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Shibusen Mission Board

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  1. Shibusen Mission Board
  4. Here you can take various missions to send your character on.
  6. The basic layout and rules of a mission is as follows:
  8. Name of Mission: [To avoid confusion.]
  9. Location:
  10. Target:
  11. Description:
  12. Team Requirements:
  13. Star Ranking: [1.0 - 5.0 only.]
  15. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. If you choose to take one of the missions, please notify one of the mods first, to avoid confusion of repeating missions and so forth.
  19. Each mission will have it's own designated location, so whenever someone is RPing, you cannot reply to them unless you are in the same setting that they are.
  21. NPCing the target will be necessary, unless told otherwise. Please keep that in mind.
  23. If you have a mission idea, please contact one of the mods, PM us with details, and we'll go over it to see if we approve.
  25. We are aware that mission names, or NPC's listed in the mission board are silly, and stereotypical. Soul Eater is a manga full of these things.
  27. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. Mission List:
  32. Mission: Capture and imprisonment of Carmen San Francisco
  33. Star Rank: 1
  34. Members needed: At least 2
  35. Abilities needed: Preferably good tracking skills, ability to stop movement.
  37. Description
  38. _________
  39. Name: Carmen San Francisco
  40. Age: Unknown, possibly mid thirties.
  41. Physical Appearance: Can often be seen wearing a very large orange overcoat, and a large hat. Black fluffed hair, but it is unknown about her appearance beneath the coat. Be wary that she could change appearances.
  43. Additional Info: Carmen San Francisco is a world renown thief of famous and rare art pieces, priceless items, large amounts of money, and other things. So far, the authorities have been unable to capture her, and even unable to track her location. Asked by the government of three different countries, Shibusen has been placed as a recommended group for the capture of this thief. As far as authorities know, she doesn't seem to be too physically dangerous. It's not known whether she carries any weapons, but in each of her burglaries, she hasn't hurt anyone severely, other than the occasional knock out of guards. Shibusen were asked to form up a group in an attempt to track and capture this criminal. Shibusen is also asked not to kill this criminal, as she has valuable information on many of the different stolen items.
  45.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. Mission: Destruction of 'Holmes Castle' hotel.
  48. Rank: 3.5
  49. Location: Chicago, IL
  50. Members needed: 4. (2 meisters, 2 weapons.)
  51. Abilities needed: Ability to remember routes of a maze. Ability to track. Strength capable of crushing walls.
  53. Additional Info:
  54. Holmes built a hotel in Chicago, Illinois, with 3 floors and over 60 rooms. It looked like a normal hotel on the outside and inside. However, in reality, it was a murder factory.
  55. The general design was eccentric. In addition to that, the hotel had been fitted with trap doors, hidden staircases, secret passages, rooms without windows, chutes that led into the basement, and a staircase that opened out over a steep drop to the alley behind the building. Some of the rooms were used as asphyxiation chambers. Other rooms were lined with iron plates and had blowtorches fitted into the walls, and others held torture equipment. All of these things were controlled by Holmes himself from his private bedroom inside the hotel. In the basement were a dissecting table and a crematory, along with an acid vat and pits filled with quicklime, for quick disposal of bodies. All of the “prison rooms” were fitted with alarms that buzzed in Holmes’ quarters when someone tried to escape.
  56. Holmes would torture his victims inside their own bedrooms, or send them down to the basement where he would perform cruel experiments on them for his own pleasure.
  58. Beware. This labyrinth will confuse even those with the highest of intellect. This man is a sick individual, and will stop at nothing to get another kill to his list of murders. Do not allow yourselves to become victims. Make sure to mark your way, so that you may find your way out, or you could be lost forever. Also be wary of the gas chambers built into this hotel. If you are locked in a room, he can poison you. The main tactic for this will be to stick together. Do not lose sight of one another, or the weaker link will be killed off, while the stronger will be without help, and also killed.
  60. Required to complete mission:
  61. Destroy the hotel, and capture Holmes. Dead or Alive.
  63. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65. Mission: Capture of O-Ren Ishii
  66. Star Rank: 3.5
  67. Location: Tokyo, Japan
  68. Members Needed: 4 (2 meisters, 2 weapons preferred, or 1 Death Scythe)
  69. Abilities Needed: High level of melee combat skills, or martial arts. Skills with weaponry preferred. High stamina.
  71. Additional Info:
  72. O-Ren Ishii is one of the leaders of the japanese Yakuza. She deals in drug rings, prostitution rings, slave trading, and other criminal acts. In addition to the usual Yakuza members, who act as typical gangsters with guns, fast vehicles and what not, she also has a small army of 88 Samurai and Ninja ready to strike at any moment. Stamina is required to outlast these enemies. O-Ren is not known to fight before sending out the small masked army known as the 'Crazy 88', however do not give her a chance to strike, as she could take the opportunity.
  74. Required to complete mission: The defeat and capture of O-Ren Ishii. It is preferred that she is brought back alive so that the location of other Yakuza leaders can perhaps be found through harsh interrogation. If she is killed, the grade received, or reward will be lessened, however do not put her life before your own.
  76. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  78. Mission: Capture of the infamous Bonnie & Clyde
  80. Star Ranking:1.5/5.0
  82. Location: Sowers, Texas
  84. Members Needed: (1 weapon and meister team.)
  86. Abilities Needed: High defensive skills and speed to avoid bullets.
  88. Additional Info:
  90. It is to be believed that this duo is quite dangerous, however it has been heard that Clyde is the more dangerous of the two. From frequent reports by witnesses, Bonnie is often seen loading the stolen goods, rather than firing any weapons, however it is unknown if she is unarmed. Please use caution. Clyde however, shows no fear and is not afraid to shoot on sight if the threat appears to be too high. Be aware that they could be armed, and are both very dangerous. We would prefer that they be brought in alive than dead, but do not put their lives before your own. Kill if you must.
  92. Team Requirements: 2 people, preferably a weapon/meister team.
  94.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96. Mission: Kishin Egg Hunting
  97. Star Ranking: 1.0
  98. Location: America
  100. Members Needed: (1 weapon and meister team.)
  102. Target: Noctrine
  104. Info: Noctrine has been sighted continuously at the stroke of Midnight and is known to take human souls that are wandering in the dark, usually leaving their bodies mutilated and in the middle of streets. The monster also attacks buildings that have even the slightest trace of light on and seems to have a dislike towards loud sounds/music.
  106.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  108. Mission: Extermination of the Kishin Egg Dentist
  110. Star Rank: 2.5
  111. Members Needed: (Meister and Weapon team, possibly two.)
  112. Abilities Needed: Long range weapons and attacks are preferred.
  113. Location: Tombstone, Arizona
  115. Additional Info:
  117. Name: John Henry 'Doc' Holliday
  118. Age: 36
  119. Psychical Appearance: Can be identified by his tattered lab coat, surgical mask, and splatter goggles. All of which are permanently stained with the blood of his victims.
  121. This 'doctor' is a natural born killer obsessed with dental cleanliness. He has been said to clean his victim's mouths so well, that they no longer have any teeth at all, let along much of a throat. Be advised: This surgeon uses a large impact drill as well as Novocaine. If you are injected with his drug, whatever part of your body will be inflicted with numbness for a long period of time. It is best not to get too close to him.
  123. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  125. Mission: Stop Prison Breaks
  126. Star Rank: 1.0
  128. Members Needed: (1 team of weapon and meister)
  130. Abilities Needed: High stamina, to fight against the many prisoners.
  132. Location: Portage, Wisconsin
  134. Additional Info:
  136. There has been a series of mass prison breaks that the police hasn't been able to control, apparently the criminal uniforms were found in distances less than a mile of the prison in each case, which means they were murdered and their souls taken. Apparently the cannibal Jeff Doomer is taking revenge at the inmates of Wisconsin prisons, the only prison left untouched is Columbia Correctional Institute where he was said to have been killed. Your mission is to stop him before he takes the souls of the inmates (numbering several hundreds) and becomes a Kishin.
  138.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  140. Mission: Tweedle Sibling's Quarrels
  141. Star Ranking: 2.5
  143. Members Needed: (2 teams of weapon and meister)
  145. Abilities Needed: High strength, stamina, and intellect. These two may surprise you.
  147. Location: England, UK
  149. Additional Info:
  151. Target: Tweedle Twins
  153. Dum and Dee Tweedle were once normal weapons of Shibusen that loved to compete, which almost always lead to fighting. Their quarrels had gotten so bad, that they were expelled. How they came to consume human souls is currently unknown. Over the past few years, their consuming of souls has grown to a point that they have become Weapons on the verge of kishins. Just recently, they have been targetting large amounts of human souls that are grouped together by acting like helpless children that are lost to quicken their process. it seems that whoever gains the most souls will win, but there has been no need to their little 'game'. Two groups [Two Meisters and their weapons] are needed to put an end to the two weapons before their process of becoming a Kishin becomes possible.
  155. Be advised: Dee and Dum will stop at nothing to best their sibling, and often result to fighting one another. Take great caution when dealing with these two. If you injure one, the other will most likely revolt againt you as well. They also seem to have a fear of birds, this reason is unknown.
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