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  1. //Stage 2 - Thrive Lvl 20
  2.  - Ferrous Matrix       /Slowly converts trace elements from the environment into metal. Expensive. Requires Stone, charcoal, glass, and nanites.
  3.  - Improved A.Crystal   /Carefully infused crystal stabalized my metal.
  4.  - Imp. Alchemy Table   /Used for crafting more advanced materials. Can also craft basic alchemy. Crafted using Improved A.Crystal
  5.     - Nanite Matrix         /A new matrix that crafts more nanites
  6.     - Silica Matrix         /Gathers trace materials from the envioronment and transmutes it into silicate.
  7.     - Crystalline Matrix    /Processes trace materials from the environment into pure crystal
  8.     - Prism Matrix          /Produces gems of varying color
  9.     - Improved X Matrix     /Upgrades existing matrixes into a faster version. Works with all Stage 1 matrixes.
  10.     - Silica Pearls         /Can craft silicate into pearls.
  11.     - Black Pearls          /Can craft silicate into black pearls. Requires more nanites.
  12.     - Improved Bacteria
  13.         - Plastine Bacteria     /Used to craft Plastine Vat
  14.         - Achati Bacteria       /Used to craft Cement Vat
  15.     - Plastine Vat          /Synthetic bacteria produce a thick, plastic compound identical to organic polymer.
  16.     - Cement Vat            /Synthetic bacteria produce a thick, hydrophobic paste identical to cementing paste.
  17.  - Bio Forge            /Designed for manipulating bio matter and rewriting DNA.
  18.     - Basic Seeds           /Converts synthetic seeds into each of the vanilla seed variants.
  19.     - Modified Seeds
  20.         - MeatFruit             /Produces a red, meaty fruit. Can be processed into various forms of edible meat.
  21.         - Petranola             /A plant that produces no fruit, but continuously oozes oil.
  22.         - GlowBulb              /Produces a glowing blue fruit that can be processed for angler gel.
  23.  - Obsidian Forge       /A hotter, faster forge capable of smelting stone into obsidian. Fueled by oil.
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