Gathering Seed (short) (RGRE) (Zecora/Anon) [clop]

Dec 14th, 2016
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  1. > Be Anon, no longer riding the elevator to work
  2. > No, instead you are standing on some stone column as a small zebra in a mask dances around a fire
  3. "What the fuck."
  4. > Its head whips towards you
  5. > "Hallowed poo, a talking statue!"
  6. > You are clearly dealing with a magic zebra here
  7. > Female, by the sound of her voice
  8. > You look down at yourself
  9. > Grey slacks and jacket, black tie, normal formal wear for the company you work at
  10. > You look back at the wary zebra
  11. "Uh, hi. My name is Anonymous, and I am not a statue."
  12. > She bows slightly
  13. > "I am called Zecora but could you answer me, are you truly a Lord of fertility?"
  14. "Lord of fertility? I'm just a data entry clerk."
  15. > She takes off her mask, shaking out her mane a bit
  16. > Zecora licks her lips
  17. > "From the tales I hear, hiyumans are fertile every season of the year."
  18. "Well, yes that is true."
  19. > She smiles at you
  20. > "Truthfully, I did not expect the rite to succeed, but now that it has, may I have your seed? For mares whose loins lack motion, they would drink your potion."
  21. > What words of wisdom would your father have for you?
  22. > 'Is she hot?'
  23. > You eye that rump
  24. > 'Is this a scam?'
  25. > Doesn't seem like it
  26. > 'Are you gay?'
  27. "So, am I going to be masturbating into a cup or what?"
  28. > She grins
  29. > "So strong and hale, the heart of this male. It is as you think, let us go to the sink."
  30. > You hop off the plinth and follow her swaying hips
  31. > Aren't horse butts supposed to be weird?
  32. > This one is just so.... shapely
  33. > Zecora leads you to a cozy little hut inside of a tree, reminding you of the Book of Three
  34. > Shit, now she has you rhyming
  35. > She somehow grabs a wooden cup with her hoof and sets it before you, watching with hungry eyes
  36. > Well, you've done weirder things on a dare
  37. > You unzip your pants, pulling your hard dick through the slit in your boxers
  38. > She gasps
  39. > "Is it already December, to see such a gift of a member?"
  40. > It's not that amazing, is it?
  41. > Whatever, you have a job to do
  42. > You begin fapping immediately, eyeing Zecora's rump
  43. > Hmm, not a good angle
  44. "Hey, could you show me you butt? That'd help with getting me going."
  45. > She blushes, her tail swishing back and forth
  46. > "If it would help you get in the mood, I shall obey anything lewd."
  47. > She turns her backside towards you, jiggling just the slightest bit
  48. > Goddamn
  49. > You have to brace yourself against the table as you stroke faster and faster
  50. > Zecora bites her lip, her eyes wide and fixed on your cock
  51. > Her tail twitches up and drapes across her back
  52. > That's no moon, that's a fully operational docking station
  53. > Your hips buck, your cum splattering into the cup
  54. > At the same time, her fully exposed pussy convulses, glistening with arousal
  55. > You fire off a few more shots, then wipe the last of the cum off on the rim of the cup
  56. > It takes a few moments to get your breath back, while the zebra approaches
  57. > "It seems like such a waste, would it be alright if I had a taste?"
  58. > Hot
  59. "Yeah, go for it."
  60. > She ignores the cup, her mouth closing around your dick
  61. "F-fuck!"
  62. > She jerks back, your cock popping out of her mouth, eyes wide in alarm
  63. > "What is wrong, did you injure your prong?"
  64. > You shake your head ruefully
  65. "Sorry, I'm still a little sensitive down there, and you surprised me. You can, um, continue if you like."
  66. > Zecora tilts her head, then nods
  67. > "If you do not object, I shall continue to inspect."
  68. > She goes more slowly this time, engulfing your member in her muzzle, her tongue languid and velvety along your length
  69. > You groan in pleasure, growing hard again
  70. > She hums happily, the vibrations doing wonders for your erection
  71. "Mmmm, keep going, you wonderful zebra."
  72. > Zecora smiles around your cock, then starts bobbing and sucking at it, her tongue writhing
  73. > You exhale hard, your hands going to her head, eager to keep the pleasurable mouth in motion
  74. > She's so warm and wet, sucking and slurping at you
  75. > You clutch at her mane as a wave of pleasure flows through you
  76. > You're getting pretty close, your hips bucking as you thrust into her welcoming mouth
  77. > Then she starts humming again, and it's all too much
  78. > You groan as you cum again, twitching and thrusting against her tongue as it milks your dick
  79. > She gazes at you in wonderment, her throat greedily swallowing your seed
  80. > The stimulation on your dick is almost painful, by the time she finally stops sucking
  81. > Zecora licks her lips, wearing a smug smile
  82. > "What greater treasure, than a colt wracked with pleasure. Like this, every day shall be, if you live with me."
  83. > Hells yes
  84. "I'm looking forward to it."
  85. > And that's how you became a zebra's househusband
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