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  1. >故事舞台是倫敦。
  2. The story is set in London.
  3. >龍既不是虛構也不是生物的存在。
  4. Dragons are not fictional but they're also not living creatures.
  5. >表倫敦的人看不到龍,能夠看到龍的只有生活在裏倫敦的人。
  6. People on Surface London cannot see dragons, the ones who can see dragons are those who live in Inner London
  7. >傳說歐洲的72%的死因是由於龍引起的。暴亂的龍會帶傷害人類。
  8. Legend says that 72% of deaths in Europe are caused by dragons. Rioting dragons will bring harm to humanity.
  9. >所以管理控制保護龍就是裏倫敦住民的工作,為此成立的組織是WB。
  10. So it's the job of Inner London residents to manage, control, and protect the dragons. The organization established for this purpose is WB.
  11. >黑髮女主表世界是普通的高中生,喜歡穿制服、媚日、沒去過日本給自己起了個日本名字,手機鈴聲是龍珠劇情介紹。
  12. The black hair female MC on the surface world is a normal highschooler, likes wearing uniforms, likes Japan/Japanese things, has never been to Japan but gave herself a Japanese name. Her phone ringtone is the intro of Dragonball.
  13. >男主是女主青梅竹馬喜歡女主,但女主並不理睬男主。
  14. Male MC is the female MC's childhood friend and likes her, but the female MC ignores him.
  15. >男主偶然看到進入電話亭消失的女主。
  16. Male MC accidentally saw the female MC walk into a telephone booth and disappear.
  17. 一直惦記著女主的胖次。
  18. Always thinks about female MC's panties.
  19. >龍不僅僅是危害,同時還是資源。
  20. Dragons are not only a danger, but they're also a resource.
  21. >而能夠於龍接觸的只有魔女和魔法使。女主表世界是高中生,裏倫敦是一等保護官。
  22. Only witches and magicians can come into contact with dragons. The female MC is a highschooler on the surface world, but in Inner London she's a first class protection officer.
  23. >纖維龍 雷電龍 礦石龍甚至還有食用的龍。故事的這一天女主和金毛是“收穫”的工作,去採集養殖的龍資源。
  24. Fiber dragons, electricity dragons, ore dragons, and even dragons meant for eating. One day in the story the female MC and blondie are doing "havesting" work, gathering dragon resources
  25. >途中接到報告有黑龍出現表倫敦。工作變為退治。
  26. On the way they get news that a black dragon appeared on Surface London. Their job changes to extermination.
  27. >黑龍:與人類接觸接受了人類負面感情的龍,智商會變高會人類的語言會危害人類。
  28. 黑龍在表世界需要附在死去的生物上。
  29. Black dragon: After coming into contact with humans, it is a dragon that has received nagative emotions from people. It has higher intelligence, knows human language, and will harm people. Black dragons in the surface world need to possess a living creature that has died.
  30. >出現在表倫敦的黑龍是男主的基友大哥哥和寵物狗。
  31. The black dragon that appeared in Surface London is the male MC's close friend (older brother figure) and pet dog.
  32. >原來7歲時基友為了救男主已經死掉、那時候就被龍附身了。寵物狗是男主兩個月前撿到的,那時候已經死了。
  33. It turns out that when the guy was 7 years old, he died to save male MC, and it was that time that he got possessed by the dragon. The pet dog was found by the male MC two months ago, and it was already dead at that time.
  34. >寵物狗吸收的是男主想看女主胖次的負面感情。大哥哥龍的目的是吃掉魔女長生不了。
  35. The negative emotions that the pet dog absorbed was the male MC wanting to see the female MC's panties. The reason for the close friend dragon is to eat witches and to not let them live long.
  36. >男主看不到龍,但是看到金毛妹子有危險奮不顧身的衝了上去救了金毛。
  37. Male MC cannot see dragons, but he saw the blond girl in danger and went to save the blond.
  38. >基友:看到新妹子就動心了、你不是喜歡女主嗎! ?
  39. Close friend: You see a new girl and you're already tempted, didn't you love the female MC!?
  40. >男主:我不是為了她,而是為了你。這十年來和我一起玩的是你,看到朋友殺人怎麼會無動於衷。
  41. Male MC: I'm not doing this because of her, but because of you. These past ten years you're the one who have always played with me. When seeing a friend killing someone how can I be indifferent?
  42. >基友說你傻了吧。
  43. The close friend says you must be stupid.
  44. >女主出現、說男主有點帥,然後毫不留情的滅了基友了。
  45. The female MC appears, says the male MC was a little cool, and then ruthlessly wipes out the close friend.
  46. >非魔女和魔法使與龍接觸是要死刑的。但是男主因長時間與龍接觸被龍附身、已經是龍了 是保護對象、在保護官的職責內接受管理不會被殺。
  47. Non-witches and non-magicians who come into contact with dragons are supposed to get the death penalty. But because the male MC who has spent a long time being in contact with dragons and possessed by dragons, is already a dragon. He's thus a target to be protected, and is within a protection officer's obligations to be managed and not killed.
  48. >附身男主的是寵物狗黑龍、負面感情是想看女主的胖次。
  49. The one that possessed the male MC is the pet dog black dragon, and the negative emotion is wanting to see the female MC's panties.
  50. >這裡是屍魂界·西部枝局。而世界不會終結———
  51. This is the western branch of Soul Society. And the world will not end------
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