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  1. Please be advised that all meetings of the Management Council start at 2:30 p.m. in Conference Room C.
  3. At the last session of the Management Council, you directed me to make arrangements for the next three meetings.  You asked me to arrange speakers, and the general topic we decided upon was that of personnel selection.
  5. I have engaged three speakers on that general topic.  The first is Norman J. Withers, from ABC Consultants.  He will speak February 20 on the topic of “Job Specifications.”  Cynthia D. Seaman, Ph.D., Weber State University, is the next speaker.  She will speak on the topic of “The Interviewing Process,” and her date is March 28.  The last date we scheduled is April 30.  The speaker for that session is Erick Basil, from Smith & Burney, Inc.  The title of his talk is “Reference Checking.”
  7. If for some reason you cannot attend any of these meetings, you must call me before February 15.  If you will recall, we also voted to include outside guests at these last three sessions.  So, if you would like to invite anyone, tell me the names so I can send him an invitation.  Hope you like these speakers.
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