The Pretender

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  1. The Pretender
  3. You say you're not like the others.
  4. No matter what the scraps of memories say, you know you're above all this.
  5. With a quick wit and quicker deceits, you mislead everyone.
  7. Honeyed Words [Auto/0/Self] When you make a conversation check towards a sister who has a fetter in a state of madness and she make a conversation check towards any target., you both get +1 to your conversation checks, even if she does not make her check towards you.
  8. "People in distress are much easier to mislead. Luckily for them, you're so nice."
  10. Meant to do that [Check/0/Self] When you fail a check, you may declare this skill to get a +2 to your next check.
  11. "You must do better on the next one to show you planned it all."
  13. Put on Airs [Check/0/0-2] Hinder 2 towards an attack targeting you. The next attack targeting you gets a +1 bonus.
  14. "A sufficiently arrogant display can be very distracting, or confusing; but it also makes people want to hit you."
  16. Put Upon [Auto/0/Self] When you fail a madness check, your sister may make a conversation check with you as the target.
  17. "Having to deal with your inferiors is too stressful for you to handle, but they might take some comfort in your distress"
  19. False Impressions [Auto/0/Self]  Once per round, when a Sister has a Fetter in Madness, you may change that fetter to a type of your choice.  This change lasts until the end of the round or the battle phase.
  20. "A few words can change someone's mind about their feelings, at least until they realized you were lying to them."
  22. Silver Tongue [Rapid/2/0-1] When you are the target of a maneuver, you may declare this to make them switch targets to one of your choosing, within the original target's range. This cannot be used to make attack maneuvers target an enemy instead of you.
  23. "A gift for gab can help out in almost any situation, even if it doesn't always help those around you."
  25. Fake Out [Auto/None/Self] You may change the target of your maneuver after it has been declared. This can only be declared once per round.
  26. "Fool them not just with words, but with action."
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