Mary Skelter ~Days Before Imprisonment Tale~ Chapter 6

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  1.      Red Hood did not know when and where she was born.
  2.      By the time she was aware of her surroundings, she was already in Dawn's laboratory with Dawn members, including the Professor, raising her. According to the Professor, when she was still unable to properly speak at the age of four, she suddenly said "Why are your ears so big, Granny?", but she herself didn't even remember that.
  3.      However, while she had never responded to any name they used to call her before, at that same moment she called herself "Red Hood," and so she had been called by that name since then.
  4.      When Dawn took Red Hood into their protection, her body and growth state looked to be around two-years-old. For that reason, the day the late Major picked her up was decided to be her second birthday.
  5.      Now, eight years had passed since then.
  7. ***
  9. "Happy tenth birthday, Red Hood!"
  10. "Thank you everyone! Pfffuu~"
  11.      As she blew the small candles on top of her birthday cake, clapping sounds came from the surrounding adults.
  12. "Hey, can I eat this?"
  13. "Of course. We made it for you."
  14. "Yay! Miko, you're the best! Thanks for the cake!"
  15.      The light-pink cake that Red Hood bit into happily is, as expected, not a real cake. In these times, eggs had become valuable goods, and items like sugar and milk had become extremely hard to obtain, so it was nothing more than a pseudo-cake made with obtainable items such as water and wheat flour. At that point, wheat cultivation had finally stabilized after many years had passed.
  16. "So sweeeeet. Deliciooouuus."
  17.      Red Hood smiled widely, being able to eat something that she rarely gets to eat. However, the girl who made the cake frowned  at and looked away from Red Hood's smile.
  18.      Her name was Miko, a girl who wore glasses and a doctor's coat. She was an eighteen-years-old girl who showed great promise, participating in medical treatments as a member of the relief squad while studying about Jail and Märchen from the Professor.
  19.      There was reason why Miko looked away from Red Hood's smile. It was because she knew what was used in the pseudo-cake. After all, she was the one who made it.
  20.      There was no sugar in it, how could it be sweet?
  21.      Thinking that, Miko became unable to look straight at Red Hood's smile.
  22. On the other hand, the Professor who was pleasantly watching Red Hood eating the cake, started to speak after deciding it was the right timing.
  23. "Red Hood, there's another present we got for you today."
  24. "Really!? What is it!?"
  25. "Bring it here, Haru."
  26. "M'kaay."
  27.      This "Haru" was a thirty-year-old man with an unkempt hair and an eye patch on his right eye. He was employed at Dawn's reorganized maitenance division. He was entrusted with a personal maintenance office due to his high technical abilities. Despite his brusque personality and mean expression, he was not a bad person in the slightest.
  28. "Here, Red Hood."
  29. "...What's this?"
  30.      Red Hood tore the package Haru gave her in excitement. What was wrapped inside was...
  31. "Whoa... huge scissors...!"
  32.      Red Hood held the pair of scissors as large as herself and began opening and closing it, making snipping sounds. It was a black pair of scissors with white blades.
  33. "That pair of scissors is a weapon that Haru made for you, Red Hood. With that, you should be able to more easily defeat a lot of Märchen now."
  34.      Her eyes opened wide at the Professor's words.
  35.      Märchen. The bad guys who captured people and tortured them. The enemies that I need to defeat, she thought.
  36. "Professor, I want to hurry up and use this!"
  37. "Calm down, it doesn't have to be today, does it?"
  38. "Nope, today! Right now!"
  39.      The Professor had already explained what the Märchen were and why they were forced to live underground to her, as well as the task that she needed to do.
  40.      Defeat the Märchen, spill their blood to make the tower grow, so it would eventually break through the membrane covering the town, allowing them to escape to the surface.
  41.      Red Hood accepted what she heard obediently. That's right, I was born to put an end to the Märchen. Such thoughts came to her mind naturally.
  42. "Calm down. That thing's still a prototype. I'm gonna need to do some refinements here and there as you use it, m'kay?"
  43. "Then I just have to use it plenty, right?"
  44.      Being able to defeat a lot of Märchen even more easily than before. Hearing that, Red Hood could feel her blood boil.  This is no time to be eating cakes, she thought.
  45.      The Professor let out a troubled sigh over Red Hood's excitement in trying out the scissors, and so he raised an idea.
  46. "It can't be helped... Let us go to the aquarium then. It should be fine there as long as you don't go in too deep."
  47.      There was originally an aquarium in the town, but Jail had also infected it. The Märchen inside were originally fishes, so most of them were quite small and not very adept at ground maneuvers. Investigations had confirmed that the large ones and the ones with good ground movement only existed deep inside. It was not a very threatening place.
  48. "Haru, choose some people from the Self-Warning Force and have them go with her."
  49. "Yeah, 'kay..."
  50. "Father, can I really go!?"
  51. "Yes. But you must listen to what Haru says. Don't go too far inside. If you encounter a large Märchen or a Nightmare, don't force yourself, just run away. And also..."
  52. "Don't fight the Snark, right? I got it!"
  53.      Snark, the unidentified monster that annihilated Dawn's original members five years prior. The Professor raised a hypothesis that it might be the Märchen's leader, and taught her strictly that she must not try to fight it if she happened to encounter it. Even the Bloodkind Girls are no match for the Snark, he thought.
  54. "Go and be careful. Remember that you are our precious daughter."
  55. "Okay! I'm going now!"
  56. "Hold up, you Stupid Hood! He just told you to listen to what I say, didn't he?"
  57. "I'm not stupid! Let goo!"
  58.      He caught her as she was about to start running and dragged her by the back of her neck, then he went to the room next door, in order to choose the members to go to the dungeon.
  59.      Miko, who remained in the room, spoke to the Professor coldly.
  60. "Is it not too soon? If she really were our 'precious daughter,' perhaps we should have waited a bit more."
  61. "I understand your point. But we have no other options. In order for humanity to escape from this prison, all we can do is to borrow their powers..."
  62.      As the Professor dragged his right leg, holding a cane to support himself, he swiped his front hair and touched his wounded right eye. Both of those were wounds he received during his escape from the prison tower.
  63. "So after Red Hood, that girl will be next then?"
  64. "Yes. Eventually, we might find the third and the fourth one, but for now..."
  65.      As he said that, both of them shifted their focus to the door leading to the inner part of the laboratory.
  67. ***
  69. "Eight... Nine... Ten!"
  70.      As soon as she entered the aquarium, Red Hood swung her large scissors and cut through the fish Märchen one after another.
  71. "Ahahahaha! This is amazing!"
  72.      The scissors split the Märchen's bodies with extreme ease. They were only small Märchen, but the scissors' strength was  exhibited clearly. The blood spurting out of the Märchen's body stuck to Red Hood's body again and again, and each time, her eyes turned pink.
  73.      She licked the blood on her cheek, which caused her face to be filled with ecstasy.
  74.      The Märchen's blood tasted sweet.
  75. "Hey, don't go to deep, okay?"
  76. "I know... Huh?"
  77.      Red Hood stopped her reply to Haru, who was standing near the entrance, as she strained her ears towards the inner part of the passage.
  78. "Someone's here!"
  79.      She ran with all her might towards the direction of the voice she heard.
  80. "Hey, wait! Come back, Red Hood!"
  81.      She ignored him and kept running even further inside.
  82. "I can hear it... It's definitely a human's voice!"
  83.      Then, at the end of the passageway, there was a room.
  84.      The whole room was dyed pink with the blood spurting out of Märchen.
  85.      In the middle of the room, a dozen of M-sized human-fish fusion Märchen were ganging up on a collapsed young girl.
  86. "Stop iiiit!"
  87.      Red Hood leapt at the band of Märchen and swung her scissors.
  88.      One, two, three... She killed the Märchen one by one, but their number was too much, and she began to receive damage herself. At this rate, she'll be defeated.
  89.      Right as she thought that, a large amount of blood gushed out after she decapitated a Märchen, soaking Red Hood's body.
  90. "Ah..."
  91.      Her heart pulsed a single large thump.
  92.      Then, her eyes began to shine pink.
  93.      At the same time, her hair turned white as if it lost its pigments, then she grew wolf ears from her head and tail from her waist, both also shone pink.
  94. "...Aha! Ahahahahaha! Ahhhahah! Die die die!"
  95.      With a smile of insanity, Red Hood began to swing her scissors with a terrific force she had never exhibited before. A single swing dismembered the Märchen's limbs into pieces, cut them apart from head to waist, and scattered blood, innards, and death all over.
  96.      A short while after she defeated every single Märchen, her wolf ears and tail vanished, and her eyes and hair returned to their original color.
  97.      After regaining her composure, she ran towards the collapsed girl.
  98. "Hey! You alright?"
  99.      She lifted the girl who collapsed on the face up in her arms.
  100. "Wha...!?"
  101.      Her surprise was understandable.
  102.      Since the girl was also soaked in Märchen blood, it was difficult to notice from afar, but...
  103.      The frail eyes of the girl who looked back at Red Hood, was shining pink.
  104.      Her hair was completely white, and her legs that extended from under her tattered clothes were covered in scales that resembled a fish'.
  105. "It hurts... It really hurts..."
  106.      The girl pleaded with a blurred voice. It seemed like the blood that covered her was not just the Märchen's blood. She herself had received plenty of wounds from the Märchen and was bleeding.
  107. "It... It's alright! We'll go home quick, and Miko will fix you up!"
  108.      Red Hood had plenty of questions, but she determined that it was not the time for that. She carried the girls as gently as possible and started to walk.
  109.      The girl innocently asked Red Hood a question as she was being carried.
  110. "Sis... who... are you...?
  111. "I'm Red Hood. And you are?"
  112.      Delighted at being called "Sis," Red Hood replied to her in as gentle a voice as she can let out.
  113.      The girl tilted her head, as if she didn't know her own name.
  114.      But then, as if she just suddenly remembered, she replied.
  115. "I... I am... Little Mermaid..."
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