Pokemon Emerald All Gold Symbols FAQ

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  1. Pokemon Emerald All Gold Symbols FAQ
  3. Q: What are you trying to do?
  4. A: Earn the Gold Symbol from each of the seven facilities at the Battle Frontier from a fresh file without using glitches. Each facility has a unique set of rules and a boss trainer called a Frontier Brain. You must defeat the Frontier Brain once to win the Silver Symbol and twice to win Gold. The Silver battle happens after you win 2-5 consecutive rounds, depending on the facility, and the Gold battle happens after 6-10 rounds. A round consists of seven 3v3 battles (Factory/Tower/Arena/Palace), four 2v2 battles (Dome), or seven rooms with battles and other obstacles such as wild Pokemon (Pyramid/Pike). If you lose or tie a battle, you must restart from the first round of the facility.
  6. Q: What are you playing on?
  7. A: A GameCube using a GameBoy Player.
  9. Q: What is the world record?
  10. A: 19:04:14 by werster. This is the only completed run of this category.
  12. Q: What is your goal?
  13. A: To beat Werster's run. If I can't do that (very possible because of the luck involved), I will still try to finish the run in a single sitting.
  15. Q: This is a long run and I won't be able to watch all of it. What times are best to tune in?
  16. A: I've posted a rough schedule below. The times are estimates that assume no deaths, which is unlikely. A death costs 40-120 minutes.
  18. EVENT                       START TIME (CST)        AVERAGE DEATHS
  19. Start                       7:00 AM                 --
  20. Beat E4/catch Latios        10:05 AM                --
  21. Battle Factory              10:25 AM                0.8
  22. EV training                 12:00 PM                --
  23. Battle Pyramid              2:05 PM                 0.2
  24. Battle Tower                4:45 PM                 1.3
  25. Battle Pike                 6:40 PM                 0.6
  26. Battle Dome                 7:35 PM                 0.2
  27. Battle Arena                8:35 PM                 1.3
  28. Battle Palace               10:25 PM                1.6
  29. Finish                      11:45 PM                -- (total 6 deaths)
  31. Q: Why disallow glitches?
  32. A: You could send a Pokemon with OP glitched moves into the Frontier, making battles less challenging and entertaining.
  34. Q: What Pokemon do you use?
  35. A: For the Frontier, I use Latios, Metagross and Swampert at Level 50. Latios is the best battler you can obtain without trading, as it has excellent stats, an essentially perfect Special sweeper moveset, and good defensive typing. Metagross is the second-best Pokemon you can obtain, and it complements Latios well with its typing and powerful physical moveset. Swampert is used for the majority of the main game, and it complements the other two very well with its typing and mixed moveset.
  37. For the main game, I catch Rayquaza to defeat the Elite Four, as using Swampert there would level it past 50. I want my Pokemon to be Level 50 for the Frontier because if you enter at Levels 51-59, the opposing Pokemon will be Level 60, and leveling to 60 takes too long. I also catch Wingull or Swablu as a Fly slave, Marill as a Rock Smash/Waterfall/Dive slave, and Abra for Teleport.
  39. Q: What movesets and held items will Latios/Metagross/Swampert have?
  40. A: See the chart below.
  42. POKEMON     HELD ITEM       MOVESET                                             NOTES
  43. Latios      Lum Berry       Psychic/Thunderbolt/Dragon Claw/Calm Mind           Calm Mind is deleted for Palace
  44. Metagross   Choice Band     Meteor Mash/Earthquake/Shadow Ball/Explosion        Brick Break over Explosion for Pyramid
  45.                                                                                 Shadow Ball and Explosion are deleted for Palace
  46. Swampert    Leftovers       Surf/Earthquake/Ice Beam/Protect                    Rock Slide over Protect for Arena and Palace
  48. Q: What about their stats?
  49. A: All three Pokemon are RNG manipulated for high IVs and the ideal nature. They are also EV trained optimally by fighting specific wild Pokemon and trainers. This is time-consuming but worthwhile in the end, as suboptimal stats can lead to Frontier deaths that cost hours.
  51. The EV spreads are offensive. Speed isn't maxed because it's more efficient to aim for certain Speed thresholds (e.g., 81 beats base 60s with 0 EVs such as Lapras), then put the rest of the EVs into HP and defenses.
  53. POKEMON     NATURE      IV SPREAD               EV SPREAD               L50 STATS
  54. Latios      Modest      29/21/15/31/23/29       20/0/4/252/4/228        157/94/93/200/127/158
  55. Metagross   Adamant     27/25/29/11/28/31       44/252/0/0/0/212        159/202/149/94/109/117
  56. Swampert    Brave       17/31/31/25/22/23       100/132/28/140/0/108    181/161/114/120/106/81
  58. Q: How do you RNG manipulate stats?
  59. A: When you soft reset the game (A+B+Start+Select), the RNG counter is set to 0. It then advances once per frame (1 second = 60 frames), with a few predictable exceptions. If you select an event Pokemon such as Mudkip or Beldum on, say, RNG frame 550, its stats will be the same regardless of the actions performed before the selection. So you simply need to figure out how much time it takes to reach RNG frame 550. Let's say that time is 9.17 seconds. You'd start a timer with the offset -9.17 at the same time you soft reset. Then you'd press A when the timer reaches 0.00. This is difficult if you're aiming for a single frame, which I do for all three Pokemon, but you can retry until you succeed.
  61. Q: How do each of the facilities work?
  62. A: The more consecutive rounds you win, the stronger the opposing Pokemon are. In round 1 you'll usually see Pokemon like Aron and Mudkip. In round 2 you'll see Lairon and Marshtomp. Round 3 is also Lairon/Marshtomp, but with Earthquake instead of weaker moves. In rounds 4-7 you'll see Aggron and Swampert, with progressively better moves. In rounds 8-10, you'll see any of the Aggrons/Swamperts from the previous rounds, as well as non-Uber legendaries such as Zapdos and Suicune. The seventh battle of each round typically includes Pokemon you'll see in the next round (so battle #7 is effectively round 2, battle #14 is round 3, etc.)
  64. The IVs also increase with each round as follows:
  66. ROUND       IV (battles 1-6)    IVs (battle 7)
  67. 1           3                   6
  68. 2           3 or 6              9
  69. 3           6 or 9              12
  70. 4           9 or 12             15
  71. 5           12 or 15            18
  72. 6           15 or 18            21
  73. 7           18 or 21            31
  74. 8           21 or 31            31
  76. I've written FAQs for each of the facilities, which are listed below.
  78. Battle Factory FAQ:
  79. Battle Pyramid FAQ:
  80. Battle Tower FAQ:
  81. Battle Pike FAQ:
  82. Battle Dome FAQ:
  83. Battle Arena FAQ:
  84. Battle Palace FAQ:
  86. Q: What will your run do differently than Werster's?
  87. A: The main change is I'll be using an Excel spreadsheet to assist me in Frontier battles. When an opposing trainer sends out a Pokemon, I'll type the trainer's name and the Pokemon into the spreadsheet, and it will tell me what to do (use Calm Mind once, use Psychic twice, switch to Metagross, etc.). This skips the enormously time-consuming task of memorizing strategies for all 884 Pokemon at the Frontier. The trainer's name is useful because each trainer has their own unique pool of Pokemon, and many trainers have only one variant of a Pokemon. If I face a Gengar in the later rounds and don't know the trainer name and their unique pool, I won't know which of the eight Gengar variants I'm facing, and my decision-making will be severely hindered.
  89. I also have a pre-Frontier route that saves 2-4 minutes by skipping some inefficient trainer battles.
  91. (Credit to Werster for a few of the explanations in these FAQs)
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