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  1. Crimean university lecturer delivered boys sex tourists and rented porn
  3. Published: August 3, 2011, 17:48
  4. | Last updated: August 3, 2011, 20:06  
  8. The other day Ukrainian police arrested a teacher from Simferopol, who for at least five years of filming and selling porn on the internet with the Crimean boys. Educator also is suspected of organizing sex tours to the Crimea, during which pedophiles from abroad to provide children love comfort.
  10. On charges of pedophilia, arrested 54-year-old well-known Crimean local historian Igor Rusanov nicknamed Zverozub (ZveroZub or ZZ). He also has a degree in Geography and was until recently a teacher Tavria National University after Vernadsky, said , "Krym24" . In addition, Zverozub directs the Scout movement in the peninsula.
  12. Igor Rusanov detained in the act, during the implementation of pornography. After reviewing footage Zverozubom movies, police identified the five teenagers who have suffered from the actions of pervert. Now psychologists are working with them.
  14. For distribution of child pornography on the Crimean scientist-geographer prosecuted. Zverozubu face penalties ranging from five to 10 years in prison, the newspaper "Today" to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
  16. In the field of law enforcement agencies Zverozub got back in 2010 after it was detained in Lugansk is one of the active members of the syndicate - videographer Andrew K., known by the nickname Baikal. According to preliminary data, Zverozub hired him to work on some of his films.
  18. According to experts, made Simferopol teacher pictures and videos are pornographic. The Crimean issue publishes a series of shocking images, where the children pose for pedophile on the beach and other places in the nude. The fact that this is no ordinary children's pranks and Production shot with the participation of adults, as evidenced by the presence of half-naked men in the background, and a kind of "masquerade": a photograph naked boys lifted their hats as Santa Claus.
  20. Igor Rusanov created and actively updated two popular Internet site, one of which is devoted to the Crimean regional studies, and the second - tourism. In addition, Zverozub published several dozen books and guides published over 50 scientific publications and about 1000 articles in various publications, including such well-known as the "Health", "Arguments and Facts", "Family and School", "Young Naturalist".
  22. Actors Zverozuba become a porn star global
  24. Igor Rusanov himself does not hide its ambition and enterprise. On one of my sites suspected of pedophilia writes about himself: "The main work at present - the study and recommendations for long-term planning of tourism and recreation, lectures for students and professionals of tourism, re-training of reserve officers to work in tourism, development of guidebooks and texts for Internet publications, consulting the European film crews, VIP - tours, advice for business investment in tourism, environmental assessment and engineering-geological situation for real estate. "
  26. However, one aspect of this extraordinary personality has long been hidden from the public and law enforcement agencies. Some time ago Zverozub became involved in an international criminal business to create porn for gay pedophiles or, as they are called, "boylaverov." In the studio, organized by Igor Rusanov, mounted and replicated numerous movies of child pornography. They were filmed with the participation of boys aged 11 to 16 years living in the Crimea and other regions of Ukraine.
  28. Many of the victims were members of the Scout Movement or summer camps organized by Zverozubom. "On his website, one can indeed find many sections devoted to children's outdoor games, swimming lessons and beach activities," - said "Krym24."
  30. In fairness, we note that most of the video filmed by Igor Rusanov is rather Naturism, that is, the films shown are not actual sex acts, but only the genitals and other body parts of children. Some movies filmed during cycling trip organized by Zverozubom Crimean mountains. However, notice that the director is more interested in showers, locker rooms and saunas, where boys become bare before the camera.
  32. Zverozubu even managed to "spin," some of their own stars porn industry. "For example, a truly global popularity was a boy of Alushta on behalf of Vlad Sh alone his name to this day plunges" boylaverov "the whole world into a frenzy" - says the publication.
  34. In 2009, Vlad S. died in a car near Alushta, which left a lot of questions from investigators. But his film is still actively sold and generate income to the creators. That picture with the late Vlad could form the basis for prosecution. The fact that the age of 18 this young man has appeared in two short porn films, one of which he, in particular, copulating in front of a camera with a rubber doll.
  36. Deceased pet Zverozub replaced by another boy named Sasha, whom he began to spin in his films under the name Buratino. Thus, in one of his paintings Igor Rusanov forced him to put on a naked body suit monkey. Another protege Zverozuba - a boy under the name Kenny - now also grew up and starred in this porn.
  38. Geographic pornorezhisserom already interested in the U.S. intelligence services
  40. Crimean specific video products under the "brand" ZZ sold at hugely popular in the circles of pedophiles and naturist site called Azov Films, which in the spring of 2011 stopped working. As it turned out, the activity of this online resource, available on the Canadian server, an interest in the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has already arrested one of the owners. Apparently, the activity of U.S. intelligence and inspired Ukrainian police to detain the most pornorezhissera.
  42. Also at the request of U.S. authorities had closed the other well-known among pedophiles resource - Boyjoy. There's also sold under the name movies krymchanina ZZ.
  44. According to some reports, the FBI is actively interested in the personality Zverozuba. The United States also recognized his work pornography.
  46. In America pornoskandal compounded by the fact that many customers Zverozuba buying his movies were people with high social status. In March 2011 he was arrested one of the officers of the American police, who also bought the movies ZZ, using a personal credit card.
  48. The Ukrainian guards Zverozubu interest increased after the beginning of 2011 on several online resources devoted to the fight against pedophiles, a number of controversial articles. They exposing the criminal business Azov Films and Igor Rusanov himself, who, he says, "is one of the leaders of the legal wing of the party pedofilskoy." There's also alleged that the films Zverozuba, "despite the absolute lack of talent," won the world market porn for pedophiles.
  50. According to some reports, it is the special nature of the current clientele prompted enterprising scientist, in which direction to grow their family business (the provision of tourism services he has been with her daughter). Operatives suspect that the recent Igor Rusanov even began to arrange sex tours for wealthy pedophiles. At the same customers who do not want to live in field conditions scout camps, Zverozub selil recreation centers of Crimea in the company of boys.
  52. According to police, during interrogation, the suspect confessed to simferopolets fully committed crimes.
  54. Sex tourism as a family business
  56. Meanwhile, photos and videos made in Simferopol studio Igor Rusanov, still sold in many online resources, including well-known German site called Krivon International Image, which specializes in entertainment for "boylaverov." The owner of this site - Alexander K. pornofotograf, according to some is a direct business partner Zverozuba.
  58. Trafficking in child pornography has been put on a grand scale. For example, the site Azov Films had 20 different language versions, indicating that a global approach to finding clients. For the production of certain films have attracted even Hollywood producers. According to expert estimates, revenues from such businesses tens of millions of U.S. dollars.
  60. "English-language Internet is full of rave reviews of various perverts, movies looked a Zverozuba" - wrote the Crimean issue. One of these "moviegoers" allegedly wrote: "I have ordered several of their films and was quite satisfied with the results. Types of truly beautiful, and so are the boys!"
  62. In the Ukrainian Interior Ministry official confirmed the detention of a university teacher. "Yes, (caught) TNU teacher, nothing more I can not tell yet," - said Deputy Head of the fight against cybercrime and trafficking of the Crimean police cupola Eugene Styrkov.
  64. Dean geofaka TNU Boris Vakhrushev reported that Igor Rusanov actually worked at the university as a freelancer for his department. "He just seems to associate professor, and we in the Sevastopol branch several years ago read the sports tourism. He was not in the state and never was. But I remember it - youthful looks, rides a skateboard.'s Daughter in his clever, learned from our faculty a very good girl, "- said the dean. According to him, now his colleague with his daughter is engaged in tourism business.
  66. By the way, a Russian expert on the fight against pedophiles says Zverozub sex tourism trades almost ten years. This is related by blogger Anna Levchenko, known on the web as Agatha Christie. She has served as adviser to the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Child at the head of the Russian presidential administration and expose pedophiles. About Zverozube she knows since 2001.
  68. "He pays the boys from poor families, so they were filmed naked. Hauls them to the shore, children posing naked on the background of the Crimean mountains and the sea roll in the sand. Circulations films not only brought him fame and glory of perverts, but also laid the foundation of its far not a small state - says Anna. - Films Zverozuba very soon won the world market pornography, foreign and domestic pedophiles kindled a passion for his actors and he has established for the wealthy pedophile sex tourism. Offers a holiday recreation centers of Crimea in the company of boys, carefully concealing it a camp for scouts. There is speculation that the boys had not only pose nude, but they also have sex for a fee services. "
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