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  1. - In 1998 a the leading corporation for bio-chemistry 'Bio-Chem'  were experimenting with new ways to enhance the bodies performance.  But Bio-Chem was a dirty corporation, and used un-willing, innocent people as human guinea pigs.  Most of the tests killed the test subjects, that was until test #57. Bio-Chem was experimenting with radioactive wastes affects on the body, it was discovered that in small doses, it actually improved the way the body worked. Anxious to get even better results, Bio-Ware started giving higher and higher amounts of radioactive waste to the test subjects, until it started being un-godly amounts. But the radioactive waste didn't kill the poor souls, it changed them into monsters. They started out small, only attacking animals in the forest, and never really making contact with humans. But after a while they found out that they could sense the blood in other living things, and even infect other humans. Which is when the attacks started. But these... monsters main goal was to gain revenge on the ones that doomed then to the hideous life that they had to deal with. Even after the cult had been completely wiped out, the monsters started losing control over their actions, and before anyone knew it, they started mindlessly attacking cities and increasing there numbers.
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