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Aug 21st, 2018
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  1. >There's a loud knock at your door.
  2. >You groan as it rouses you from your sleep.
  3. >Who in their right mind is waking you up this early in the morning?
  4. >After rubbing your eyes you check the time on your clock.
  5. >12:15 PM
  6. >Well fuck.
  7. >You shake your head and stand up slowly.
  8. >Your sleep schedule has always been kind of fucked, and it seems like living in Equestria has not helped it any.
  9. >Even without the internet and video games to distract you into the dead of night you've managed to find new ways to keep yourself up.
  10. >The book you were reading lies closed on the floor next to your straw stuffed mattress.
  11. >Great, you don't even remember how far you got into it last night.
  12. >You decide to page through it later and find your place.
  13. >"Heeey, Anon! You're home right!?"
  14. >Part of you almost considers pretending to not be home when you hear its Pinkie Pie who's at your door.
  15. >It’s not that you don’t /like/ Pinkie Pie, but she’s not exactly the kind of person you want to see when you’ve just woken up.
  16. >She’s too energetic and wild, she’s really more of an “after a coffee or two” type of friend.
  17. >Although you really can’t get away with pretending that you’re not home.
  18. >You’re a lazy introvert and everybody knows it, even if you’ve only been here for a couple months.
  19. >After smoothing down your bedhead you go over to the door of your little cabin and open it.
  20. >Sure enough, there’s Pinkie, bouncing up and down as energetically as ever.
  21. >”There you aaaare! Hiya!”
  22. “Hey there Pink… What’s up?”
  23. >Pinkie giggles as she lets herself into your house.
  24. >”I’m doing good! Jeez Anon, did you just wake up or something?”
  25. >She already knows the answer, but probably can’t help but ask.
  26. “Yeah… long night.”
  27. >”I gotcha, I gotcha~!”
  28. >Pinkie takes a seat on your mattress, still grinning ear to ear.
  29. “Did you need something? Was kind of thinking about getting something to eat soon…”
  30. >”Oh! Right! I’m hosting a party tonight!”
  31. >Yeah, what else is new?
  32. >This marks what, the 14th party that Pinkie has invited you to?
  33. >She means well, but you’re just not much of a party guy.
  34. >Although, now that you think about it, she hasn’t invited you to one in a while.
  35. >Part of you had just assumed she finally took a hint.
  36. “Well, you know me, not good with crowds, hope you have fun though.”
  37. >Pinkie shakes her head as you launch your classic excuse.
  38. >”I know you don’t like parties, but this time is different!”
  39. “How so?”
  40. >She giggles a little, obviously excited by whatever she has planned.
  41. >”This time you’re being /hired/ to come!”
  42. >You blink, definitely feeling more than a little confused.
  43. “Hired?”
  44. >She nods eagerly, fishing for something and pulling out a small vial of liquid from seemingly thin air!
  45. >”Yes! I need entertainment tonight! And I thought I could involve you with it!”
  46. “I’d rather n-”
  47. >”I’ll pay you 1000 bits!”
  48. >A surprised sputter escapes your mouth as she drops the sum.
  49. “A… a thousand?!”
  50. >”You betcha! And that’s an offer I’m only giving to you!”
  52. ”And… what exactly would I be doing?”
  53. >Pinkie holds out the vial with a coy grin.
  54. >”Drink up and it’ll all be obvious!”
  55. >Something about this screams shady, but there’s a lot of money involved.
  56. >You’ve been struggling for bits ever since you’ve gotten here, so a nice lump payment of that much could keep you going until you pick up your next odd job.
  57. >So you don’t give it much more thought than that and grab the vial.
  58. >The liquid inside is a vibrant bluish color and seems to be about the same consistency of water as you slosh it around.
  59. >You uncork the vial and drink it down in one gulp.
  60. >It tastes overwhelmingly sweet as it travels down your throat, the strong taste even making you gag slightly.
  61. “Ugh… What is that stuff?”
  62. >Pinkie lets out a squeal of pure elation as she watches you.
  63. >”Ohmigoshohmigoshohmigoooosh! You drank it! Yay!”
  64. >Before you can ask her to explain further as to what you blindly ingested a strange feeling overwhelms you.
  65. >Your skin feels cold and clammy as your thin, almost invisible arm hairs begin to bleach themselves into a pure white.
  66. >Scratching at the thickening hairs tingles your nerves as your arms are riddled with goosebumps.
  67. “Um… P-Pinkie…”
  68. >She doesn’t respond though, she’s too interested in watching you to strike up conversation right now.
  69. >Your fingers begin to twitch and sting with pins and needles as the hair continues coming in.
  70. >Something tells you that you’re in for one hell of a ride.
  72. >Your hands are balled up into fists now.
  73. >The fur grows in fast, smoothing over the space between each finger as the feeling in them suddenly vanishes all together.
  74. >A soft gasp escapes your mouth as you try to manipulate your hardened hands.
  75. >More hooves than hands now really.
  76. >Even the shape is starting to round out, matching the descriptor of “hoof” even more.
  78. >You hold a hoof to your mouth in surprise.
  79. >You certainly didn’t mean to say “buck”, yet it came out completely naturally.
  80. >The pink pony giggles eagerly as you marvel at the changes.
  81. >A tuft of blue hair falls into your line of sight as the strange stinging now hits your feet.
  82. >Fearing the worst you slowly walk over to the mirror hanging in your cabin.
  83. >Sure enough your hair has changed, having taken on a two different shades of blue.
  84. >The darker shade looks familiar, it’s the same color that the liquid was!
  85. >You run a hoof through the lengthened head of hair, tracing it down to a little past your shoulders.
  86. >”Looking good so far Anon!”
  87. “H-hush!”
  88. >The muscles in your legs suddenly seize up like you’ve got a cramp.
  89. >With a swear you fall flat on your ass.
  90. >As you look down, you’re given a good view of your feet as they twist into hooves themselves.
  91. >Focus does not stay on that long however, your tight muscles command much more of your attention.
  92. >Pinkie hums a little as she walks over to you.
  93. >You notice that she’s looking a little bigger than before.
  94. >In truth that probably means that you’re probably getting smaller, but either way it’s trippy to almost be on eye level with Pinkie.
  95. >”Here, let me help you a bit~!”
  96. >Pinkie bites at your now loose pants and begins to tug.
  97. >Without much effort at all the pants slide off, revealing a set of equine hind quarters.
  98. >She doesn’t miss a beat as she also pulls away your underwear, much to your shock.
  99. “H-hey! St-stop!”
  100. >A deep crimson blush flushes your face as your member is now out in the open for Pinkie to see.
  101. >She doesn’t seem very interested by it, she’s more concerned with the white fur growing all around it.
  102. >You whimper as you cover your privates with your hooves and realize just how awkward your current position is.
  103. >That’s probably thanks to your spine shifting and changing just like everything else thus far.
  104. >Noticing your physical discomfort, Pinkie leans in and pokes your nose with a hoof.
  105. >”Why don’t you try standing on all fours silly~? Or at very least stop sitting so weird!”
  106. >You roll your eyes as she reprimands you for sitting like a human, this is her damn fault anyways.
  107. >It’s shaky at first as you try to stand, your balance feels all off skew.
  108. >After a bit though you’re on your hooves and no longer shaking.
  109. >As much as you hate to admit it, standing on all fours is more comfortable.
  110. >Now you’re roughly eye to eye with Pinkie as she gawks at you.
  111. >”You’re so close to being done! Look at how nice your coat is~!”
  112. >She giggles as she rubs your fuzzy face, even that now seemingly hardly human.
  113. >That however quickly changes as the stinging sensation hits your face.
  114. >You wrinkle your nose a little as it feels like something is tugging at your mouth and pulling it outwards like clay.
  115. >Within moments your mouth and nose have formed a small equine muzzle.
  116. >You run your tongue over your flat teeth, teeth obviously designed to not even consider biting into meat.
  117. >This isn’t too big of a loss, you haven’t eaten meat since you’ve gotten here.
  118. >However, you can feel the stirrings of an actual substantial loss in the making.
  119. >Your crotch feels inflamed and irritated, that same prickly feeling now in a place it most definitely does not belong.
  120. >Morbid curiosity compels you to sit back down, this time in a more fitting stance for your body, and take a peek.
  121. >Sure enough your member is shrinking, practically receding into your body.
  122. >”Woah… that looks weird!”
  123. >You open your mouth to reprimand Pinkie but only a soft, somewhat girlish moan escapes it.
  124. >Each moment another bit of your member disappears, somehow heightening this strange sense of pleasure and arousal you did not ask for.
  125. >Pinkie giggles, leaving you to this strange change as she walks off to do something.
  126. >Almost in tandem with your cock pushing in a long tail pulls out from behind you.
  127. >The gradual pushes go centimeter by centimeter as you begin to pant heavily.
  128. >Squirming and writhing in your spot, it takes as much self control as you can muster to not start touching yourself.
  129. >Your new, somewhat floppy ears twitch about as you groan and moan helplessly on the floor.
  130. >Then, with a slight popping sound, it’s gone.
  131. >You slowly look down, finding a simple slit and a pair of small teats above it.
  132. “Bucking Tartarus…”
  133. >Pinkie strolls back over once you’ve managed to calm down.
  134. >She holds up a hand mirror, or rather hoof mirror, to your face.
  135. >”Lucky you, you’re a unicorn and everything!”
  136. >You stare at your reflection, your hoof instantly prodding at the new horn on your face.
  137. >From the coloration alone you know exactly who you are, but what Pinkie does next simply solidifies it.
  138. >”Almost forgot, I bought these earlier, I thought they’d suit you!”
  139. >You flinch a little as she slides a large pair of purple sunglasses with black frames over your face.
  140. “...Why am I Vinyl Scratch?”
  141. >Pinkie blinks, lowering the mirror.
  142. >”Hey, that’s a good name idea! I honestly had no idea what to call you!”
  143. >You cock your head in confusion before thinking for a moment.
  144. >When you wound up here, it was towards the beginning of the show’s canon.
  145. >Ponies were mentioning that “between Twilight Sparkle and you this town is sure getting more lively!” and the Nightmare Moon incident was still fresh in everypony’s memory.
  146. >Not to mention that you haven’t seen Discord yet.
  147. >Didn’t Vinyl only show up like once or twice in the early days of the show?
  148. >And if Pinkie doesn’t know who Vinyl is…
  149. “What exactly was your plan with all of this?”
  150. >Pinke smiles as she reaches over and gives you a hug.
  151. >”You’ve just seemed so out of place and lonely ever since you got here! So I called in a few favors! Not only does it come with a whole new body, you’re also now a talented-”
  152. “Musician?”
  153. >Pinkie pauses for a moment, a little surprised you picked up on that so quickly.
  154. >”Actually, yeah! Huh, guess that’s those instincts are already kicking in!”
  155. “Yeah… instincts…”
  156. >”Look, if you don’t like it, I can probably have a reversal potion made for you, but could you pleaaase try it out for the night? I’ll still pay you and everything!”
  157. >Part of you wants to jump right onto reversal potion idea.
  158. >You didn’t ask to be a pony, you didn’t ask to be a female, you didn’t ask for any of this.
  159. >But, at the same time, money is still on the table.
  160. >That and it gives you something else to do tonight besides reading through books you’ve borrowed from the library.
  161. “I guess it couldn’t hurt, but I don’t really have any music equipme-”
  162. >You stop talking as you look around your room.
  163. >It’s smaller now, properly sized for a pony.
  164. >It’s kind of sparse like before, but now you’ve got turntables and records and such neatly put up and ready for use.
  165. “...Just how potent of a potion was this?”
  166. >Pinkie shrugs as she lets go of you and looks around.
  167. >”I dunno, but I think I got my money’s worth!”
  168. >Now you really don’t have an excuse to not give it a shot.
  169. “I guess you can spread the word now that DJ Pon-3 is making her world debut…”
  170. >Pinkie gasps softly, “DJ Pon-3? Oh that’s perfect! You are on the ball with names today Anon, I mean, Vinyl Scratch!”
  171. “Just the first thing that came to mind really…”
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