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  1. [liveuser@localhost root]$ stratis filesystem list
  2. Pool Name  Name  Used       Created            Device              UUID                              
  3. pool       root  32.53 GiB  Apr 20 2019 12:48  /stratis/pool/root  c6871f2fe15642c6b05b9822246caf25  
  4. pool       var   32.53 GiB  Apr 20 2019 12:48  /stratis/pool/var   88a78a8053334f6093bd96357b738f17  
  5. pool       home  32.53 GiB  Apr 20 2019 12:48  /stratis/pool/home  dc2965129650471a8a85602cbcb295e7  
  6. [liveuser@localhost root]$ sudo blkid -p /stratis/pool/*
  7. /stratis/pool/home: UUID="dc296512-9650-471a-8a85-602cbcb295e7" TYPE="xfs" USAGE="filesystem"
  8. /stratis/pool/root: UUID="c6871f2f-e156-42c6-b05b-9822246caf25" TYPE="xfs" USAGE="filesystem"
  9. /stratis/pool/var: UUID="88a78a80-5333-4f60-93bd-96357b738f17" TYPE="xfs" USAGE="filesystem"
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