Sep 12th, 2019
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  1. I wanted to draw about
  2. our walks, my dear
  3. with your favorite pastel paint
  4. but I can't sketch such
  5. tiny steps on concrete,
  6. nor your lean body doing
  7. a joyful polka
  8. by the sidewalk
  10. I tried to sing, too
  11. with a giddy guitar
  12. and my tone-deaf voice
  13. but all the notes I hum
  14. never captured the
  15. light laughs, minute musings
  16. and all those little things
  17. two talking hearts made
  18. only reaching four earlobes
  20. I also, desperately
  21. tried to act and reenact
  22. every detail my forgetful
  23. mind could remember
  24. and failed yet again-
  25. no great a thespian could
  26. ever mimic the subtlety sublime
  27. scenes of Tristan and Isolde
  28. traversing the urban jungles
  29. with nothing but naive love
  30. and worn rubber soles
  32. I tried everything, my dear
  33. I really did
  34. but I made this poem
  35. hoping you would read it
  36. even if we've come
  37. too far apart from
  38. the crossroad
  39. we never expected
  40. to pass,
  41. might it lead me
  42. back to your side
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