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  1. Building earning potential:
  2. - Earning potential can be obtained by Skilling within the wilderness. The deeper you are, the higher chance you have at receiving extra EP.
  3. - A player MUST be risking at least 76,000 (76k) to gain any EP.
  5. Losing earning Potential:
  6. - You will lose EP when you kill someone IF both you and your opponent had 76,000 (76k) or more risk. (The higher your EP, the more you lose)
  7. - If you kill someone that doesn't risk 76,000 (76k), you won't lose EP.
  8. - If someone is killed within the Wilderness, (25-50%) of their EP will be taken away.
  9. - If you teleport away from a battle, you will lose 1/5 of your current EP.
  11. Special drops:
  12. - If you kill someone and your EP is ABOVE 90%, a huge amount of your EP will be taken away. (70-80%) and along side that, a special item will be dropped from your opponent.
  13. - Corrupt dragon equipment
  14. - Brawling gloves
  15. - PvP Equipment (non corrupt)
  16. - Artefacts
  18. The only real difference between RS and ours, is that on RS you gain EP for just being in the wilderness.
  20. All this is based on the Runescape WIKI with a few custom adjustments.
  21. - http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/PvP_world
  22. - http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Earning_potential
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