Anonfilly Summons a Tentacle Beast (Foalcon, Clop, Oneshot)

Mar 9th, 2017
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  1. >You went through a lot when you first landed in Canterlot as a unicorn filly.
  2. >After copious amounts of running, swearing and scolding you were taken in by a unicorn couple.
  3. >Once you had managed to settle down in your new life, you found out you were really good at magic.
  4. >You got turned into a tiny girl horse, but the magic makes up for it.
  5. >You’re apparently pretty good at it.
  6. >You eventually got used to your new form.
  7. >Except for one thing.
  8. >Becoming a filly meant getting fillybits.
  9. >And right now those fillybits are doing their best to make your life a living hell.
  10. >You flinch as your pussy winks again, exposing your hot insides to the world.
  11. >You read through the spellbook in front of you faster.
  12. >There’s got to be some kind of spell to deal with this.
  13. >You’ve been told it’s normal to just find a colt and use an anti-pregnancy spell.
  14. >But fuck that.
  15. >You aren’t going to let a colt near you like that.
  16. >A colt with a big, throbbing horsecock that could easily end your suffering…
  17. >You groan as your clit pops out again.
  18. >You need to find a spell for this before you actually do go out and get a colt.
  19. >Even if you don’t know any colts.
  20. >Or very many fillies.
  21. >...Shut up, you’ve been busy with studying.
  22. >And speaking of studying, you have a spell to find!
  23. >You snuck this book out of the adult section of the library.
  24. >It has spells all about sex and love and anything relating to those things.
  25. >If there isn’t a spell in this book to help you, there won’t be one.
  26. >Giant cock, always wet marehood, hypersensitivity...
  27. >Useless to you.
  28. >Fertility spell?
  29. >Dear god no.
  30. >Want-it-need-it?
  31. >Might be fun to learn later.
  32. >Heat-be-gone?
  33. “Spell for mares in heat... yadda yadda… will deal with the effects of heat for a year… perfect!”
  34. >You knew there’d be a spell to deal with it!
  36. “Let’s see… huh, not that difficult. Just need to draw a few runes on the ground and stand between them.”
  37. >You wonder why this spell isn’t more popular to deal with heat?
  38. >Whatever, you just need to get this spell ready now.
  39. >Several hours later you’re finally done.
  40. >You snuck into the basement to draw out all these runes for the spell.
  41. >You had to be very careful with drawing them.
  42. >One small mistake could have huge consequences.
  43. >Your fillyhood didn’t help you at all during this process.
  44. >The constant winks and the burning sensation in your nethers made it hard to concentrate.
  45. >The inside of your thighs are covered in your femcum.
  46. >But soon you won’t have to worry about heat anymore.
  47. >You won’t have a burning void inside you begging to be filled.
  48. >You won’t feel the need to have a colt climb on your back, push you to the ground and jam his-
  49. >Gah, time for the spell!
  50. >You walk between all the runes and light up your horn.
  51. >You flow a bit of magic into the nearest rune and start charging the spell.
  52. >Once the rune has filled with magic, it quickly jumps to the rest of the runes.
  53. >It only takes a few seconds for the spell to be ready to be finished.
  54. >With one last burst of energy you cast the spell.
  55. >There is a bright flash of light that causes you to close your eyes.
  56. >The burning in you is still there, so your heat isn’t gone yet.
  57. >You didn’t screw up the spell, did you?
  58. >You open your eyes a look to see if anything has changed.
  59. >The runes are still glowing, so something must have happened.
  60. >But what?
  61. >You start to look around when you notice something just below your head.
  62. >A flower?
  63. >Why the fuck is there a flow-
  64. “Gah!”
  65. >The flower cuts you off by squirting a cloud of dust into your face.
  67. >You cough as the powder gets into your throat.
  68. >What kind of spell is this!?
  69. >As you try to clear your throat, you feel yourself heating up more and more.
  70. >You let out a moan as your pussy clenches tight in need.
  71. >Oh god, your heat is getting even worse!
  72. >You try to take a few steps back, but can’t seem to move your hooves.
  73. >You look down and see vines wrapping around your hooves.
  74. “What the fuck?”
  75. >They wrap your hooves even tighter as they start to climb up your legs.
  76. >This can’t be what this spell does.
  77. >It can’t summon a tentacle monster!
  78. >It was supposed to get rid of your heat!
  79. >You try to pull away from the vines, but they have you held tight.
  80. >The vines covering your back legs creep further up and you feel them rub against the wet parts of your thighs.
  81. >You can’t help but moan at the contact.
  82. “Oh god.”
  83. >That’s what it meant by getting rid of your heat.
  84. >You can’t be in heat if you’re pregnant!
  85. >You need to get this thing off of you!
  86. >You start to charge up your horn to escape.
  87. >It seems to have expected this as one of the vines whips out and wraps around your horn.
  88. >You moan as a bolt of pleasure runs through your body.
  89. >Your pussy winks again at the pleasure.
  90. >You have to get out of here!
  91. >You start to pull even harder at the vines and try thrashing around.
  92. >The vines have you held tight, and you can do little more than wiggle in their grasp.
  93. >One of the vines finishes its journey up your hind legs and brushes against your vulva.
  94. >You wink in response as another groan escapes your lips.
  95. “Let go of me you - Mmgh!”
  96. >A vine quickly shoves its way into your mouth and cuts you off.
  97. >You reflexively try to cast another spell, but the vine on your horn twists around it, causing you to shudder and moan again.
  98. >The vine has some kind of sweet liquid coating it.
  99. >It tastes kinda nice…
  100. >No!
  101. >There’s some kind of aphrodisiac on the vine.
  102. >You have to get it out of you!
  104. >You bite down on the vine, but it has a sponge like texture that just squishes as you bite.
  105. >A flood of the aphrodisiac is expelled from the vine.
  106. >Your jaw slowly relaxes as the liquid enters your mouth and you swallow it down.
  107. >Why were you trying to bite it again?
  108. >It just wants to help you with your heat.
  109. >You should really get more of it.
  110. >You start to suck on the vine, trying to get more of that tasty liquid in your body.
  111. >Heat starts to pool in your stomach before moving backwards towards your fillybits.
  112. >The vine back there runs over your mound again, pleasure coursing through your body.
  113. >You’re winking near constantly now, and the need to be filled is overwhelming.
  114. >You hump against the vine as best you can, but it stays just out of reaching, teasing your burning nethers.
  115. >You whine against the vine in your mouth and start running your tongue over it.
  116. >Maybe if you does this it will fill that void in you?
  117. >The vines surrounding you start moving and you feel yourself lifted off the ground.
  118. >They turn you so you are leaning back, your underside exposed.
  119. >Still the vines at your nethers just brush against you, causing the burning to grow stronger and stronger.
  120. >The vines turn you so you are pointed towards what look like a giant flower bud.
  121. >The vines pull you closer and the bud opens up.
  122. >What you see makes your eyes widen.
  123. >There in the middle of the flower is a huge tentacle, easy three times as large as all the vines.
  124. >You get pulled closer and closer to that monster.
  125. >Your pussy clenches in want.
  126. >You want that beast inside you.
  127. >You need that beast inside you!
  128. >The creature seems to have the same idea as you are pulled right up against that tentacle.
  129. >The side of it grinds into your cunt, driving more moans out of your stuffed mouth.
  130. >Please, just put it in!
  132. >Two small vines rise up from the base of the tentacle.
  133. >They have small suction cups on them and they move until they are hovering over your belly.
  134. >They quickly dart down and latch themselves onto your teats.
  135. >You scream in pleasure as they start pulling and twisting your teats.
  136. >Your cunt burns with desire, your clit almost constantly winking.
  137. >Why won’t this thing fuck you?
  138. >Why won’t it-
  139. >You shriek as an orgasm rips through your body as you are impaled on the tentacle.
  140. >Your pussy squeezes as hard as it can, trying to pull the tentacle even further in you.
  141. >The creature doesn’t care at all, and the tentacle continues to piston in you as you cum.
  142. >You eventually come down from your high, but the pleasure does not end.
  143. >The tentacle is filling your tight little pussy, stretching it to the limit.
  144. >You don’t feel any pain despite just having your hymen torn and your cunt stretched so wide for the first time.
  145. >All you can feel is pleasure as the tentacle continues to piston in you.
  146. >You are so concentrated on the tentacle fucking you that you almost don’t notice pressure on your backdoor.
  147. >A second later another tentacle push through into your ass.
  148. >All you can feel is ecstasy at this point.
  149. >All the tentacles ramming into your body pushes you into another orgasm.
  150. >As you cum a second time, another suction cup vine lashes out and clamps onto your clit as it winks out.
  151. >You shriek once more as a third orgasm hits you.
  152. >You are in a state of constant pleasure.
  153. >You soon feel the tentacles start to swell inside you.
  154. >Yes!
  155. >They’re going to breed you!
  156. >You moan and try to beg it for more, but the vine in your mouth stops you from saying anything more than muffled moans.
  158. >They piston into you a few more times before they push themselves in as far as they can without hurting you.
  159. >They hold themselves in you and pulse a few times before finally spewing forth their bounty.
  160. >You greedily gulp down the cum that flows into your mouth.
  161. >Every time the tentacle in your pussy pulses and fires another shot of its life giving fluid, you feel it impact the entrance to your womb.
  162. >It almost feels like it’s being shot straight into your womb!
  163. >Alas, all good things must come to an end.
  164. >The flow eventually slows down and the tentacles pull themselves from your body.
  165. >The vines gently lay you on the ground as you softly moan, fluids dripping from your holes..
  166. >You reach your forehooves forward and rub your bloated belly.
  167. >With all the cream pumped into you, it looks like you’re already several months pregnant.
  168. >You barely notice as the vines all pull back to the flower before slowly fading away.
  169. >You just lie there, a deep sense of satisfaction flowing through you.
  170. >Your nethers aren’t burning in need anymore.
  171. >The spell did what it said it would.
  172. >It got rid of your heat.
  173. >You idly wonder what sort of creature you’ll give birth to?
  174. >Is it going to be a pony, or some kind of plant creature?
  175. >It doesn’t really matter.
  176. >Either way, you know what you’ll be doing again next year.
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