Final Riot (Deparenthesized)

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  1. [18:12:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ALL RIGHT, SO LAST WE LEFT OUR KAWAII STUDENTS
  2. [18:12:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Lorelei was gonna' tell Furfur something or another
  3. [18:13:22] <@Lorelei> That's a boring setup for the FINAL EPISODE
  4. [18:13:38] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Well FUCK you're the one who set up the cliffhanger
  5. [18:13:42] <Steve> I think Steve was almost finished charging his qi bomb as Larissa entered her final form
  6. [18:13:46] <~Aori_Radidjiu> EVERYTHING IS RIDING ON WHAT LORELEI SAYS
  7. [18:13:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> IT BETTER BE GOOD
  8. [18:13:56] <@Lorelei> here I got it
  9. [18:13:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ALSO DON IS DEAD
  10. [18:13:57] <@Lorelei> [22:23:52] * Lorelei gets the tears out and steps further away from the corpse, closing her eyes and opening them while facing straight up. "Furfuuuur!"
  11. [18:13:57] <@Lorelei> [22:24:03] <Lorelei> "I finally decided what I want my 'bonus' to be..."
  12. [18:13:57] <@Lorelei> [22:24:18] <~Aori_Radidjiu> <Oh?>
  13. [18:14:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> HIS BODY'S RIGHT THERE
  14. [18:14:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> IT'S PRETTY TASTY
  15. [18:14:11] <@Lorelei> And half-eaten!
  16. [18:14:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Annnnd by Tree's request, we're starting with this.
  17. [18:14:39] <@Lorelei> AHEM
  18. [18:19:09] <@Lorelei> "So you have three souls like this... right?  One," she points down at the body shakily (due to hunger no doubt), "two" she moves the finger up to Larissa who's probably judging her, "three" and past Larissa at the wall, to the room where Biff is.  "The book I read just said I have to 'sacrifice' them all, didn't it?  That just means giving you the rights to them..."  Her hair perks up, fangs - oh shit I forgot to ask if she even has fangs - dripping with Donblood a little bit.  "So what'll it take for you to to seal the deal like this?"
  19. [18:19:45] <~Furfur> She's developing them~
  20. [18:19:51] <~Furfur> They're just really cute right now.
  21. [18:20:06] <~Furfur> <Correct, you've fulfilled that part of the deal.>
  22. [18:20:18] <@Lorelei> Oh that's kawaii
  23. [18:23:57] <~Furfur> <Well, technically, it was supposed to go into effect once you leave this dimension, but if you wish for it to take effect early...>
  24. [18:26:22] <@Lorelei> "Not THAT part.  I mean more like..."  Her lip quivers a little before she grabs Larissa by the arm and faces the ceiling - or wherever his voice is coming from - once more.  "I might need some help back on Earth!  So can we all escape now without it counting as my failure?"
  25. [18:27:23] <~Furfur> <Oh, if I could get you out early, I would, but that requires you to break the seal keeping this place "closed" in the first place>
  26. [18:28:46] <@Lorelei> "Ngggh, I know THAT too!"  She does a tantrum-y little girl stomp... with her good leg.  "That's not gonna take long at all.  I just wanted to make sure there was nothing shady going to happen if I took Sis with me for a while."
  27. [18:30:13] <~Furfur> <Oh, yes, that's perfectly fine.>
  28. [18:30:31] <~Furfur> <As I said, you've already met the requirements, she is essentially already "sacrificed".>
  29. [18:30:46] * @Lorelei doesn't let go of Rissa. "... Okay then! Thanks for all the help, Furfur. It was really good doing business with you~"
  30. [18:31:09] <~Furfur> <...but that's not a bonus.  You really don't have a bonus in mind?>
  31. [18:32:47] <@Lorelei> "Well..."  She blushes a little and scratches her head a bit.  Messy hair included.  "I guess I overthought it, and expected demons would be all about lying and cheating and that kind of stuff.... they're not that bad, though."  She grins a bit.  "BEING one isn't so bad!  Well, um... ... yeah, what I said."
  32. [18:33:04] <Larissa> "You could help teach her how to control herself."
  33. [18:33:20] <~Furfur> <You're more than adequate for that task, Larissa.>
  34. [18:33:45] * @Lorelei looks up and ponders for a bit after that.
  35. [18:34:47] <@Lorelei> "Then... how about, could I 'buy' her from you?  And then she'll serve ME instead," she lets go and gestures triumphantly to herself.  THAT'S the Lorelei from every-day-at-home.
  36. [18:35:02] <~Furfur> <Can't do.>
  37. [18:35:09] <~Furfur> <Larissa knows why.>
  38. [18:36:08] <@Lorelei> "Really?  Even if I..."  Lore sniffs once and then covers her nose oh god that smells too good.  Taking oooooone step away.
  39. [18:40:31] <~Furfur> <The terms of her contract have inextricably linked her to me.>
  40. [18:40:31] <@Lorelei> In the staircase.  There we go.  "Even if I get stronger as a demon?  I can eventually be as big-name as you if I try hard enough, right?"
  41. [18:41:49] * Larissa goes to collect her knife. It might be important. even if she can blow ghosts up.
  42. [18:43:25] <~Furfur> Staircase is still a staircase!  Nothing unusual here, besides what you've already seen.
  43. [18:43:48] <@Lorelei> That's implied more like 'she's going to stand in the staircase so she isn't close to Don's body enough to want to go back to eating it.'
  44. [18:44:01] * Larissa cleans her pocket knife off, and puts it back in her pocket as she walks after Lorelei.
  45. [18:46:55] * Larissa has wanted to punch Furfur this entire game just as a side noet.
  46. [18:47:46] * @Lorelei has wanted to hug Furfur this entire game just as a side note and probably secretly wishes to make HIM fall in love with her instead of Steve because he's probably better in bed too.
  47. [18:48:55] <~Furfur> <You don't seem to understand, she's bound herself to me by designating herself as one of my heirs.>
  48. [18:49:06] <@Lorelei> "Oh."
  49. [18:49:13] * Steve has been napping a fraction of this entire game because Schrodinger's Steve.
  50. [18:49:29] * @Lorelei turns back - it's Schrödinger's - to Larissa and just shrugs.
  51. [18:49:32] <@Lorelei> CAN'T BE HELPED
  52. [18:51:01] <Larissa> (aori i want new music)
  53. [18:52:46] <Larissa> (this is our escape music ok )
  54. [18:52:50] <Larissa> (but we need not-escpae music for now)
  55. [18:53:54] <~Furfur> <It's possible for you to get stronger than me, yes, but it'll take a long, long time.  I've had a big head start on you.>
  56. [18:54:54] <Vandaeron> (new song )
  57. [18:56:09] <@Lorelei> "Duh," she says sarcastically in the staircase.  "Then... maybe all I'll ask for is more power.  Just to take a little bit extra.  And then maaaaaaaybe we'll be able to be equals next time we meet."  She's musing on it like an evil bald supervillain would be while sitting in a fancy chair and stroking a hairless cat.  Only without doing the pinky thing.
  58. [18:56:37] <~Furfur> (I had in mind although I guess it's not the MOST horror thing)
  59. [18:58:19] <Steve> (Scotty dooooooon't)
  60. [18:58:41] <~Furfur> <Power isn't something I can just give you.  Power comes from practice and knowledge, honing your intuition.  There's no easy way to power.  I could give you some knowledge, but it wouldn't be much in terms of a power boost, since you don't know how to apply it yet.>
  61. [18:59:31] <@Lorelei> "What about the way magic works?  You can't just say 'poof more magic' and it's there either?"
  62. [19:00:24] * @Lorelei begins heading down the staircase, befuddled. The hardest thing about making a deal with a demon is finding out how TO get screwed over by it now!
  63. [19:01:14] * Larissa walkwalk~ (i am the epitome of roleplaying well)
  64. [19:02:19] <~Furfur> <Magic is derived from the collective unconscious, people's beliefs, and you tap into that collective unconscious to use magic.  Learning to tap into it more, and learning how you allow more of that energy into you and gathering that energy is how you get stronger.>
  65. [19:02:58] <~Furfur> <For example, you get more power by stealing things.  That's because you're embodying the concept you put into effect with your magic, and thus you're getting more power to use for that magic.>
  66. [19:03:24] <Vandaeron> (There you go.  Knowledge.  Now gtfo)
  67. [19:04:05] <~Furfur> <That's something I can explain to you free of charge, in fact, I thought I'd explained it before.>
  68. [19:04:41] <Steve> (Just give her a lollipop and have her move along like a good girl, like any real doctor would)
  69. [19:06:25] <~Furfur> <Any other ideas for that bonus, girlie?>
  70. [19:08:19] <Larissa> "What sort of bonus is it?"
  71. [19:09:02] <~Furfur> <It's a reward for not only sacrificing the three of you, but also getting you and Don to form contracts, willingly.>
  72. [19:09:22] <Larissa> "How is Don, anyway?"
  73. [19:09:22] <@Lorelei> "'Things'..."  She takes the step two at a time, like any little girl would.  "'Kay!  This was all really... hmm, what's the word?  Nice?"  And opens the door to f1.  Was it already open?  Eh whatevs.  "I'm just a little surprised."  While walking through the probably totally-un-horror halls.  "Um... better question, what do you have that you want to give then?"
  74. [19:09:50] <~Furfur> <Easing into his new life, one step at a time.>
  75. [19:10:21] <~Furfur> <Hm.  There's beauty, easing wounds, magical trinkets, other things.>
  76. [19:10:26] <@Lorelei> "I mean, 'being a good business parter' is already WAY better than I thought."
  77. [19:11:55] <@Lorelei> "Magical trinkets, huh?"  She looks back and gets a spark of 'time to make Larissa jealous' in her eye.
  78. [19:12:09] <~Furfur> <Got something in mind?>
  79. [19:13:18] <@Lorelei> "This really hurts," she shakes her arrow'd leg and winces a little.  It's almost like it's been two whole months since she got it as opposed to like an hour!  "But it'll get better, it's not like I'm crippled for life.  Beauty.... why do I care when the man I like will love me forever?"  With a fang-y grin.
  80. [19:13:41] <Steve> (You better not say love potion that also converts the imbiber into a demon)
  81. [19:13:50] <Larissa> "That's a good point. I ought to be able to make something a little more powerful than," Larissa glances to her protective amulet, "these, now."
  82. [19:17:25] <@Lorelei> "Okay, how about..."  She pauses mid-step.  "I'll come up with something right before we leave.  I don't think it'll be all that scary or hard, but maybe we'll need it by then.  How's that?"
  83. [19:17:39] <~Furfur> <Perfectly fine.>
  84. [19:18:02] <@Lorelei> "If it's just 'seeing your customers happy' or something you like I'm already that, so," she nods to herself and keeps walking, totally ignoring the horrific world of nightmare they'd been in all campaign.
  85. [19:18:33] * Larissa eyes remain open
  86. [19:18:33] <~Furfur> AS A NOTE, the bugs on the first floor are almost completely gone.
  87. [19:18:43] <Steve> (I'm gonna miss those fuckers)
  88. [19:19:04] <Larissa> "That's weird."
  89. [19:19:18] <~Furfur> A wasp buzzes by Lorelei's head, though!
  90. [19:19:21] <@Lorelei> AAAAAAAA
  91. [19:19:24] <@Lorelei> "..."
  92. [19:20:10] * @Lorelei slowly creeps past it.
  93. [19:20:52] <Larissa> "So... what're we gonna tell Steve?"
  94. [19:21:06] <Larissa> "That demons got him?"
  95. [19:22:49] <@Lorelei> "Shhh," she brings an index finger up, "he doesn't know there ARE demons.  So it's... another trap."
  96. [19:22:59] <@Lorelei> "Like a trap got Biff."
  97. [19:23:06] * @Lorelei ponders on it a second. ".... He'll believe it."
  98. [19:23:13] <Larissa> "I guess it was a trap."
  99. [19:23:45] * Larissa probably has the jar of alex in her backpack.
  100. [19:23:55] * Larissa given that DJ probably hasn't been carrying it around this entire time.
  101. [19:26:35] <@Lorelei> TO STEVE WE GO
  102. [19:28:05] <~Furfur> TO STEVE YOU END UP
  103. [19:28:08] <~Furfur> There's Steve
  104. [19:28:11] <~Furfur> What is Steve doing
  105. [19:28:15] <~Furfur> what the fuck are you doing, Steve?
  106. [19:28:19] <Steve> The Steve is napping like a boss.
  107. [19:28:31] <~Furfur> STEVE IS CONTRACTING THE DEVIL
  108. [19:28:45] <@Lorelei> but we already did that
  109. [19:28:46] <Larissa> (steve has made a contract with lucifer)
  110. [19:28:52] <Larissa> (to destroy the world)
  111. [19:28:55] <Steve> In his dreams obviously he's bargaining with those dastardly angels.
  112. [19:28:56] <Larissa> (steve is the final boss)
  113. [19:29:07] * @Lorelei considers taking advantage of him in his sleep.
  114. [19:29:11] <@Lorelei> Ha ha not really!
  115. [19:29:13] <@Lorelei> 1,1no she totally does
  116. [19:29:41] <Steve> Apparently he is fucking tired due to all the events, and your arrival does not prompt him to flip to his feet like the badass he actually is.
  117. [19:30:06] * @Lorelei leans down to him and smiles though. Almost creepily.
  118. [19:30:24] <@Lorelei> "He's kinda cute while he's sleeping."
  119. [19:31:55] <~Furfur> His smoooth arms are splayed on his lap, his smooth, tight chest rising and falling, you kinda' wonder how well built he is under that shirt, hmmmm~
  120. [19:32:04] <Steve> He's drooling a bit too.
  121. [19:32:23] <~Furfur> His mouth is leaking delicious fluid.
  122. [19:32:32] <Larissa> (tmi)
  123. [19:32:38] <@Lorelei> ...
  124. [19:32:43] <@Lorelei> So how far behind her is Larissa now?
  125. [19:32:48] <Larissa> right there
  126. [19:32:48] <Steve> (Obviously Larissa is also hot and bothered)
  127. [19:32:56] <Larissa> avoiding looking at the human
  128. [19:33:20] <@Lorelei> "So the way out should... be outside..."
  129. [19:33:29] * @Lorelei distractedly looks around the room.
  130. [19:33:42] <@Lorelei> "And... not... up here..."
  131. [19:33:54] <Steve> His eyes open blearily at the sound
  132. [19:33:55] <Steve> .
  133. [19:33:59] <Larissa> that reminds me
  134. [19:34:01] <Steve> "But...there's..thiings..."
  135. [19:34:03] <Larissa> where the fuck are we?
  136. [19:34:03] <@Lorelei> "I'll wake- oops."
  137. [19:34:09] <~Furfur> 4th floor now.
  138. [19:34:14] <Larissa> i know we're on the fourth floor but
  139. [19:34:15] <Larissa> like
  140. [19:34:17] <Larissa> i need a map T_T
  141. [19:34:19] <Steve> Steve completes Wake_the_fuck_up.exe.
  142. [19:34:21] <~Furfur> Right by the staircase
  143. [19:34:59] <Steve> He hops to his feet. "You're back!" He looks around. "...Don just slow or something?"
  144. [19:35:28] <@Lorelei> "Well he... um... y-you see...."
  145. [19:35:33] <Larissa> yeah, I just forget what the normal floor was like
  146. [19:35:36] * @Lorelei pushes her fingers together. Index fingers.
  147. [19:35:49] <Steve> The lewdest of fingers.
  148. [19:35:51] * Larissa continues to avoid looking at Steve. awkward.
  149. [19:36:24] <@Lorelei> "..."
  150. [19:36:36] * @Lorelei gulps. Telling the truth to him is HARDER than lying now oh god.
  151. [19:38:56] <Steve> Of course Larissa was probably always awkward enough to not make direct eye contact. D:
  152. [19:40:12] <@Lorelei> "Yeah, he just... went outside first.  H-Hopefully a trap didn't get him out there or something."
  153. [19:40:54] <Steve> 1d100 Protag bullshit
  154. [19:40:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Protag bullshit: 95 [1d100=95]
  155. [19:41:02] <Larissa> (he is very bad at protag bullshit)
  156. [19:41:09] <Steve> "Wait, he just went out on his own?! We've got to find him!"
  157. [19:41:25] <@Lorelei> "Yeah!"  Phew.  Good thing he's Steve!  "Let's hurry!"
  158. [19:41:39] * @Lorelei winks to Larissa too. Good thing he's Steve.
  159. [19:43:32] <@Lorelei> BY THE WAY WE'RE GOING DOWNSTAIRS
  160. [19:43:35] <@Lorelei> TO THE FIRST FLOOR
  161. [19:43:39] <@Lorelei> AORI DID YOU PARSE THAT WE'RE MOVING?
  162. [19:43:41] <@Lorelei> WE'RE MOVING
  163. [19:43:44] * @Lorelei drags Steve downstairs.
  164. [19:44:24] <~Furfur> MOVING?
  165. [19:44:26] <~Furfur> GO ON DOWN
  166. [19:44:29] <@Lorelei> M O V I N G
  167. [19:44:37] <Steve> Steve is not 100% on why he's being dragged but follows along heroically as a hero would.
  168. [19:44:51] * Larissa follows the hero and the villain
  169. [19:45:06] <@Lorelei> It's logical because she's the one who knows 'where Don went' and is leading him there.
  170. [19:45:07] <@Lorelei> DUH
  171. [19:45:29] <Steve> Steve isn't the vi- oh wait.
  172. [19:45:29] <~Furfur>
  173. [19:45:36] <~Furfur> 4TH FLOOR MAP FAGGOTS
  174. [19:45:52] <Larissa> "Maybe... we should go... check out the ritual room before we leave..."
  175. [19:46:30] * @Lorelei shoots Steve a 'should we?' look because his opinion matters more.
  176. [19:46:51] <@Lorelei> Also yeah she's dragging him just for an excuse to touch him and kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥
  177. [19:47:02] <~Furfur> His skin is so soft
  178. [19:47:16] <~Furfur> And the sweat on him, meeting on your flesh, is so refreshing
  179. [19:47:21] <~Furfur> You almost wanna' lick it off.
  180. [19:47:34] <@Lorelei> ohgodohgodohgod
  181. [19:47:51] <Steve> "...wait...ritual room? How do you know there's a ritual room?"
  182. [19:48:01] * Larissa has also been actively resisting it.
  183. [19:48:02] <Steve> "You mean like the room we started in?"
  184. [19:48:09] <Larissa> "Because I set it up."
  185. [19:48:15] <@Lorelei> "Where we... did the ritual."
  186. [19:48:26] <Steve> "Oh THAT ritual. Well, if you think there's something there..."
  187. [19:48:29] * @Lorelei brings the hand a little closer oh hells this is getting harder to resist
  188. [19:48:38] <Larissa> "There probably is."
  189. [19:48:47] <@Lorelei> 1d100 resist roll
  190. [19:48:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, resist roll: 14 [1d100=14]
  191. [19:48:52] <@Lorelei> WHY
  192. [19:49:00] <~Furfur> It smells so good.
  193. [19:49:14] <Larissa> (soul check)
  194. [19:49:29] <~Furfur> (^)
  195. [19:49:31] <@Lorelei> 1d100 OK
  196. [19:49:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, OK: 33 [1d100=33]
  197. [19:49:36] <@Lorelei> DUBSUCCESS
  198. [19:49:47] <~Furfur> OKAY, SO
  199. [19:49:51] <Vandaeron> ( :< )
  200. [19:49:58] <~Furfur> 1,1Roll body to make sure you're not craving food.
  201. [19:50:03] * @Lorelei CAN resist the smell but CAN'T resist actively plugging her nose with another hand.
  202. [19:50:07] <Larissa> (then roll speed)
  203. [19:50:08] <@Lorelei> 1d100 okay I hate you
  204. [19:50:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, okay I hate you: 64 [1d100=64]
  205. [19:50:10] <Larissa> (just because you can)
  206. [19:50:14] <@Lorelei> OKAY IS THAT BETTER
  207. [19:50:58] <~Furfur> WAY BETTER
  208. [19:51:02] <~Furfur> GIMME' YOUR FLUFF
  209. [19:51:16] <@Lorelei> Lorelei1,1's stomach rumbles.  Loudly.
  210. [19:51:51] <Steve> "Ugh, now that your stomach mentions it, the sooner we get out of here, the better."
  211. [19:52:04] <~Furfur> smells so good.
  212. [19:52:06] <@Lorelei> "Okay, if you say so.  Let's just... walk slowly..."
  213. [19:52:27] <~Furfur> Heck you can feel some of the smell on your tongue mmmmmmm
  214. [19:52:29] * @Lorelei walks really closely if he follows his princess' order.
  215. [19:52:31] <Steve> "Suppose we should save energy..."
  216. [19:52:47] <~Furfur> YOU OPEN THE ROOM
  217. [19:52:56] * @Lorelei leans in close to his arm.
  218. [19:52:57] * Larissa GOES TO THE RITUAL ROOM!?
  219. [19:53:01] <~Furfur> IT'S STILL FULL OF TONS OF OCCULT SHIT
  220. [19:53:09] <~Furfur> ...actually there's MORE there than you remember
  221. [19:53:13] <Larissa> 1d100 notice check for traps
  222. [19:53:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, notice check for traps: 45 [1d100=45]
  223. [19:53:14] <~Furfur> There's a big monkey's paw laying around
  224. [19:53:26] <Larissa> (minor sucess thingy)
  225. [19:53:26] <~Furfur> And a monkey with two cymbals that looks like it can be wound up
  226. [19:53:30] <~Furfur> And a rabbit's foot
  227. [19:53:30] <@Lorelei> 1d100 can I even conceal 'biting someone like a vampire?'  Is it like... if this succeeds does that mean it's like being pricked with a blood-drawing needle and he barely feels it?
  228. [19:53:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, can I even conceal 'biting someone like a vampire?'  Is it like... if this succeeds does that mean it's like being pricked with a blood-drawing needle and he barely feels it?: 2 [1d100=2]
  229. [19:53:35] <@Lorelei> God damnit dicemaid.
  230. [19:53:57] <~Furfur> Required at least a 10.
  231. [19:54:21] <Steve> 1d100 obligatory notice due to being in hellhouse
  232. [19:54:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, obligatory notice due to being in hellhouse: 60 [1d100=60]
  233. [19:54:29] <Larissa> (in UA, extra complex tasks require a minimum roll)
  234. [19:55:08] <Vandaeron> (price is right rules, tree)
  235. [19:55:26] <~Furfur> You bite Steve's arm or hand or whatever
  236. [19:55:36] <~Furfur> And holy shit you bite him hard and it hurts him like hell.
  237. [19:55:37] <@Lorelei> Upper arm.
  238. [19:55:43] <~Furfur> upper arm
  239. [19:56:14] <~Furfur> And you draw blood so I guess you SUCCESSFULLY FED!
  240. [19:56:31] <~Furfur> Start slurping that shit up, tastes like fucking candy
  241. [19:56:35] <Steve> Steve stares around the room a- oh. That fucking hurts. But he's a man and masks the pain. Whose cat is..."Um...Lorelei...? You alright?"
  242. [19:56:38] * @Lorelei just gets addicted and closes eyes and gets lost in a world of fantasy.
  243. [19:56:41] <@Lorelei> "Mm!"
  244. [19:56:42] <Steve> 1d100 Gogo protag shitsight
  245. [19:56:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Gogo protag shitsight: 48 [1d100=48]
  246. [19:56:47] <@Lorelei> ... oh damnit her fangs are still attached.
  247. [19:56:48] <Larissa> <Furfur, just teach her how to control her god damn hunger.>
  248. [19:57:27] <~Furfur> Larissa notices a pair of crystal scissors on a night stand.
  249. [19:57:30] <Larissa> 1d100 also mage sight because why the fuck not.
  250. [19:57:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, also mage sight because why the fuck not.: 89 [1d100=89]
  251. [19:57:37] <~Furfur> Her Aura
  252. [19:57:38] <~Furfur> is
  253. [19:57:40] <~Furfur> really fucking dark
  254. [19:58:12] <~Furfur> <You're pretty good at it, you can do it yourself.>  Only Larissa hears this, btw, not Lorelei.
  255. [19:58:13] * @Lorelei tries to pull out but nah fangs are still stuck, so her eyes just dart all the way everywhere like 'uh I dunno.'
  256. [19:58:23] <Steve> Of course, Steve being Steve... "Man, we really need to get you out of here, I think it's doing weird things to your au-"
  257. [19:58:30] <Larissa> <I don't really know how to teach "don't eat people.">
  258. [19:58:46] <~Furfur> <You did a good job at stopping her from eating Don.>
  259. [19:58:59] <~Furfur> 1,1Lorelei roll a self check FOR TRYING TO EAT STEVE
  260. [19:59:10] <@Lorelei> 1d100 J A P
  261. [19:59:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, J A P: 26 [1d100=26]
  262. [19:59:17] <@Lorelei> and there's another hardened
  263. [20:01:50] <~Furfur> You wanna' try getting the crystal scissors, Larissa?
  264. [20:01:58] * Larissa busy with sister problems
  265. [20:02:11] <Larissa> <Lorelei, if you keep trying to eat people, I'll tell Steve everything, and he'll believe everything.>
  266. [20:02:31] <@Lorelei> Mmph.  <No he won't, I already told him you were a liar.>
  267. [20:02:59] <@Lorelei> <It's just a little drink...>
  268. [20:04:12] <Larissa> <You just ate.>
  269. [20:05:35] <Larissa> 1d100 notice check: search crystal scissors for traps
  270. [20:05:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, notice check: search crystal scissors for traps: 60 [1d100=60]
  271. [20:06:04] <Larissa> (wait, how much exp did we get last session)
  272. [20:06:09] <@Lorelei> (5)
  273. [20:06:12] <~Furfur> (5 exp)
  274. [20:06:12] <Larissa> (ok)
  275. [20:07:55] <~Furfur> YOU DON'T NOTICE ANY TRAPS
  276. [20:08:15] <Larissa> 1d100 mage sight on the scissors. because mage sight (unlike aura sight) works on objects. true story.
  277. [20:08:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, mage sight on the scissors. because mage sight (unlike aura sight) works on objects. true story.: 61 [1d100=61]
  278. [20:08:23] <Larissa> (fail)
  279. [20:08:26] * Larissa just fucking grabs them
  280. [20:08:28] <~Furfur> fuck if you know
  281. [20:09:01] <~Furfur> You hear something snap.  It seems like there was a wire wrapped around one of the handles of the scissors. '-'
  282. [20:09:16] * @Lorelei just grumblewhines in lesbo telepathy to her sister.
  283. [20:09:31] * Larissa leavesthefuckingroom
  284. [20:09:58] * @Lorelei finally pulls out. "Uh?"
  285. [20:10:18] <~Furfur> A bunch of holes open in the wall behind the nightstand, showing arrows pointing at you guys
  286. [20:10:19] <~Furfur> everyone
  287. [20:10:19] <@Lorelei> ... And then realizes she'd been blatant vampirebiting him oh fuck.
  288. [20:10:20] <~Furfur> roll
  289. [20:10:20] <~Furfur> speed
  290. [20:10:33] <Steve> 1d100 Speed go
  291. [20:10:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Speed go: 3 [1d100=3]
  292. [20:10:35] <@Lorelei> 1d100 well it's not like I can fail versus 77 or anything
  293. [20:10:35] <~Furfur> Yeah, not only have you been blatant vampirebiting
  294. [20:10:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, well it's not like I can fail versus 77 or anything: 85 [1d100=85]
  295. [20:11:08] <~Furfur> You've been slurping the wound you made really obnoxiously
  296. [20:11:13] <~Furfur> Steve roll body to pull
  297. [20:11:16] <Larissa> (wait, is that in the room?)
  298. [20:11:18] <~Furfur> Larissa roll Speed already
  299. [20:11:21] <Steve> 1d100
  300. [20:11:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, 1d100: 40 [1d100=40]
  301. [20:11:23] <Larissa> 1d100 fine D:<
  302. [20:11:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, fine D:<: 15 [1d100=15]
  303. [20:11:29] <~Furfur> OKAY EVERYBODY OUT
  304. [20:11:34] <~Furfur> ...except that
  305. [20:11:54] <~Furfur> Lorelei gets another arrow in her leg.
  306. [20:12:03] <@Lorelei> OW
  307. [20:12:07] <@Lorelei> "ACK!"
  308. [20:12:13] <~Furfur> 1,1It feels like you just got liquid pleasure injected through the arrow <3
  309. [20:12:23] <Larissa> 1,1(lucky demons are immune to poisons)
  310. [20:12:26] <@Lorelei> 1d100 okay here we go, conceal moaning
  311. [20:12:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, okay here we go, conceal moaning: 98 [1d100=98]
  312. [20:12:31] <@Lorelei> excellent
  313. [20:12:43] <Larissa> 1,1(unfortuantely, it was holy water, not poison)
  314. [20:12:55] <@Lorelei> Okay no it's more like she just screams really loud and- fuck it she's squeeing like a fujoshi.
  315. [20:12:59] * Steve swiftly drags Lorelei out, only lamenting that there's no explosion in their wake, before noticing the NEW arrow in Lorelei.
  316. [20:13:05] <Steve> 1d100 Quick, emergency first aid
  317. [20:13:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Quick, emergency first aid: 93 [1d100=93]
  318. [20:13:15] <@Lorelei> CAN I USE MY NOBLE TO MAKE HIM REROLL THAT
  319. [20:13:17] * Larissa notices Steve about to do something stupid
  320. [20:13:23] <@Lorelei> IT'S LOOOOOOOOOOVE
  321. [20:13:23] <Larissa> 1d100 push him away, administer proper first aid
  322. [20:13:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, push him away, administer proper first aid: 40 [1d100=40]
  323. [20:13:39] <~Furfur> Steve wiggles it around, making it feel even better, oh god
  324. [20:14:07] <~Furfur> Larissa pulls it out and...well, if she wraps it up she succeeds, but WHAT ARE YOU WRAPPING UP WITH?
  325. [20:14:16] * Larissa has so many towels in her backpack.
  326. [20:14:18] * @Lorelei salivates a little bit since it's established she's the drooler and not her sister.
  327. [20:14:22] * Larissa and shirts. so many shirts are present right now.
  328. [20:14:25] <Steve> Steve will offer wripped portions of his su- oh nevermind.
  329. [20:14:29] <Steve> Fucking hitchhikers.
  330. [20:15:21] <@Lorelei> "Ahhhhnggg!"
  331. [20:15:27] <@Lorelei> Probably totally bites her tongue too.
  332. [20:15:36] <~Furfur> That feels even better oh god
  333. [20:15:48] <~Furfur> You bleed a bit from the tongue oh god delicious
  334. [20:15:50] <@Lorelei> BEING A DEMON SUCKS
  335. [20:17:04] <~Furfur> At least you have the crystal scissors
  336. [20:17:30] <Larissa> those are important for some reason.
  337. [20:17:37] * Larissa doesn't know why
  338. [20:17:39] * Larissa just knows they are
  339. [20:18:01] <~Furfur> Your mage sight isn't working all that well right now, but these scissors are definitely special.  They even have some weird runic writing on the handles!
  340. [20:18:18] <Larissa> 1d100 magic check to read the magic runes
  341. [20:18:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, magic check to read the magic runes: 49 [1d100=49]
  342. [20:19:07] * @Lorelei just drowns all her senses and remains like a princess in Steve's knightly arms.
  343. [20:19:20] <@Lorelei> ... so can he protag intuition to find out she's evil yet
  344. [20:19:20] <Larissa> (that was a success. someday, i'll be able to swap it and it'll still be a success.)
  345. [20:20:00] <~Furfur> (SUCCESS)
  346. [20:20:06] <~Furfur> It's a spell on the scissors
  347. [20:20:07] <Larissa> (also just so you know i've gotten bored of the official music again)
  348. [20:20:08] <~Furfur> To break spells.
  349. [20:20:12] <Larissa> (and now i'm listening to Disgaea music)
  350. [20:20:13] <~Furfur> (OKAY)
  351. [20:20:15] <Larissa> (ecause its appropriate)
  352. [20:20:28] <Larissa> (i'd listen to disgaea 2 but i'm too lazy)
  353. [20:20:35] <~Furfur> (link it, if you desire)
  354. [20:20:46] <Larissa> (here you go )
  355. [20:21:03] <Larissa> "These should work."
  356. [20:21:15] <Larissa> "We're probably ready to leave, now."
  357. [20:21:40] <@Lorelei> "Should wohrmfffffffffffff" that's the sound of sucking her bleeding tongue however you want to parse that.  Have fun!
  358. [20:21:51] <Steve> Steve rubs his head in confusion. "You okay, Lor?"
  359. [20:22:02] <Larissa> "Lorelei, are you..."
  360. [20:22:05] * Larissa stares at Lorelei
  361. [20:22:05] * @Lorelei nods. No she isn't.
  362. [20:22:07] * Larissa stares judgingly
  363. [20:22:08] <~Furfur> Lorelei has the giddiest smile
  364. [20:22:17] <@Lorelei> ♥
  365. [20:22:19] <~Furfur> And her eyes are kind of rolled into her head.
  366. [20:22:50] <Steve> Steve obviously finally catches wise to their antics and f- no, he thinks she's just going loony from hunger/all of this shit and nods. "Guess we should finally get out, with or without Don...and Biff's body."
  367. [20:23:22] <Larissa> "Yeah."
  368. [20:23:28] <@Lorelei> "~"
  369. [20:23:35] <Larissa> "Could you carry Lorelei for me?"
  370. [20:24:04] <Steve> "Sure" He hoists Lorelei up before him in the typical hero princess carry.
  371. [20:24:25] * Larissa knows where the fuck they are now, so she just leads them out
  372. [20:26:12] <Steve> Steve trusts her implicitly. Probably because he personally hasn't encountered any demons other than goatlaserfucker.
  373. [20:27:24] <~Furfur> OKAY, SO DOWN THE STAIRS YOU GO, RIGHT?
  374. [20:28:36] <@Lorelei> PROBABLY
  375. [20:28:40] <@Lorelei> TAKE US DOWN THE STAIRS
  376. [20:28:43] <~Furfur> Anyway, where are you going on the first floor?
  377. [20:28:46] <@Lorelei> I CAN'T TALK BECAUSE I'M TOO BUSY EATING
  378. [20:28:51] * Larissa outside D:<
  379. [20:28:58] * Larissa is going whatever way she'd normally go to leave the building
  380. [20:29:01] <~Furfur> OKAY
  381. [20:29:06] <~Furfur> SO THE DOOR OUTSIDE
  382. [20:29:16] * Larissa will make this notice check though
  383. [20:29:23] <Larissa> 1d100 on the first door they encounter along the way, for traps
  384. [20:29:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, on the first door they encounter along the way, for traps: 86 [1d100=86]
  386. [20:29:33] <Larissa> 1d100 mage sight the door
  387. [20:29:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, mage sight the door: 92 [1d100=92]
  389. [20:29:42] <~Furfur> IT'S WEIRD AS FUCK
  390. [20:29:54] <Larissa> 1d100 ok fuck these notice checks i'm using my obsession skill. what do the runes mean?
  391. [20:29:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, ok fuck these notice checks i'm using my obsession skill. what do the runes mean?: 68 [1d100=68]
  392. [20:30:00] <Larissa> (god damn it)
  393. [20:30:21] <Larissa> (i have just failed this door)
  394. [20:30:30] * @Lorelei basks in every second being carried by her manly knight. ♡ It's like she's the one affected by a love spell!
  395. [20:30:31] <~Furfur> What
  396. [20:30:32] <~Furfur> are you
  397. [20:30:33] <~Furfur> going to do
  398. [20:30:44] <Steve> 1d100 Notice like a boss
  399. [20:30:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Notice like a boss: 25 [1d100=25]
  400. [20:30:49] * Larissa gets the scissors out and cuts the papers off the door.
  401. [20:30:55] <~Furfur> You notice these look magic
  402. [20:31:02] <@Lorelei> 1d100 I'm going to roll notice anyway just to fit in even though there's probably like a -50% shift
  403. [20:31:02] <~Furfur> And the second you cut one of the papers
  404. [20:31:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, I'm going to roll notice anyway just to fit in even though there's probably like a -50% shift: 55 [1d100=55]
  405. [20:31:16] <~Furfur> Every single one of them disintegrates into dust
  406. [20:31:42] <Larissa> "Cool. Let's hope that door didn't secretly have a demon boss behind it."
  407. [20:31:51] * Larissa opens the fucking door.
  408. [20:31:55] <Steve> "Lorelei, say something."
  409. [20:32:44] * Larissa doesn't go into it, she keeps her distance and stuff, but it is open
  410. [20:32:58] <~Furfur> You see
  411. [20:33:12] <Vandaeron> ("Anything relatively sane!")
  412. [20:33:15] <@Lorelei> "Mm."
  413. [20:35:32] <Steve> Steve worries about hearing about people swallowing their tongue in situations he can't remember and tries to open Lorelei's mouth to make sure she didn't do that.
  414. [20:35:44] <~Furfur> A field of cogs ahead of you, all positioned horizontally, so that the only way to progress is by walking across the turning cogs, jumping from one to another.  Under the cogs is an infinite black chasm, and you see across the field of cogs a console looking thing, with a bunch fo yellow electricity crackling in it.
  416. [20:36:12] <Larissa> "What the fuck."
  417. [20:37:48] <Steve> Steve pulls out bits of his old shirt (Because why the fuck would he abandon perfectly good bandage material) and puts them between Lorelei's teeth to make sure she isn't eating her own tongue. It should be noticed the cloth is sweat stained. And probably a little bit of Steve blood.
  418. [20:38:04] <@Lorelei> AND THE ECSTASY JUST GETS EVEN BETTER
  419. [20:38:10] <~Furfur> Oh god you jus- ^
  420. [20:38:38] <~Furfur> Roll a body check to not involuntarily moan again
  421. [20:38:47] <@Lorelei> 1d100 I'm not going to succeed this
  422. [20:38:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, I'm not going to succeed this: 5 [1d100=5]
  423. [20:38:49] <@Lorelei> ok
  424. [20:38:57] <Steve> Steve finally looks up at the field before them. "....Mario?"
  425. [20:38:58] <~Furfur> Minimum 10 8D
  426. [20:39:08] <@Lorelei> yeah whatevs even if she succeeded she'd probably moan anyway
  427. [20:39:23] <@Lorelei> "Mmmmmm!"
  428. [20:39:25] <@Lorelei> "... Mmmm~"
  429. [20:39:33] <~Furfur> She's crying a little.
  430. [20:39:48] <~Furfur> Oh god Steve she's crying 1,1tears of ecstasy.
  431. [20:40:18] <Steve> 1d100 Notice for less Jumpan-requiring ways of getting through the cogs.
  432. [20:40:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Notice for less Jumpan-requiring ways of getting through the cogs.: 72 [1d100=72]
  433. [20:40:33] * Larissa throws a marble at the console looking thing.
  434. [20:40:47] <~Furfur> All you see
  435. [20:40:50] <~Furfur> is TONS OF JUMPAN
  436. [20:40:54] <~Furfur> Okay Larissa
  437. [20:41:12] <~Furfur> Roll Athletics or Speed to TOSS THE MARBLE
  438. [20:41:35] <Larissa> 1d100 ok i will roll athletics or speed
  439. [20:41:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, ok i will roll athletics or speed: 45 [1d100=45]
  440. [20:41:46] <Larissa> (that beat speed D: )
  441. [20:41:57] <Larissa> ( <3 )
  442. [20:42:25] <Larissa> (i mean this bag has an unlimited number of marbles)
  443. [20:42:32] <~Furfur> You toss it...not far enough, and then it bounces off a cog, hits the pillar another cog is rotating around, and then crashes into the console, making a "tink" noise.
  444. [20:42:32] <~Furfur> ...
  445. [20:42:32] <Larissa> (as long as i don't crit fail and fall in or something i can always just keep trying)
  446. [20:42:34] <~Furfur> Nothing happens.
  447. [20:43:39] * Larissa tries a minor blast.
  448. [20:44:07] <~Furfur> Go for it, I guess.  Costs 3 minor charges~
  449. [20:44:15] * Steve would be freaked out a bit about Larissa using actual magic, but considering she started all of this shit, isn't too surprised.
  450. [20:44:17] <Larissa> 1d100 blast the machine from here, giving no fucks that steve can see. she is a wizard.
  451. [20:44:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, blast the machine from here, giving no fucks that steve can see. she is a wizard.: 19 [1d100=19]
  452. [20:44:30] <~Furfur> YOU HIT
  453. [20:44:34] <~Furfur> And leave a dent in the console
  454. [20:44:36] <~Furfur> Okay.
  455. [20:44:43] <~Furfur> Still seems to be going.
  456. [20:44:58] <Larissa> "Huh."
  457. [20:45:01] * Larissa tries another marble.
  458. [20:45:03] <Larissa> 1d100 go nat 1
  459. [20:45:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, go nat 1: 39 [1d100=39]
  460. [20:45:07] <@Lorelei> HOW'S LORELEI DOING?
  461. [20:45:08] <~Furfur> tink.
  462. [20:45:09] <Larissa> (i can just keep doing this)
  463. [20:45:13] <@Lorelei> ECSTASY CALMING DOWN YET?
  464. [20:45:19] <~Furfur> The ecstasy is calming down
  465. [20:45:25] <~Furfur> You're pretty flushed.
  466. [20:45:32] * Larissa tries telekinesing the switch. That worked before.
  467. [20:45:32] <@Lorelei> "Ahnnnn..."
  468. [20:45:34] * Larissa with the key.
  469. [20:45:36] * Larissa made the key move.
  470. [20:45:41] * Larissa didn't get it to her, but it definitely moved.
  471. [20:45:44] <~Furfur> You don't see an actual switch on it.
  472. [20:45:51] <Larissa> (oh right)
  473. [20:46:09] <Steve> " I going to have to cross over there?
  474. [20:46:20] <Larissa> "Looks like one of us will."
  475. [20:46:20] <@Lorelei> "Nnnmmmmmm!"
  476. [20:46:32] <@Lorelei> "Mmmmm."
  477. [20:46:39] <~Furfur> That
  478. [20:46:43] <Steve> "You back with us, Lorelei?"
  479. [20:46:45] <~Furfur> Almost sounds like a not-crazy mmm.
  480. [20:46:49] <@Lorelei> "Mmm."
  481. [20:46:52] * @Lorelei nods along with it.
  482. [20:47:46] * Steve tries to put Lorelei down on her feet if she seems responsive to it.
  483. [20:48:02] * @Lorelei is probably not gonna be the best at standing up now but tries anyway!
  484. [20:48:15] <Larissa> "She's got a wounded leg. She should probably sit down."
  485. [20:48:15] <~Furfur> You manage, although you're a little wobbly from feeling good
  486. [20:48:40] * @Lorelei takes the delicious meal- I mean steveshirt out too. "Ah... y... yeah."
  487. [20:48:58] <Larissa> (so basically steve has just been gagging the little girl with his shirt this past however long)
  488. [20:48:59] <Larissa> (got it)
  489. [20:49:33] <@Lorelei> ... Oh hell got nothing to lose.
  490. [20:49:41] * @Lorelei stares at the console just because.
  491. [20:49:52] <@Lorelei> 1d100 Let's blast it!  What else were those charges gonna be used for?
  492. [20:49:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, Let's blast it!  What else were those charges gonna be used for?: 9 [1d100=9]
  493. [20:50:03] <~Furfur> ANOTHER DENT
  494. [20:50:04] <Larissa> (as a side note)
  495. [20:50:07] <Larissa> (if that was a major blast)
  496. [20:50:09] <Larissa> (it s till did less damage than mine)
  497. [20:50:15] <@Lorelei> (nah it was minor)
  498. [20:50:34] <Larissa> (well)
  499. [20:50:40] <Larissa> (if my blast hits spiritual things)
  500. [20:50:43] <Larissa> (maybe it hit electrical things to)
  501. [20:50:51] <Larissa> (and like, just sort of causes it to stop being electrical)
  502. [20:52:08] <@Lorelei> "... Gonna have to," she whimpers poutily.
  503. [20:52:26] <Larissa> (then just go use it god)
  504. [20:52:42] * Larissa is not acrobatic, and is probably vaguely aware that Steve is a kung fu master
  505. [20:52:52] <Steve> "Well...suppose I should make my way over there..."
  506. [20:53:07] <Larissa> "If you fall, I'll try to cast a spell to catch you."
  507. [20:53:12] * Larissa is sure it'll work.
  508. [20:53:18] <@Lorelei> "Aah I-..."
  509. [20:53:29] * @Lorelei is reminded by Larissa she can just use her demonwish for that. Okay!
  510. [20:53:32] <Steve> 1d100 MARTIAL ARTS PARKOUR!
  511. [20:53:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, MARTIAL ARTS PARKOUR!: 86 [1d100=86]
  512. [20:53:34] <@Lorelei> "... Be careful."
  513. [20:53:38] <Steve> 1d100 OBSESSION REROLL
  514. [20:53:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, OBSESSION REROLL: 96 [1d100=96]
  515. [20:53:43] <Steve> 1d100 NOBLE REROLL
  516. [20:53:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, NOBLE REROLL: 67 [1d100=67]
  517. [20:53:47] <@Lorelei> TAKE MY NOBLE TOO
  518. [20:53:50] <@Lorelei> IT'S FOR LOVE
  519. [20:54:11] <~Furfur> Go for it
  520. [20:54:28] <Steve> 1d100 RAGE REROLL
  521. [20:54:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, RAGE REROLL: 96 [1d100=96]
  522. [20:54:42] <@Lorelei> NOW TAKE MY NOBLE
  523. [20:54:56] <Steve> 1d100 Fine, succumb to little girl noble
  524. [20:54:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Fine, succumb to little girl noble: 25 [1d100=25]
  525. [20:55:08] <@Lorelei> LOVE CONQUERS ALL~ ☆
  526. [20:55:41] <Larissa> (i demand fluff for all this)
  527. [20:55:42] <~Furfur> Steve jumps onto the cog, and then stumbles, continually failing to get a solid footing, and then Lorelei reaches over and KICKS HIM onto the cog.
  528. [20:55:54] <Larissa> (i demand an explanation as to why steve just used two of his passions)
  529. [20:55:57] <Larissa> (and was still saved by lorelei)
  530. [20:56:00] <@Lorelei> ... Yeah that's totally fine.
  531. [20:56:04] <@Lorelei> More like pushes though.
  532. [20:56:06] <@Lorelei> She's not Nat you jerk!
  533. [20:56:17] <~Furfur> GIRLSHOVE
  534. [20:57:05] * Steve prepares himself for super parkour, focusing himself an- ohfuckItripped, can't let little girl down, he stumbles back up, focusing on Lorelei's blood, and prepares once more to flip a- FUCK WHY AM I TRIPPING SO HARD! He manages to pull himself up once more! He centers himself for a fi- THATWASAKICKNOTATRIP! But he uses the momentum and his epic karate training to flip across the
  535. [20:57:05] * Steve cogs like that fuckign plumber.
  536. [20:57:26] <@Lorelei> (That is some GENSHUKU SHIT right there)
  537. [20:58:11] * Steve stumbles over to the console.
  538. [20:58:25] <~Furfur> You need to jump again.
  539. [20:58:38] <Larissa> (that was just one cog)
  540. [20:58:42] <Larissa> (there are ten have fun)
  541. [20:58:51] <@Lorelei> (clock tower.mp3)
  542. [20:59:19] <Steve> 1d100 Obviously he first attempts to Mimic his previous stunts because bullshit
  543. [20:59:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Obviously he first attempts to Mimic his previous stunts because bullshit: 46 [1d100=46]
  544. [20:59:24] <Larissa> <Furfur, do I have a teleport spell?>
  545. [20:59:44] <~Furfur> You do an exact repeat of your previous jump
  546. [20:59:50] <Larissa> (so steve almost trips, almost trips, and then acts as if he were kicked by a little girl)
  547. [21:00:02] <~Furfur> And get inexplicably kicked at the end still, even, except there's no one to kick you
  548. [21:00:09] <@Lorelei> Ghosts
  549. [21:00:15] <~Furfur> It is the GOOFIEST SHIT TO WATCH
  550. [21:00:21] <Larissa> "What the..."
  551. [21:00:23] <~Furfur> Now that you're right next to the console
  552. [21:00:26] <~Furfur> You see that
  553. [21:00:28] * @Lorelei accepts that it's ghosts.
  554. [21:00:34] <~Furfur> It is powered by a single D battery
  555. [21:00:51] <~Furfur> Pull it out?
  556. [21:00:53] <@Lorelei> "Sis, we went through all that and you're surprised by this?"
  557. [21:01:12] * Steve removes the battery. Fuck you, Mr. Bunny.
  558. [21:01:18] <~Furfur> RIP
  559. [21:01:21] <Larissa> "For whatever reason, I thought that Steve was actually normal."
  560. [21:01:23] <Larissa> "I don't know why."
  561. [21:01:32] <~Furfur> There's the hum you always hear in movies whenever a big machine is deactivated
  562. [21:01:39] <@Lorelei> "But he's special~"
  563. [21:01:40] <~Furfur> And the cogs
  564. [21:01:55] * @Lorelei swoons.
  565. [21:02:01] <Larissa> "Very... special."
  566. [21:02:08] * Larissa helps Lorelei across now that it's safe.
  567. [21:02:15] <~Furfur> And then the landscape shifts
  568. [21:02:20] <~Furfur> It shimmers a bit, and then...
  569. [21:02:29] <~Furfur> You're on top of a book
  570. [21:02:31] <~Furfur> A big book
  571. [21:02:33] <~Furfur> It's not opened.
  572. [21:02:38] <~Furfur> There's a lock on the front of it.
  573. [21:02:38] <@Lorelei> "... Oh no."
  574. [21:02:39] * Larissa reads the title.
  575. [21:02:54] <~Furfur> "Lorelei's Little Diary!"
  576. [21:03:04] <@Lorelei> "Oh no."
  577. [21:03:31] <~Furfur> Undo the lock on the top of it?
  578. [21:03:35] <Larissa> fuck yes
  579. [21:03:36] <Steve> "Whatever." Fucking ghosts.
  580. [21:03:59] <Larissa> revenge for every time she's ever tried to keep a diary, journal, or even log book
  581. [21:04:09] <Larissa> (i just assume that larissa gets like two pages in before it gets stolen)
  582. [21:04:33] * @Lorelei can do that! But just looks pleadingly up to her sister - oh god even though she has the look in her eyes that she always has herself - and whimpers, "Um, you... have... a... lighter?"
  583. [21:05:14] <Larissa> "Yes, but this is probably vital puzzle bullshit, and burning it might get us trapped forever."
  584. [21:05:30] <@Lorelei> "N..."
  585. [21:05:32] <@Lorelei> "..."
  586. [21:05:38] <Larissa> "There's probably a password or something."
  587. [21:05:43] <Steve> "Though it could also be designed just to dick with us."
  588. [21:05:45] <@Lorelei> Straight to lesbian telepathy.  <Nuh-uh, you just need to destroy ti.>
  589. [21:06:01] <Larissa> "It might even be something you never even wrote, so you'll have to point out which parts are real and which parts aren't."
  590. [21:06:18] <@Lorelei> <It's all full of um, stuff I made up and it's probably changed because demon magic anyway so THERE.>
  591. [21:06:42] <Larissa> <That's fine. And you can even tell Steve that!>
  592. [21:06:46] <@Lorelei> "Y-Yeah!"  She nervously chuckles.  "But... maybe we... shouldn't... open it..."
  593. [21:07:00] <@Lorelei> <Fiiiine, he'll believe it anyway.>
  594. [21:07:10] * @Lorelei resigns and kleptos the lock open.
  595. [21:07:17] <@Lorelei> 1d100 do I even need this?  I just want to roll it anyway
  596. [21:07:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, do I even need this?  I just want to roll it anyway: 43 [1d100=43]
  597. [21:07:22] <Steve> "Like your sister said, we probably have to, even if it is full of bullshit. Pardon my language..."
  598. [21:07:56] <@Lorelei> "Okay..."  And if that's acceptable then it'll probably magically open because her klepto fluff is staring at things.  And she's staring at the lock.
  599. [21:12:51] <~Furfur> POP OPEN GOES THE LOCK
  600. [21:14:16] <~Furfur> The book FLIES OPEN, but it passes right through you, despite you feeling a lot of WIND behind it.  It flips open to a page.
  601. [21:14:29] <~Furfur> "
  602. [21:14:35] <@Lorelei> "
  603. [21:14:40] <Larissa> (it's jsut full of quotation marks)
  604. [21:14:49] <Vandaeron> "
  605. [21:14:49] <Steve> "
  606. [21:14:51] <Larissa> "
  607. [21:15:55] <Steve> (Turns out what she actually wrote was "CHIRIRIRIRIRIRIRI")
  608. [21:15:57] <Hakon> "
  609. [21:16:21] <~Furfur> "Today Larissa refused to play with me again.  She was studying her dumb fake magic, like a freak, and wouldn't play anything with me.  So later, when she was doing something else, I took all the books she was studying out back and burned them!  That'll teach her to ignore me!"
  610. [21:17:21] <~Furfur> "I told her grampa took 'em.  Heehee, she'll never find out!"
  611. [21:17:31] * @Lorelei whispermutters, "Oh crap it didn't ch- er I mean w-what kind of magic is this? I never wrote that!"
  612. [21:18:00] * Larissa is probably just like, huh, I didn't know she burned them.
  613. [21:18:08] <Steve> Steve looks on with complete disinterest, searching more for fancy demon shenanigans that would hint at how to continue than actually reading the words on the pages.
  614. [21:18:27] * @Lorelei looks at Steve with complete interest, freaking out at how he'll think she's a fr- ... oh.
  615. [21:18:35] <@Lorelei> Larissa can hear the audible sigh of relief.
  616. [21:18:50] <~Furfur> Maybe it's in the book?  Considering that you're in an area where it's just the book and a giant wooden desk under it.
  617. [21:18:52] <~Furfur> There's still the door back inside if you need to go there~
  618. [21:19:02] * Larissa tries to turn the page.
  619. [21:19:05] <Steve> Tell us more about the desk D:.
  620. [21:19:12] <~Furfur> IT'S MADE OF WOOD
  621. [21:19:14] <~Furfur> WITH LOTS OF LINES
  622. [21:19:19] <@Lorelei> Woodn't you have guessed?
  623. [21:19:52] <@Lorelei> "Maybe.... rip the pages out?"
  624. [21:19:53] <Steve> 1d100 Fine, I lean over the edge and look for fucking drawers.
  625. [21:19:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Fine, I lean over the edge and look for fucking drawers.: 18 [1d100=18]
  626. [21:20:04] * @Lorelei exclamation points! Does Larissa still have the scissors?
  627. [21:20:15] <~Furfur> You see some handles, but they're bigger than you are!
  628. [21:20:56] * Larissa is probably still holding them
  629. [21:21:04] * Larissa isn't giving up a magical item like that, no sir.
  630. [21:21:09] <Steve> She wasn't running with them, was she?
  631. [21:21:19] * Larissa did very little running.
  632. [21:21:19] <~Furfur> You turn the page, and it flipflipflips over to another page
  633. [21:21:33] <@Lorelei> Lorelei totally tugs at her sister ANYWAY.  "Hey!  Can I uh, borrow those?"
  634. [21:21:37] <@Lorelei> "I'll give 'em back..."
  635. [21:22:03] <~Furfur> "Today I saw a boy at Larissa's school!  He was so hot, I just...I kind of wish magic was real, so I could steal his heart with it!  Wouldn't that be great?  If only love potions existed."
  636. [21:22:15] <@Lorelei> Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit.
  637. [21:22:27] * Steve ain't even reading, broham.
  638. [21:22:38] * Larissa lets Lorelei get distracted by book shenanigans. this requires MORE PAGE TURNING though
  639. [21:23:43] <@Lorelei> Well she glares at it ant looks to Steve, yes, but is still trying to get the scissors.
  640. [21:24:18] <@Lorelei> ... Better question is Larissa herself reading these juicy secrets really intently?
  641. [21:24:36] <Larissa> "So far, no real hints."
  642. [21:24:41] <Larissa> "I could just read the real thing when we get home."
  643. [21:25:17] <@Lorelei> "Not if the only way out is to rip it up."  She glares a little.
  644. [21:25:34] * Larissa is holding unto scissors pretty tightly after Lorelei asks for them >_>
  645. [21:25:37] <@Lorelei> Damnit.
  646. [21:25:39] * Larissa knows who her sister is, god <_<
  647. [21:25:44] <@Lorelei> Damnit.
  648. [21:26:05] <Larissa> (they are the magical scissors)
  649. [21:26:05] * Steve continues looking at anything that isn't the book. It's probably a bit obvious he's trying to respect Lorelei's privacy more than he actually thinks the way to continue is outside the book.
  650. [21:26:19] <@Lorelei> god damn she wants to fuck now
  651. [21:26:21] <@Lorelei> I mean what
  652. [21:26:49] <~Furfur> You get to another page!  "Today in class, they went over sex and becoming a woman and stuff.  It makes me this th ereason we exist?  To have babies?  To let myself get ravished by a man?  It's weird, and kind of icky, but if boys like it so much, and it's supposed to feel good, maybe it's something I could get into!  Who knows, maybe I could use myself to get boys to do things
  653. [21:26:49] <~Furfur> for me!  It's weird how easy it would be to use that to convince people, isn't it?  Hmmmm~!  Can't wait until I grow up~"
  654. [21:27:22] * @Lorelei flushes BRIGHT RED.
  655. [21:27:28] <@Lorelei> Like 4Red Light Worker red.
  656. [21:27:43] <Larissa> "Wow. Something new."
  657. [21:27:52] <@Lorelei> "Demon magic demon magic demon magic."
  658. [21:28:14] * Larissa is just like, Lorelei is denying it, thus it must be true.
  659. [21:28:18] <@Lorelei> "AAAGGGGH just cut it already!"
  660. [21:28:18] <Steve> Steve is now sitting cross legged. Like a real Budd- I mean meditating martial artist.
  661. [21:28:25] <Larissa> "Fiinnee."
  662. [21:28:35] * Larissa stabs the book with scissors. that should be enough to break the spell, right?
  663. [21:28:50] <~Furfur> There's an explosion of black ink
  664. [21:28:58] <~Furfur> And everything is covered in blackness
  665. [21:29:02] * Larissa oh god why didn't i get a cat suit
  666. [21:29:38] * Steve hops to his feet and turns around after said boomage.
  667. [21:30:10] <~Furfur> After a few moments, reality, and your perception, has the ink slide off, revealing a new minidimension
  668. [21:30:43] <Larissa> (DO IT AGAIN)
  669. [21:30:59] * @Lorelei force-wipes the ink off with her hands anyway.
  670. [21:31:06] * Larissa is she covered in ink?
  671. [21:31:12] <@Lorelei> ... Maybe a little lick because she's used to things that would normally taste bad tasting good in this dimension.
  672. [21:31:14] <@Lorelei> But just a little one.
  673. [21:32:33] <~Furfur> You see, starting from the entrance to the building behind you, which is a disembodied door, there's a crystal staircase rising up, crystals on the sides, all lit up, giving an eerie blue glow, and at the top of the staircase is a brightly glowing, gigantic red crystal, with a humanoid silhouette at the top, although you can't see it too clearly from here.  You have to walk allll the
  674. [21:32:33] <~Furfur> way up to see what's up with it.
  675. [21:33:34] <@Lorelei> "... That's not very secret," she mutters to herself.
  676. [21:33:42] * Larissa is she covered in ink? D:
  677. [21:35:02] * Steve is as stoic as a man covered in ink presumably would be. Which is pretty fucking stoic.
  678. [21:35:14] <Steve> 1d100 Protag bullshit the figure!
  679. [21:35:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Protag bullshit the figure!: 94 [1d100=94]
  680. [21:35:59] <Steve> Sure is a silhouette.
  681. [21:36:08] <~Furfur> Every step you take up the stairs, there's a flash at your feet, and an image of a memory of Lorelei's.  There's her burning the books, stealing cookies from a jar, swooning over Steve, surfing the internet to find out how to be sexy and get men to notice you, and many others.  About halfway up the stairs, the "memories" change, showing a rotting Lorelei lying on the floor, Lorelei in a
  682. [21:36:08] <~Furfur> ditch covered in maggots, Lorelei eating a man alive, him screaming vividly, a swarm of wasps engulfing a group of people, Lorelei impaled by knives and her eyes rolled back in her head, tears of pleasure raining down her face...
  683. [21:36:23] * Larissa aint movin til she knows if she's covered in ink or not
  684. [21:36:31] <~Furfur> No more ink
  685. [21:36:32] * Larissa will just go right the fuck back to the sink with water if she's covered in ink
  686. [21:36:41] * @Lorelei lets herself get carried anyway so the OTHERS can see that shit.
  687. [21:36:58] <~Furfur> Also, when the images change, the color of all the crystals shifts to purple
  688. [21:36:59] <@Lorelei> In fact god damn she just leaps on Steve's back and rides along without asking first.
  689. [21:37:39] * Steve nods and points to the stairway to probably not Heaven. "Shall we?"
  690. [21:37:46] <@Lorelei> "Uh-huh!"
  691. [21:37:48] <Larissa> 1d100 mage sight the figure
  692. [21:37:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, mage sight the figure: 37 [1d100=37]
  693. [21:37:56] <~Furfur> They look really familiar!
  694. [21:37:58] <Larissa> (holy shit i succeeded a mage sight check)
  695. [21:38:26] <~Furfur> But they're not Furfur!  Definitely a demon, though.
  696. [21:38:39] <~Furfur> Furfur has a much, much bigger presence
  697. [21:39:08] * Steve heads up the stairs and holyfucktheyarereallydickingwithus.
  698. [21:39:51] * @Lorelei has no reason not to clamp her eyes closed after... maybe the first or second one, thinking on it. Like, ohgodmakeitstopmakeitstopmakeitstop.
  699. [21:40:07] * Larissa goes up the stairs.
  700. [21:40:14] <Larissa> (so, any sanity checks for watching this shit?)
  701. [21:40:27] <@Lorelei> "Fakefakefakefakefakefakefake..."
  702. [21:40:29] <Steve> "Don't worry, Lor, they're just fucking demons messing with us. Pardon my language....again..."
  703. [21:40:38] <~Furfur> Lorelei should roll 1,1a self check
  704. [21:40:39] <Steve> 1d100 Infact, let's make that an inspiration
  705. [21:40:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Infact, let's make that an inspiration: 87 [1d100=87]
  706. [21:40:47] <@Lorelei> 1d100 ok fine
  707. [21:40:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, ok fine: 91 [1d100=91]
  708. [21:41:12] <Larissa> (you can't use pride on yourself anyway)
  709. [21:41:16] <Larissa> (do it, just flip flop it)
  710. [21:41:28] <@Lorelei> (... oh yeah)
  711. [21:41:30] <@Lorelei> (...)
  712. [21:41:38] <@Lorelei> (yeah let's rage to do that, nope no losing sanity)
  713. [21:41:39] <Larissa> (you can but it'd be a dick move)
  714. [21:42:20] <~Furfur> Reaching the top of the stairs, the silouette finally becomes solid, you can actually see who they are.  The crystals all turn green, as you see that it's...
  715. [21:42:52] <DJ> "Hey guys, how's the trip treating you?"
  716. [21:43:08] <DJ>
  717. [21:43:22] <Larissa> "It's you again."
  718. [21:43:33] * @Lorelei peeks an eye open.
  719. [21:43:33] <Steve> "Don!" Patented Steve grin.
  720. [21:43:35] <@Lorelei> "... Oh."
  721. [21:44:05] <DJ> "What?  Not glad to see me, Larissa?  After I saved you from that...  trap?  Is that what you told Steve?"
  722. [21:44:14] <Larissa> 1d100 magic
  723. [21:44:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, magic: 30 [1d100=30]
  724. [21:45:04] <Steve> "Wait, what?" Blissful ignorance.
  725. [21:45:17] <@Lorelei> "Saved?  Who saved?"  Lorelei just clings to Steve more.  "You just ran off without us and got lost."
  726. [21:45:30] <@Lorelei> "So, gonna escape too?"  She says with a horrifying little girl smile.
  727. [21:45:35] <DJ> "Oh, so that's the lie you came up with."
  728. [21:46:03] <Larissa> "4Steve, Don is dead. We killed him because he made a contract with the demon, Furfur, and became a demon himself. He wants to eat people alive. He can cast magic, and can use it to control people."
  729. [21:46:29] * @Lorelei headbutts Steve in the back of the head because she can't bury her face in her palms right now.
  730. [21:46:34] <Steve> 1d100 Come on, aura sight, reveal something for once. Let me bullshit the protag
  731. [21:46:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Come on, aura sight, reveal something for once. Let me bullshit the protag: 3 [1d100=3]
  732. [21:46:40] <~Furfur> Steve, you cannot bring yourself to disbelieve Larissa.
  733. [21:46:57] <~Furfur> Don has the same dark aura that Lorelei had!
  734. [21:46:59] <~Furfur> Larissa too!
  735. [21:47:10] <@Lorelei> Too bad that's a playful headbutt and not a knockout.
  736. [21:47:16] <@Lorelei> That would've been a nice knockout.
  737. [21:47:30] <@Lorelei> 1d100 okay just for shits
  738. [21:47:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, okay just for shits: 98 [1d100=98]
  739. [21:47:35] <@Lorelei> LOL
  740. [21:48:31] * Steve slowly stops holding Lorelei up, pretty much either forcing her to slide off or awkwardly cling to him. "..."
  741. [21:49:05] * @Lorelei slides down even though awkwardness would'v ebeen funny too.
  742. [21:49:25] * DJ WAS wearing a satisfied grin, but that quickly fades. "Is that what you think, Larissa? You think I would have just gone out and start killing people? I could have lived forever on eating pussy, and you think I'd squander that on petty murder?"
  743. [21:49:49] <~Furfur> true story
  744. [21:49:52] <@Lorelei> "... We're going home.  Get outta the way."
  745. [21:50:09] * Steve contemplates all this bullshit.
  746. [21:50:17] <DJ> "Another lie from the queen of lies."
  747. [21:50:53] <Larissa> "I spoke nothing but the truth."
  748. [21:51:13] <DJ> 1d100 'inspiration' on Steve
  749. [21:51:14] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, 'inspiration' on Steve: 98 [1d100=98]
  750. [21:51:25] <DJ> 1d100 NOBLE reroll
  751. [21:51:26] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, NOBLE reroll: 21 [1d100=21]
  752. [21:51:34] <@Lorelei> "Yeah, and me too.  Even if I DID lie, why would I lie about that?"
  753. [21:51:36] <~Furfur> That works.
  754. [21:51:42] <Larissa> 1d100 can i see this goin on with mage sight?
  755. [21:51:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, can i see this goin on with mage sight?: 28 [1d100=28]
  756. [21:51:51] <@Lorelei> "We ARE going home."
  757. [21:51:52] <~Furfur> Yes.
  758. [21:51:57] * Larissa can i dispel the spell with the scissors?
  759. [21:52:07] <DJ> "You don't believe these two, do you, Steve?  Didn't you know that Lorelei killed Biff?  With this?"  He pulls a gun out of his pocket.
  760. [21:52:10] * @Lorelei moves to the perfect position right in front of Steve, too. Kyaaa.
  761. [21:53:12] <~Furfur> Larissa, roll Speed to PUT THE SCISSORS IN THE MIDDLE OF IT
  762. [21:53:24] <@Lorelei> IF ONLY YOU LET YOUR SISTER BORROW THEM
  763. [21:53:25] <Larissa> 1d100 i was thinking just poking him with the scissors but sure i'll do that
  764. [21:53:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, i was thinking just poking him with the scissors but sure i'll do that: 28 [1d100=28]
  765. [21:53:39] <Larissa> (more than 28)
  766. [21:53:45] <Larissa> (50)
  767. [21:53:49] <DJ> "You killed Biff in cold blood, and you stabbed me in the back, literally.  Neither of you harpies are getting out of here!"
  768. [21:53:54] <DJ>
  769. [21:54:07] <~Furfur> Initiative!
  770. [21:54:11] * Larissa takes 50
  771. [21:54:16] <@Lorelei> 1d100 okay I am going to ROLL AND GET 76
  772. [21:54:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, okay I am going to ROLL AND GET 76: 77 [1d100=77]
  773. [21:54:18] <@Lorelei> ...
  774. [21:54:20] <@Lorelei> exactly
  775. [21:54:20] <@Lorelei> on
  776. [21:54:20] <Hakon> wow
  777. [21:54:21] <DJ> 1d100 initiative
  778. [21:54:21] <@Lorelei> speed
  779. [21:54:22] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, initiative: 23 [1d100=23]
  780. [21:54:23] <~Furfur> -20% wounds, -10% because you have no idea how to do this exactly
  781. [21:54:23] <Larissa> (*applaud*)
  782. [21:54:24] <~Furfur> HOLY SHIT
  783. [21:54:29] <~Furfur> JUST FOR THAT
  784. [21:54:31] <~Furfur> I WILL GIVE YOU
  785. [21:54:33] <~Furfur> TWO TURNS
  786. [21:54:35] <~Furfur> AT THE START
  787. [21:54:49] <~Furfur> BTW, Don moves twice on his turn.
  788. [21:54:58] <Steve> 1d100 Buddhahood on crit
  789. [21:54:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Buddhahood on crit: 2 [1d100=2]
  790. [21:55:03] <Larissa> (welp)
  791. [21:55:05] <@Lorelei> GOOD JOB
  792. [21:55:37] <~Furfur> The spell hits Steve
  793. [21:55:43] <~Furfur> He realizes that all of this is bullshit
  794. [21:55:45] <~Furfur> Everything is bullshit
  795. [21:55:48] <~Furfur> You're better than this bullshit
  796. [21:55:52] <~Furfur> You're above this
  797. [21:56:05] <Larissa> (he just leaves the physical plane of reality)
  798. [21:56:07] <Larissa> (and becomes a god)
  799. [21:56:13] <~Furfur> This is petty, humanity is better thant his, you realize this, and you know
  800. [21:56:21] <Steve> (OBviously we use eastern format and I first become a godly good fighter and banish the evil from all of you and then ascend)
  801. [21:56:23] <~Furfur> Oh, you know, everything makes sense now
  802. [21:56:30] <~Furfur> This was a test
  803. [21:56:33] <~Furfur> Obviously a test
  804. [21:56:35] <~Furfur> And you've won
  805. [21:57:08] <~Furfur> And you're going to break this shit up and try to get everyone to realize how stupid they are
  806. [21:57:24] <~Furfur> Anyawy, Lorelei go.
  807. [21:57:28] <@Lorelei> OKAY
  808. [21:57:34] <@Lorelei> IS DEMONPHONING FREE OR A TURN?
  809. [21:57:40] <~Furfur> Free.
  810. [21:57:45] <@Lorelei> ok then real quick
  811. [21:57:57] * @Lorelei ringrings Furfur. <Did you really set this up?>
  812. [21:58:04] <@Lorelei> And Larissa can listen too sure why not.
  813. [21:58:24] <~Furfur> <He wanted to tie up loose ends, I let all of my servants tie up their loose ends.>
  814. [21:58:34] <~Furfur> <If they have the opportunity.>
  815. [21:58:54] <~Furfur> <Besides, I knew nothing else was going to stop you, so if I didn't do this, you'd be guaranteed to get out.>
  816. [21:58:54] <@Lorelei> <So it's not taking sides for you if I use that 'bonus' to heal us up, huh?  Maybe protect a little...>
  817. [21:59:06] <~Furfur> <If you want.>
  818. [21:59:12] <Steve> (So I basically just Gokued?)
  819. [21:59:18] <~Furfur> (Yes.)
  820. [21:59:26] <Larissa> (does he have blonde hair now)
  821. [21:59:30] <Larissa> (and green eyes)
  822. [21:59:30] <Steve> (Obviously I must wait to reveal it until the perfect time)
  823. [21:59:33] <~Furfur> (No.)
  824. [21:59:33] <@Lorelei> <What else is anything else gonna do for me now?  Can't ask for power, can't ask to have my sister as an underling...>
  825. [21:59:43] <Larissa> (can he have sparkly green eyes anyway)
  826. [21:59:50] <~Furfur> Steve!  Lorelei!  Larissa!
  827. [21:59:52] <@Lorelei> <At least feeling good while we kill him again will help!>
  828. [21:59:56] <~Furfur> You feel a LOT less tired
  829. [22:00:00] <Steve> (Considering I always pictured him as like half-Asian, his eyes probably aren't green)
  830. [22:00:20] <@Lorelei> <Thanks a bunch!  Glad to do business- I'll see you again sometime when I take over the world, 'kay?>
  831. [22:00:27] <~Furfur> <Sure.>
  832. [22:00:37] <~Furfur> Steve, in fact, almost feels good as new!
  833. [22:00:39] * @Lorelei grins wickedly and stares DJ right in the eyes if he's dumb enough to fall for that twice.
  834. [22:00:47] <@Lorelei> Hell, DOES he close his eyes?
  835. [22:00:53] <Larissa> (he doesn't have eyes)
  836. [22:01:08] * DJ is focused on Steve, he was just barely casting on him.
  837. [22:01:16] <@Lorelei> 1d100 oh whatever it's not 'eye contact' as much as it is 'staring at,' SIG BLAST GO
  838. [22:01:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, oh whatever it's not 'eye contact' as much as it is 'staring at,' SIG BLAST GO: 79 [1d100=79]
  839. [22:01:22] <@Lorelei> ... Flipflopping doesn't even help
  840. [22:01:24] <~Furfur> FAIL
  841. [22:01:32] <@Lorelei> Still two turns?
  842. [22:01:38] <~Furfur> Yeah, but that was your first!
  843. [22:01:59] * Steve is busy sitting in a meditative position. Possibly as a reaction to DJ, but in reality is just finishing solving the problems with existence being suffering.
  844. [22:02:08] <@Lorelei> 1d100 ok this one WAS going to be used to roll dodge but since failures don't take charges let's do it again
  845. [22:02:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, ok this one WAS going to be used to roll dodge but since failures don't take charges let's do it again: 56 [1d100=56]
  846. [22:02:14] <@Lorelei> ... and fail by 1
  847. [22:02:22] <~Furfur> good job
  848. [22:02:22] <Larissa> (shoulda put more exp into it)
  849. [22:02:42] <@Lorelei> (oh u)
  850. [22:03:50] <~Furfur> LARISSA
  851. [22:04:17] <@Lorelei> While staring Lorelei points behind Don then.  "That thing!  BREAK IT!"  Assuming the crystal is still there, that is.  Isn't it?
  852. [22:04:29] <~Furfur> Yes.
  853. [22:04:40] <@Lorelei> Well it might not be behind him but you know, wherever it is.
  854. [22:04:41] <~Furfur> It's 9Green right now.
  855. [22:04:59] <Larissa> "Don, remember the ghost? The red one?"
  856. [22:06:46] * Larissa tries to do the thing where she wills magic at a ghost, and the ghost disappears.
  857. [22:06:50] * Larissa tries to do that on DJ.
  858. [22:07:01] <DJ> "Fuck off, whore."
  859. [22:07:30] <Larissa> (to be fair)
  860. [22:07:32] <Larissa> (it's behind DJ)
  861. [22:07:32] <~Furfur> That was a blast!  You wanna' do it?
  862. [22:07:36] <@Lorelei> "You mad?"
  863. [22:07:38] <Larissa> (so i'm blasting both obviously)
  864. [22:07:52] <Larissa> 1d100 blast the ghost D:<
  865. [22:07:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, blast the ghost D:<: 66 [1d100=66]
  866. [22:08:32] <Larissa> (that is lower than my skill :( )
  867. [22:08:45] <Larissa> (my skill is 59% right now, after all that exp i put in it)
  868. [22:08:55] <Larissa> (now it's 60%)
  869. [22:08:57] <@Lorelei> (you mean stat)
  870. [22:08:59] <Larissa> (since that was major and dubz)
  871. [22:09:14] <Larissa> (that was a major check)
  872. [22:09:18] <Larissa> (and thus)
  873. [22:09:20] <Larissa> (+1 skill for doubles)
  874. [22:09:20] <@Lorelei> (OKAY CONTINUE)
  875. [22:09:21] <Larissa> (even if it failed)
  876. [22:09:36] <Larissa> (i'd have to read steve's mind right now)
  877. [22:09:51] <Larissa> (and understand the all of reality that he currently is figuring out)
  878. [22:10:00] <~Furfur> DON'S TURN
  879. [22:10:02] <~Furfur> YOU GET TWO ACTIONS
  880. [22:10:11] <~Furfur> BECAUSE YOU'RE A BOSS
  881. [22:11:25] * DJ turns to Lorelei. "You... Remember this? Huh?" He's motioning toward the gun he's holding. It's the one Lorelei killed Biff with and thoughtlessly discarded. "It's your turn now."
  882. [22:11:30] <Larissa> (to be fair, i think i had like a... 16% chance of failing that check)
  883. [22:11:32] <DJ> 1d100 shoot Lorelei in the crazy
  884. [22:11:33] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, shoot Lorelei in the crazy: 72 [1d100=72]
  885. [22:11:41] * @Lorelei squeaks a little.
  886. [22:11:43] <Larissa> (btw random note)
  887. [22:11:46] <Larissa> (if you aren't trained in using guns)
  888. [22:11:52] <Larissa> (you are really, really bad at using guns in UA)
  889. [22:11:57] <Larissa> (since it's a major stat check)
  890. [22:11:58] <DJ> (I know.)
  891. [22:12:00] <Larissa> (and those only succeed on dubz)
  892. [22:12:36] <Larissa> (a 01 also succeeds)
  893. [22:13:50] <~Furfur> A bullet fires, shattering one of the crystals by the side of the staircase
  894. [22:14:24] <~Furfur> Your other turn? :3
  895. [22:14:37] <@Lorelei> Her hair does that thing it does.  Probably more intimidating now!
  896. [22:14:38] <DJ> "Fucking thing."  He drops it.  "I don't even need it.  Just stop fucking staring at me!"
  897. [22:14:45] <DJ> 1d100 Inspire Terror
  898. [22:14:46] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, Inspire Terror: 29 [1d100=29]
  899. [22:15:00] <Larissa> (Does that mean she can use her fear passion)
  900. [22:15:07] <Larissa> (why is that a special parenthesis)
  901. [22:16:11] <~Furfur> Lorelei, you feel crushing depression overwhelm you, oh god, everything's NOT going to be okay, you're gonna' be a rotting corpse like those images oh god oh god oh god
  902. [22:17:04] <~Furfur> Wounds erupt on parts of your body,a nd you either have to flee for 5 rounds or suffer a -20% on all body checks
  903. [22:17:45] <~Furfur> Steve!
  904. [22:17:56] <@Lorelei> Well she totally intentionally not watched those images but SHRIEKS out loud either way.
  905. [22:17:58] * Steve meditates /end turn.
  906. [22:18:11] <~Furfur> LARISSA!
  907. [22:18:18] <~Furfur> ...
  908. [22:18:19] <~Furfur> Lorelei
  909. [22:18:21] <~Furfur> goddammit
  910. [22:18:21] <@Lorelei> There
  911. [22:18:22] <@Lorelei> you
  912. [22:18:22] <@Lorelei> go
  913. [22:18:23] <@Lorelei> again
  914. [22:18:26] <Larissa> (josh is good at l names)
  915. [22:18:35] <@Lorelei> ... So where's DJ looking?
  916. [22:18:41] <~Furfur> AT YOU
  917. [22:18:48] <@Lorelei> Excellent, that means he's not looking at the gun.
  918. [22:19:06] <@Lorelei> 1d100 and there might be a crayon on the ground instead
  919. [22:19:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, and there might be a crayon on the ground instead: 61 [1d100=61]
  920. [22:19:07] <Larissa> (turns out it had 2 bullets)
  921. [22:19:11] <@Lorelei> f l i p f l o p
  922. [22:19:21] <~Furfur> Crayon on the ground
  923. [22:19:25] <~Furfur> gun in your hand
  924. [22:19:28] <@Lorelei> Backpack.
  925. [22:19:33] <Larissa> (feelin luckjkaroijaew damn it aori)
  926. [22:19:33] <~Furfur> backpack
  927. [22:19:39] <~Furfur> LARISSA
  928. [22:20:49] * @Lorelei starts making a dash on her good legs AROUND the place they're standing. Preferably to the other side of the big crystal if that's possible to do. But just AWAY FROM HIM AAAAAAAAAA
  929. [22:22:32] <Larissa> (can i make a knowledge check as a FREE ACTION)
  930. [22:23:08] <~Furfur> SURE
  931. [22:23:26] <Larissa> 1d100 what the fuck spells can i even cast other than the 4truth spell and blasting ghosts? D:
  932. [22:23:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, what the fuck spells can i even cast other than the 4truth spell and blasting ghosts? D:: 70 [1d100=70]
  933. [22:23:37] <Larissa> (flipflopsuccess naturally)
  934. [22:26:58] * Larissa yeah castin this shit
  935. [22:27:14] <Larissa> "If I... shit, this is literally out of a bad science fiction novel."
  936. [22:27:15] <Larissa> 1d100 magic
  937. [22:27:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, magic: 77 [1d100=77]
  938. [22:27:18] <Larissa> (wow)
  939. [22:27:26] <Hakon> (SURE ARE SOME SEVENS)
  940. [22:27:27] <~Furfur> What were you doing again?
  941. [22:27:30] <Larissa> (magic is impossible right?)
  942. [22:27:35] <Larissa> (can my noble count? :D )
  943. [22:27:42] <~Furfur> ...
  944. [22:27:44] <~Furfur> ...
  945. [22:27:47] <@Lorelei> (Excellent)
  946. [22:27:52] <Larissa> (i do have two people to protect)
  947. [22:27:54] <Larissa> (who are just like)
  948. [22:27:56] <Larissa> (fucking off)
  949. [22:28:58] <~Furfur> You can use your Rage, because what the fuck, Don was using magic for frivolous shit and he expected you to trust him not to fuck people over?  What the flying fuck
  950. [22:29:18] <Larissa> (..sure i'll..take it)
  951. [22:29:31] <Larissa> 1d100 pretend i was typing each letter very slowly. because i was.
  952. [22:29:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, pretend i was typing each letter very slowly. because i was.: 93 [1d100=93]
  953. [22:29:35] <Larissa> (flipflop success)
  954. [22:29:43] <Larissa> (do i still get +1 for dubz?)
  955. [22:29:48] <~Furfur> no
  956. [22:29:50] <Larissa> ( :( )
  957. [22:29:56] <Steve> (Slowly? Okay, Shuku)
  958. [22:30:27] <DJ> 1d100 WONDER WOMAN~
  959. [22:30:28] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, WONDER WOMAN~: 30 [1d100=30]
  960. [22:30:59] <~Furfur> You send a blast of ANTI-MAGIC FUCK YOU at DJ
  961. [22:31:01] <Larissa> (you gave me a 10% penalty D: )
  962. [22:31:05] <Larissa> (for  blocking with an antimagic item D: )
  963. [22:31:22] <~Furfur> (That was your idea)
  964. [22:31:29] <~Furfur> (Also this breaks the gloves)
  966. [22:31:53] <Larissa> "Shit..."
  967. [22:32:39] <Larissa> "At least I found out it worked..."
  968. [22:33:11] <Larissa> "That said, why the hell are you even trying to kill me? You realize that that means I'll be down there in hell with you."
  969. [22:33:41] <~Furfur> Don's turn by the way.  2 turns.  Whatever.
  970. [22:34:05] <Larissa> (i fully expect steve to interrupt someone)
  971. [22:34:12] <Larissa> (just like randomly grab their wrist and fuck all their plans over)
  972. [22:34:24] <DJ> "You're the queen of arbitrary flip-flopping ideals, aren't you?  For now?  It's all about screwing you over for screwing me over, and then I'm gonna let Steve get out of here completely free.  Just to separate Lorelei from him."
  973. [22:34:24] <Larissa> (that's how awesome martial artists roll)
  974. [22:35:01] <Steve> (Why grab something's wrist when you can just recall them to the mortal plane if someone does kill someone?)
  975. [22:35:23] <DJ> "Now that one crazy bitch is distracted...  It's your turn to face the music!"
  976. [22:35:27] <Larissa> (just shove it back down their mouth)
  977. [22:35:38] <DJ> 1d100 TACKLE HER
  978. [22:35:38] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, TACKLE HER: 63 [1d100=63]
  979. [22:35:59] <DJ> RAGE FLIPFLOP
  980. [22:36:02] <~Furfur> MISS.  You pass right by her, she narrowly dodge-
  981. [22:36:05] <~Furfur> WHAM
  982. [22:36:16] <~Furfur> Right in the face, ow ow ow ow!
  983. [22:37:06] <~Furfur> Now what do you do, Don?
  984. [22:37:25] <DJ> 1d100 Literally kick her in the crotch
  985. [22:37:26] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, Literally kick her in the crotch: 91 [1d100=91]
  986. [22:38:25] <~Furfur> Larissa clumsily manages to block.
  987. [22:38:29] <~Furfur> STEVE
  988. [22:38:37] <~Furfur> BEING BUDDHA?
  989. [22:39:15] * Steve rises to his feet slowly, with the strangest of smiles. He slowly approaches the crystal and inspects it, a rather mysterious knowing look on his face. "Now, friends, what actual reason have you for fighting?"
  990. [22:41:00] <~Furfur> It holds this dimension together, has sentimental value to Lorelei, and if you break it everyone will go FLUMP onto the actual outside of the building, and then be able to leave.
  991. [22:41:05] <~Furfur> Except for Don
  992. [22:41:19] <~Furfur> He's no longer tied to the human world and cannot return.
  993. [22:42:19] <DJ> "I was murdered.  I could have lived forever.  But that's no longer important.  What's important to you is, if you let these two go, you'll be unleashing demons onto earth."
  994. [22:43:29] <~Furfur> They'll still remember being demons and having to fight to LIVE
  995. [22:44:00] <Steve> "Nothing lives forever...nothing at all..." He sits down again to reserve/end turn.
  996. [22:44:40] <~Furfur> Lorelei's turn!
  997. [22:44:46] <@Lorelei> COUPLE QUESTIONS
  998. [22:44:50] <~Furfur> SHOOT
  999. [22:44:55] <Larissa> (she will)
  1000. [22:44:57] <@Lorelei> ABOUT TO, BUT QUESTIONS FIRST
  1001. [22:45:02] <@Lorelei> How big IS the crystal?
  1002. [22:45:11] <@Lorelei> Like is it gifuckingnormous?  Translucent?
  1003. [22:45:38] <@Lorelei> The question is more, 'if she circles to the other side to shoot it is she aware Steve's on the opposite side of her?'
  1004. [22:46:15] <~Furfur> BIG, TRANSLUCENT
  1005. [22:46:27] <~Furfur> But the other side is PRETTY FUZZY
  1006. [22:46:32] <@Lorelei> Oh, so it's probably big enough to just aim anywhere and be able to shatter it anyway, huh?
  1007. [22:46:39] <~Furfur> Maybe!
  1008. [22:46:42] <@Lorelei> Well there's THAT problem!  Maybe!
  1009. [22:46:53] <~Furfur> You can take a focus shift to make sure you hit it
  1010. [22:47:06] <@Lorelei> So action is: Running, withdrawing the gun from the backpack (that might be an extra action too!), and then shooting it.
  1011. [22:47:09] <@Lorelei> Mm...
  1012. [22:47:12] <@Lorelei> 1d2 should I focus
  1013. [22:47:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, should I focus: 1 [1d2=1]
  1014. [22:47:14] <@Lorelei> ok why not
  1015. [22:47:23] <@Lorelei> So that's A LOT OF TURNS dedicated, good luck sis!
  1016. [22:47:30] <@Lorelei> Anyway how much is doable in THIS turn?
  1017. [22:47:35] <~Furfur> First turn: RUNNING!
  1018. [22:49:44] * @Lorelei begins process of AUTO-TURNS: RUN, GUN, CRYSTALBREAK
  1019. [22:49:45] <@Lorelei> GO LARISSA
  1020. [22:50:27] <@Lorelei> RUN, GUN, FUN
  1021. [22:51:08] * Larissa does appear to be in a bit of a scuffle with DJ, oh dear.
  1022. [22:51:21] <~Furfur> Good thing he hasn't grappled you yet
  1023. [22:51:23] * Larissa stabs him with scissors, that might work! It worked on every other last-minute puzzle bullshit so far!
  1024. [22:51:29] <~Furfur> We'd have to pull out a whole book for Grapple rules
  1025. [22:52:01] <~Furfur> STRUGGLE
  1026. [22:52:07] <~Furfur> You can take a focus shift
  1027. [22:52:19] * Larissa 30% focus shift!
  1028. [22:52:47] <~Furfur> ROLL IT
  1029. [22:53:30] <Larissa> 1d100 SCISSOR STAB OK
  1030. [22:53:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, SCISSOR STAB OK: 71 [1d100=71]
  1031. [22:53:36] <~Furfur> MISS
  1032. [22:53:38] <~Furfur> 1 damage
  1033. [22:54:27] * Steve is stealing the next turn by the way.
  1034. [22:54:57] <~Furfur> It barely nicks Don, and HOLY SHIT DON YOU FEEL IKE YOU JUST GOT HIT BY A RED HOT IRON OW
  1035. [22:55:28] <~Furfur> It hurt a lot, but didn't do that much really.
  1036. [22:56:02] <DJ> "Agh!  Fuck me!"  He snarls at her.  "The fuck is that?!"
  1037. [22:56:25] <~Furfur> DON'S TURN
  1038. [22:56:32] <Larissa> (BHUDDARUPT)
  1039. [22:56:35] <~Furfur> BUDDHA INTERRUPT
  1040. [22:57:43] * Steve channels his buddhahood in an attempt to suppress all the fucking angst in this teenagers. "You might consider the fact that regardless of which of you wins, your current predicament is QUITE dire. The death of either Don or of the sisters will not improve the situation of the other party." /inspirationalpacificationgo
  1041. [22:57:57] <~Furfur> ROLL IT
  1042. [22:58:06] <Steve> 1d100 FUCK YOU, I'M A BUDDHA
  1043. [22:58:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, FUCK YOU, I'M A BUDDHA: 19 [1d100=19]
  1044. [22:58:15] <~Furfur> You've got a +20% shift but YOU DON'T FUCKING NEED IT FUCK YEAH 19
  1045. [22:58:45] <~Furfur> There's a flash of white light, filling the whole area
  1046. [22:58:57] <~Furfur> He's right, y'know
  1047. [22:59:07] <~Furfur> Why the fuck are you fighting?  It's just gonna' make shit worse.
  1048. [22:59:20] <~Furfur> Not gonna' solve anything
  1049. [22:59:37] <~Furfur> You have to roll a soul check for the next two turns to do an offensive action
  1050. [22:59:46] <~Furfur> At -19%
  1051. [22:59:58] <@Lorelei> (oh niggers does attacking not-a-person count as that?)
  1052. [23:00:09] <~Furfur> Not.
  1053. [23:00:12] <~Furfur> Does not.
  1054. [23:00:14] <@Lorelei> (k~)
  1055. [23:00:15] <Steve> (Breaking things is hostile in intent though D:)
  1056. [23:00:20] <Steve> (Buddhas don't break things)
  1057. [23:00:25] <@Lorelei> (yeah but it's breaking for FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOM)
  1058. [23:00:29] <~Furfur> ^
  1059. [23:00:35] <~Furfur> There's a good REASON to break this.
  1060. [23:00:40] <~Furfur> ANYWAY
  1061. [23:00:40] <~Furfur> DON'S TURN
  1062. [23:00:42] <@Lorelei> S
  1063. [23:02:54] <DJ> 1d100 antag bullshit hunch
  1064. [23:02:55] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, antag bullshit hunch: 46 [1d100=46]
  1065. [23:03:05] <~Furfur> NICE HUNCH BRO
  1066. [23:04:58] <DJ> 1d100 push Larissa off the edge~
  1067. [23:04:58] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, push Larissa off the edge~: 53 [1d100=53]
  1068. [23:05:06] <~Furfur> FAILURE
  1069. [23:05:27] <~Furfur> You push her and she doesn't go over, and you accidently grab her boob.  Awkward.
  1070. [23:05:36] <DJ> 1d100 antag bullshit spirit roll
  1071. [23:05:36] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, antag bullshit spirit roll: 86 [1d100=86]
  1072. [23:05:42] <@Lorelei> Final Boss Battle: Written by Ken Akamatsu!
  1073. [23:06:47] <~Furfur> Thinking about this
  1074. [23:06:55] <~Furfur> When Steve did BUDDHA FLASH his shirt blasted off
  1075. [23:06:58] <DJ> "Like that, don't ya?"  He's not grinning like a lust demon grabbing a boob should be.
  1076. [23:06:59] <~Furfur> And he has RIPPED MUSCLES
  1077. [23:07:09] <@Lorelei> maybe a passing side-swoon
  1078. [23:07:10] <@Lorelei> maybe
  1079. [23:07:25] <~Furfur> Don's too distracted by boobs to hit the girl.
  1080. [23:07:28] <~Furfur> STEVE
  1081. [23:11:47] <Steve> Steve's muscles are quite awe-inspiring. "I would prefer you all actually speak before we settle things. The fracturing of the crystal will condemn Don to a fate I believe the rest of you are doomed to anyway. For now, at least, as all stages of life are transitory. Even demonhood, though it's a longer and more miserable life than most forms. It would not reflect well on you to continue
  1082. [23:11:47] <Steve> the senseless aggression. That said, there is one amongst you that seems to be more afflicted than the rest...Lorelei...might you tell us the truths that motivate your action?" GUESS WHAT?! DELAY TURN!
  1083. [23:12:29] <@Lorelei> Is that MANLY enough to calm her freaking out?
  1084. [23:12:58] <~Furfur> MAYBE
  1085. [23:13:00] <~Furfur> Not really
  1086. [23:13:07] <~Furfur> Don is still really fucking terrifying
  1087. [23:13:13] <Steve> 1d100 But he's so manly
  1088. [23:13:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, But he's so manly: 57 [1d100=57]
  1089. [23:13:31] <@Lorelei> "A... Ah..."  Can she at least give him a coherent answer?
  1090. [23:13:50] <@Lorelei> I mean she's still using her turn to point the gun at the crystal and get ready to shoot it and all.
  1091. [23:13:51] <~Furfur> Oh, yeah, definitely
  1092. [23:15:11] <@Lorelei> "I thought magic and demons were dumb... ahahah..."  Fear-tears stream down her face.  She probably drinks a few of them.  "I did it all for fun.  To see if I could!"
  1093. [23:17:08] <@Lorelei> "It was all a big joke.... hehehe... can you imagine how surprised I was when it worked?"  Since it's her turn she aims the gun anyway.  At the crystal.  "I let myself go... and I had lots of fun.  I-I'm really glad you protected me.  I mean it!"
  1094. [23:17:33] <~Furfur> You have to get under 45 to hit this thing.
  1095. [23:17:36] <@Lorelei> Yo Aori can the trigger be pulled this turn?
  1096. [23:17:41] <@Lorelei> ... that's a yes isn't it
  1097. [23:17:45] <~Furfur> Yes.
  1098. [23:17:54] <@Lorelei> words first then
  1099. [23:20:13] <Steve> "And I...WAS glad to protect you...though I now see the pointlessness of it all. Death is not terifying. But death should not be coveted either. The crystal may be the solution for now, but afterwards, I hope you recall my message."
  1100. [23:20:57] <@Lorelei> "Yeah..."  Her hair-sides twitch.  "Maybe I don't really deserve it... but I was happy either way.  Um... th... there...."
  1101. [23:21:10] * @Lorelei raises the gun a little more.
  1102. [23:21:23] <DJ> "Are you kidding me?!"  He drops his whole thought process and turns to Lorelei.  "You did this all for the fuck of it?!  And Steven, you're really gonna let that freak of nature back into the world?  To continue this shit?!  What the fuck kind of justice is that?!"
  1103. [23:22:09] <Larissa> "What's wrong with being a freak?"
  1104. [23:22:22] <@Lorelei> She SHRIEKS a bit at him but tries to listen to the words he says instead of... you know, just the terrorspell.  "There's gonna...."  Sniffle.  Oop, now she's crying for real.
  1105. [23:22:47] <Steve> "There is no justice in life. And that is a valuable lesson that will aid you in the next life, leading you ultimately to your destination. A killer may take lives away, but it's possible the 'victims' achieve enlightenment in that death."
  1106. [23:22:58] <@Lorelei> "There's gonna be a spell on you when... when we get out... I don't think you're gonna be able to stop it.  It's too late now."
  1107. [23:23:15] <@Lorelei> "But he... he said it himself, I'm the Queen of Lies," she smirks through teary eyes.
  1108. [23:23:59] <@Lorelei> "So I'll know when it's fake, okay?  If you can love me back, really, really love me back, even after the horrible things I did just to make you mine... I'll be able to tell that it's real."
  1109. [23:24:14] <@Lorelei> "No one's better at lying than me!"
  1110. [23:24:50] <@Lorelei> "But uh... uh...."  She twitches at terrordon some more.
  1111. [23:25:33] <@Lorelei> "This is probably the only real truth I'll ever tell in my life so listen:"
  1112. [23:25:44] <@Lorelei> ... Can I borrow red truth from Larissa?
  1113. [23:25:46] <@Lorelei> p. plz?
  1114. [23:25:54] <~Furfur> It won't be magical, but sure!
  1115. [23:26:01] <@Lorelei> oh the sincerity is magical
  1116. [23:26:14] <@Lorelei> "4Sorry.  And I love you."
  1117. [23:26:28] <@Lorelei> "Now let's go home!"
  1118. [23:26:32] <@Lorelei> 1d100 watch this fail hilariously
  1119. [23:26:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, watch this fail hilariously: 36 [1d100=36]
  1120. [23:26:41] <@Lorelei> OR SUCCEED OKAY
  1121. [23:26:50] <DJ> FLIP FLOP
  1122. [23:26:51] <Steve> He smiles. "There is but one attachment that keeps me on this plane, Lorelei. I should think you'd be able to see that." Steve turns to Don. "I find too long has humanity been the dominant form on the planet, and it is...prohibitive to enlightenment. Man grows lax at the top of the food chain and does not always question his actions. Should they not remember their calling, your fears are
  1123. [23:26:51] <Steve> not needed. If they are, they are but a tiger in a village."
  1124. [23:26:56] <Larissa> (he's all out of passions though)
  1125. [23:27:17] <Steve> (You forgot the most important passion of FUCK YOU)
  1126. [23:27:25] * @Lorelei waits until Steve's done before pulling the trigger, duh.
  1127. [23:27:26] <Steve> (Everyone has it)
  1128. [23:27:40] <DJ> (He has rage.  He's gonna be left behind </3)
  1129. [23:27:46] <DJ> (Fear I mean)
  1130. [23:27:48] <DJ> (WORDS)
  1131. [23:27:53] <@Lorelei> OH CRAGNAGGLE
  1132. [23:27:55] <Steve> (Quick, escape death with your fear!)
  1133. [23:27:55] <~Furfur> You pull the trigger, the kickback sending you flying back, as the bullet burrows through the crystal, and there's a silent moment where there's a small hole in the crystal, and nothing happens.
  1134. [23:27:57] <~Furfur> And then
  1135. [23:29:49] <~Furfur> Cracks start appearing from the bullet hole, growing exponentially quickly, making cracking noises until the entire crystal is filled with cracks
  1136. [23:29:51] <~Furfur> ...
  1137. [23:29:52] <~Furfur> ...
  1138. [23:29:53] <~Furfur> ...
  1139. [23:29:56] <~Furfur> The crystal shatters.
  1140. [23:30:04] <~Furfur> And you are
  1141. [23:30:05] <~Furfur> f
  1142. [23:30:05] <~Furfur> a
  1143. [23:30:06] <~Furfur> l
  1144. [23:30:07] <~Furfur> l
  1145. [23:30:08] <~Furfur> i
  1146. [23:30:08] <~Furfur> n
  1147. [23:30:09] <~Furfur> g
  1148. [23:30:41] <~Furfur> bomf
  1149. [23:31:13] <@Lorelei> what are we gonna do on the- ... fuck where ARE we
  1150. [23:32:25] <~Furfur> You're all, sans Don, outside the power plant, laying in a field of grass.  it's raining lightly, and you can see a purely shining crescent moon above.
  1151. [23:33:04] <~Furfur> <Looks like you got out.  Good job.>
  1152. [23:33:06] * Larissa tries to remember if the moon was like that before they went in.
  1153. [23:33:22] <~Furfur> <As per our agreement, Steve will now love you forevermore.>
  1154. [23:33:25] * @Lorelei tries to find out if it's possible to MOVE.
  1155. [23:33:29] <~Furfur> <Enjoy your life as a demon.>
  1156. [23:33:41] <~Furfur> You're hurting a bit, sprawled on the ground,b ut you can definitely move.
  1157. [23:33:48] <@Lorelei> "Uaaah..."
  1158. [23:33:58] <Steve> (That akward moment when Furfur's end of the agreement is completely unnecessary because all Buddhas that wait to ascend love everyone)
  1159. [23:34:04] <@Lorelei> "Fu..."  How much of our memories are consistent?
  1160. [23:34:11] <@Lorelei> er
  1161. [23:34:12] <@Lorelei> 'there'
  1162. [23:34:14] <@Lorelei> how much is 'there'
  1163. [23:34:33] <~Furfur> OKAY IT'S FULL
  1164. [23:34:38] <@Lorelei> The memories?
  1165. [23:34:42] <Larissa> (i like it being crescent better)
  1166. [23:35:07] <~Furfur> Fuck I'm inconsistent.
  1167. [23:35:27] <~Furfur> You remember going intot he power plant, and sacrificing...
  1168. [23:35:27] <~Furfur> ...
  1169. [23:35:29] <~Furfur> Who was it?
  1170. [23:35:48] <~Furfur> And Larissa was casting a spell on somebody, but...why? It was some girl, because she was a bitch, after all.
  1171. [23:35:59] <~Furfur> Yeah, it was totally just because she was a bitch.
  1172. [23:36:01] <@Lorelei> ... Do we at least remeber Furfur's name?
  1173. [23:36:05] <@Lorelei> And that he's a demon?
  1174. [23:36:05] <~Furfur> Yes.
  1175. [23:36:05] <@Lorelei> +m
  1176. [23:36:08] <@Lorelei> ok~
  1177. [23:36:49] <@Lorelei> "Furfur.... ohh... what just... right!"  Clothes?  What clothes are we wearing?
  1178. [23:37:18] <~Furfur>'re in your ripped up dress
  1179. [23:37:20] <~Furfur> Oh god.
  1180. [23:37:55] <~Furfur> Steve's in his clothes from before as well.
  1181. [23:38:01] <Larissa> 1d100 try to remember more clearly
  1182. [23:38:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, try to remember more clearly: 98 [1d100=98]
  1183. [23:38:11] * Larissa almost accidentally erases all of her memories.
  1184. [23:38:21] <@Lorelei> Oh.  Huh.  Well time to take a second to admite all the beatings it took, make sure there's no nipple showing, etc etc.
  1185. [23:38:27] <Steve> (IS his shirt still destroyed, leaving his muscles rippling heroically in the night?)
  1186. [23:38:44] <@Lorelei> "Okay!  I..."
  1187. [23:38:44] <~Furfur> (yes)
  1188. [23:38:47] <Larissa> 1d100 try even harder
  1189. [23:38:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, try even harder: 64 [1d100=64]
  1190. [23:38:50] <~Furfur> 1,1Totally a nip slip.
  1191. [23:38:55] <~Furfur> 1,1Aaaaaaa
  1192. [23:39:06] * @Lorelei leans through the fourth wall and checks her Self stress. .. And covers that with a hand, aaa.
  1193. [23:39:14] <@Lorelei> Hmm.  Not 5 boxes?  Not insane?
  1194. [23:39:18] <@Lorelei> Okay!
  1195. [23:39:20] <~Furfur> 4
  1196. [23:39:38] <@Lorelei> "... will enjoy it.  I'll enjoy it more than anything ever."  She grins, showing FANG.
  1197. [23:40:15] <@Lorelei> "Thanks~  We'll do business again, promise~  ... Well, however much a promise from me is worth."
  1198. [23:40:38] * Steve stares at the power plant, with the saddest smile ever worn by a man, his back to ol' nipslipper.
  1199. [23:40:53] * @Lorelei talks mostly under her breath like a crazy person.
  1200. [23:41:18] * Larissa sort of gets up, wondering how she's going to explain this to her grandfather. The man will probably smell the demon on them the first second he sees them. D:
  1201. [23:41:49] <@Lorelei> Sisterhood teamwork attack.
  1202. [23:42:23] <~Furfur> Man, is it gonna' be a shitty walk home.
  1203. [23:43:07] <Steve> He turns around, eyes magically averted from Lorelei's indecent exposure. "What say we get you home, Lorelei?...and Larissa." Seriously, how the fuck did he know to look away? Fucking heromancy.
  1204. [23:43:46] <@Lorelei> Aaaaaand with a big smile, the demonloli clings to Steve's arm anyway.  "Yeah!  And hey um...  maybe... maybe sometime..."
  1205. [23:43:50] <@Lorelei> "Can we.... do something?"
  1206. [23:44:54] * Larissa suddenly remembers. Magical artifact.
  1207. [23:44:56] * Larissa looks for scissors D:
  1208. [23:44:59] <Steve> Steve blinks, and then lets his old dope self shine. "We...can do many things?"
  1209. [23:45:11] <~Furfur> You have 'em!  Lucky break.
  1210. [23:45:57] <@Lorelei> "Duh."  She giggles a little, already getting used to it.  Good ol' Steve.  "So let's go see a movie, or maybe a fancy dinner, or..."
  1211. [23:45:59] <Larissa> "I have these... do I still have Alex?"
  1212. [23:46:01] * Larissa looks for a ghost.
  1213. [23:46:05] <Larissa> 1d100 literal ghost check
  1214. [23:46:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, literal ghost check: 61 [1d100=61]
  1215. [23:46:18] <@Lorelei> And pulls him away from the scene completely ignoring her crazy sister like the old days.
  1216. [23:46:33] <~Furfur> You hear a noise.  "Thanks..."  And then nothing.
  1217. [23:46:42] <Steve> "Wait, why would we go see a fancy dinner?"
  1218. [23:47:17] <Larissa> "No problem. We'll have to do something with your ashes later, though."
  1219. [23:47:55] <@Lorelei> Answer: Because no money.  She actually has to think on the fact that they'd probably just stand outside a window and look i- wait a second...
  1220. [23:47:57] * Larissa wait where the fuck are Lorelei and Steve- god damn it! follow follow D:
  1221. [23:48:10] * @Lorelei hits the realization I have the magic power to steal things
  1222. [23:48:43] <Steve> Only illuminated by the lusterous sheen of Steve's abs.
  1223. [23:49:17] <@Lorelei> With a big grin she looks back to Larissa too.  "Sis~!  I'm kinda hungry, why don't we all go get something~?"
  1224. [23:49:25] <@Lorelei> IM
  1225. [23:49:27] <@Lorelei> PLI
  1226. [23:49:27] <@Lorelei> CA
  1227. [23:49:28] <@Lorelei> TIONS
  1229. -
  1231. [23:49:24] <DJ> Meanwhile, in hell...  DJ sits, contemplating, in his full demon form.  "So I couldn't even stop them.  With all the power I could muster, even though I was overpowering them supremely, I failed.  Whatever.  I can't do anything about it now.  All I can do now is become more powerful, and be loyal to the only thing I have left to follow.  Master...  Your bidding is my will."
  1232. [23:49:58] <~Furfur> Furfur smirks.  "Well, we've got another group coming around soon, you want to bring them the welcome wagon?"
  1233. [23:51:28] <~Furfur> "Otherwise, I have some ladies to introduce you to,, if you have anything in mind, I'll see to it.  We have plenty of things to do around here, after all."
  1235. -
  1237. [23:52:25] <Larissa> "Sure. But, did Furfur not tell you?"
  1238. [23:52:45] <@Lorelei> "Muh?"
  1239. [23:52:51] * Larissa givin no fucks about spoilers in front of Steve. Either he's Buddha and gives no fucks, or is a love slave anyway.
  1240. [23:53:07] <Larissa> "You can eat like this too."
  1241. [23:53:19] <@Lorelei> "Eat like..."
  1242. [23:53:19] * Steve is totally 1,1(feigning) not paying any attention, assuming they're just talking about something random.
  1243. [23:53:32] * Larissa siskiss because fucking pacts. you do not go back on them
  1244. [23:53:56] * @Lorelei gets cut off and siskissed. And siskisses back after mmphing a bit.
  1245. [23:54:07] <@Lorelei> ... Using tongue because lust demon instincts.  Fuck.
  1246. [23:54:28] <~Furfur> Tasty, and man does it feel good~.  Feels way better than the kiss you gave up for your pact.
  1247. [23:54:36] <~Furfur> AND ON THAT NOTE
  1248. [23:54:40] * Steve calls back from further ahead. "If you two don't keep up, I'm leaving you in the dark city."
  1249. [23:54:42] <@Lorelei> STEVE CAN BE THE THIRD
  1250. [23:54:44] <~Furfur> WE END.  Unless Don has any last remarks.
  1251. [23:54:56] <@Lorelei> And they all lived happily ever after!
  1252. [23:55:03] <~Furfur> "Happily"
  1253. [23:55:07] <@Lorelei> 'Happily'
  1254. [23:55:18] <Steve> 'Buddhaly'
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