Jakuza: Would you like the legal definition for booking? Because booking is just the name for a process in which a suspect is well, for lack of a better words processed.
  12. [20:33:52]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': Yep, I realise this.
  13. [20:33:54]  [IC] Kirito Jakuza: But other than that, I can't answer your other question, that would be client attorney privilege.
  14. [20:34:05]  [IC] ASF-LT. 'Warden': Alright.
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