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  1. 11/12/18 03:14:01 Irisia: hey. i've been doing a lot of thinking and i realized i probably hurt you a lot more than i thought. you talked about biggie and iri in a way that i thought we were on the same page about their/ our relationship being IC only and because of that, i thought i didn't have to clarify things with you. i'm really, deeply sorry about that. i do like you and having you around and its never been my intention to seem two faced or like i was playing you.  (Offline message sent Nov 12, 04:14am FST)
  2. 11/12/18 03:18:14 Irisia: i'm also really sorry that i wasn't clear about having a boyfriend. i'm not super comfortable with the word for personal reasons, so i do tend to refer to grey ambiguously. i'm incredibly sorry, but i fully understand if you're unable or unwilling to accept my apology. however, for what its worth, you seem so happy with lass and i'm glad. you've always been sweet to me and i think you deserve someone like her. (Offline message sent Nov 12, 04:18am FST)
  3. (13:28:13)   Biggie Price: I appreciate the apology, but I am not really sure how to respond. I'm not holding any grudges or anything, and see no reason we can't continue to be friends.
  4. (13:29:56)   Biggie Price: Where did that come from though? I've been hearing word of people saying things about me while I'm not here. Ultimately I just want to avoid the drama.
  5. (13:31:18) Irisia: I just wanted to clear the air. I was confused about why you took my busy schedule so personally and Grey wound up having to spell it out for me what might have happened..
  6. (13:31:26) Irisia: I can be a little oblivious sometimes, eh..
  7. (13:32:20) Irisia: And funnily enough, I know for a fact someone has been talking about me and what I apparently did to you. I didnt find that out until after I sent this, though
  8. (13:32:24) Irisia: Lots of loud mouths around
  9. (13:32:44)   Biggie Price: I really didn't take it personally. I understand what situation you are in. I've had to care for someone before and know it's difficult. I just felt like we wouldn't be able to really make each other happy, and knew once I started feeling that I wouldn't be able to give you the attention you deserve.
  10. (13:33:13)   Biggie Price: Basically, I didn't want to lead you on with a false smile, if that makes sense.
  11. (13:33:35) Irisia: I understand
  12. (13:33:57)   Biggie Price: I did like our time together, but I feel like it was just bad timing.
  13. (13:34:04) * Irisia nods
  14. (13:34:08)   Biggie Price: Nothing against you, and hopefully nothing against me.
  15. (13:35:28)   Biggie Price: The only person I have talked to about what happened was Lassie, as she wanted to be sure I wasn't doing something to hurt you. And I told her exactly what I just said. So if someone else is talking, then I say 'whatever'
  16. (13:36:11) Irisia: I was upset with you for a while, I guess. Even if I thought it was IC, to see you all over Lassie almost immediately made me feel unimportant. Like I was just a filler body. I got over it. No hard feelings.
  17. (13:37:56)   Biggie Price: I can understand that, and I'm sorry for being inconsiderate. I kinda guessed you were upset with me when you wouldn't even sit beside me at the bar.. but I didn't know how to approach you to talk.
  18. (13:38:21) Irisia: Understandable
  19. (13:39:10)   Biggie Price: I've been getting plenty of hatred from what I'm calling the 'Iri fan club" if that helps :)
  20. (13:40:40) Irisia: My friends? Yeah that might be because Lassie has told at least one of them that I'm a liar and I've been lying to all of them
  21. (13:41:47)   Biggie Price: That doesn't sound like her..
  22. (13:42:04) Irisia: I know, it really doesn't
  23. (13:42:15) Irisia: I was upset when I found out. I thought she and I were okay
  24. (13:42:43) Irisia: If its how it sounds, I'm guessing she was trying to protect you. I cant fault her for that
  25. (13:43:43)   Biggie Price: I dunno. Could be? I hope we can all just get past everything.
  26. (13:44:05)   Biggie Price: I'll tell her that you and I talked and cleared things up? Might be a good step toward just getting along again.
  27. (13:47:17) Irisia: Hopefully
  28. (13:47:32)   * Biggie Price hugs anyway
  29. (13:49:11) Irisia: I am going to say just this one thing, and thats if I hear her talking shit about me to my friends again, I'm gonna go fill tilt and confront her directly. My friends dont deserve to be dragged into what amounted to miscommunication and poor timing on our parts,
  30. (13:52:27)   Biggie Price: I'll talk to her and let her know that we are okay.
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