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  1. - Retinal vein occlusion pathophysiology
  2. - Retinitis pigmentosa management
  3. - Visual development
  4. - Bronchiolotis = RSV
  5. - Bronchiolotis Ix = clinical
  6. - Bronchiolitis prognostic indicators - bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  8. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia - Prolonged high oxygen delivery in premature infants causes
  9. necrotizing bronchiolitis and alveolar septal injury, with inflammation and scarring. This
  10. results in hypoxemia. Today, with the advent of surfactant therapy and high frequency
  11. ventilation and oxygen supplementation, infants with BPD experience much milder injury without
  12. necrotizing bronchiolitis or alveolar septal fibrosis. Instead, there are usually uniformly
  13. dilated acini with thin alveolar septa and little or no interstitial fibrosis. It develops most
  14. commonly in the first 4 weeks after birth.
  16. - Bronchiolitis prognostic indicators - why congenital heard disease?
  17. - Acyanotic heart disease - remove 'machinery murmur'
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