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  1. Doxed By Nublom an Boths Aka Corey@aim an Render7s@aim corey an render7s are boths aim
  2. aka boths is now Bemuseds
  5. First Name: Justin
  6.     Last Name: Cruz
  7.     Sex: Male
  8.     Birthday: 7/23/1997
  9.     Mothers Name: Michelle L Cruz
  10.     Dads Name: Unknown
  11.     Sisters Name (If Applicable): None
  12.     Brothers Name (If Applicable): None
  13.     Any Other Aliases: None
  14.     AIM: Too many to list.
  15.     E-mail Address:,
  16.     GamerTag: N/A
  17.     Country: United States
  18.     State/Province: New York
  19.     City: Brooklyn
  20.     Postal/Zip Code: 11204
  21.     Address: 1754 63rd St
  22.     Home Phone Number: (718) 837-7236
  23.     Cellular Number: 347-756-8272
  25.     Last Known IP Address:
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