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Frontiersmen: RETURN OF THE ZADIR (edited version)

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Feb 28th, 2016
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  1. <Edited version with less grammatical mistakes, more coherence, more clarity, and 100% more General Freedom! At some point late in the RP, some folks had to drop out as it was getting late, so that may explain why some of them stop talking at the end.>
  4. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: It’s been over two years since an alien spacecraft had been found orbiting Earth. It was in orbit for only fifteen minutes, but during those fifteen minutes, it was able to abduct quite a number of people. Much of the ship had been cloaked, but part of it had become visible when it was damaged during an encounter. The exact size of the spacecraft is unknown but it was estimated to be the size of a planet that is much larger than the Earth itself. With the help of the hero known as Paragon, and the assistance of the Star*Guard, it was determined the ship was ‘Zadir’ in origin. The Zadir are an alien race that live in the Theta Capulus System of the Caldera Galaxy and are said to be a race of giants that dwarf humans by comparison. This has been the first sighting of a Zadir ship entering our solar system, however it wasn’t the last. Today, it has returned. But for now…
  6. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Repairs on the Globetrotter were still being made and they have progressed rather quickly. The last of the repairs were finishing up, and those still on the Globetrotter were able to sit back and relax for a moment. There were quite a few dents to be worked on, and of course, several holes to fix all thanks to the Frontiersmen’s visitor a few nights ago. Particle Man had dropped off an assortment of donuts and pastries a while earlier for the others to enjoy and took the opportunity to visit with Doctor Mannheim before leaving the ship to head back home. This was the perfect time to laze about, but it was certainly not going to last for much longer.
  10. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket, one of the newer members of this illustrious team, was lazing about in full uniform. She had her legs up on the couch and was munching on donuts and drinking coffee. She had spent the last few days living on the Globetrotter while she had more permanent residency set up. In the meantime, she was perfectly happy lazing about on the furniture and whistling "Brother Bones".
  12. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Still getting acquainted with the rest of the team, Amaris is pleasantly surprised to discover another young person aboard who wasn't an old huge-Mc-big-chin. She collects a danish and drops onto the sofa or chair next to Rocket, "Hola! you're new as well? How many people are on this team?"
  14. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado was in the same living area as Rocket, munching happily on a jelly donut. He didn't prefer to live on the ship on a permanent basis, but he had one of those aches in his joints that told him he ought to be on station today. "Lots," he answered Uplift. "We're the big guns. 'N the only thing better than big guns is lotsa big guns."
  16. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton walked in from the simulation room, a steaming mug of coffee in hand. He rubbed his face with his free hand and moved over to a piece of furniture not far off from the couch Rocket was on. He gave Rocket a brief glance and then a curt bow of his head. "Updrift, Rocket."
  18. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Amaris makes a face at Tryton, "Eh, close enough."
  20. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "I honestly have no clue, but I know I haven't met all of you yet so I imagine quite a few." She offers her hand to the people around her. "I'm Jean, call me Rocket."
  22. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "Greetings Jean. I am Tryton, and sorry Amaris. I meant no offense."
  24. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Desperado. ...What's yer shtick? Sorry to be so blunt, but if the Cap'n shoots our asses into space again soon, I like knowin' what cards we'll all holdin'."
  26. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "I fly really fast and run into things."
  28. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "You... run into things?" he gave Rocket a curious look.
  30. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Amaris shrugs, "Seems self-explanatory."
  32. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "It pretty much is. I mean, I guess there's more to it then that, but...I'm pretty much a human projectile."
  34. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She adds to Tryton's question, "You don't explode or anything, right?"
  36. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado glances down at one of his pistols. "Cuttin' out the middleman. I can respect that."
  38. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "I fly fast....really, really fast." she shrugs. "I can release built up cosmic energy, but I don't just explode, no."
  40. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "Hmm..." nodded at Rocket and then sipped the hot coffee.
  42. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket sits upright, crossing her legs. "I can give you the scientific explanation, but it's time consuming and probably not important."
  44. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Nahh, we're good. Maybe write 'front towards enemy' somewhere in case we forget."
  46. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket smirks. "Eh, I've heard worse jokes. So what about the rest of you?"
  48. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton leans back into the chair, both hands coming to grip the mug. He looks between Desperado and Uplift.
  52. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Walled up in his room, Captain Collider hadn't spoken to anyone since the Epoch incident and only ever left to help the HADRON units with the reconstruction of the Globetrotter and to spend time in its lab. The experience, as dramatic and controversial as it had been, had jarred him and it was plain for anyone to see. He smiled less, lost focus more and spent any free time he did have staring out of observation bays. Today, Captain Collider had spent much of the day going through the Globetrotter's database in privacy and constantly turning his attention back to the article Epoch had left them with.
  54. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Having seen Mike off, Leland returns to his previous duties. He shuffles about, checking in with his teammates in an effort to complete his medical records. Moving from living quarter to living quarter, Leland's eyes frequently seem to vacate of all life -- a haggard, weary old man one second and a mannequin the next. Leland knocked on the door of Collider's room, holding his portable med-pad under an arm. His eyes looked haunted.
  56. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider hesitates for a moment before going to the door, as if considering feigning his absence. Nevertheless, decency wins out and the door slides open. As he comes face to face with Dr. Mannheim, Collider offers a somewhat forced but still friendly smile. "Dr. Mannheim. Is there something I can help you with?"
  58. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland is silent, non-reactive as the door shutters open and the Captain addresses him. The creature's sense of time taking over again, no doubt. After a full minute, he seems to come back to life. Blinking sluggishly and displaying his usual grab-bag of nervous tics, the surgeon taps his med-pad. "Y-your records, Captain. After your... encounter? We need to... we'd HOPED to... i-it would be best if your vitals were--" Leland dumps the pretense with a crusty old sigh and tucks the pad away. "The transmission. We MUST discuss it. You and I," he says gravely.
  60. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider raises a hand, politely but firmly. "I really don't think now is a good time, Dr. Mannheim. We have other concerns at the moment, especially with repairs to the Globetrotter still being carried out."
  62. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland's weathered brows come together, casting dark shadows into his already hollow sockets. "We may not be gods, you and I... but we hold the reins on incalculable p-power and if our hands should start to sweat! We. MUST. Discuss it! That m-m-message... it could... we--it could be EITHER of us, and it could be REAL!"
  64. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Still maintaining his air of civility, Captain Collider attempts to return to his room. "It was just manipulation, Dr. Mannheim. It's fine."
  68. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: While the Globetrotter was orbiting Earth, those aboard the ship can see something in the far far distance behind the blue orb via the viewports. A flickering can be seen. It was difficult to tell what it was, but the shape of it was big. Very big. Shortly after it came into view. A MASSIVE ship of alien design had revealed itself. It was indeed quite a sight. The ship was larger than the Earth itself and it was definitely going to be hard to miss.
  73. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: He was about to say something but then trailed off, goggled gaze utterly fixed to one of the portholes. "...Y'all seein' that?"
  75. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "That's a Zadir ship." Rocket says abruptly, looking out of the viewport. "I think we miight have some trouble coming." She looks concerned and stands, instantly floating into the air. "I'm headed for the airlocks. Get ready for trouble!"
  79. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "If it were only manipulation, you and th-that massive cerebrum would not have been shut in here for--" Leland starts to pursue the Captain into his quarters, his gravelly bark growing stern. But he spies the shape beyond the viewport and his voice drains away.
  81. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider whirls around, his eyes burning. "I SAID IT'S FINE!" Once he realizes his place, he sighs and presses the bridge of his nose between his thumb and finger. "I'm sorry, it's just--" Before he can finish, he too sees the massive alien ship from his viewport, looking over to it with wide eyes. Acting quickly, he presses his finger to his ear to activate the Frontiersmen commlink. "All active Frontiersmen, get to the command deck."
  85. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket stops mid-flight, groans, and heads for the command deck instead.
  87. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton was just staring at the ship, a very faint grin on his face. He threw back the rest of his coffee and made his way to the command deck.
  89. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "Um....are Zadir bad guys? They are, aren't they? Why don't good aliens ever invade?"
  91. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado makes a quick detour to his quarters to grab some weapons out of his arms locker before making for the deck. "Hell, far as I know Zadir runs the Kebab cart on Defender Boulevard."
  93. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "They've been abducting people as of late, at least that's the word around the galaxy." she says, before taking off in a flash of light, and arriving in the command room.
  95. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "Sweet. Awesome."
  97. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "Bah, some aliens? Nothing I haven't faced before and with such an assembly of talents, they should be the ones worried, Amaris."
  100. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: As he goes to meet with the others, he stops in the doorway. "We'll talk about this later. I'm sorry I yelled."
  102. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland mutters under his breath, absently frustrated but nodding in agreement. He follows with a slow shake of his head. "You can't hide in here -- not from the others. You f-frighten them at the BEST of times, Captain. This sort of--" Leland keeps his papery voice low as he follows the Captain, still pressing his point. The old surgeon suddenly hisses angrily at himself, "YES, we know that! He'll understand, he MUST!"
  106. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado arrives on the command deck, cowboy pieces exchanged for high capacity machine pistols and a compact folding carbine. "Ooh. Oooh, grim thought here, how far away is that damn thing?"
  108. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland trails the Captain into the room, but his ramblings wither on the vine as he spies other Frontiersmen. He fidgets his way to an unoccupied corner of the command deck.
  110. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Arriving on the command deck with Primordo in tow, Captain Collider only waits for the first arrivals to show up before speaking* "Does anyone have any idea what that is? Because I'm guessing it's trouble."
  112. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "It's a Zadir ship. As I was just telling the others, word in the galaxy is they've been abducting people as of late, no one knows why."
  114. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "And if I'm eyeballin' the distance right.. it makes the Death Star look like a smart car."
  118. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: As if the giant ship wasn’t a clear clue, alarms in aboard the Globetrotter go off, indicating the ship was definitely not friendly and whoever was on board didn’t plan on vacationing here on Earth. The lower half of the ship had detached itself from the rest of the craft, which was sent its merry way towards the planet’s surface. As it approached, pieces of the machine began altering themselves and splitting apart. At its core, there was a platform and a rather large figure stood aboard it. He was orchestrating the rest of the detached ship with mere hand movements and moving each individual part around as if working a puzzle piece to move right into its place. Each of these puzzle pieces were connected to the main platform via a series of tubes. The main platform itself was also connected to the ship via a similar tube structure. Cities around the United States, Europe, and the Middle East were in danger from these mechanical devices. What exactly were they for? Nobody knew. Not yet.
  122. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Leland gazes out at the cosmic maestro and his apocalyptic spectacle with something approaching awe in his eyes.
  124. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Christ almighty..." He mumbles through his mask, watching the indicator dots move across shipboard tactical screen.
  126. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider narrows his eyes at the goings on before him. Turning to the others, he takes charge almost immediately. "Two teams: one intercepts the vessels headed towards the planet's surface. The others engage with the being orchestrating them. We have no idea what level of power he's operating at, so we need to put our best foot forward on this one."
  128. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "I'll intercept, I don't need special equipment, space combat is my specialty."
  130. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "I will take the fight to this giant alien." Tryton nodded firmly.
  132. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "No, Tryton. You're better off planetside."
  134. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton stared at Collider. "And why is that?"
  136. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Looks between the two teams forming, "I guess I'll go back to Earth, too. I mean I could try and fight in space, but it's tough....with the breathing."
  138. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Primordo, Rocket and I will meet the extraterrestrial head on. Uplift, Desperado and yourself need to take a Peacekeeper and make sure no one gets hurt by whatever he just sent down to Earth." He moves past Tryton, typing away at the command console. "Hydrokinesis. More water means you'll be significantly more effective."
  140. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton chews his cheek. "Mmm.. a fair point."
  142. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "Don't worry big guy, if there's anything left, maybe we'll let you get in a hit."
  144. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Got it Cap'n. Them shuttlers have their own gunnery?"
  146. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Manned turrets. I'm sure you'll be well-suited to their use."
  148. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Time's a-wastin' then." The ballistic supercomputer bio-wired into his skull takes a last look at the tracking blips, trying to calculate a time-to-impact.
  150. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: *Leland finally tears his eyes from the distant spectacle -- he quickly digests what's being said, and looks almost anxious to hear he'll be going into battle again.*
  152. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: He gives Rocket a half-smile. "Whatever we do, we need to move quickly. Everybody get to the hangar -- it's time to put our money where our mouths are."
  154. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "Say no more." Rocket lifts into the air, and takes off towards the hangars in an impossible burst of speed.
  156. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton looked back at the giant alien one last time, a dissatisfied look on his face but moved off quickly enough to head planetside.
  158. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado dashes to the hanger, boarding a Peacekeeper and strapping himself in to the turret's gunnery controls and crash harness.
  160. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The surgeon's gaunt face went slack as if all the humanity were drained out. An instant later he twisted, reshaped, grew, and Primordo's costumed form remained. He vanished like a puff of colored air only to reassemble into something more solid in the hangar bay.
  164. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: While the group prepared, something else had been going on. The devices had gotten closer to the surface, and each of them had a series of metal tubes extend from the main device. Each one of them lashed out and drove themselves into the ground, through buildings, wherever. They didn’t care where they landed. The platform where the giant figure stood lowered itself towards the surface and found itself hovering over Albuquerque, New Mexico. His left arm rose upwards and with a simple closing of his fist, commanded the devices to do what they were made for: extraction. Openings from each of the metallic tubes had formed and with them, began sucking the confused and terrified civilians that happened to be caught nearby.
  168. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Strapping himself into the pilot seat of a Peacekeeper, Captain Collider waits for his team members to get on board before jetting off towards their location. "He's over Albuquerque, New Mexico. We'll pull in for a hover and engage him mid-air. Ask questions first, team. You can never tell with cosmic beings."
  170. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo boards the Peacekeeper with thudding footfalls, and simply stands in the center of the fuselage for the duration of the flight. At the Captain's pronouncement, Primordo's luminous stare settles on the hero meaningfully.
  172. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Ground Team, get to one of those devices and figure out what makes it tick and how to stop them. Good luck."
  174. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "We'll take onna the other impact sites. Somebody strap in and get this bird flyin'!"
  176. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Uplift joins Earth-Team, "So, who knows how to fly? Or do does this land itself?"
  178. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton walks onto Earth-team's vessel and much like Primordo his footfalls were heavy on the surface. "I've no idea how to control this ship."
  180. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Sonofabitch..." Desperado unstraps himself and heads for the cockpit. "Chinese firedrill, I'm drivin' now, somebody else do the gunnery."
  182. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton grabs the cowboy. "I'll figure it out, you go. You've the tech in your head. You're the better shot."
  184. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Arright. If you've got a choice, hit an impact site closer to the coast. Play to yer strengths."
  186. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Uplift takes a glance at Tryton before staying where she is, "I'll probably have better luck just using my powers if it comes to that. You guys can do all the driving and shooting."
  188. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton overtakes the man and straps into the cockpit. "Mmm, this looks familiar." as he murmured to himself, grabbing the controls.
  192. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: Meanwhile on Earth, a armored blue and white motorcycle roars down the streets towards the device attacking Albuquerque. "This again," its star masked rider growled to himself as he pulled up to stop to assess the situation. "Time's like these I could really use a spaceship." General Freedom hops from the bike and leaps towards the tube, propelling himself through the air with a mighty leap! The General lands on the tube and immediately begins tearing into it, hitting it just close enough to the ground that people being sucked up wouldn't be seriously hurt when the suction suddenly stops! Fighting the suction further up, he starts working his way up, punching into the metal and tearing it to shreds along the way!
  196. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo shifts its weight from foot to foot at the atomic level, never seeming to move much no matter how much the ship banks. As they draw near their goal, the creature finally pulls its vacant gaze from the Captain to the nearest viewport.
  198. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Once the air-team's Peacemaker arrives over Albuquerque, it spins around and begins hovering, its back door opening so that those inside can meet the strange alien face to face. Captain Collider dismounts first, stepping into the air and flying towards the alien's platform. Once he and the others have pulled up close enough for the creature to see them, he places his closed fists on his hips and speaks. "We're not too sure what it is you want from it, but this planet is under Frontiersmen protection. You need to take your technology and leave."
  200. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket was already outside of the ship. She had her arms crossed, powerful cosmic energies wrapping around her. She was attempting to look intimidating to back her boss's words.
  202. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo follows the Captain out, grim-faced and gaseous from the waist down to allow it to fly. It watches the giant alien without blinking, saying nothing.
  204. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Now that they were closer to the alien, they could see the sheer size of it up close. He was massive and quite possibly the same size of a skyscraper if one were to compare its size. "I will not take orders from you. I will leave when I am finished."
  206. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "That's not an option. Especially considering your unsolicited entrenchment on a foreign planet constitutes an intergalactic act of invasion."
  208. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo looks to Captain Collider, then back to the towering alien. His own size begins to double, double again, and again... soon growing near the alien's own dimensions, though retaining a gaseous composition, trying to add to the weight of the Captain's threat.
  210. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "We're not ordering. We're asking you to make a choice, leave on your own, or have us 'escort' you out of the sector."
  214. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton piloted their ship well enough to land, albeit bumpy lowering the craft. He moved to exit the ship, breathing in the New Jersey air.
  216. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Man, why'd they have to land this summbitch in New Jersey?" For now Desperado remains in the turret, sighting up the bizarre piece of alien machinery impacts near the unfortunate shore town. "...What the hell is it?"
  220. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "There is no option for me as well. You will not understand or believe me if I were to tell you," the alien spoke. His attention is drawn to Primordo when his form had enlarged itself. Meanwhile, the General was getting down and dirty. He knew those devices weren't safe and the tube was easily torn apart by the strongman. Sadly, some of those people that WERE sucked into the device went through the network of tubing that went up into the platform where the alien stood before being sent through the second tube connected to the ship. With ground team getting close to another device, they could see the destruction it had caused. It was smashed through two different buildings and the people surrounding the area were being pulled into the tubes.
  224. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider's voice softens somewhat at the alien's response. Extending a peaceful hand, he floats down towards the giant creature. "Then help us understand. Talk to us. We may be able to help you without things having to go any further."
  226. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: The cosmic heroine looks to Primordo briefly, looking to see his stance on what's going on, before looking back at Collider. She speaks in a hushed tone. "I think his mind's made up."
  228. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo's gaseous head pivoted to look down at the Captain. The expression on that fraying, cloud-like face is unreadable. It suddenly dissipates, vanishing from sight altogether as its gaseous form disperses more widely.
  230. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado cusses a storm under his breath, the interior of the ball turret filling with smoke from the Marlboro dangling from his lips. He flips the thumb-studs and starts 'cutting' - controlled bursts from the heavy rotary auto-cannon designed to hack the tubes apart at the seams, fired off during lulls in suction when they didn't have an actual person in them. "Helluva lot simpler if we could just blow it sky high, but they got people in there. Check fer ingress, we gotta get 'em out and shut this thing down."
  232. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton sized up the tubes and turned to Uplift. "If I rip off one of them tubes, will you be able to create a gravity cushion for the civilians that will fall out?"
  234. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "That's easy! Let's move, we have to help these people!" Amaris hops onto her trusty waveboard and flies closer to the abduction tubes. She focuses her will and begins sliding civilians out of harm's way as she gets into position to react to Tryton and Desperado's actions. She's especially careful to keep people out of the crossfire.
  238. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: The General looks up the length of the tube towards the machine, crouched on the surface with his fingers gouged into the metal for a handhold. Well... there wasn't much he could do down here aside smash some tubes. At least there were other people on the scene... His eyes narrow as he caught a fleeting glimpse of something he thought he recognized. He needed to get up there. With the platform coming to him, that was definitely in his power. He gathers himself to make another leap! His blood was already on fire from the damage being done and he's aiming right for the alien causing it all!
  242. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Good thing the tubes weren't indestructible. They were being cut apart by the turret's gun fire. Some people indeed fell from the sky, but were saved from both splattering on the ground and being taken up into the ship thanks to B team. However, the devices did not stick around long. The alien's hands rose and once more he moved his hands to control the devices. Each of them moved to different areas, and the ones that weren't destroyed slam back down onto the surface to gather more innocents. General Freedom can most certainly spot Primordo from above. The platform that the alien stood on continued to lower itself until it was floating right above the city. "The female is correct. My mind is made up. If you truly want to help, you will stand aside." The alien's attention focuses on Rocket for a moment then to Collider, "Your people are key to our survival."
  246. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Funny. Because their survival is key to us." His eyes burn brightly as atom rings form around his hands. "Forward, Frontiersmen!" He surges forward, firing a blast of atomic energy from his hands with the destructive power of a small atomic bomb at the creature.
  248. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "That means we're either food or breeding material." Rocket lets out an annoyed grunt. "He's not going to give us much of a choice!" Rocket shot back, then rushed forward at him, collecting speed and energy to collide with, not the villain, but the platform underneath him to set him off balance for Collider and Primordo's attacks.
  250. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: As the blast is fired, the titanic creature Primordo suddenly reforms directly behind the huge alien --this time composed of solid Questionite. He wraps his arms around the Zadir, holding him in place for the Captain's blast.*
  252. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The massive alien hadn't anticipated Primordo grabbing him from behind. He couldn't move and he was being blasted with Collider's energy. The alien happened to be quite tough as well, but the blast was able to chip away at the alien's armor. "I want neither!" the alien growled. "My people need a cure, and you are the catalyst that we need!" The alien's eyes burned bright and the glowing green bits of his armor came to life. Within moments, he released a blast of energy himself, using it to push both Collider and Primordo away from him, though Rocket had struck the platform just in time for General Freedom to land on after the alien sent the blast. A few tubes connected to the platform were broken off from the impact of Rocket's strike.
  256. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: As the devices moved around, one of those devices had moved near the ground team. The device smashed down into the ground and immediately began sucking people in. Unfortunately... the ground team was also nearby, and those not inside of the shuttle were pulled right into the tubes.
  258. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "Keep those things busy," he said as he flew off for a moment. Being in Jersey was a boon to the Atlantean. A nearby fueling station for ships was ripped apart as tons of oil pooled all around. He concentrated by a nearby marina. The water began to shift and ebb before waves of the water lifted and moved to surround the Atlantean. Tons and tons of gallons of water made the large man seem insignificant as he worked the water to absorb all of the gallons of oil from tanks, ships, and fuel pumps. He flew back, a tidal wave of oil tainted water trailing him. "Desperado, on my mark, set the tubes ablaze!" he told the man as he funneled one of the tubes that Uplift had ejected people out of with the oil-water.
  260. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Keeping herself stationary against the force of the alien suckage was easy enough, but trying to keep dozens of civilians from being taken was another story. Seeing what Tryton had in store sent her into a panic. A strange glow surges through her veins? Or some other system in her body. A wave of gravitational energy washes over everyone nearby, pulling them toward Uplift and away from the tide of oil and possible explosions!
  262. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Hope yer sure about this one!" On Tryton's signal the turret cannon belches out a burst of tracer fire at the flammable mixture.
  264. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Thank god Uplift was on it. The explosions that Desperado and Tryton made worked wonderfully, but it may have worked a little too well. Some of that explosive power had been sucked right into the tubes that were cut apart which brought the flames towards the platform the alien was at. It actually damages the platform even more in combination with Rocket's first strike, causing two other tubes to break apart from the platform.
  268. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket shot back again, circling around the area to build speed and slam into the alien with force rivaling the earlier blast from Collider. "Then you ask, nicely, not kidnap innocent people!"
  270. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo's metallic form was driven back, dented and charred by the corona of alien energy. It reacted with a metallic roar, bringing up a building-sized Questionite fist and bringing it down on the alien like a colossal trip-hammer.
  272. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider is knocked back by the blast, flipping away from the alien before righting himself in mid-air. His teeth grit in determination, and he turns to Rocket. "We need to hit him hard and fast. Come in for a charge and bring it back until you chip away at his armor!" With that, he flies forward with a sonic boom, attempting to charge straight into the alien to chip away at his armor. If successful, he would then turn back around and come in again, repeating the motion as many times as possible.
  274. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: The General lands heavily and quickly takes in the battle. His eyes narrow and his scowl can almost be seen through his mask. "Primordo." He chooses to ignore the presence of the giant for now and instead focus on wrecking the machine! Knocking down tubes was all well and good, but he was looking for something more sensitive to break.
  278. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The alien was no warrior. He could defend himself, but not against something like this. He has never witnessed anything like the four he's dealing with now. Primordo just slams that fist of his onto the giant, which knocks him right off the platform. He has nowhere to go but down and that was definitely not going to be a graceful landing. Anything beneath him was just going to be smashed into. It didn't help that Rocket was following right behind and slammed down onto him to drive the alien right into the ground with even more force that shook the area like an earthquake had hit.
  280. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Civilians were falling out of the sky, some were out of reach. Uplift would have to move quick to gather them too. Would she have the ability to keep all of these people from splattering? Perhaps.Though Jersey was safe from these devices, there were still others. But the team may need to focus elsewhere: the main line. There was one and only one connected between the alien's platform and ship the alien rode in on.
  284. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: "¡Mierda!" She just about pulls her hair out as people are literally raining from the sky, "Tryton! Someone help!" She zips around lightning quick, gathering as many people as she can. But just how many civilians aren't going to make it?
  286. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "On it!" he called back, again grabbing water from whatever nearby port was around raising the water high enough to cushion the people in air. After catching a ton, they would bob in the water like a pool; he set the airborne water down in gentle waves that cascaded the people out and away from harm.
  288. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado goes radio silent for several moments. They would quickly realize why as they see him swinging from a jagged girder by his lasso to catch a plummeting civilian mid-air on the outskirts of their efforts.
  290. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: In an effort to rescue as many as possible, Amaris begins dropping people she's already caught into the water (you can swim right?), allowing her to speed on to the next person.
  294. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "Dammit, that's gonna make a big mess." Primordo's buddies here had the alien handled and as much as he wanted a shot, it was more important to cut this all off at its source. How to get to the ship? He looks to the main line. Hmmm. "No one ever accused me of bein' smart." He began looking for a way to enter the mainline! Maybe one of the broken tubes...
  296. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: As the alien lands on the ground with an earth-shuddering slam, Captain Collider floats down to hover over him. "Not quite as graceful as I had hoped, but effective." He cuts his eyes at the alien. "Now it's time you told us why you're doing this. We already have a team disabling your devices, and I don't doubt other groups of superheroes have been doing the same. It's over. And now it's time to talk things through."
  298. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo's metallic gaze watches the alien make landfall with a thunderous report. He notes General Freedom with a dead expression, then shrinks rapidly to approach the hero at relative size. The creature suddenly stands beside Freedom at about 7', his voice an echoing monotone like a dead man in stereo. "What is your plan?" it asks.
  300. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "We need to keep him here and take care of the other ships," Rocket said, voicing what she thought were the main priorities. "And help this guy's people."
  302. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: The General grimaces, taking a moment to get into the necessary frame of mind to talk to that... thing. "I'm goin' up the tubes. An I'm gonna shut down those tubes. They just keep comin'."
  304. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo stares at the General blankly, then begins to shift into a gaseous form. "Take your position," the creature drones, readying to launch the General up the nearest tube with an explosive blast of combustible gases.
  306. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: He gives Primordo a look, his constant simmering fury a good counterpoint to the flat elemental. "I'm gonna hate this..." He prepares get blasted. For justice.
  308. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo nods slowly as its body dissolves into a black, roiling cloud of vaguely humanoid shape. It says in a hissing echo: "We cannot guarantee you will survive this."
  312. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The broken tubes were indeed still working as suction was still there. They just had nothing directing them. Many, many people are saved when they were dumped into the water--some not too happy about being forced to swim, but hey, things could be worse. Tryton could've been a goo man. Desperado didn't just save one, but during his swinging, he'd manage to save several, all of which grabbing onto limbs here and there to chain together.
  314. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: He ends up flopping onto a rooftop at the apex of his swing, thankfully without breaking anything... or anyone. "...Sorry 'bout the landing." Groan.
  316. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "I'm alive, aren't I?" one of the civilians Desperado remarks after a pretty rough landing themselves. It was true. Could've been worse. A lot worse.
  318. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton surveys the area, seeing the tubes here were offline and as many civilians that could be saved were. Returning the water to where he found it, he addressed the others of Earth-team. "I think we should board the shuttle again and find other areas where these tubes are."
  320. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Only plan we got. Should get on the horn with the fellas in New Mexico, see how they're farin' or where we're needed."
  322. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Amaris is nearly exhausted as she floats down to join Earth team, "Alright, let's regroup. Things looked pretty crazy topside. They might need us."
  324. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: nodded to the both of them. He taps his commlink. "Collider, things are taken care of here. What are your orders?"
  328. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The alien was angry and part of his armor had been cracked. He sat on his hands and knees for a moment before rising upwards to his full size of 350 feet tall, "Your people...contain a specific enzyme that is able to counter an illness that the Zadir have been suffering from for centuries. We have not found a cure until now. That is why I am here. Why I must do this."
  330. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "We're not ingredients to be harvested. We're sapient creatures just as deserving of life as the Zadir and, while we will offer our help in trying to come up with a mutually agreeable cure for whatever illness your species faces, we will -not- sacrifice human lives. Call off this invasion -- end this now and we can work together on this." He watches Primordo and General Freedom prepare to enact their plan for a moment before looking back to the alien. "Trust us -- we Earthlings can be resourceful when we want to be." With that, he answers the summons over his commlink. "More or less, What's the situation on your end?"
  332. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket floats in the air, arms crossed. "We're not lacking in compassion. We can help, if you'll let us."
  336. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "As I said, things here have been handled. The tubes are down and innocents saved. Where do you need us?"
  338. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Well, it's the third time Tom's Rivers gotten its shit wrecked this decade, but other than that we think we stopped the damn thing."
  340. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Run clean up and get over to Albuquerque. It's time we wrapped things up here."
  342. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton turned to them. "Board the ship, we're headed to New Mexico."
  344. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado boards through the turret hatch. "Roger."
  346. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Uplift falls into a seat on the ship and buckles in. She rubs her eyes with the palms of her hands.
  350. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Without waiting for an answer, the elemental titan's arms each blossom into a different color----as they're brought together near the General, a massive explosion sends him rocketing up the tube.
  352. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "Ain't nothin' killed me yet," he grunts before the blast hits! "Ya owe me a new goddamn jackeeeeeet!" He yells over the explosion.
  354. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The creature watches with dead eyes as General Freedom is sent up the tube at terminal velocity wreathed in flames. Then it turns and descends to join its teammates.
  358. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: As team B heads to their new destination, so too, does General Freedom. He, on the other headed upwards for a wild ride into the ship where many, many others that were caught by the alien were kept. He'd be deposited right into a chamber, being placed with many others. Though it looked like they were put inside of a fish tank of sorts if one were to look in on them. Rows upon rows of these chambers were lined up inside of the alien's ship, which was much, much larger on the inside.
  362. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: The General stands with a groan, brushing off the bits of char and patting out some small fires started on his person. "Folks, please stay calm and please stay here. I'm workin' on a way out." He takes a quick step forward and throws a heavy punch into the side of the alien holding chamber!
  364. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The chambers were sturdy--but only to the average person. The general's mighty punch busts the glass wide open, sending shards of it falling to the ground below.
  366. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: However, there was one device in particular that may catch the General's attention. It was connected to each of these walls and also had a series of tubes attached to it. It was sending people from it and into the chambers.
  368. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "Well. Shit," the General sighs. He starts looking around to find out what he could do... He stops on seeing the flashing devices. "Let's hope it's easier ta program than my phone..." Maybe he could reverse the pull of the tubes somehow? Maybe the General shouldn't have skipped all those science classes.
  370. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: If all else fails, the General can do what he's best at and break the living shit out of the devices. That's what he usually does.
  372. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "...screw it. It's worse than my phone," he grumbles and decides to test out the time honored brick tradition of smashing it. Hopefully it wouldn't do something awful like make everything explode. And even if it did, the people inside wouldn't end up as food or whatever the hell this bastard alien wanted them for.
  376. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The alien's brow furrowed at Collider. "Your people do not suffer from an incurable disease. You do not face extinction. I know how many of you are. Large in numbers, like vermin."
  378. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "Oh, he did not just liken us to vermin, here we are trying to help..."
  380. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider shakes his head, calmly. "No, you're wrong. Humanity suffers from countless diseases -- an endless number of threats to our continued existence from within and without. Your attempt at invasion alone proves that much. We seek solutions everywhere -- even from the heavens themselves." He seems to pause at this for a moment before continuing. "But there is never an excuse to exploit and endanger the lives of an entire species in order to serve the needs of your own, regardless of whether or not you view them as weak, plentiful vermin."
  382. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: As Primordo reforms into its customary costumed form near the defeated alien, it strides forward and says in a vacant tone: "It should be destroyed."
  384. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "There's only one chance at this situation ending well for both of our races -- take the olive branch. End this incursion. Let us help you."
  386. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "I will not be swayed by your stories. I do not care what trials your people have faced. I care only for mine. What help do you offer? We have searched many worlds, many galaxies for a single cure. There is nothing else."
  388. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "You already saw what we can do. You don't want to risk this."
  390. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "I will risk everything if I must."
  392. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Destroy it," Primordo states in an echoing, insistent drone as it stares at Captain Collider. "You have the power."
  394. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider looks over to Primordo, indignantly. "No. That's not who I am. That's not who I choose to be." He then turns his attention back to the alien. "And nor should you. You say you've exhausted your actions? I say there's no such thing. You haven't searched the Multiverse." He lands atop the alien's chest. "Picture it. An infinite number of worlds; an infinite number of possibilities. What's to say there doesn't exist a reality in which there is a cure for your species' illness? Some genetic immunity or unique antibody. The Frontiersmen regularly deal with the Multiverse's countless worlds. We could devote some time to seeking out a real cure for your people. You just need to trust us to do so and call off this invasion." He folds his arms. "Either way, we're shutting you down. The choice of whether we do it under mutual agreement or by force is up to you."
  398. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "Amaris, you did exceptionally well back there. You are a credit to this team. Be proud," he stated back to the tired gravity hero as he piloted the thing closer to the downed alien.
  400. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Man, why are we a magnet for galactic weirdness? I bet no one does this shit to the Hzeel."
  402. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She nods tiredly, "Hey, thanks, man. Just...maybe next time give me more of a heads up. We could have hurt a lot of people, homie."
  404. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton nods. "I know, but sometimes in the heat of the moment one must make split decisions. I did nothing that I knew you could not handle. And I was not wrong."
  406. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Before B team had arrived, they would happen to come across another one of those devices. Or came across them. It was one of the few working devices that happened to reposition itself that nearly comes crashing down onto the shuttle in mid-flight.
  408. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "By Poseidon's beard, the hell is this!?" he says as the Peacekeeper is rocked while he struggles to gain control.
  410. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Incoming!" The gunslinger gets a manual 'lock' on the plummeting alien device and pours armor-piercing auto-cannon fire into its bulk as soon as he has visual, hoping to break the alien tech before it can get to scooping up more humans. "Another onna those goddamn things I think."
  412. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: Uplift stumbles to her feet and stares at the incoming tube, "What now? Just....crush the damn thing closed!" Which is what she proceeds to try and do. She strains to call on her powers again as she attempts to cave the end of the tube in on itself.
  414. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton managed to get control of the Peacekeeper and keep it within range of the tubes so that Uplift could do her thing. "Do you have this, Amaris? Do not overdo it. I can go out if need be."
  416. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Desperado was quick, he managed to destroy the device before anyone could get sucked right in. Uplift manages to tighten the loose tube to keep it from sucking anyone in that happened to be near it.
  418. [NU VU] Uplift@Realsorceror: She blinks as a trickle of sweat rolls into her eye. She visibly relaxes as things are once again safe-ish for the moment, "I'll be okay. I'm not sure how much more I can contribute."
  422. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "You speak nothing but lies," the alien says, quite aggravated. He even reaches up to pluck Collider off from his chest, squeezing him in his hand, "There is no such thing. We live in one and only one universe."
  424. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider doesn't resist as he is grabbed and squeezed by the creature. Instead he grits his teeth and blazes his eyes, warningly. "No, we don't. We live in an infinite space of infinite potential. Let us show you. Call. It. Off."
  426. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "I think we should look for an alternate way of shutting it down...large...old guy." she says, not knowing Primordo very well. "Think we can get in?"
  428. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo glances to Rocket as if attempting to gauge her thoughts, then suddenly seems to vanish in a puff of yellowish mist. Converting himself to mustard gas, Primordo literally pours himself down the alien's lungs----not only trying to free the Captain, but potentially to kill the alien outright.
  430. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Wait, Primordo, stop!"
  432. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "Oh come on!" Rocket flies up, spins and goes to slam right into the alien's middle, two fold. She's trying to knock Collider loose, and two, she's trying to eject Primordo from him.
  434. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "How is it--" before he could finish, the alien began gasping. He was being suffocated by the mustard gas. His grip loosens around Collider. The alien begins coughing and gasping for air. General Freedom in the meantime, up on the alien ship would find nothing but weird looking tech. He may be in a lab of some sort. There were other displays all around and a lot of them didn't even contain humans. Miles upon miles of walls were filled with these weird looking chambers.
  436. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider flies backward, raising his voice. "Primordo, that's enough!"
  438. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Against the orders of Captain Collider, Primordo does not relent---in fact, his molecules convert from mustard gas into nerve gas. A faint, whispery echo sounds from the alien's lungs---Primordo's voice carried on gaseous emanations: "This is the order of the cosmos. Kill or be killed. We must ensure Earth's survival."
  440. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Damn it, Primordo!" He raises a hand, wreathed in atomic rings. Taking advantage of Primordo's currently inorganic form, Captain Collider attempts to use his matter manipulating powers to force him out of the alien's lungs, pulling his molecules forcefully into the open and, if successful, compressing them into a solid ball of metal.
  442. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket flies into the air again, getting some more distance. She pauses, watching. It's not like she hadn't killed before, but this seemed wrong. She went flying down again, picking up speed to hit the alien in the chest again, trying to knock the wind out of him, and eject Primordo.
  444. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "This is NOT how we do things!"
  446. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Rocket's last and most forceful impact ejects Primordo's gaseous mass from the alien's lungs, where it is captured and compressed by Captain Collider into a ball of metal.
  448. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Rocket -- check on the alien. I'll try to hold Primordo."
  450. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket quickly darts over and checks for a pulse, she wasn't familiar with his anatomy, but she's sure she can find it and make she he's breathing.
  452. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Though traces of the creature might remain in the alien, the bulk is encapsulated in a ball of super-dense metal that makes no effort to resist.
  454. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The alien collapses onto a knee and takes in deep breaths of fresh air. "You...say you want to help but your allies say otherwise. How am I to trust what you say about this 'multiverse?'"
  456. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Please, you need to understand -- this was a misunderstanding! We only want to help you! You can't let this stop you from doing what's best for your people!"
  458. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The ball of metal gradually shifts, a crude 'face' appearing on it----and an echoing metallic voice issuing from the melted-looking countenance.
  460. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "It is the nature of the universe. The strong feed on the weak. The weak adapt or are destroyed. It understands this. It will never listen to you."
  462. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "Man, would you be quiet about this order of the universe stuff?!" Rocket says, curtly. "We get it!" She looks at the large alien. "We'll handle him. If you didn't notice, we saved you too."
  466. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Dunno how many more of these I can take out either. This dang minigun eats up ammo like popcorn. Just cross our fingers we can get to New Mex without more shit falling on us from space."
  468. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: nodded to Uplift. "Just sit back. And nice shooting, Desperado," he said in a neutral tone as he pushed forward the thrusters and beelined the ship to team A.
  470. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: It wasn't long after that team B would arrive. They'd meet up with team A, who seem to be dealing with a rather large alien being and the one responsible for this mess.
  472. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "That is ... one large creature."
  474. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Tryton got to see the sheer size of it. It was as big as a skyscraper. Did he want to fight it now? Probably.
  476. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "I, uhh. I might need a bigger rifle."
  478. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton landed the ship. As the rest of team B filed out, he took to the air to float above the alien, looking over at Collider. For now he was listening and watching.
  482. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The alien struggles to stand back up, nearly collapsing back onto his knee before finally getting upright, "I will not listen to anymore of your lies. You have done enough." he says then looks upwards at the platform that had been mangled pretty badly. If only he could see what was happening inside of the ship...because the General was going to town on the device. The old dinosaur was right about smashing it. It didn't explode either. Once it was destroyed, it damaged the rest of the contraption. The tubes no longer worked and rest of the devices were rendered useless.
  484. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "An' everyone told me that would just make it worse," he grunts and goes back to finding a way to get everyone OUT. That was going to be the real issue now.
  488. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "That's enough!" He clenches his fist tighter, attempting to regain some control over Primordo and crush him back into his ball form again. He then turns his gaze to the alien. "If you don't want our help, it's down to you. But I'm going to find that cure regardless of whether or not you want to come peacefully. Until then, I guess you can enjoy incarceration for a while."
  490. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "He's not gonna listen, Collider. He's like a grumpy old politician. Let's subdue him and stop it ourselves. Diplomacy isn't going to work here. We can prove ourselves through our actions, not our word."
  492. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo makes no effort to resist, remaining as a ball of compact metal----the face disappears, and it leaves the discussion to other minds.
  494. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket turns away, she starts looking for a way to control and stop the invasion all together. "Come on, help us help you buddy."
  496. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: The alien remained silent for some time. He was considering his options, "Perhaps we may be able to work out a deal. I will cease this invasion and give you six months to find a cure. If you do not, I will return with others to take what we need."
  498. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "We'll look for your cure, as agreed. And if we find it in those six months, we'll deliver it to you no strings attached. But if we don't, and you try to invade our planet again... There'll be no curing what we'll do to you. Do you understand?"
  500. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The ball of amorphous metal floats in mid-air, deferring to its leader---it makes no effort to change composition or escape.
  502. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton simply watched with a dour countenance as Collider spoke, floating high above the ground, close by the giant alien.
  504. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: A strange smile formed across the alien's lips. Was that a threat? Sure, and he found it pretty amusing. "We will see," was all he said. "Six months. That is all you have."
  506. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider doesn't respond. "Take your toys and leave. We'll call you."
  508. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: With a hand gesture, the destroyed devices scattered all around evaporate and arrive back on the ship. He too, teleports away as the ship beams him back on board. The platform and the lower part of the ship all rise back up to fill in the gap of the ship, though...some of it was pretty destroyed. Freedom was still on board and he would be confronted with the alien himself while searching for a way off the ship.
  510. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "An here I was thinkin' I wouldn't get a chance ta take a shot at ya," the General grunts. "Guess it was too much ta trust those other folks ta do the job." He prepares himself for a leap... and mentally prepares himself to go through a strength burst. Maybe he could punt its head in with one shot if he played his cards right.
  512. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "I would think twice about your actions. I would hate for you to be the reason why a deal could not be fullfilled."
  514. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "Deal? You're kiddin' me," the General fumes. "With a goddamn monster like you? Are they morons?"
  516. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "From our eyes, you would be considered a monster. You are unnatural." He might even recall General Freedom from the last time...
  518. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "What'd they promise ya? Some of our kids ta snack on?" He grunts. He's getting worked up, but trying to hold it back. "I'm not a genocidal freakshow. I got that goin' for me."
  520. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "I am not here for genocide. I am here in search of a cure. Your people will save my own. One of your allies promises there is another way and I have decided to listen."
  522. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "How great. I'm sure that's gonna be a big load offa the minds of all the people you've already killed," the General spits. He takes a deep breath, letting the rage subside. "Shoulda killed ya the last time ya tried this. But alright. If it gets ya the hell outta here, fine."
  524. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: His eyes stare down at the General, "Unfortunately, the freedom of the ones I have obtained was not part of the deal. You are allies with the other, and so you too are tasked in search of the cure."
  526. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "I ain't allies with them," he says in a quaking tone. "I ain't allies with anyone that enables garbage like you ta take life as you please. Just cause ya think yer some higher lifeform. If ya don't want me to try an tear yer eyes out and shove em down yer throat, ya better get me off this ship. Now."
  530. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton looks around seeing everything move away and back into the ship. He looked from Collider to Rocket, and the metal ball that is Primordo. "Seems our work here is done?"
  532. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: As soon as the invaders are away, a sullen Captain Collider releases his grip on Primordo and floats down to the ground, wordlessly. "Get back to the Globetrotter for debriefing."
  534. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton looked around once more. Seeing things looked okay, he boarded the Peackeeper he came in and flew it back to Globetrotter.
  536. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket is flying off on her own. She is completely unaware of General Freedom inside the ship. Cause, well, she never saw the guy.
  538. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The metal orb twists, flexes and contorts to become the humanoid shape of Primordo---rising on its own two feet and regarding the Captain with robotic derision. "We will do as was promised----we obey," it says in a ringing, metallic echo before boarding the Peacekeeper.
  540. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider meets Primordo's gaze with a glare as he waits for the others to leave. Once they do, he speaks up, his voice tense with anger. "Not. You. You stay here. You wanted to talk? We're going to talk."
  542. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The metallic creature pauses, colors bleeding back into its form to replace the metallic glint. It stands still as a tombstone, waiting for the others to depart and staring at the Captain with its cosmetic head.
  546. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Back on the ship he rubs his face and goes back to getting another cup of coffee and resuming his spot in the chair he was in before everything started.
  548. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket re-enters the Globetrotter, and walks back to her spot from before, She huffs and flops into a seat. "Well, that was ...'fun'."
  550. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton looked over to Rocket as he sipped his coffee, looking rather nonplussed. "Just another day... Rocket, was it?"
  552. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "Yeah, Rocket." she says, leaning back and trying to relax a little. "Call me Jean," she adds. "I'm still wrapping my head around what happened with our team."
  554. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "Jean... a good name. I am Tryton. What is it that confuses you?"
  556. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: "I don't know if it's my place to tell, but... Primordo and Collider were at it, and we had to physically restrain the guy," she said. "First mission and I had to remove him from the guy's lungs."
  558. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton looked to the woman with a slightly compassionate glance in his otherwise serious demeanor. "Primordo is... something else entirely. To be fair I am unsure how the doctor manages to control him or keep him from destroying everything. Collider is about the only other man I know able to stop him. Save from me, of course." He winked at her and sipped his hot coffee.
  560. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket quirks an eyebrow. She doesn't believe the guy one bit. She lets him have it though. "Whatever, we stopped him. If he comes back, I'll snap him in half myself."
  562. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: "Mmm. No doubt you will," he said simply as he settled more comfortably into the chair.
  564. [NU VU] Rocket@CapsLockRAGE: Rocket huffs. "What's taking them so long to get back?"
  566. [NU VU] Tryton@NewberL337: Tryton looked out the porthole and viewed the blue marble that was earth. "They'll be back when they have settled things. You said Primordo tried to kill the alien? Cannot imagine Collider would have taken that very well. At all."
  570. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: He whirls around to Primordo. "You think what you did was acceptable? We are -not- executioners. We do not kill our enemies whenever and wherever we so choose."
  572. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "The buffalo, when confronted with lions, can abandon its young to feed them... or fight back, to the death. This is the nature of the cosmos," the creature answers, bluntly.
  574. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "DO -NOT- LECTURE ME ON THE COSMOS!" He grits his teeth, angrily. "It was you. You were the one who told me that we had a responsibility with our power. That as the two most dangerous members of the team, we had to be wise -- to exercise restraint. That wasn't restraint. That was a snap judgement. I just wonder if Dr. Mannheim was screaming inside against it."
  576. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The creature's luminous eyes narrow, but otherwise there is no expression to answer the Captain's anger. "Doctor Mannheim understands triage. When one must die so that others may live," it answers.
  578. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "And you're saying I don't? That alien was a monster, yes, but he's a monster that we can control. So long as we get him a cure, no one else needs to die. And we save an entire people, regardless of their moral inclinations. That's what I signed on for -- saving lives."
  580. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Doctor Mannheim is not naive enough to believe that if the cat is spared, it will never again harass the mouse," it says ominously.
  582. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider circles Primordo, his brow furrowing. "Is that what you think? That I'm naive? That I'm weak? Why? Because I wouldn't take a life in cold blood?"
  584. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The creature's glowing gaze fixes forward, making no attempt to follow the Captain's circling---the head is, after all, purely for cosmetic purposes.
  586. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Look at me, Primordo -- do you know how easy it would be for me to end him -- EVERYONE?! Do you think I'm soft? That I don't go around wiping all of my problems off the face of the Earth because it scares me? I don't do it because it SCARES THEM!" He gestures at the horizon, his meaning clear. "Because I care what they think of me. Because everything I do, I do for them. The only reason I'm still here is because I value humanity. And Dr. Mannheim valued humanity too. What do you value, Primordo?"
  588. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "We know," the creature drones, dispassionate, "but unless you mean to change the nature of creation, you must work within it. And all life must feed on death to thrive. There is no other way."
  590. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "THERE IS -ALWAYS- ANOTHER WAY!"
  592. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "Then you must become what Epoch said---you must change the natural order," it drones, relentless in its flat vacancy.
  596. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: "When your people face extinction, you will understand why one is willing to do anything to cause it from happening, but very well." He takes several steps towards Freedom, brings a hand over him and fires a green bream of energy around him. It doesn't hurt. In fact, it just teleports the General right off the ship and back down onto Earth where Primordo and Collider are arguing.
  600. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: The General appears right in the middle of a Hallmark Awkward Moment. He's absolutely quivering with rage. He glances from Collider to Primordo. "Who's in charge of this shit show. Cause I gotta tell 'em they're letting a buncha people get carted off by that monster up there."
  602. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: He stops as General Freedom shows up, turning to him slowly. "Excuse me?"
  604. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "Cape, high an' mighty lookin'," the General snorts and points a stubby finger up in his face. "Ya made a deal with that goddamn thing an' it's gonna LEAVE with everyone it kidnapped today!"
  606. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Those glowing green eyes drift to the angry General, but the creature makes no other move. It waits to see what the Captains' reaction is.
  608. [NU VU] Male NPC@Reldin: Sadly, the massive, massive ship that was orbiting Earth didn't stick around too much longer. Its cloaking device surrounds the ship once more and was gone.
  610. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: Primordo looks from the departing Captain to General Freedom. "You despise us. But we would do as you would do," it drones in that hollow, reverberating boom.
  612. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider turns to face General Freedom. "There were people aboard that ship?"
  614. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "Yeah, lots of 'em. And I couldn't save 'em. I was mad, but I ain't mad enough ta take that things head off myself," he snorts. "I gotta live with the fact I couldn't save 'em. An it looks like ya gotta do that too, huh?" He pulls a button from his worn pants and uses it to summon his bike.
  616. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The pasty, vacant features of Primordo shift from the General to the Captain with no change of expression.
  618. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider says nothing in response to General Freedom at first, but eventually manages to speak up. "What would you both have had me done? Reduce him to atoms right there and then? Abandon his entire race to illness? Save the lives of those I had no idea were in danger?"
  620. [NU VU] General Freedom@GeneralFreedom: "He's killed billions and he'll kill billions more. Get over yourself." He hops onto his bike and casts a glance back before driving off.
  622. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: "The zebra dies so the crocodile may live," the creature states clinically. "To preserve the zebra, you doom the crocodile. You cannot save both. The General is correct."
  624. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: He tenses his fists as General Freedom drives away. "I'm not a god. People keep expecting as much of me. I don't know everything. I can't save everyone. I just try to do what I think is best... But I've been trying to do this like a a diplomat... I've been trying to make everyone happy -- myself included. And people have paid the price for my optimism. I know what I have to do."
  626. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The creature watches the Captain quietly, saying little more than: "Gods decide the natural order. We who live within it... must obey it. Obey it... or become the god who changes it."
  628. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: He looks down at the ground, his expression unreadable. "I'll find that cure, Primordo. But when that alien shows up looking for it..." He begins to walk towards the Peacemaker. "I'm going to scatter his atoms across the cosmos. And I'm starting to wonder if I'll even feel a thing."
  630. [NU VU] Primordo@Otherworlder: The ancient creature watches the Captain pace toward the Peacemaker, not the slightest hint of expression moving its features. Finally it follows with heavy footfalls, taking its place beside the Captain with a slow, respectful nod. "And we will obey, as was our promise."
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