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  1. 1820 years ago, a girl named Ymir Fritz made a contract with the devil to receive the power of the Titans. When she died, her soul split into 9 separate Titans who built the Eldian Empire.
  3. They used that power to conquer a nation called Marley & almost drove other races to extinction. This lasted for 1700 years until the Great Titan War.
  5. The war began when 145th king of Eldians, King Fritz inherited the Founding Titan & failed to use its power to maintain peace. During this period, Marley somehow captured 7 of the 9 Titan powers 80 years ago, ensuring their victory.
  7. Most of the remaining Eldians retreated to the island of Paradis, led by King Fritz. There they built 3 surrounding walls for protection. A group of Eldians were left behind in Marley & lived as second-class citizens due to their ancestors.
  9. The ‘Eldian Restoration Movement’ has an informant in the Marley government called ‘The Owl’, who has been leading the group from the shadows.
  11. He supplies documents that supposedly refute Marley’s version of history. According to Grisha, Ymir Fritz used the power of the Titans to cultivate the land & bring wealth to the people of the world, not genocide & enslavement.
  13. The Owl also sends a woman named Dina Fritz, who is the last remaining descendant of the royal family. She eventually marries Grisha & they have a son named Zeke, whom Grisha believes is the chosen one due to his royal blood.
  15. The Marley government claims that King Fritz will soon declare war & they plan to recruit select Eldian children to inherit the 7 Titan powers that they possess. The recruits will also be considered ‘honorary Marleyans’. The Owl informs the ERM that this is a cover for Marley to attack Paradis for its resources.
  17. They also learn that Marley has not attacked Paradis in the past because King Fritz had threatened to release millions of Titans from the walls if provoked.
  18. The Founding Titan that was taken to Paradis is crucial to the revivial of Eldia & since their goals line up with Marley i.e. infiltrate the walls & capture the Founding Titan, Grisha enlists his son as a Marley soldier.
  20. Zeke eventually betrays his parents & the ERM to the Marley government & they’re all sent to “paradise”; to roam the island of Paradis as mindless Titans forever.
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