Community Code Chat, 06-14-2012

Jun 14th, 2012
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  1. Jun 14 12:04:27 <DeadSuperHero> Welcome to this week's Community Code Chat, everybody!
  2. Jun 14 12:04:51 <DeadSuperHero> I'd like to do things a little differently this week by taking some questions at the beginning of the Code Chat this time around.
  3. Jun 14 12:05:02 <DeadSuperHero> So, if anybody has any questions, feel free to bring them up!
  4. Jun 14 12:05:06 <pants_> Cool
  5. Jun 14 12:05:14 <DeadSuperHero> diasp, hfase johpunk offSchub s0dafire
  6. Jun 14 12:05:16 <DeadSuperHero> :3
  7. Jun 14 12:05:30 <DeadSuperHero> Oh, an TakinOver
  8. Jun 14 12:05:33 <DeadSuperHero> *and
  9. Jun 14 12:05:43 <DeadSuperHero> Any questions, folks?
  10. Jun 14 12:07:05 <s0dafire> hmmm... not yet
  11. Jun 14 12:07:14 <DeadSuperHero> If not, I'll get started, and we can spend a little time at the end to cover questions as well.
  12. Jun 14 12:07:19 <DeadSuperHero> :)
  13. Jun 14 12:07:43 <DeadSuperHero> So, first thing to focus on is the awesome amount of development the community has been helping out with.
  14. Jun 14 12:08:20 * AndChat|87561 (~AndChat87@2600:1004:b001:de2b::103) has joined #diaspora-meeting
  15. Jun 14 12:08:32 <DeadSuperHero> We've had a few contributors really help out recently with our upgrade to the latest version of Rails,
  16. Jun 14 12:08:45 <DeadSuperHero> Our codebase is now up to Rails 3.2.6, thanks to the help of StevenH
  17. Jun 14 12:09:26 <DeadSuperHero> Likewise, we've had some improvements to RSpec, and we've even had help from a Friendica community member with a quick federation fix.
  18. Jun 14 12:09:46 <DeadSuperHero> Another great community initiative in the works is dealing with documentation.
  19. Jun 14 12:10:08 <DeadSuperHero> You may have read about it on the DevBlog, but I'm working with community members to help improve the state of the docs
  20. Jun 14 12:10:17 <DeadSuperHero> via a volunteer community documentation team.
  21. Jun 14 12:10:42 <DeadSuperHero> We're having discussions on how to improve the wiki, dealing with everything from the way it's laid out, to the information it contains.
  22. Jun 14 12:11:18 <DeadSuperHero> I want to make sure that the guides are up-to-date, and that the information our wiki already contains is as helpful as possible to anyone setting up a pod.
  23. Jun 14 12:11:53 <DeadSuperHero> we currently have a few proposals on the wiki here:
  24. Jun 14 12:12:33 <DeadSuperHero> Community members and podmins that want to pitch in and help are more than welcome to. I'm sure there are some great tips and tricks we could add to install guides to help people deal with many different configurations.
  25. Jun 14 12:12:50 <TakinOver> I have a question: has there been any thought to finding a way to migrate pistos-fork pods to the current d code?
  26. Jun 14 12:13:05 <DeadSuperHero> TakinOver, in theory it might not be too hard to write a migration.
  27. Jun 14 12:13:29 <DeadSuperHero> I think most of the database stuff could easily be migrated, in theory.
  28. Jun 14 12:13:38 <DeadSuperHero> It's just a matter of generating a good migration.
  29. Jun 14 12:14:01 <DeadSuperHero> If you want, I can try looking into that. :)
  30. Jun 14 12:15:01 <DeadSuperHero> I don't think the Diaspora-Pistos code actually deviates too far from the main stuff, as far as user data and database tables go.
  31. Jun 14 12:15:40 <DeadSuperHero> Partially related, I'm also working on a new round of screencasts.
  32. Jun 14 12:15:51 <TakinOver> That would be great. That way, DP podmins will have another option besides shut down or rebuild from scratch.
  33. Jun 14 12:15:52 <AndChat|87561> Is the federation change work still going? That branch hasnt seen commits for awhile
  34. Jun 14 12:16:14 <DeadSuperHero> AndChat|87561, at the moment, not much has been done with the heavy lifting.
  35. Jun 14 12:16:36 * AndChat|87561 is now known as jeremyjh
  36. Jun 14 12:17:04 <DeadSuperHero> Doing heavy rewrites for federation takes time, and as our UX is currently evolving, we want to get all the main features of pods bolted down before we federate new objects every direction outwards.
  37. Jun 14 12:17:31 <DeadSuperHero> That being said, federation is important to us. We're just taking our time to make sure we do the job right.
  38. Jun 14 12:18:09 <jeremyjh> I would like to see RSS feeds for public tags, but don't want to do something that would become moot soon
  39. Jun 14 12:18:43 <DeadSuperHero> Yeah, I think something like that could be totally useful, especially if you wanted to show something similar to Twitter's "trending" topics.
  40. Jun 14 12:18:58 <DeadSuperHero> At least for embedding on a page.
  41. Jun 14 12:19:00 * raven24 ( has joined #diaspora-meeting
  42. Jun 14 12:19:03 <s0dafire> Is there any chance that posts markings as community-posts, tag-post, aspect-post ect. ever come back?
  43. Jun 14 12:19:13 <jeremyjh> Yes along those lines
  44. Jun 14 12:19:23 * JanKusanagi ( has joined #diaspora-meeting
  45. Jun 14 12:19:32 <jeremyjh> It occurred to me though that federation changes might accomplish the same thing
  46. Jun 14 12:19:38 <DeadSuperHero> s0dafire, while those features were really cool, the code for them is currently deprecated
  47. Jun 14 12:19:50 <jeremyjh> Really I just want to be able to follow public tags on remote pods
  48. Jun 14 12:20:01 <DeadSuperHero> It'd take a little bit of elbow grease to get them working again, and I'm not really sure it currently fits in to our new designs.
  49. Jun 14 12:20:20 <DeadSuperHero> That being said, I wouldn't write out s0dafire 's suggestion completely.
  50. Jun 14 12:20:31 <DeadSuperHero> jeremyjh, totally understand.
  51. Jun 14 12:20:52 <DeadSuperHero> As far as core development goes right now, we're working on stripping out unnecessary cruft from our codebase.
  52. Jun 14 12:21:03 <DeadSuperHero> Removing unused gems, unnecessary controllers, etc etc.
  53. Jun 14 12:21:12 <jeremyjh> So if I want to work on that, just exposing public tags as RSS should I open a feature request in Github?
  54. Jun 14 12:21:13 <DeadSuperHero> We want to make our system leaner and cleaner.
  55. Jun 14 12:21:37 <DeadSuperHero> jeremyjh, if you'd like to work on that, the best place to approach would probably be diaspora-dev or diaspora-discuss mailing lists.
  56. Jun 14 12:21:48 <jeremyjh> Ok
  57. Jun 14 12:21:53 <DeadSuperHero> It's always useful to let community members know you're working on a feature. You never know when someone else might want to help out with it.
  58. Jun 14 12:22:02 <DeadSuperHero> :)
  59. Jun 14 12:22:34 <hfase> :)
  60. Jun 14 12:22:44 <jeremyjh> Yes exactly, or might know the same thing will be accomplished differently
  61. Jun 14 12:22:52 <DeadSuperHero> Right.
  62. Jun 14 12:22:56 <DeadSuperHero> Also, on the side: I'm working on a new round of screencasts to help newcoming developers and podmins.
  63. Jun 14 12:23:09 <DeadSuperHero> Currently, I have two things I want to focus on: the testing suites, and deploying a pod quickly to Heroku
  64. Jun 14 12:23:21 <DeadSuperHero> That being said, I would love some community suggestions for any screencasts people would like to see.
  65. Jun 14 12:23:50 <DeadSuperHero> If it's helpful for enough people, I'd like to try and cover it, and explain how to do things step-by-step.
  66. Jun 14 12:23:55 * ErkanYilmaz ( has joined #diaspora-meeting
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  69. Jun 14 12:24:32 * Erkan_Yilmaz (~ErkanYilm@wikimedia/Erkan-Yilmaz) has joined #diaspora-meeting
  70. Jun 14 12:25:05 <DeadSuperHero> So any suggestions would be awesome.
  71. Jun 14 12:25:46 <jeremyjh> Question with regard to heroku as you mentioned, is postgres fully supported now? The wiki still says it is not
  72. Jun 14 12:26:03 <DeadSuperHero> jeremyjh, I'm pretty sure we support postgres out of the box...
  73. Jun 14 12:26:21 <DeadSuperHero> That being said, this sounds like a good opportunity to test it out, and clean up any docs to make sure. :)
  74. Jun 14 12:26:28 * DeadSuperHero adds to to-do list
  75. Jun 14 12:26:57 <jeremyjh> Yeah I know people are using it, but I don't know if travis tests it
  76. Jun 14 12:27:12 <raven24> it does
  77. Jun 14 12:27:18 <jeremyjh> Ok cool
  78. Jun 14 12:27:20 <DeadSuperHero> :)
  79. Jun 14 12:27:54 <raven24>!/diaspora/diaspora .. look for "DB=postgres"
  80. Jun 14 12:27:56 <raven24> ;)
  81. Jun 14 12:28:33 <DeadSuperHero> Also, another community thing.
  82. Jun 14 12:28:42 <DeadSuperHero> We still have quite a few bugs sitting in our BMM pile.
  83. Jun 14 12:29:12 <DeadSuperHero> Some of them are relatively small, some of them not so much
  84. Jun 14 12:29:21 <DeadSuperHero> but we always appreciate when people help us out with squashing them.
  85. Jun 14 12:29:25 * [JT] (~JT]@2001:470:e885:0:65e1:75a4:d247:733) has joined #diaspora-meeting
  86. Jun 14 12:30:00 <jeremyjh> Thanks for mentioning that - I wasn't quite sure how to go about that. So if I want to work on a BMM bug should I respond to the issue ticket in Github?
  87. Jun 14 12:30:04 <DeadSuperHero> We have a couple of doozies in this week's, which can be seen here:
  88. Jun 14 12:30:19 <DeadSuperHero> For dealing with that, you can do it in multiple ways. The easiest being to just leave a comment on the blog.
  89. Jun 14 12:30:30 <jeremyjh> Ok
  90. Jun 14 12:30:40 <DeadSuperHero> Really, if you just mention it in your pull request, I'll do my best to cross it off the list.
  91. Jun 14 12:31:19 <DeadSuperHero> It's actually kind of funny, as the issues tracker for bugs is growing ever shorter, thanks to the community's help. ;)
  92. Jun 14 12:31:25 <DeadSuperHero> #GoodProblemsToHave
  93. Jun 14 12:33:06 <DeadSuperHero> We also still have a wishlist of features that we'd love to have some community help and input on, which can be seen here:
  94. Jun 14 12:33:42 <DeadSuperHero> That list is slowly but surely being worked through as well. ;)
  95. Jun 14 12:34:36 <DeadSuperHero> Anyway, that about covers the main points I wanted to bring up at this week's meeting, but I'd like to again address any questions anyone here might have.
  96. Jun 14 12:35:08 <raven24> I guess you already covered the doc cleanup...
  97. Jun 14 12:35:11 <raven24> :)
  98. Jun 14 12:35:25 <raven24> how is it going with that?
  99. Jun 14 12:35:39 <hfase> I can't think of anything. maybe next week haha
  100. Jun 14 12:35:44 <DeadSuperHero> Slowly, but surely. Right now, it's a matter of talking to different podmins, getting input, and seeing what they need.
  101. Jun 14 12:36:03 * s0dafire ( has left #diaspora-meeting
  102. Jun 14 12:36:09 <DeadSuperHero> hfase drew a mind-map of how to better organize the wiki, and I think that merits a discussion in and of itself soon.
  103. Jun 14 12:36:20 <raven24> yeah, I saw that ... nice
  104. Jun 14 12:36:21 <DeadSuperHero> How to take it further, etc etc.
  105. Jun 14 12:36:43 <DeadSuperHero> But really, the goal of improving the way it's laid out is to make it even less sprawling than it already is.
  106. Jun 14 12:36:50 <raven24> have we figured out if we want to facilitate a system like stackoverflow?
  107. Jun 14 12:37:10 <DeadSuperHero> Not yet, but I've been looking into it.
  108. Jun 14 12:37:23 <hfase> yeah my main thinking with that is people get scared at the sheer amount of info there, just making it easier to navigate would even help i think
  109. Jun 14 12:37:24 <DeadSuperHero> It looks like to be a featured community on SO, you need to have enough questions and responses.
  110. Jun 14 12:37:48 <DeadSuperHero> They have like a pre-community phase, and after you have enough contributions, you get bumped up.
  111. Jun 14 12:37:53 <jeremyjh> Yeah though you can beta without so much, but not sure we could even beta
  112. Jun 14 12:38:12 <hfase> shapado LOL
  113. Jun 14 12:38:18 <DeadSuperHero> Ugh.
  114. Jun 14 12:38:37 <DeadSuperHero> Yeah, if we were to do SO, we wouldn't want it to quite be like Shapado or GetSatisfaction.
  115. Jun 14 12:38:53 <DeadSuperHero> GS turned out to be not-so-great due to the overflow of feature requests. :3
  116. Jun 14 12:38:56 * offSchub is now known as DenSchub
  117. Jun 14 12:39:22 <raven24> as for the wiki, has a more feature-rich software been considered? mediawiki or similar
  118. Jun 14 12:39:23 <raven24> ...
  119. Jun 14 12:39:30 <DeadSuperHero> I've thought about it.
  120. Jun 14 12:39:38 <raven24> I think we could really use templates and custom formatting
  121. Jun 14 12:39:41 <TakinOver> GS also felt foreign. I had to force myself to go there.
  122. Jun 14 12:39:53 <jeremyjh> SO is really only for Q&A; they don't want questions that don't have a correct answer
  123. Jun 14 12:39:56 <DeadSuperHero> The thing to keep in mind is that, if we go with another wiki, that's another service or hosted software that we're going to have to manage.
  124. Jun 14 12:40:18 <raven24> yeah...
  125. Jun 14 12:40:22 <DeadSuperHero> While I'm all for something more robust and useful, from MoinMoin to MediaWiki
  126. Jun 14 12:40:37 <DeadSuperHero> It's an investment of extra time, effort, and bandwidth.
  127. Jun 14 12:40:55 <hfase> that is if it relies on dynamic pages though, octopress could whip up some awesome github pages
  128. Jun 14 12:41:01 <DeadSuperHero> I'm certainly not against it, but it does raise the question of "Well, which one do we choose, where do we host it, and how do we do it?"
  129. Jun 14 12:41:11 <DeadSuperHero> hfase, true story.
  130. Jun 14 12:41:51 <hfase> would need a new "theme" for somthing like that though, but that is not that hard to do
  131. Jun 14 12:42:00 <DeadSuperHero> Nah, it's really not even a problem there.
  132. Jun 14 12:42:21 <DeadSuperHero> I guess, at the moment, it's really convenient to have the wiki on GitHub, due to the fact that it's right there with everything centered on development.
  133. Jun 14 12:42:32 <DeadSuperHero> But I agree that the wiki is somewhat limited in what it can do.
  134. Jun 14 12:42:33 <hfase> I agree
  135. Jun 14 12:42:35 <jeremyjh> Yup
  136. Jun 14 12:42:56 <jeremyjh> Tools and process can be a giant time sink
  137. Jun 14 12:43:02 <DeadSuperHero> Unfortunately.
  138. Jun 14 12:43:30 <DeadSuperHero> I guess what really needs to be discussed with it is
  139. Jun 14 12:43:44 <DeadSuperHero> "Does the current wiki serve its needs efficiently?"
  140. Jun 14 12:44:00 <DeadSuperHero> "If not, what should we do?"
  141. Jun 14 12:44:06 <DeadSuperHero> Two things to think about.
  142. Jun 14 12:44:11 <raven24> we can add that to the doc brainstorming list
  143. Jun 14 12:44:14 <hfase> I think it does to a point
  144. Jun 14 12:44:27 <DeadSuperHero> raven24, definitely
  145. Jun 14 12:44:50 <DeadSuperHero> And I think it does serve its needs for the most part, but we can all admit that it falls short in some way.
  146. Jun 14 12:45:12 <DeadSuperHero> It's just a matter of determining whether the wiki can scale out to handle that much more extra information being put into it without becoming sprawling.
  147. Jun 14 12:45:39 <raven24> yeah, but apart from that, we need a place for that 'extra documentation'
  148. Jun 14 12:45:40 <jeremyjh> Well all that said it is definitely very useful now. I was able to install my pod and get it working with other pods entirely from the wiki
  149. Jun 14 12:45:44 <hfase> The only thing I think would be better is maybe some javascript menus or somthing to help navigate the sections
  150. Jun 14 12:45:44 <raven24> otherwise it might get lost
  151. Jun 14 12:46:08 <DeadSuperHero> raven24, I agree.
  152. Jun 14 12:46:20 <DeadSuperHero> These are all really good suggestions though. :)
  153. Jun 14 12:46:32 <DeadSuperHero> At least worth taking consideration for.
  154. Jun 14 12:46:43 <raven24> moar brainz
  155. Jun 14 12:46:59 <DeadSuperHero> MOAR moar brainz.
  156. Jun 14 12:47:06 <hfase> but really, if it is just organized a little better the standard github wiki should work fine i think.
  157. Jun 14 12:47:17 <DeadSuperHero> Yeah.
  158. Jun 14 12:47:42 <DeadSuperHero> Plus, all the bells and whistles of github kind of makes life easier.
  159. Jun 14 12:48:17 <DeadSuperHero> Any other questions?
  160. Jun 14 12:48:58 <hfase> None here :) I appreciate the chat!
  161. Jun 14 12:49:26 <DeadSuperHero> No problem, hfase ! :)
  162. Jun 14 12:50:02 * jeremyjh has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
  163. Jun 14 12:50:04 <DeadSuperHero> Anyone else?
  164. Jun 14 12:50:12 <raven24> nope ;)
  165. Jun 14 12:50:28 <DeadSuperHero> Alrighty then! :)
  166. Jun 14 12:50:37 <DeadSuperHero> In that case, thank you everyone for coming this week.
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