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  1. I'm a new Mac user, so I have a couple of questions to experienced macfags:
  3. 1. Which program can I use as a virtual Machine on Mac that will allow me to boot my Bootcamp partition?
  5. 2. Is there some way to know when windows open in the background? It fucking pisses me off when I'm browsing the internets and some shitty popup pops up under the active window and I realize it hours later.
  7. 3. If I install lots of apps, will my Mac get slowed down, like it happens on Windows? On Windows, I use CCleaner to clean the registry and temp files, is there an equivalent for Mac? Or would it be useless?
  9. 4. Should I install some malware remover? I know Mac don't get viruses is bullshit. I'm sure they get tracking cookies and other internet shit.
  11. 5. Is there an actual reason for the Macbook not having an HDD activity led?
  13. 6. Which one is the best brand of lube if I want to get anal fisted?
  15. Thanks in advance!
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