Nochtli, A proper hatchling.

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  1. [16:14] Nyx says, "Ah..Tototl, would you perhaps help us? We know nothing about caring for snakes."
  2. [16:14] Inari Blake whispers: Faith told me to stay away from Dawn.
  3. [16:15] Tototl asks, "Hm? Oh- Of course, what ah... Have you been doing for it so far?"
  4. [16:15] Tototl whispers: It's best you do as well.
  5. [16:15] Nyx says, "Well uh...we took it for a walk and uh..prevented it from eating a door."
  6. [16:22] Tototl's visible hue squints for a moment, a rising chuckle stifled in his throat. Arms crossing against his chest he'd gently cant his head to the side, corners of a smirk peering from under his mask.
  8. "It's the first step of many - Exercising, proper rest and such. What ah... Have you been feeding it, exactly?" Cruxati's Chieftain shifts his gaze about. What would a cosmic snake even eat exactly...
  10. He'd snap his fingers, shifting his gaze back towards the rat king. "It'd probably eat a few of your rats infused with ah... Your mana, perhaps. Heck, I wonder if you could just channel your mana into it directly."
  11. (Tototl)
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  14. [16:23] Keeping a distance from the conversation still focused on his sword at the moment, all the more curious if he'd get a swing of use of this in the upcoming war
  15. (7.)
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  18. [16:29] Nyx asks, "Excuse us, would you perhaps be from Gehenna?"
  19. [16:31] The man would look at the demon and would tilt his head.
  21. "I have nowhere and simply go around learning the crafts of rune magic, smuthing and alchemy. I tend to avoid dealing with others as I trying to establish a home upon the mountains up there."
  23. Pointing at a mountain all the way at the top past Dreadwoods.
  25. "I be offering my services once I establish a well point in my craftsmanship. Is that fine?"
  26. (Chazlus)
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  29. [16:35] The king of rats tilted their head to the right. Swarms of rats seemingly to pool forth behind them with a rather strange looking snake among them before it spoke in its eternally scratchy voice.
  31. "That is...respectable. But due to warring times..we must impose a fee of twenty coins to travel through our lands. Further more our caves are off limits to those not deeply rooted in Gehenna."
  33. Beedy black eyes simply stared blankly into the man as they shrugged ever so slightly. Rules were rules after all..
  34. (Nyx)
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  37. [16:37] He would look and scratch his hair.
  39. "Twenty coin? Oh. Well that seems fair. I guess." He would walk over and place the coin. Though he didn't seem to care to much for the coin. Though he would then wonder what else he could establish in the lands once he got something of permeant showing."
  41. He would look at the demon and then blink.
  43. "Your a strange demon."
  44. (Chazlus)
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  47. [16:43] Being called strange was..something they were vastly used too. After all they were an embodyment of stars that moved around as rats from time to time. But along with it they had they're perks.
  49. "We're simply fufilling our role as warchief of Gehenna. But yes..our leader set the toll."
  51. At a tenative pace the demon picked up the small fee from the ground. Everyday in Gehenna..
  52. (Nyx)
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  55. [16:43] {Item} Picked up a bag of 20 dropped by Chazlus.
  56. [16:43] Nyx says, "Carry on then good sir..though we'd recommend Crafthold. They're be able to teach you."
  57. [16:45] The other would then tap his feet and then head out.
  59. "Im sure you come to...enjoy my gift soon or later. Not to many of those with crafts around. I shall let it be known." He would then head on with a neutral expression.
  60. (Chazlus)
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  63. [16:45] Nyx asks, "...Right then where were we Tototl?"
  64. [16:46] Tototl asks, "Ah... Feeding it- What have you done?"
  65. [16:46] Nyx says, "Well..we gave it a few rats but nothing too,too serious."
  66. [16:47] Tototl says, "Just rats alone? Figured ah... It'd favor cosmic mana, truthfully."
  67. [16:48] Nyx asks, "Hmm..We'll give it a shot, Though would you like a drink?"
  68. [16:48] Tototl rolls his shoulder, faint traces of a smile peering out of the mask.
  69. (Tototl)
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  72. [16:48] Tototl says, "Wouldn't hurt, truthfully."
  73. [16:48] Nyx says, "You can try our new ale then."
  74. [17:00] After a bit of skittering around as the swarm following the rat king vanished into the many hiding holes within the house the demon themselves set down a very strange box. A few glowing runes appeared around it briefly before a hiss of steam erupted from it.
  76. And with it? The very same snake they fought, only..much much smaller and seemingly tamer at that. Though ever so fiesty still.
  78. "We havent come up with a name for it yet however but ah..what /should/ we name it? After almost killed us both."
  80. A slight shrug from the rat king as they turned back to their makeshift kitchen. A few curses uttered under their breath as they soon skittered back in with a single bottle of ale. Though it looked as if bits of stars were floating inside of it.
  81. (Nyx)
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  84. [17:01] {Item} You drop Ale x1.
  85. [17:07] Tototl makes himself at home - Well, at least as best as he can. It was Quincy's old abode, but the air had changed from the rat's inhabitance of it all. Setting himself down into the silk chair, tanned hands work the clasps of the mask to pull the apparel from his face. With both eyes now revealed to their surrounding, he shifts his attention to where Nyx had skittered off to.
  87. Spirits, was that what they really fought? From the monstrous serpent to what was... Well, still a rather sizable beast. He lets out a light huff of amusement.
  89. "Honestly? With how feisty and battle ready it is ah... Chotion is the first name that comes to mind." A rather mocking grin adorns his lips as a chuckle leaves him. "Nochtli, even, if it is a female."
  91. One brow raises as the bottle of ale is offered up to Cruxati's Chieftain. He'd look it over for a few moments before carefully uncorking it, taking in a whiff before a light sip.
  92. (Tototl)
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  95. [17:23] A light shrug as the rats let out a slight hiss. Darting forward to pick up the very snake they caught before letting it coil around their clawed hand. Though glances were taken as Tototl removed the mask but that was there business.
  97. All in all it..wasnt even really a big snake. But still, it radiated with potent magical energies. A sure sign that it only needed time to grow. But to the name suggestions..a scratchy laugh filled the room.
  99. ""Chotion..perhaps not. We wouldnt want it to..perish quickly. Nochtli it is, whether its a boy or a girl..then again we dont even know if it is on that scale...only time can tell then."
  101. A heavy sigh as the warchief summoned a few of its rats already coated in starlight as they seemingly began to feed the snake. And this time it seemed that the newly named Nochtli..seemed far more responsive to feeding on the cosmic powered mini rats.
  103. "Well..if it eats starlight..then were gonna have to feed it belial as well to make sure it grows accustomed to its evil taint."
  104. (Nyx)
  105. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  107. [17:33] Tototl smacks his lips, mulling over the offered ale. One hand held the bottle, the other held the mask. It wasn't all too bad - He wasn't entirely a drinker, but he never minded a drink here or there. He'd shake his head to bring him back to the matters at hand.
  109. The rat king bring the snake forth, coiled about in their very claws. He'd study it from where he sat, canting his head from side to side. With closer investigation one could determine the sex of a reptile. Yet, he found himself not all too interested in finding that out himself. The thought of a whole nest of these vicious, cosmic-blessed creatures was mind boggling as is.
  111. "That's fair. Perhaps it will ah... Attract more of its kind in time." Tototl watches as cosmic infused rat after rat are fed to the reptile. "I feel as though gathering what small taint Belial has made here, even, will do it well. Spirits know there are ah... Two? Users of its power, now."
  113. Such was at least rumored. A slow exhale parts from the Gehennan as he continues. "Starlight could keep it sustained, and perhaps it will even grow to harness such blue light. You are, after all, what you eat as they say."
  114. (Tototl)
  115. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117. [17:44] A slow draining nod was given. They're were bigger things at hand than simply studying the snake itself. But the present they were slightly happy to have another member to their collection. Feeding it a few more rats before soon retuning it to its strange cube like cage of sorts the rat king let out a long scoff.
  119. "Perhaps, but maybe we can..willingly ask willingly or forcefully but..either or."
  121. Today was..a long day to say the least but in the end? They would return the snake to its full glory. And begin the quest to hunt belial..or simply create an eternal farm on gehenna.
  123. "Truer words never spoken..but we do have one issue..we'd need a way to control it if we ever get more than one cosmic beast. Since..some wont be as kind...but thats for a later thought."
  125. A small shrug to a dismissive wave. Something that could be discussed later.
  126. (Nyx)
  127. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  129. [17:52] Tototl lets out a light hum, Nyx's words mulled over as he corks the ale. It's stashed away within the cloak, and those digits return to the mask. Carefully tracing the edges of the piece he'd nod for a moment before speaking in turn.
  131. "There's not better time than the present to hunt Belialites, Nyx. It seems there's a stark number of ah... Increase in their presence since we've made that pledge."
  133. Lifting the mask up to his face once more, he'd begin working the clasps to set it back against his mug. Click by click, thoughts begin to set into his mind. Hunting Belialites, Ixchel's eye that had watched them up that mountain. Perhaps it was going to be his turn to begin communing to a grander deity - A Tecothian, after all, respected the many.
  135. "As for controlling a menagerie? Merely bonding to each, raising them and showing them that you're their boss should do wonders." With a sage nod he quickly continues. "If not that, then perhaps you could make something with a shard from the Spires. Spirits know we need one for our own project, then the rest are either to be sent home or ah... Used by another here."
  136. (Tototl)
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  139. [17:53] Nyx says, "A fair..and grand point."
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