Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Part 6)

Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. So, another reptilian creature, one that looked just like Spines huh? Well it certainly isn’t the strangest thing you’d seen in the past few days. However, to Twilight it certainly seems that way. She had an incredible shocked expression, and now that you looked, Spines did too.
  3. “Holy shit!” Twilight screamed. You cringed at her sudden outburst, your ears twitching back, “Spike?! Who the...?”
  5. Okay, so these three clearly knew each other. The conversation continued, as though they didn’t realize you were right there.
  6. “Spike, where were you? And why was she transformed?” Twilight asked, directing a hoof at Spines.
  8. Spike seemed in just as much shock and confusion, “Um, I wasn’t anywhere, I was in some mountains.”
  10. You ran through what you knew so far in your head. So, at least two other ponies, plus Spines, were transformed. At least two are former human males, now females. You are in the world of a cartoon for little girls, and you are a DJ unicorn, and the world seems to be adjusting, not just you.
  12. “What the fuck is going on?!” you scream. At this point, it really doesn’t matter to you if you are locked in a pony insane asylum, because there’s no doubt in your mind you are insane anyway. Everypony stares at you.
  14. “I met two other ponies like me. They were both males on a place called Earth, and they were a kind of creature called a human. I know it sounds crazy, but-”
  16. Twilight cut you off, “Well we kind of assumed that. All of us are that way. Many try to hide it, but we all changed, both in gender and species.”
  18. “That’s not true at all! I was just hired to do a DJ gig for some rave! The dude acted like he was a pony all his life!”
  20. “Some have been here longer than others,” Twilight explained, “Whoever it was might be a ‘veteran pony’ so to speak. What is really confusing though, is Spike and Spines.”
  22. “Why is that?” you ask.
  24. “Well Spines shouldn’t technically exist. Spike should be the only one.”
  26. You think for a moment, “So Spike is supposed to exist, but then instead a human male was turned into a female version of Spike?”
  28. “Yes,” Twilight confirms.
  30. “Yet someone, err, somepony was still turned into Spike.”
  32. “Yes,” she repeats, “what I’ve been trying to figure out is how to make Spines into Spike, but it seems there is already a Spike.”
  34. “So who is Spines?” you ask.
  36. “No idea. Guess that’s what I have to figure out now,” Twilight says, glancing at the two young dragons.
  37. “Well I guess I’ll leave you be, I’m still going to look for a way to be human. You seem pretty used to it, Twilight, but I miss my penis and hands. I want answers,” you tell her, walking out.
  39. “You know, you could talk to Celestia,” she says, stopping you.
  41. “Who?”
  43. “Princess Celestia,” she continues, “she rules Equestria, and I am her student,” Twilight says proudly.
  45. “I don’t know where you were from on Earth Twilight, and I may be losing my mind, but I remember that I can’t just walk up to a person in a position of power,” you sneer.
  47. “No problem,” she says, levitating a pencil and scribbling a note on paper, “Show this to the first royal guard you see and they will take you to Celestia.”
  49. “Thanks Twilight,” you say, heading for the door.
  51. “One more thing!” she calls out, “Have you figured out your magic yet?”
  53. ***
  55. Have you figured out your magic yet? Hell no. At least on Earth horses had hooves and ate vegetables, there was nothing like magic on Earth. Not only would you need to learn to be a different species, but learn to be a species that isn’t supposed to exist. There is no guide for this kind of thing, well, there is in this world, but not where you come from. You are heading back for your house. Maybe a little music research will help clear your mind. You could prepare for Skyline’s party.
  57. Hmm. Skyline. That stallion. Oh, great. You feel your heart race. You need to stop this heat somehow, preferably by changing back to a human male. If anyone would have the answer, it would be Celestia.
  59. You keep walking, when you stop at Skyline’s house. Well, you could stop by and just check up on things, no need to get rutted. Nervously, you walk up to the door and knock. After only a moment, Skyline opens the door.
  61. “Oh, hey Vinyl,” he says. Damn, this was a bad idea. Your lions are burning, and you are so... attracted you feel sick.
  63. “Hey Skyline,” you say, shifting nervously.
  65. “Are you okay?” he asked, genuine concern in his voice.
  67. “Yeah... just feel a little off today is all.”
  69. “Well come inside. You look awful.”
  71. For whatever reason, you take slight offense to that. You know as a dude you would shrug it off as a figure of speech, but you actually kinda cared about your appearance now. Skyline brings you over to a couch and you lay down. Today was incredibly confusing. So much so in fact, you pass out right there.
  73. ***
  75. You wake up and quickly look at the window. The sun was already setting! You scramble off the couch and bump into Skyline.
  77. “How long was I out!?” you ask.
  79. “Only a few hours. I told Octavia you stopped by to talk about the party.”
  81. “Thanks,” you say, “but I need to get going.”
  83. “Do you want dinner or something first? I went to the market earlier today; figured you’d be fine while I was out.”
  85. “No, I’m fine...” you say.
  87. “I insist!” he shouted.
  89. Before you knew it, you were sitting at a table. Well, sort of. You and Skyline were on your haunches, sitting on cushions he laid on the floor. The plate before you had candied carrots, corn, peas, and a generous helping of lettuce. If this was Earth, that lettuce would probably be replaced by steak. Skyline seemed like an incredible cook. The thought of another good thing about him made you sick with lust.
  91. “It looks amazing!” you say, nearly breathless.
  93. “Thanks, I hope I got everything right, this is my first time cooking something other than a quick meal.”
  95. You blush like a the girl you now are. He did all this for you? And it was his first time? Maybe he liked you. Ew. Gross. A dude is attracted to you. You are a dude. Or, was. Not currently. But you will be again, right? The only reason you had lesbian horse sex with Tavi is because you wanted to get out of your heat, and it wasn’t gay to be a dude attracted to a pussy. Dick is not your thing, right?
  97. Well, maybe it is. Not dick specifically, but it did seem like it would be nice to have someone there to hold you and comfort you, especially if they were physically stronger. As a guy, you always had to take care of the girl, but what would it be like to be taken care of by a gentleman? Ack! You mentally shiver as your thoughts creep you out. You were a bro dammit!
  99. The two of you begin eating. You wish you could use your horn, but obviously that won’t happen, so you just eat like Skyline, by dipping your muzzle down to the food. He raises an eyebrow and looks up at you.
  101. “Something wrong with your horn, Vinyl?” he asks.
  103. Oh boy. You hope Twilight was right about all the ponies being former humans.
  105. “I don’t know how. Recently transformed,” you say.
  107. Skyline cringes, “Sorry, it just feels... uncomfortable to mention our previous lives. Nopony else does.”
  109. Thank... Celestia(?) that Twilight was right.
  111. “Sorry.”
  113. “So how is the food?” Skyline asks curiously.
  115. “Really good, actually,” you say.
  117. “You say that like you are surprised,” he teases, letting out a chuckle. Wow he seemed... cute doing that. Ugh.
  119. “So you did this all... for me?” you inquire.
  121. “Well, yeah. I mean, what else could I do for a poor mare feeling bad and stumbling here for shelter?”
  123. You think you are blushing again, “It’s just so sweet Skyline, thanks.”
  125. He notices you shifting uncomfortably as you try to hide any sign of your heat.
  127. “Something wrong, Vinyl?” he asks.
  129. You sigh, “Skyline, I have a problem, and, as much as I should detest the idea, I think you are a pony that can help.”
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