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  1. #!gset desc ```
  2. Welcome to the Paradoxical Birbs! We assist those who are committed to the game and help balance tasks for items for market! Although we start from the ground, we can rise higher than any other guild because of our wealth of knowledge!
  3. ```
  4. ```diff
  5. - If you would like to join our official server, DM Phenx#7736 and he'll give you an invite link.
  6. ```
  7. ```ini
  8. [The Guild may seem poor, but the Guild ads cost a percentage of our funds. So bear with me on that.]
  9. ```
  10. ```css
  11. You can also safely deposit your gold in the guild to prevent loss from death. I, the leader, will personally keep track of your wealth on a separate channel on our server.
  12. ```
  13. ```ini
  14. [The Paradoxical Birbs Server is not only for DRPG but for PokeCord, Tatsumaki, Floof, and possibly more in the future!]
  15. ```
  16. ```
  17. [So what are you waiting for? Join and let's get partying, together!]
  18. ```
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