Demonstration Man and R WE DEFENDING Chat Bind Script

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  1. // V 1.2 of Trashtalk Script by taigha
  2. // Credit to /u/Paradigmist for creating original Demonstration Man Script
  3. // Thanks to /u/iSkruf for combining the "Demonstration Man" and "R WE DEFENDING" scripts using's
  4. // Trashtalk Generator:
  5. // V 1.2 uses movement keys to randomize which phrase is said
  6. // Replace <KEY> with desired Key
  7. bind <KEY> tc_dice
  9. bind w "+mfwd"
  10. bind a "+mleft"
  11. bind s "+mback"
  12. bind d "+mright"
  14. alias +mfwd "+forward;tc_cycle"
  15. alias -mfwd "-forward"
  17. alias +mleft "+moveleft;tc_cycle"
  18. alias -mleft "-moveleft"
  20. alias +mback "+back;tc_cycle"
  21. alias -mback "-back"
  23. alias +mright "+moveright;tc_cycle"
  24. ailas -mright "-moveright"
  26. alias "tc_msg_1" "say hwbow use uber charge?"
  27. alias "tc_msg_2" "say as spy how do i go to invisible"
  28. alias "tc_msg_3" "say HOW DO I UPGRADE THINGS I BUILD?"
  29. alias "tc_msg_4" "say how make a superjump with soldieR?"
  30. alias "tc_msg_5" "say i cant remember how to activate spy cloak plz help"
  31. alias "tc_msg_6" "say what do i do with this spy radio"
  32. alias "tc_msg_7" "say R WE DEFENDING"
  33. alias "tc_msg_8" "say when do I unlock my gold rank???"
  34. alias "tc_msg_9" "say how do u spary"
  35. alias "tc_msg_10" "say hwo do u crounch"
  36. alias "tc_msg_11" "say how do i trade my stuff?"
  37. alias "tc_msg_12" "say anyone got minigun"
  38. alias "tc_msg_13" "say how do you get vintages by killing?"
  39. alias "tc_msg_14" "say how do you unlock enforcer"
  40. alias "tc_msg_15" "say uhm i lost my transform tool :("
  41. alias "tc_msg_16" "say how do you go to your third gun"
  42. alias "tc_msg_17" "say hey guys can i install a system if i am egnigeer"
  43. alias "tc_msg_18" "say what makes you to not burn?"
  44. alias "tc_msg_19" "say how do i use the rocks?"
  45. alias "tc_msg_20" "say how get charge n charge"
  46. alias "tc_msg_21" "say yea megaheal can make you seem invulnerable"
  47. alias "tc_msg_22" "say how do i roll spy"
  48. alias "tc_msg_23" "say how do i turn invisable"
  49. alias "tc_msg_24" "say heavy is no skill class go pyro"
  51. alias "tc_msg_26" "say how u get a shield on ur turret?"
  52. alias "tc_msg_27" "say is it possible to deul weild the swords"
  53. alias "tc_msg_28" "say they ubered a sodier knight lol"
  54. alias "tc_msg_29" "say !kickall red pyros"
  55. alias "tc_msg_30" "say is that a toon from toontown"
  56. alias "tc_msg_31" "say how do you swich guns"
  57. alias "tc_msg_32" "say wuts sand man"
  58. alias "tc_msg_33" "say gernades? how thrown?"
  59. alias "tc_msg_34" "say okay im gonna ask a quitiion whydid soeone hacked me and stolemy wepons?"
  60. alias "tc_msg_35" "say how you throw stuff"
  61. alias "tc_msg_36" "say HOW IT WORK?"
  62. alias "tc_msg_37" "say YOU NEED A RELIFE"
  63. alias "tc_msg_38" "say is a 2009 halloween hat rare?"
  64. alias "tc_msg_39" "say how to i rank my gun??????????"
  65. alias "tc_msg_40" "say how do i get metal on engineer?"
  66. alias "tc_msg_41" "say how do you tell what lvl you are"
  67. alias "tc_msg_42" "say how do you gtet the communism style minigun"
  68. alias "tc_msg_43" "say my sniper rifle only fires when zoomed, is it broken?"
  69. alias "tc_msg_44" "say how do you put lights on a gun?"
  70. alias "tc_msg_45" "say no microspamming here please"
  71. alias "tc_msg_46" "say mechanic go to the dossier please and help me"
  72. alias "tc_msg_47" "say u spent so many time to push the cart. now they have 2 mega sentries.."
  73. alias "tc_msg_48" "say terryporter down"
  74. alias "tc_msg_49" "say im going to sap there sentury"
  75. alias "tc_msg_50" "say KRITZBERG FOR DEFENCE"
  76. alias "tc_msg_51" "say can some1 give me free deathclock?"
  77. alias "tc_msg_52" "say how can i enchant my revolver"
  78. alias "tc_msg_53" "say STOP TRYING TO CAP AND FIGHT"
  79. alias "tc_msg_54" "say how can i upgrade my turents"
  80. alias "tc_msg_55" "say they should make a new class likea ninja or something"
  81. alias "tc_msg_56" "say now my internet is caught up so i have 0 lag now you're in big troubler enemy team"
  82. alias "tc_msg_57" "say attack the train"
  83. alias "tc_msg_58" "say DONT SHOOT MY UBERCHARGE PLEASE"
  84. alias "tc_msg_59" "say were do u get speed sentrys?"
  85. alias "tc_msg_60" "say GO DAMNIT! WHY CANT I SHOOT WHEN CLOAKED"
  86. alias "tc_msg_61" "say how do i fly as demonstration man"
  87. alias "tc_msg_62" "say what button make assassin go transparent"
  88. alias "tc_msg_63" "say how make tuxedo terrorist do lobster dance?"
  89. alias "tc_msg_64" "say how to eat hoagie as big machinegun man"
  90. alias "tc_msg_65" "say how outback man get lemonade"
  91. alias "tc_msg_66" "say how to glow as healing scientist"
  92. alias "tc_msg_67" "say where jogger get soda"
  93. alias "tc_msg_68" "say how to institute automatic cannon as constructor"
  94. alias "tc_msg_69" "say how shot lazer as hillbilly"
  95. alias "tc_msg_70" "say how to launch ball as call center guy"
  96. alias "tc_msg_71" "say can large ammunition bloke get fish and chips"
  97. alias "tc_msg_72" "say how to signal friends with rubber suit guy"
  98. alias "tc_msg_73" "say how speed man become super blur?"
  99. alias "tc_msg_74" "say How inventor produce vending machine?"
  100. alias "tc_msg_75" "say how engine man use calculator?"
  101. alias "tc_msg_76" "say how to fly as captain america"
  102. alias "tc_msg_77" "say where robot gun get bullet shoots"
  103. alias "tc_msg_78" "say how do i shoot air as masked ignition man?!"
  104. alias "tc_msg_79" "say how do make gun robots bigger as suspender dude"
  105. alias "tc_msg_80" "say How can push explody train down choo choo tracks"
  106. alias "tc_msg_81" "say How do make patriot fly"
  107. alias "tc_msg_82" "say how does triathlon winner get home run"
  108. alias "tc_msg_83" "say How do flame-man use signal"
  109. alias "tc_msg_84" "say As the australian longshoot man how do I throw apple juice"
  110. alias "tc_msg_85" "say How to reprogram cannons with french businessman!"
  111. alias "tc_msg_86" "say how eyeball shoot eyeballs!!!"
  112. alias "tc_msg_87" "say how make u.s. marine go air force?"
  113. alias "tc_msg_88" "say How to make construction worker build gas pump?"
  114. alias "tc_msg_89" "say when can carpenter put soda machine"
  115. alias "tc_msg_90" "say How make Gun as Bob the Builder"
  116. alias "tc_msg_91" "say How do you push as the firebat"
  117. alias "tc_msg_92" "say how warrior dig with shovel"
  118. alias "tc_msg_93" "say what button to glow ghost buster?"
  119. alias "tc_msg_94" "say how I go shiny as the dentist"
  120. alias "tc_msg_95" "say how does fast boy throw ball"
  121. alias "tc_msg_96" "say how fireman hammertime"
  122. alias "tc_msg_97" "say how architect get more minerals"
  123. alias "tc_msg_98" "say How do I make healing box?"
  124. alias "tc_msg_99" "say who can then the secret agent become the other team"
  125. alias "tc_msg_100" "say why masked tuxedo man change color???"
  126. alias "tc_msg_101" "say how do outback steakhouse guy do the telescope"
  127. alias "tc_msg_102" "say how does french toast go seethrough"
  128. alias "tc_msg_103" "say how masked artist make ice sculptures"
  129. alias "tc_msg_104" "say How do I street fighter move as the fireman?????"
  130. alias "tc_msg_105" "say as the American guy, how do I use my jetpack"
  131. alias "tc_msg_106" "say how to raise flag as patriot?!"
  132. alias "tc_msg_107" "say How building healing bot as technician?"
  133. alias "tc_msg_108" "say how fighter guy play trumpet"
  134. alias "tc_msg_109" "say As science hillbilly, how do I deploy a tiny robo-cop?"
  135. alias "tc_msg_110" "say why to build turret as construction worker!"
  136. alias "tc_msg_111" "say How to shoot annoying baseball player?"
  137. alias "tc_msg_112" "say How to pretend to die as french businessman"
  138. alias "tc_msg_113" "say how ski mask guy listen to radio"
  139. alias "tc_msg_114" "say how do boston scoundrel run fast?"
  140. alias "tc_msg_115" "say how use chef knife as helmet child?"
  141. alias "tc_msg_116" "say how do drinks machine as erection man?"
  142. alias "tc_msg_117" "say how do i build disco platform as hank of the hill"
  143. alias "tc_msg_118" "say how moorish legend do fast run"
  144. alias "tc_msg_119" "say How u jump high as sports player"
  145. alias "tc_msg_120" "say how to fly as sold man"
  146. alias "tc_msg_121" "say how speedy hooligan throw christmas ball?"
  147. alias "tc_msg_122" "say how country singer play guitar"
  148. alias "tc_msg_123" "say how white usain bolt sponsor pepsi"
  149. alias "tc_msg_124" "say how coal miner play missile command with wrungler"
  150. alias "tc_msg_125" "say where infantry fellow get gunboots?"
  151. alias "tc_msg_126" "say how medicine man find supersaw?"
  152. alias "tc_msg_127" "say how somali pirate get pegleg"
  153. alias "tc_msg_128" "say how texas man get can opener hand"
  154. alias "tc_msg_129" "say where vladimir putin find boxing glove"
  155. alias "tc_diceroll_1" "alias tc_result tc_msg_1; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_2"
  156. alias "tc_diceroll_2" "alias tc_result tc_msg_2; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_3"
  157. alias "tc_diceroll_3" "alias tc_result tc_msg_3; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_4"
  158. alias "tc_diceroll_4" "alias tc_result tc_msg_4; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_5"
  159. alias "tc_diceroll_5" "alias tc_result tc_msg_5; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_6"
  160. alias "tc_diceroll_6" "alias tc_result tc_msg_6; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_7"
  161. alias "tc_diceroll_7" "alias tc_result tc_msg_7; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_8"
  162. alias "tc_diceroll_8" "alias tc_result tc_msg_8; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_9"
  163. alias "tc_diceroll_9" "alias tc_result tc_msg_9; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_10"
  164. alias "tc_diceroll_10" "alias tc_result tc_msg_10; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_11"
  165. alias "tc_diceroll_11" "alias tc_result tc_msg_11; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_12"
  166. alias "tc_diceroll_12" "alias tc_result tc_msg_12; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_13"
  167. alias "tc_diceroll_13" "alias tc_result tc_msg_13; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_14"
  168. alias "tc_diceroll_14" "alias tc_result tc_msg_14; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_15"
  169. alias "tc_diceroll_15" "alias tc_result tc_msg_15; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_16"
  170. alias "tc_diceroll_16" "alias tc_result tc_msg_16; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_17"
  171. alias "tc_diceroll_17" "alias tc_result tc_msg_17; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_18"
  172. alias "tc_diceroll_18" "alias tc_result tc_msg_18; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_19"
  173. alias "tc_diceroll_19" "alias tc_result tc_msg_19; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_20"
  174. alias "tc_diceroll_20" "alias tc_result tc_msg_20; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_21"
  175. alias "tc_diceroll_21" "alias tc_result tc_msg_21; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_22"
  176. alias "tc_diceroll_22" "alias tc_result tc_msg_22; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_23"
  177. alias "tc_diceroll_23" "alias tc_result tc_msg_23; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_24"
  178. alias "tc_diceroll_24" "alias tc_result tc_msg_24; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_25"
  179. alias "tc_diceroll_25" "alias tc_result tc_msg_25; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_26"
  180. alias "tc_diceroll_26" "alias tc_result tc_msg_26; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_27"
  181. alias "tc_diceroll_27" "alias tc_result tc_msg_27; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_28"
  182. alias "tc_diceroll_28" "alias tc_result tc_msg_28; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_29"
  183. alias "tc_diceroll_29" "alias tc_result tc_msg_29; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_30"
  184. alias "tc_diceroll_30" "alias tc_result tc_msg_30; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_31"
  185. alias "tc_diceroll_31" "alias tc_result tc_msg_31; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_32"
  186. alias "tc_diceroll_32" "alias tc_result tc_msg_32; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_33"
  187. alias "tc_diceroll_33" "alias tc_result tc_msg_33; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_34"
  188. alias "tc_diceroll_34" "alias tc_result tc_msg_34; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_35"
  189. alias "tc_diceroll_35" "alias tc_result tc_msg_35; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_36"
  190. alias "tc_diceroll_36" "alias tc_result tc_msg_36; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_37"
  191. alias "tc_diceroll_37" "alias tc_result tc_msg_37; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_38"
  192. alias "tc_diceroll_38" "alias tc_result tc_msg_38; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_39"
  193. alias "tc_diceroll_39" "alias tc_result tc_msg_39; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_40"
  194. alias "tc_diceroll_40" "alias tc_result tc_msg_40; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_41"
  195. alias "tc_diceroll_41" "alias tc_result tc_msg_41; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_42"
  196. alias "tc_diceroll_42" "alias tc_result tc_msg_42; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_43"
  197. alias "tc_diceroll_43" "alias tc_result tc_msg_43; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_44"
  198. alias "tc_diceroll_44" "alias tc_result tc_msg_44; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_45"
  199. alias "tc_diceroll_45" "alias tc_result tc_msg_45; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_46"
  200. alias "tc_diceroll_46" "alias tc_result tc_msg_46; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_47"
  201. alias "tc_diceroll_47" "alias tc_result tc_msg_47; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_48"
  202. alias "tc_diceroll_48" "alias tc_result tc_msg_48; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_49"
  203. alias "tc_diceroll_49" "alias tc_result tc_msg_49; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_50"
  204. alias "tc_diceroll_50" "alias tc_result tc_msg_50; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_51"
  205. alias "tc_diceroll_51" "alias tc_result tc_msg_51; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_52"
  206. alias "tc_diceroll_52" "alias tc_result tc_msg_52; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_53"
  207. alias "tc_diceroll_53" "alias tc_result tc_msg_53; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_54"
  208. alias "tc_diceroll_54" "alias tc_result tc_msg_54; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_55"
  209. alias "tc_diceroll_55" "alias tc_result tc_msg_55; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_56"
  210. alias "tc_diceroll_56" "alias tc_result tc_msg_56; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_57"
  211. alias "tc_diceroll_57" "alias tc_result tc_msg_57; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_58"
  212. alias "tc_diceroll_58" "alias tc_result tc_msg_58; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_59"
  213. alias "tc_diceroll_59" "alias tc_result tc_msg_59; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_60"
  214. alias "tc_diceroll_60" "alias tc_result tc_msg_60; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_61"
  215. alias "tc_diceroll_61" "alias tc_result tc_msg_61; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_62"
  216. alias "tc_diceroll_62" "alias tc_result tc_msg_62; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_63"
  217. alias "tc_diceroll_63" "alias tc_result tc_msg_63; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_64"
  218. alias "tc_diceroll_64" "alias tc_result tc_msg_64; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_65"
  219. alias "tc_diceroll_65" "alias tc_result tc_msg_65; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_66"
  220. alias "tc_diceroll_66" "alias tc_result tc_msg_66; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_67"
  221. alias "tc_diceroll_67" "alias tc_result tc_msg_67; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_68"
  222. alias "tc_diceroll_68" "alias tc_result tc_msg_68; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_69"
  223. alias "tc_diceroll_69" "alias tc_result tc_msg_69; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_70"
  224. alias "tc_diceroll_70" "alias tc_result tc_msg_70; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_71"
  225. alias "tc_diceroll_71" "alias tc_result tc_msg_71; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_72"
  226. alias "tc_diceroll_72" "alias tc_result tc_msg_72; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_73"
  227. alias "tc_diceroll_73" "alias tc_result tc_msg_73; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_74"
  228. alias "tc_diceroll_74" "alias tc_result tc_msg_74; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_75"
  229. alias "tc_diceroll_75" "alias tc_result tc_msg_75; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_76"
  230. alias "tc_diceroll_76" "alias tc_result tc_msg_76; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_77"
  231. alias "tc_diceroll_77" "alias tc_result tc_msg_77; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_78"
  232. alias "tc_diceroll_78" "alias tc_result tc_msg_78; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_79"
  233. alias "tc_diceroll_79" "alias tc_result tc_msg_79; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_80"
  234. alias "tc_diceroll_80" "alias tc_result tc_msg_80; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_81"
  235. alias "tc_diceroll_81" "alias tc_result tc_msg_81; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_82"
  236. alias "tc_diceroll_82" "alias tc_result tc_msg_82; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_83"
  237. alias "tc_diceroll_83" "alias tc_result tc_msg_83; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_84"
  238. alias "tc_diceroll_84" "alias tc_result tc_msg_84; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_85"
  239. alias "tc_diceroll_85" "alias tc_result tc_msg_85; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_86"
  240. alias "tc_diceroll_86" "alias tc_result tc_msg_86; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_87"
  241. alias "tc_diceroll_87" "alias tc_result tc_msg_87; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_88"
  242. alias "tc_diceroll_88" "alias tc_result tc_msg_88; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_89"
  243. alias "tc_diceroll_89" "alias tc_result tc_msg_89; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_90"
  244. alias "tc_diceroll_90" "alias tc_result tc_msg_90; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_91"
  245. alias "tc_diceroll_91" "alias tc_result tc_msg_91; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_92"
  246. alias "tc_diceroll_92" "alias tc_result tc_msg_92; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_93"
  247. alias "tc_diceroll_93" "alias tc_result tc_msg_93; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_94"
  248. alias "tc_diceroll_94" "alias tc_result tc_msg_94; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_95"
  249. alias "tc_diceroll_95" "alias tc_result tc_msg_95; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_96"
  250. alias "tc_diceroll_96" "alias tc_result tc_msg_96; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_97"
  251. alias "tc_diceroll_97" "alias tc_result tc_msg_97; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_98"
  252. alias "tc_diceroll_98" "alias tc_result tc_msg_98; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_99"
  253. alias "tc_diceroll_99" "alias tc_result tc_msg_99; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_100"
  254. alias "tc_diceroll_100" "alias tc_result tc_msg_100; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_101"
  255. alias "tc_diceroll_101" "alias tc_result tc_msg_101; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_102"
  256. alias "tc_diceroll_102" "alias tc_result tc_msg_102; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_103"
  257. alias "tc_diceroll_103" "alias tc_result tc_msg_103; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_104"
  258. alias "tc_diceroll_104" "alias tc_result tc_msg_104; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_105"
  259. alias "tc_diceroll_105" "alias tc_result tc_msg_105; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_106"
  260. alias "tc_diceroll_106" "alias tc_result tc_msg_106; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_107"
  261. alias "tc_diceroll_107" "alias tc_result tc_msg_107; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_108"
  262. alias "tc_diceroll_108" "alias tc_result tc_msg_108; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_109"
  263. alias "tc_diceroll_109" "alias tc_result tc_msg_109; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_110"
  264. alias "tc_diceroll_110" "alias tc_result tc_msg_110; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_111"
  265. alias "tc_diceroll_111" "alias tc_result tc_msg_111; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_112"
  266. alias "tc_diceroll_112" "alias tc_result tc_msg_112; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_113"
  267. alias "tc_diceroll_113" "alias tc_result tc_msg_113; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_114"
  268. alias "tc_diceroll_114" "alias tc_result tc_msg_114; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_115"
  269. alias "tc_diceroll_115" "alias tc_result tc_msg_115; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_116"
  270. alias "tc_diceroll_116" "alias tc_result tc_msg_116; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_117"
  271. alias "tc_diceroll_117" "alias tc_result tc_msg_117; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_118"
  272. alias "tc_diceroll_118" "alias tc_result tc_msg_118; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_119"
  273. alias "tc_diceroll_119" "alias tc_result tc_msg_119; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_120"
  274. alias "tc_diceroll_120" "alias tc_result tc_msg_120; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_121"
  275. alias "tc_diceroll_121" "alias tc_result tc_msg_121; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_122"
  276. alias "tc_diceroll_122" "alias tc_result tc_msg_122; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_123"
  277. alias "tc_diceroll_123" "alias tc_result tc_msg_123; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_124"
  278. alias "tc_diceroll_124" "alias tc_result tc_msg_124; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_125"
  279. alias "tc_diceroll_125" "alias tc_result tc_msg_125; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_126"
  280. alias "tc_diceroll_126" "alias tc_result tc_msg_126; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_127"
  281. alias "tc_diceroll_127" "alias tc_result tc_msg_127; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_128"
  282. alias "tc_diceroll_128" "alias tc_result tc_msg_128; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_129"
  283. alias "tc_diceroll_129" "alias tc_result tc_msg_129; alias tc_cycle tc_diceroll_1"
  284. alias "tc_dice" "tc_result; tc_cycle"
  285. alias "tc_result" "tc_msg_1"
  286. alias "tc_cycle" "tc_diceroll_2"
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