BO6 Sin IF - Part 2 Spoilers and Alternate Ending

Jun 12th, 2021
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  1. Part 2 spoilers for Bonding with an Oni from Six's Sin IF story "My Pride and Joy, Sleeping Princess Rem" and an alternate ending that I would of had.
  4. <p>Basically, Subaru will eliminate all of the Sin Archbishops in Priestella, saving as many people as possible, which would be a start of improving his reputation (although, people would still question him), but he would also extract their Witch Factor and unlock them at full potential. Then Subaru will turn himself into Julius (gets punched by Garfiel first). Rem would sometimes visit him in prison. Emilia and Garfiel probably would too. Subaru would also be released on parole under Julius's care. Subaru would help out the world, eliminate any existing Witches and Warlocks, take their Witch Factors and that would including Pandora, and if Hector is still active, him too. Rem would tag along to see how well Subaru is doing. And finally, destroy the Witch of Envy and put Satella at ease. And if it's possible to wish everyone the Witch Cult including Subaru has killed within the last few years, Subaru would wish that if there is a kind of magical wishing source. And then once there is no big evil left in the world, Subaru would use his Authority of Sloth "Extract by Hand" to pull out all of his Witch Factors from his body and destroy every Witch Factor at once so no one else could use them for evil.</p>
  6. <p>Then Subaru would go back to Rem and the Emilia Camp. Subaru and Rem could become a couple again and could finally get married once Subaru became a much better person, as a "hero" in the eyes of the public opinion.</p>
  8. <p>Meanwhile, Damien (if I keep him alive) would also be on parole and he would have a happy reunion with his father and niece who got their memories back but they would be sad to hear that Cedric was killed by bandits and Cedric's daughter Bella would cry. Damien would like to stay but he still has to serve his duties. Either that or Damien would probably get a sad death in Priestella (haven't completely decided).</p>
  10. <p>The other Crusaders, not sure yet.</p>
  12. <p>However, I also thought of an <b>alternative ending</b> (that can be labeled as Route 1-2-2-1-1-2) before I came to that one as a <b>sad ending</b> that could have ended side story in just this one chapter: When Subaru wakes Rem up with her name and memories and tells her all the bad things he's done, Rem, very disappointed in Subaru, tries <strike>running</strike> crawling away from Subaru (since her legs aren't working well). [Subaru: Wait!] Subaru tries reaching out to Rem and accidentally knocks her out with an invisible fist. Then Subaru thinks about all the guilt Rem had and decides to tamper with Rem's memories, extracting Rem's most traumatizing/guilty moments in her life as well as his existence in her memories into his own memories, giving Rem a guilt-free life who "never met" Subaru and Subaru will burden those bad memories of hers. Then Subaru turns herself in and accepts a death penalty (the Crusaders will also take death penalty alongside him). The last thing Subaru would see is a confused Rem looking at him (and Emilia would also be around, in a tangent wanting Subaru to back to her but Emilia would also find Rem) and Subaru would be crying happily as he would get his head chopped off, satisfied with the life he has and accepts perma-death.</p>
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