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  1. A goldwood battle shortbow is a short bow type weapon.
  2. A goldwood battle shortbow trains the bow skill.
  4. The battle shortbow is well (9/17) designed for improving the force of your attacks.
  6. You are certain that the shortbow is very well (10/17) balanced and is very well (10/17) suited for adding attack power from its draw strength.
  7. The shortbow appears set for a draw strength that is exceptionally high (7/8) for a bow of this type.
  8. The shortbow does not appear to have an adjustable draw strength.
  10. You are certain that the battle shortbow is of average construction (9/18), and is in pristine condition (98-100%).
  12. It appears that the battle shortbow can be slung over one shoulder.
  13. You are certain that the battle shortbow weighs exactly 58 stones.
  14. You are certain that the battle shortbow is worth exactly 249,562 Kronars.
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