The iDOLM@STER General - Upcoming Events and Merchandise

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  1. The iDOLM@STER General - Upcoming Events and Merchandise:
  4. April 4th to May 31st: Theater Days Snickers collaboration
  7. May 28th, 9:30 PM JST: Cinderella Girls Theater stream:
  8. May 29th: MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 17 Star Elements
  9. May 30th: U149 volume 5
  10. June 11th, 7:30PM JST: Theater Days 2nd Pre-Anniversary stream:
  11. June 12th: SHINY COLORS FR@GMENT WING 03
  12. June 15th/16th: Cinderella Girls Producer Kanshasai 2019
  13. June 22nd: SideM and Shiny Colors VAs @Lantis Festival
  14. June 22nd: Cinderella Girls Theater Buddyfight collaboration
  15. June 23rd: Million Live VAs @Lantis Festival
  16. June 26th: Cinderella Girls Theater S4 BD1, MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 18 765PRO ALLSTARS
  17. June 28th: Theater Days Dress Up Collection book, After20 volume 3
  18. June 29th: Blooming Clover volume 5
  19. June 29th/30th: Million Live 6thLIVE TOUR UNI-ON@IR Fairy STATION @Marine Messe Fukuoka
  20. June 29th: Million Live! ~HARMONY FESTIVAL!!~ begins
  21. June 29th to July 15th: Theater Days 2nd Anniversary in Akihabara
  22. July 3rd: Brand New Song volume 2, Theater Days 4koma Compilation volume 1, Million Live Magazine Plus volume 1, Million Live Road to Stage volume 3
  23. July 10th: SHINY COLORS FR@GMENT WING 04
  24. July 13th: CINDERELLA REAL PARTY 06
  25. July 17th, 8:30PM JST: SideM 5th Anniversary "Because of You!!!!!" stream
  26. July 31st: PRODUCER MEETING 2018 BDs
  27. August 18th: SHINY COLORS Summer Party @Pacifico Yokohama
  28. August 19th: SideM @Animelo Summer Live 2019
  29. August 21st: SHINY COLORS FR@GMENT WING 05
  30. August 22nd to September 29th: Cinderella Girls Theater Ani-On Cafe returns
  31. September 11th: SHINY COLORS FR@GMENT WING 06
  33. Please reply to the OP of the thread if you'd like something to be added or changed. Including links to information would be appreciated.
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