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  1. XFA-10 Acrux, XFA-10B Stingray
  2. Joint Japanese/ Korean/Australian Advanced Fighter/Attacker aircraft
  3. First flight: 2004
  4. Introduction: 2010 (estimated)
  6. Length: 24.04 m (78.87ft)
  7. Wingspan: 14m (45.93 feet)
  8. Height: 5.03m (16.50 ft)
  9. Weight: 18,500kg (40,800 pounds) Empty
  10. Maximum Take off weight: 75-80,000 lbs (depending on loadout)
  11. Engines: 2 x GE Korea F450-15-440 vector thrust (Pitch and Roll) Turbofans with 26,000 lbf each dry, 35,000 lbf each wet.
  12. Combat Radius: 1000 nmi (without in air refueling)
  13. Top speed: Mach 2.2
  15. Armament:
  17. 1 x 20mm M61A3 Vulcan rotary cannon
  18. 4 x external hardpoints (optional and interchangeable, two inner hard points have connectors for external fuel tanks)
  19. 3 x internal weapons bays (one large centerline two smaller on the nacelles, used for AAM's like the AIM-9M/L or X) for various standard NATO weaponry (though upon request can be modified to accept PACT weaponry as well)
  21. Missiles:
  22. ATA:
  23. AIM-9M/L/X Sidewinders
  24. AIM-120 AMRAAM
  25. ASRAAM
  27. ATS:
  28. AGM-65 E/F Maverick
  29. AGM-84H/K SLAM-ER
  30. AGM-88 HARM
  31. AGM-154 JSOW
  32. AGM-158 JASSM
  34. AshM
  35. capable of carrying two AGM-84 harpoons in centerline bay
  37. Bombs:
  38. JDAM: up to 6 in centerline bay (lower number for bigger bombs)
  39. Paveway series
  40. Mk 80 series of dumb bombs
  41. CBU-78 Gator
  42. Mk 20 Rockeye II
  43. (any guided munition requires ground targeting pot or accompanying aircraft with proper designation equipment)
  45. SUU-42 Flares/ infrared decoy dispenser/chaff pod
  46. Litening II FLIR targeting pods
  47. AWW-13 ADLP
  48. up to 3 ADM-141C TALD
  50. Avionics:
  51. Mitsubishi active electronically scanned array radar system J/APG-2
  52. Yokogawa LCD displays
  53. Mitsubishi Electric Mission computer
  54. Mitsubishi Electric MDS mission planning system
  55. Toshiba digital map display
  56. BAE Systems Australia AN/ALE-214 intigrated defensive ECM system
  57. BAE Systems Australia AN/ALE-55 towed decoy
  58. Raytheon AN/ALR-67(V)3 Radar warning receiver
  59. MIDS JTRS datalink transceiver
  61. The XFA-10 Acrux, and its sister, the carrier capable XFA-10B Stingray are a joint project between Australia, Japan, and South Korea to develop a low observable fighter attacker. The Primary customer is the RAAF and RAN, although the IJN and ROKAF has shown interest in the fighter as well.
  62. The XFA has been equipped with cutting edge technology combined with practicality.
  63. The cockpit features all digital anti glare control panels capable of being configured by the pilot. However it hasn't escaped notice that these panels are prone to glitches and problems especially in combat. So necessary flight data (navball, horizon indicator ect) do have analog backups in the form of a “pop up” console.
  65. The left side of the fusealge features a pop out style refueling probe for extended missions and longer duration flights.
  66. Displays and weapons systems are capable of being configured to be used with JHMCS or similar Helmet mounted systems, such as the Dash III.
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