The iDOLM@STER General - Upcoming Events and Merchandise

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  1. The iDOLM@STER General - Upcoming Events and Merchandise:
  4. September 30th to October 21st: SideM Tales collab rerun
  5. October 3rd to 30th: Shiny Colors GSC x animate cafe
  6. September 3rd to January 13th: Cinderella Girls SCRAP collaboration round 2 @Tokyo Mystery Circus
  9. October 15th to January 30th: Cinderella Girls Mercari collab
  10. October 16th, 8PM JST: Theater Days Korean stream with Julia/Tsumugi's VAs:
  11. October 16th, 9:30PM JST: Theater Days Chinese stream with Julia/Tsumugi's VAs:
  12. October 19th/20th: Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival @Tokyo Dome
  13. October 23rd: SideM Best Game 2 CD, STARLIGHT MASTER 33 Starry-Go-Round, STARLIGHT MASTER for the NEXT! 01 True Colors
  14. October 27th, 12PM JST: Million Live VAs @Lantis Festival 2019 rebroadcast on TV Asahi
  15. October 27th, 6PM JST: Shiny Colors 1.5th Anniversary Producer Kanshasai:
  16. October 30th: Million Live THE@TER CHALLENGE 01
  17. November 6th: STARLIGHT MASTER COLLABORATION! Mujuuryoku Shuttle, SideM Producer Meeting 2019 @MAKUHARI BDs
  18. November 9th/10th: Cinderella Girls 7thLIVE TOUR Funky Dancing @NAGOYA
  19. November 13th: Shiny Colors 1stLIVE BDs
  20. November 17th: MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 16/17 release event
  21. November 23rd: SideM PRODUCER MEETING 2019 BDs release event
  22. November 27th, 9PM JST: SideM "Because of You!!!!!" fall stream:
  23. November ???: Cinderella Girls "comic cosmic" CD release
  24. December 7th: MUSIC ON THE RADIO Public Recording
  25. January 17th to February 16th (11AM to 8PM JST): Million Live "Memories of UNI-ON@IR!!!!" @Tokyo Anime Center in DNP Plaza
  26. January 19th: Theater Days Kanshasai 2019~2020 @Maihama Amphitheater
  27. January 22nd: Million Live 6thLIVE TOUR UNI-ON@IR!!!! Angel STATION @Xebio Arena Sendai BDs
  28. February 15th/16th: Cinderella Girls 7thLIVE TOUR Glowing Rock! @OSAKA
  29. Feburary 19th: Million Live 6thLIVE TOUR UNI-ON@IR!!!! Princess STATION @World Memorial Hall Kobe BDs
  30. February 29th: Million Live One Night Cruise Welcome!! Aboard @Pacific Venus
  31. February ???: Million Live 6thLIVE Official Costume Book and Vest Pouch
  32. February ???: Kotoha Tanaka bridal figure
  33. March 7th/8th: SM PRODUCER MEETING 2020 "PRESENT FOR 315@MBITIOUS!!!!!" @Musashino Forest Sport Plaza Main Arena
  34. March 18th: Million Live 6thLIVE TOUR UNI-ON@IR!!!! Fairy STATION @Marine Messe Fukuoka BDs
  35. May 13th: Million Live 6thLIVE TOUR UNI-ON@IR!!!! SPECIAL @Saitama Super Arena BDs
  36. May 23rd/24th: Million Live 7thLIVE @Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest
  38. Please reply to the OP of the thread if you'd like something to be added or changed. Including links to information would be appreciated.
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