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The iDOLM@STER General - Upcoming Events and Merchandise

Jalexster Nov 24th, 2016 (edited) 9,903 Never
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  1. The iDOLM@STER General - Upcoming Events and Merchandise:
  3. December 5th: SideM WakeMini! MUSIC COLLECTION 02, SideM WORLD TRE@SURE 05
  4. December 5th to January 6th: The iDOLM@STER -M@STER's FESTA 2018- @Animate stores
  5. December 5th to January 6th: The iDOLM@STER -M@STER's ONLY SHOP 2018- @Animate stores
  6. December 9th: Million Live CARD VISUAL COLLECTION NEXT STAGE volume 2/3
  7. December 9th: U149 volume 4 release event @AKIHABARA
  8. December 10th, 8PM JST: Shiny Colors ALSTROEMERIA Christmas stream
  9. December 10th: Cinderella Girls x Tales of the Rays collaboration with Uzuki/Ranko
  10. December 11th, 8PM JST: Deresute NIGHT x24:
  11. December 12th, 8:30PM JST: Theater Days Thank You Live stream:
  12. December 12th: STARLIGHT MASTER 24 Trinity Field
  13. December 13th: Cinderella Girls SCRAP collaboration begins @Tokyo Mystery Circus
  14. December 15th: Million Live @LisAni Taiwan
  15. December 16th, 1:45PM JST: Cinderella Girls @Cygames Fes 2018
  16. December 17th, 7PM JST: Deremas Channel with Mio
  18. December 26th: MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 12 D/Zeal
  19. December 27th: Blooming Clover volume 4, Million Live New Years 2019 postcards
  20. December 28th: After20 volume 2
  21. December 30th: Million Live THE@TER BOOST 02 release event
  22. December ??? to January ???: Cinderella Girls Brilliant Party! in Osaka
  23. January 9th: SideM 3rdLIVE TOUR @SENDAI BDs
  24. January 20th: U149 volume 4 release event @ANIMATE
  25. January 26th: SideM @LisAni
  26. January 27th: Million Live @LisAni
  27. January 30th: 765PRO ALLSTARS LIVE Hatsuboshi Enbu BDs
  28. February 6th: SideM WORLD TRE@SURE 06
  29. February 9th: Million Live THE@TER BOOST 03 release event
  30. February 20th: SideM 3rdLIVE TOUR @FUKUOKA BDs
  31. February 22nd: SideM Struggle Heart volume 1
  32. Spring 2019: CINDERELLA MASTER 052/053/054
  33. March 9th/10th: SHINY COLORS 1stLIVE
  34. March 15th/16th/17th: SideM Producer Meeting 2019 @MAKUHARI
  35. March 22nd: SideM WakeMini OVA in Dengeki Maoh
  36. March 27th: SideM 3rdLIVE TOUR @SHIZUOKA BDs
  37. April 27th/28th: Million Live 6thLIVE <Angel> @Xebio Arena Sendai
  38. April ???: Cinderella Girls Theater CLIMAX SEASON
  39. May 11th/12th: SideM 4th STAGE ~TRE@SURE GATE~ @SSA
  40. May 18th/19th: Million Live 6thLIVE <Princess> @World Memorial Hall Kobe
  41. Summer 2019: Starlight Stage 3rd Anniversary Live Sound Booth @Green Dome Maebashi BDs
  42. June 22nd: SideM and Shiny Colors VAs @Lantis Festival
  43. June 23rd: Million Live VAs @Lantis Festival
  44. June 29th/30th: Million Live 6thLIVE <Fairy> @Marine Messe Fukuoka
  46. Please reply to the OP of the thread if you'd like something to be added or changed. Including links to information would be appreciated.
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