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Jun 10th, 2012
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  1. 1 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 03:05:04 AM
  2. Welcome to your Court! You may and your future additions may freely chat with each other here while alive.
  4. You will pick up to 4 new members the first Night, and the Court will operate until less than 3 of you remain.
  6. 2 chocolatepi Thu May 24 2012 06:14:59 AM
  7. The King has made his selections for new Court members. See the game log for more details.
  9. The Court will now vote to kill a target every even Night; double click the Court vote grid to place your official votes.
  11. 2 Menace Thu May 24 2012 06:19:44 AM
  12. I knight thee all members of mine Court. Let us discuss.
  14. 3 Menace Thu May 24 2012 06:20:07 AM
  15. (Also you faggots better not be scum.)
  17. 4 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:26:05 AM
  18. I'm town, at least. The rest, who fucking knows.. On the plus side, at least Kai is townfirmed, even if he's going to die tomorrow night. Also means the coven is probably retarded. Why would they shoot people that he mentioned protecting? In before Striker Lee was actually scum, and protected Kai from the coven kill so he wasn't given away. #StrikerLogic
  20. 5 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:29:30 AM
  21. Shame you didn't pick Dhulli. I don't see what could possibly go wrong with Jwlk on court.
  23. 6 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:31:10 AM
  24. Pretty happy I decided against picking Kai, yeah. That's one bullet dodged.
  26. 7 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:34:12 AM
  27. Well. It's also one less possibility for scum on the court, though. He was pretty much 100% town in my eyes, more than most day ones tend to be. We only kill every other night, so scumhunting within the court isn't as vital as it was in previous setups. We're realistically masons. If any of you are lovers, speak up, though. That's good information to have, now that cupid protection kicks in. And no, Menace, you aren't one of the lovers.
  29. 8 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:36:53 AM
  32. 9 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:40:23 AM
  33. On the plus side, since you aren't exactly a high priority scum NK target (unless we're EW-infiltrated, which I doubt, because of how stupid the coven kill was, and I don't think anyone on the court is stupid), you don't need to pull any crazy gambits to survive.
  35. 10 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:41:26 AM
  36. Also, uh... I might be wrong, Eido, but I don't see Cupid on the role list. I don't even see anything Lover related.
  38. 11 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:42:07 AM
  39. ...uh. Huh.
  41. 12 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:43:38 AM
  42. Yeeeah. Okay then. No lovers this game.
  44. 13 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:44:40 AM
  45. Damn it. I was hoping I'd picked the Bishop Lover.
  47. 14 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:45:15 AM
  48. Also, I'm contemplating claiming, both in here, and then if you guys like my plan, in the game thread. ._.
  50. 15 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:46:43 AM
  51. Go for it, broseph. It's lonely being the only revealed player in here.
  53. 16 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:49:02 AM
  54. I'm the fanatic, town.
  56. Trying to decide if it's worth a use of the priest check to give me an extra life or not. If the priest stays alive, just refreshing my extra life any time the coven tries to kill me would be sort of hilarious.
  58. 17 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:50:33 AM
  59. I viewed revealing as not being an awful move, because... they either have to shoot someone that might have an extra life, and isn't a power role regardless, or shoot people who aren't as active and obvious-town.
  61. 18 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:53:02 AM
  62. Eh... To be honest, I doubt the Priest check goes through before the Coven kill, because then your plan would be broken as fuck, and thus you'd probably get ganked the very next Night Phase. I suppose you could claim that the Priest took the hint yesterday and gave you an extra life, but it'd be risky...
  64. Also, don't downplay your role too much. Kai didn't get much of a chance to put his extra life to use last game, but when you /do/ manage to get an extra life somewhere down the line, your role will become extremely powerful as long as the Priest is alive and there aren't any scum!Wizard shenanigans.
  66. 19 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:53:46 AM
  67. I'd ask to be protected tonight, obviously. Since Kai was last night. That's the thing. :D
  69. 20 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 08:55:02 AM
  70. It's probably overall a net loss in resource use, though. Just wanted to discuss it here a bit.
  72. 21 Menace Thu May 24 2012 08:58:29 AM
  73. Right, right. Though do you really want to trust your life in StrikerLee's hands? :P
  75. It's definitely a solid plan, and could be very useful for diverting Coven attention away from town as a whole while they're doing their best to get rid of you so you don't pull a Pokemafia.
  77. Er, now that I think about it... Is there a limit to the amount of lives you can get through Priest checks? Or could we just siphon you lives all game until the Priest dies?
  79. 22 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:00:18 AM
  80. Uhh. I honestly don't know, but that's probably a waste of resources unless... we want to rely on priest and bishop both surviving past the halfway point?
  82. 23 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:04:15 AM
  83. Confirmed with Chocolate Pi that I'd survive if I were priest checked and NK'd tonight. I'd lose my life, but.. yeah.
  85. 24 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:04:25 AM
  86. I feel like it would be a good way of allowing the regular townies to scumhunt unmolested, which would probably more than enough to sniff out scum with the way their first kill paints them to be. Also, if they fuck up somewhere along the line and go after someone else rather than you, that's one more life they'll have to waste an NK on later.
  88. Depends on how you look at it, I suppose. I trust town to be able to handle the bulk of the hunting if we can manage to divert Coven attention like that.
  90. 25 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:05:04 AM
  91. ... Huh. That seems pretty damn OP, and makes their lives a lot harder if we do this.
  93. 26 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:05:56 AM
  94. The tradeoff is that it's a waste of a valuable resource (priest check).
  96. 27 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:07:46 AM
  97. Of course. But if town gets a few NK free days out of it to put in work... well. Priest checks become a lot less crucial, especially if we can keep the Bishop alive until mid-game.
  99. 28 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:08:28 AM
  100. And it also relies on the priest actually believing that I'm town, and deciding that the benefits outweigh the possible risk of me being one of the junior witches.
  102. 29 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:08:54 AM
  103. Oh man... wouldn't spy fanatic kind of break the game?
  105. 30 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:09:56 AM
  106. Not any more than spy!Survivor or spy!Gambler/Recluse, depending on the night.
  108. 31 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:10:50 AM
  109. Well, I mean. I'd just claim spy fanatic day one?
  111. 32 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:12:38 AM
  112. But that's just a hypothetical - I'm a villager, etc, etc.
  114. 33 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:12:38 AM
  115. Meh. No teammates to back you up in this version. And like I said, town!Fanatic is just as dangerous to scum if we can get a steady rhythm of checks going.
  117. 34 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:14:05 AM
  118. Just have to ask if people are willing to accept that I'm town, and not a JW looking to accumulate an extra life or two (I wouldn't give me more than two lives, I don't think?) and waste a resource.
  120. 35 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:18:33 AM
  121. If the Coven is going after you hard, I see no reason to keep giving you lives. Their funeral, etc. etc. But yeah, after two if Coven hasn't gone after you, we'll stop.
  123. 36 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:19:05 AM
  124. Er, no reason *not* to keep giving you lives.
  126. 37 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:21:01 AM
  127. Well, if they aren't going after me as I get them, that means they're probably saving me for end game, or until they think priest is dead. I'd be pretty okay with them leaving me aive until last, and hoping to outnumber me or be 1v1 at the end. But that's where the trust comes in. It'd be awfully easy for scum to try and paint me as a JW, and uh... this probably is the kind of plan I'd do as a JW, if I'm being honest.
  129. 38 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:24:08 AM
  130. I realize this, which is why I don't want you to have more then two/three lives at any given time. At this point though, I'm pretty confident if you /are/ a JW that we'd be able to take care of you if it came to that through Wizard/Vigilante/etc.
  132. Unless the Wizard and Vigilante both are your JW buddies... D:
  134. 39 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:26:47 AM
  135. Oh god. Welp.
  137. HI STOJIL.
  139. 40 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:27:03 AM
  140. And Kai as the fucking priest.
  142. 41 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:28:25 AM
  143. Well done, Scum King. I should have fucking known, when he said he was alright with me, for once. That he didn't want me blasting back at him.
  145. 42 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:29:00 AM
  146. Son of a bitch. I came THIS close to not picking him. All my rage. ;_;
  148. 43 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:29:59 AM
  149. At least we're not dealing with two Court deaths. Though if we're gonna go through with your plan we're gonna wanna do it quick fast and in a hurry.
  151. 44 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:38:18 AM
  152. Shame you didn't pick Kai over Stojil. We could have had him claim Fanatic and ask priest to spam check him, while feeding the court the real check info.
  154. 45 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 09:51:26 AM
  155. Sure assfucks the plan we spent like 40 posts discussing, but Kai should give me an extra life on his way out the door tonight, at least.
  157. 46 Menace Thu May 24 2012 09:58:02 AM
  158. Mhm. Out of all the roles he could have been... Ah well.
  160. Also, Sesc, get the hell in here. We have shiz to discuss.
  162. 47 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 10:20:40 AM
  163. Watch this be the game Sesc breaks his 'always town' streak
  165. 48 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:07:14 PM
  166. So... I see no reason not to reveal the full court in the main thread, once the Acolyte chimes in to verify it.
  168. Gives people a townfirm in Menace, at the very least.
  170. 49 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:16:37 PM
  171. Don't have a problem with that, I suppose.
  173. 50 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:24:46 PM
  174. Hnng. Not sure if I like Castiel or not.
  176. 51 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:27:40 PM
  177. Hm.
  179. I think Kai's reading my mind, and might give me a couple lives.
  181. 52 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:30:38 PM
  182. 'S a possibility. I dunno if I wanna waste the BOD so early in the game, but... it's not like town needed it all that much to win last game, did they? Also, I'm /pretty/ sure Castiel is town at this point. Stojil's comments that he quoted weren't anything like the comments my JW buddies and I made towards each other to avoid suspicion, so I'm leaning towards Castiel being town or even a Spy.
  184. 53 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:31:32 PM
  185. Also what the hell, Sesc? Too cool to chat with us? D:
  187. 54 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:32:18 PM
  188. I uh. Actually like the idea of lynching the BOD today.
  190. Unless Sesc is actually the BOD... even then... I might be okay with it?
  192. 55 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:33:24 PM
  193. I wouldn't be. I want this Court to last! We can only afford one more death after Stojil dies, after all.
  195. 56 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:34:44 PM
  196. Eh, yeah.
  198. I'm basically treating it as a glorified masons chat between me and you this game.
  200. Smaller court, less killing power, etc.
  202. 57 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:39:21 PM
  203. Still though, one kill every other night isn't bad at all. Especially if we get some inside info from the roles of the other members of this Court (should they decide to say hi, that is...).
  205. 58 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:43:23 PM
  206. Well. Obviously there should be no information stated that hasnt' been already said until we shoot Stojil in the face. Because... yeah.
  208. 59 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:46:07 PM
  209. Mhm.
  211. 60 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:48:53 PM
  212. Meh. Court revealing. No real point in waiting.
  214. 61 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:49:05 PM
  215. Cat's out of bag.
  217. 62 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:50:12 PM
  218. D'aw, you didn't mention me. ;_;
  220. 63 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 12:53:35 PM
  221. Oh dear. in before Sesc claims BOD.
  223. 64 Menace Thu May 24 2012 12:55:48 PM
  224. Oh god. Our luck can't be that bad. It can't.
  226. 65 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 02:26:50 PM
  227. Hmm, interesting stuff happened, from the looks of it. And yes, our luck can be that bad, if you think about it. Personally, I think Stojil being scum more or less puts Castiel and bob on our side (though they could be JWs that the coven thought were the spy). For some reason, though, I don't quite get the same vibe from him vs Kalas, it feels kind of more like a setup for bussing. Not sure why, but I'll be keeping an eye on Kalas.
  229. 66 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 03:48:32 PM
  230. Acolyte is presumably one of Ash, Bill, Kalas, Ollie, Jwlk.
  232. Hoping that it's one of Ash/Kalas/Jwlk - since Ollie will derp all over place on his own merits eventually, and Bill is already a pretty strong town read.
  234. 67 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 05:41:53 PM
  235. Bahhhh. Bill was obviously town, didn't want him to end up being Acolyte. Oh well.
  237. 68 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 06:23:29 PM
  238. Confirmed town:
  239. Eidolonic
  240. Menace
  241. Kaidash
  242. Bill Door
  243. StrikerLee (Dead)
  245. Suspected Town:
  246. Sesc
  247. Bob99
  248. Kalas
  249. Castiel
  251. Null:
  252. Aekiel
  253. Ashaya
  254. Geabe
  255. Klackerz
  256. Moridin
  257. Ollie
  258. Guljons
  259. Jwlk
  261. Confirmed Scum:
  262. Stojil
  264. 69 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 06:26:15 PM
  265. We probably have 4 scum in that mess of 8 null names.
  267. Aek, Ashaya, Ollie... Moridin (SUP BRO) are probably the four I'd say are leaning strongest scum that are alive, but that's just vague feelings and stuff. Calling that group null for a reason, for the time being.
  269. 70 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 06:52:27 PM
  270. Seriously. Every time. ;_;
  272. 71 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 06:57:48 PM
  273. As for the Null reads, I think Aekiel gives off a slightly JW vibe to me. Ashaya is somewhat suspicious, but not enough to justify a lynch, though she does seem more likely to be scum given her playing style compared to last game. Kalas I find a bit scummy, though I'll keep an eye on him for now rather than pushing the issue, so w/e. Ollie... hasn't really been active, but he said he would be later. Beyond that, I either agree with your townreads or have nullreads on them, so yeah.
  275. 72 Eidolonic Thu May 24 2012 07:17:53 PM
  276. Eh. Stojil pushing Kalas as scum is a thing. Keeping an eye on him, sure, but I didn't really get strong scum vibes from Kalas, either.
  278. Uh. You calling Stojil a town read in passing (along with me) with no reasoning or backing to it makes me a bit wary, in retrospect. Might be nothing, but it's enough to keep you on the slightly scummy side of null for the time being. Post...191-ish, I think it was. Fuck if I'm looking now.
  280. 73 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 08:38:14 PM
  283. 74 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 08:42:55 PM
  284. Did... Moscone eat my post? Anyway,, it was just about how I thought Stojil was town because of his aggressive scumhunting, and in retrospect I found his interactions with Kalas a little forced, like a setup for a future bus.
  286. 75 Uncle Stojil Thu May 24 2012 09:46:09 PM
  287. Heya guys! Sup?
  289. Thanks Menace for picking me for Court. I'm honored, but I think I have to decline. No hard feelings, mkay?
  291. 76 Moridin Thu May 24 2012 09:59:07 PM
  292. So now I guess I'm JW with Guljons ;_;
  294. 77 Sesc Thu May 24 2012 11:30:26 PM
  295. So I finally cleared my Flash cookies, restarted the client and here we go, I have a new tab.
  297. Anyway, I'm currently seeing witches everywhere. But at least my #1 witchread isn't Menace *stares at Kalas*
  299. 78 Menace Fri May 25 2012 05:39:53 AM
  300. Back!
  302. So I'm gonna assume we're going after Stojil tonight, yes? Also, also, if Jwlk /is/ the BOD and goes along with our plan, do you want Kai to give Eido two extra lives, or check someone tonight and then give Eido a life next night phase?
  304. 79 Moridin Fri May 25 2012 07:00:18 AM
  305. That's only if BoD reveals right now, though, right? If not, I see no reason not to lynch Stojil and Courtkill someone else - except that having town discuss stuff might be more fruitful than just discussing amongst ourselves, especially with the way having a sure lynch killed discussion previous game.
  307. So yeah, let's Courtkill Stojil tonight. As for who to lynch today, any thoughts? I stick by my scumreads, for now anyway. Opinions of Aekiel?
  309. 80 Eidolonic Fri May 25 2012 08:02:21 AM
  310. Hm. Moscone apparently ate my post earlier. Yeah, I'd rather courtkill Stojil, since...confirmed scum. Rather lynch someone else, for gravedigger reasons, voting history, reactions, etc.
  312. 81 Menace Fri May 25 2012 11:39:35 AM
  313. I dunno Eido, I've been getting town vibes from Ollie. Not sure why, but ah well.
  315. Moving on, I'd be more than fine with lynching one of my scumspects today and CKing Stojil's scummy ass. YOU HEAR THAT STOJIL!? YOU DESERVE TO DIE FOR NOT BEING THE TOWN I THOUGHT YOU WERE.
  317. >:'(
  319. 82 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 11:59:13 AM
  320. *snort*
  322. 83 Eidolonic Fri May 25 2012 01:33:47 PM
  323. Town vibes from Ollie. How the fuck do you have town vibes from Ollie.
  325. This isn't even derp Ollie.
  327. This is not-even-posting Ollie. How can he be anything but completely null, if not bordering a tiny bit on the scummy.
  329. Like. If you were scumbuddies with Ollie, would you tell him to post like himself, or would you tell him to just shut the fuck up and try not to get his retarded ass lynched.
  331. 84 Menace Fri May 25 2012 02:04:52 PM
  332. Ohhhhh. Wait wait wait. No, I had a town read on Castiel. I always mix the two up. Bleh.
  334. 85 Eidolonic Fri May 25 2012 02:25:44 PM
  335. Oh. Well, that's better, then.
  337. 86 Eidolonic Fri May 25 2012 08:29:17 PM
  338. Kalas feels like town to me. The confusion over court shenanigans felt real, rather than staged. It's entirely possibly I'm wrong, of course, but my unease with Moridin (and even Sesc, to some degree), combined with Stojil actually pressuring Kalas day one makes me go 'ehhhh'.
  340. Aekiel's semi-claim I'm 'eh' about. There's not many roles that are able to townfirm themselves prior to the halfway point, even. Loose Cannon? Twilight Pagan skipping night 3? Willing to leave him alone for the time being at any rate, and if he's the Bishop I'll cuntpunt him into next week for that 'claim'.
  342. Ollie/Jwlk/Ash are 100% nulls. Ash and Ollie are on vacation-ish together or some shit with Lungs, they'll be around early next week, I think. Jwlk said he'll be able to start posting Friday evening, or something. So, not going to fry any of that group.
  344. That leaves, uh. Geabe, Klackerz, Guljons?
  346. Can all of you use the search function and look at those three people, and give reads? I probably want to pick between that grouping for our kill tonight.
  348. 87 Sesc Sat May 26 2012 02:51:10 AM
  349. The last line of klackerz' latest post (#429) stinks. Haven't looked specifically at his other posts yet, though. Guljons had something where I went wut, but I forgot what. I remember thinking he might be a JW. Geabe I said lots of stuff about already, but that was all day one.
  351. I'll look into them after dinner.
  353. 88 Moridin Sat May 26 2012 02:52:24 AM
  354. I'm... somewhat uncomfortable with Geabe. He hasn't said all that much in terms of arguments, and avoided giving a kill target on day 1 (despite posting well after the bob flareup - he might have been wanting to pick some other target but couldn't think of anyone, but come on, the bob thing was pretty suspicious).
  356. Guljons I'm... okay with. Null read, let's say. He pushed against KaiDASH's first day questions a bit, but didn't really say all that much after that. He also mentioned beign okay with lynching Strikerlee purely based on the latter's playstyle rather than his words, which was eh. Klackerz' read on him, combined with the JW!Judge slip(?), pushes him towards the scummy side of null, though. Let's say he's on par with Geabe for now.
  358. Klackerz, now, is my strongest scumread of the three. He backed Kalas as a townread very early in day 1 (around post 97 or so?) when nothing had really happened to distinguish Kalas from any of the others. To be fair, Kai had asked who we would protect, but Klackerz' assertion that Kalas was the only one that seemed townie just seems a little flat, given that Kalas hadn't said much and others were looking fairly better. Also, in post 157, despite earlier saying he would lynch bob99, he says this:
  360. "Hmm. The bandwagon on bob99 seems to be strong, But I really don't want on him just now. He seems to be the only suspect I currently have and I don't really know about the other people just now,"
  362. Which means what I don't even know. 'Bob99 is the only one I suspect, so I don't want to lynch him.' :S
  364. As for his townreads/scumreads, he has Eidolonic, Sesc and Aekiel, as town town scum respectively, all from previous posts. His townread on Ashaya seems a bit... out of nowhere, I don't see where he gets it from, and he has yet to justify his scumread on Castiel despite being directly asked to.
  366. Of course, then there's the Judge!JW thing. Also, if he is indeed an EW, then his read on guljons looks somewhat suspicious - it could well be some sort of signal if guljons is indeed on the JWspy list the Coven has.
  368. 89 Moridin Sat May 26 2012 02:54:54 AM
  369. (Sorry, the Eidolonic townread wasn't from a previous post, but it was a fairly useless shot since while Eid isn't townfirmed, he's somewhat near there, and the idea was to provoke discussion about players less in the limelight - like Eid himself said in 365)
  371. 90 chocolatepi Sat May 26 2012 05:43:40 AM
  372. Uncle Stojil has died and left the Court.
  374. 91 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 05:45:01 AM
  375. Bye, Stojil. Nice knowing you. Sort of.
  377. 92 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 09:15:29 AM
  378. I uh. Sort of want to kill Guljons, hm.
  380. 93 Sesc Sat May 26 2012 09:35:18 AM
  381. So. Spent the last hours going over lists and eh. I'm only seeing crosses and arrows anymore
  382. /is tired
  384. I can get behind guljons. Imma vote for him now, and catch my epic 4-hours-nap -_-
  385. So I'll be there to see shit if shit goes down. Just maybe not completely coherent.
  387. 94 Sesc Sat May 26 2012 09:58:14 AM
  388. Oh, right. I found what I disliked again about guljons in my notes. It reads, "trying to b/s reason what witches could've done". It's talking about post #264, where Kai had not claimed yet, and guljons tried to contruct odd things involving self-kills. Menace's response was more or less what I thought, there.
  390. 95 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 10:25:27 AM
  391. Eh. Voted Guljons for now. I wish I was the gravedigger so bad, sometimes. I like info.
  393. 96 Moridin Sat May 26 2012 12:27:00 PM
  394. I can get behind guljons, I guess. Voted.
  396. 97 Moridin Sat May 26 2012 12:37:35 PM
  397. Huh, guess I tipped it over to Day? I feel strangely... empowered.
  399. Also, Gambler/Survivalist/Angel?
  401. Angel protection is pretty much discardable, there are way better targets.
  403. 98 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 01:19:28 PM
  404. You forget that there were two people dead. One town, and one scum.
  406. 99 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 01:19:52 PM
  407. Gambler/Survivalist is much more likely, though.
  409. 100 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 01:21:05 PM
  410. Sleep times for me now though. I've been up about 60 hours straight getting work project done before deadline. I was checked by Kai and have an extra life, and all that jazz. Woo Fanatic.
  412. I'll probably be left alone until near end game with a confirmed extra life, which is neat. I guess.
  414. They'd be retarded to waste two kills on me.
  416. 101 Moridin Sat May 26 2012 02:22:28 PM
  417. Yeah, but IIRC a stalled Angel vote just goes to no protection. It's entirely possible Stojil wined StrikerLee into protecting guljons, but... seems a bit silly.
  419. 102 Moridin Sat May 26 2012 02:24:03 PM
  420. "Angels must vote select a target by plurality, ties protecting *all* targets!"
  422. Never mind.
  424. 103 Sesc Sat May 26 2012 08:31:40 PM
  425. "If I had to guess I would say that Menace and Sesc were the ones who drove this kill attempt. Menace obviously just had a wrong read, but if Sesc was the other one then there could be something there."
  427. -guljons
  429. Hey folks. I want to try something. Can either Eidolonic or Moridin try to subtly confirm his assumption? Maybe Moridin, since he hasn't responded yet. Like, go
  431. "Well, Sesc *was* the first to vote for you. I basically had a null read, but he quoted a bunch of stuff from you and said he found it suspicious, and in the end, we went with it."
  433. Something like that. And then we see what happens?
  435. 104 Sesc Sat May 26 2012 08:38:24 PM
  436. "So yeah, I would also like to hear from Menace how this went down."
  438. Or maybe Menace instead, since guljons specifically asked for you. In that case, something like
  440. "Well, as Eidolonic said I wasnt around, but I have basically a null read on you. Sesc *was* the first to vote for you, though. He quoted some stuff and said he disliked it."
  442. might do the trick.
  444. 105 Sesc Sat May 26 2012 08:40:56 PM
  445. Basically, a fake!divide in the court, Imma behave a little more suspiciously, and we'll see who jumps onto it.
  447. 106 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 10:17:10 PM
  448. I'd already sort of blown up anything with Menace by saying he wasn't around (before you posted that).
  450. And uh. Moridin is pretty firmly a scum read for me at this point, so I can't imagine any fake divides actually working? Hm.
  452. There's all kinds of connections just... floating just out of reach. And bleh. Moridin/Klackerz/Guljons/Geabe/Ash... I wouldn't be shocked if our 4 remaining scum were in that mess? Maybe 3 scum and a spy.
  454. 107 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 10:26:41 PM
  455. Going down the list
  457. Aekiel - Light town read, caims to be confirmable. Taking him at his word until he.... doesn't confirm it.
  458. Ashaya - She's busy and at the LIB festival but uh. Too many people are calling her a town read when she's not even posting.
  459. Bill Door - Confirmed town, and I like what he's doing.
  460. Eidolonic - Town fanatic. Have an extra life, blah, blah. Going to annoy the scum into forcing themselves to waste two early kills on me before I can wreck their shit. Realistically they should just leave me alive until the end so they can outnumber me, as I'm pure vanilla. But... people are dumb.
  461. Geabe - Doesn't feel like Town Geabe at all. He's a calm, analytical player who posts thoughtful, insightful things as town. It's possible it's merely a function of this client, but I want real thoughts and reads from him, and soon. Light scum read.
  462. Kalas - Actually have a light town read on him. It's entirely possible he's scum, but uh. I just don't see it? He feels like he's working in isolation and resembles a generic slightly confused townie.
  463. Klackerz - Bleh. Sort of null-ish. His 'well, I just derped' thing felt mostly genuine. Still worth pressuring, however.
  464. Moridin - Pretty strong scum read, I just...don't like what he's been posting. It feels careful, and the things he mentions against other suspicious people feels like a deliberate distancing attempt. It's hard to articulate, but uh. If he's still alive when the court disbands, I'm leaving orders for the town to lynch his ass.
  465. Ollie - Completely null tell. Is at LIB festival with Ash, hasn't been around.
  466. Sesc - Light town read. Couple things have made me a touch paranoid, but... eh.
  467. bob99 - I believe his claim as town DOB.
  468. Castiel - Might be my strongest town read, hilariously. enough.
  469. Guljons - Yeeah, still don't like him. We'll need to lynch him if we ever want him dead, though. Since, possible Gambler.
  470. Jwlk - Uh. Null, maybe extremely light town? His paranoia against me feels like a town thing, as scum Jwlk would probably try to buddy me and try to get on my good side after previous games.
  472. 108 Eidolonic Sat May 26 2012 10:31:37 PM
  473. Ranking, from most town to least town
  474. Eidolonic
  475. Menace
  476. Bill Door
  477. Castiel
  478. Bob99
  479. Sesc
  480. Aekiel
  481. Kalas
  482. Jwlk
  483. Ollie
  484. Ashaya
  485. Klackerz
  486. Geabe
  487. Guljons
  488. Moridin
  490. 109 Sesc Sun May 27 2012 12:11:30 AM
  491. Well, there is no harm in trying, is there? The point is not that I want a specific outcome, I just want to see what happens. Moridin, what do you think?
  493. 110 Menace Sun May 27 2012 03:43:28 AM
  494. Hey Eido, I think I'm above you in terms of confirmed town. ;)
  496. Also, er, hey guys. Sorry I'm late. Spontaneous vacations and all that jazz. Lemme go check up on the general thread real quick before I give my opinion on any of this.
  498. 111 Menace Sun May 27 2012 03:43:55 AM
  499. And if you want me to, I suppose I could plant a few fake seeds, Sesc.
  501. 112 Sesc Sun May 27 2012 04:16:22 AM
  502. Sure, if you want, Menace. Quote guljon's post (where he asks you what happened), and put something like what I wrote in my second post #104 under it. And then we watch what guljons does :)
  504. 113 Menace Sun May 27 2012 04:24:50 AM
  505. kk
  507. 114 Moridin Sun May 27 2012 04:30:20 AM
  508. Could be interesting to watch. I'd have commented earlier but I just got back, but I think it's best it comes from Menace. Even if he wasn't there, he can still talk about the posts and what they say, and it's best coming from a confirmed town.
  510. 115 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 09:59:34 AM
  511. Well.
  513. Then this is interesting.
  515. And uh. If Geabe is town gravedigger, and StrikerLee scum, Sesc moves quite a bit up my scumlist. Hrm.
  517. Menace... horrible feeling that you went full blown Scum King. Do as I say, don't do as I do, dammit.
  519. 116 Eidolonic Mon May 28 2012 12:26:59 PM
  520. Scum King. Helping the no lynch along.
  522. 117 Sesc Mon May 28 2012 01:25:10 PM
  523. Ah fuck. I just had something typed out and litterelly as I wanted to hit submit, Kalas called it a night. Also, why did the pagan thing not work. Is this some sort of new witch plan, trying to hide behind Moscone and technical stuff? It better not be.
  526. What I wrote --
  528. Hrm. I think, currently, that witch!Gravedigger!Geabe is going on. I want to remind of #486 -- one of {Geabe, Eidolonic, Moridin} has to be a witch, if you think a witch has voted for bob on the first wagon.
  530. StrikerLogic is just not something I like to consider. That's just all kinds of wut, and not even StrikerLee would do ... yes, what exactly? I still haven't understood how this could make sense. Was there something in Geabe's original post?
  532. The wagon on *him* leaves Aekiel, Geabe, Moridin and Eidolonic open. That's basically the same group of people as for bob. So either both are witches or neither is; but the reaction of witches to both were the same -- and bob was the one to suggest StrikerLee.
  534. So either this means witches (and not just StrikerLee) are super-derpy, or you pick the infinitely more reasonable explanation where StrikerLee and bob are innocent, and witch!Geabe A) voted for both, and B) is the one to execute a plot in reaction to the impending lynch of witch!guljons.
  537. Any thoughts regarding this issue?
  539. 118 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 03:20:29 PM
  540. Have any of you considered that the pagan could be scum? Either scum!pagan!Kalas, or Kalas is false claiming pagan for a teammate - since a pagan who skipped this night would be considered townish, a pagan who attempted to skip night but 'failed due to technical issues' would be considered town without the caveat of actually having to skip night. Else Sesc's gravedigger!scum is on the same team as Kalas and the pagan is dead - that's less likely, though. Ofc, if chocopi confirms there were issues with the pagan skipping, then that becomes much less likely (I don't think scum would be okay with skipping night).
  542. Also, Sesc, the only thing is, what exactly is Geabe's plot? He pushes for a lynch on Klackerz next, and did pretty much zero to stall the lynch on guljons.
  544. 119 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 10:03:01 PM
  545. Hmm, an excellent result all round, I think.
  547. I guess this is the time to mention Aekiel wasn't far off with his list order analysis (though extrapolating my guilt from there was still wut). I'm the Recluse, which is why this NK obviously doesn't exonerate me just yet.
  549. And the transition from night into day without a pagan reveal... what do you guys think about what I said of scum!pagan?
  551. 120 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 10:06:24 PM
  552. Given his post on DLP... not sure if scum!Kalas would carry it that far. On the one hand, it could be a viable continuation of the gambit. Otoh, that is supposed to be outside the game, and he could have just not posted. If chocopi said it's okay to throw doubt on mechanisms...
  554. 121 Sesc Mon May 28 2012 10:37:44 PM @Moridin
  555. Moridin, with the post at DLP I think it is cleared up. He really did have problems to trigger his power.
  557. And that's leaving aside that I always assumed he was truthful -- using technical problems as part in a play is entirely unfair, and not something I want to see in a game.
  560. As for Geabe, well, I thought about it like this -- he did not try to stall on guljons, no, but the result of his declaration is that *he* will most likely not be lynched. It's a get-out-of-lunch-free card. And on top of that, he now gets to tell us who is what, and that has all sorts of potential for a witch-plan.
  562. That said, I'm not sure anymore. I'm quite confused at the moment. If Geabe is not a witch, and you and Eidolonic neither, then wtf no witch voted for bob? And Aekiel, Geabe's Witchread, was the third to vote for StrikerLee -- a JW, one of their own?
  566. Also, @Moridin
  567. Aren't you worrying that one of us could be a witch anymore (your role revealing)?
  569. 122 Moridin Mon May 28 2012 11:45:23 PM
  570. Hmm, fair enough. That first is why I was suspicious of Kalas.
  572. There are very few roles I could be, given that it's basically role survival or angel protection. Scum know that as well as any town. It's down to Fanatic and Eido was lying (not very likely at all), Survivalist and Geabe is lying (slightly better, I suppose) or Recluse. I considered claiming survivalist before I saw Geabe's info, in case scum targeted someone else tonight and went for me the night after, but I didn't want to a) throw off rolereads by town players and b) antagonise the real survivalist if he was town on the off chance of scum being really, really stupid.
  574. With Geabe's info, clearly that was a good choice as it would have meant one of us was lying, and pitting us against each other off the bat wouldn't have been a good idea for me regardless of his allegiance, since I really would have been lying even if he isn't.
  576. Frankly, with only two junior witches, I doubt Aekiel would have voted for StrikerLee if they were both JWs. Day 1, it's hardly worth the bus - especially since the EWs might think that means he's unconnected to Striker and (since he obviously won't intentionally show signs of connection to the spy) figure him for the spy.
  578. And Klackerz' justification for not voting was just... yeah. Quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Hey Guys, I'm going to do this scummy thing so that I can use my ability and be proved town somehow! Meh. As an action, it's scummy enough to feel like a genuine derp, even. What self-respecting scum would provide such stupid reasoning? Then again, that may just be what the Coven is like.
  580. 123 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 03:03:02 AM
  581. You both seem to be operating under the 'People wouldn't vote for their fellow witches' mindset.
  583. They absolutely would, especially when it's obvious that the lynch is going to happen.
  585. And uh. You'll understand if I'm still slightly paranoid that you are an elder witch and shot yourself (as the recluse) to townfirm yourself in my (and the towns') eyes. But I figure they'll try again sooner or later. Probably.
  587. Hm.
  589. I don't like this Aekiel thing very much, but I'm undecided.
  591. I sort of want to let him alive until the halfway point, just in case he's the bishop or hunter - he did claim that he could 'prove' his towniness, and I think those are the only roles left that can? With Kalas claiming pagan. (Which still doesn't prove anything, just makes it more likely).
  593. Bishop - Can prove. Can't die prior to halfway point.
  594. Inquisitor - Uh. Can prove that you're the inquisitor, but revealing that info is certainly not in Town's favor.
  595. Loose Cannon - This is possible? But, like... it's only really useful for town if we decide to outright lynch him instead of someone else? And he'd have been better off just being heavily town favored to start with.
  596. Hunter - Uh. Similar to inquisitor in that it... is provable that you're this role, but uh....yeah. Who says you aren't just shooting a scummy looking person you know is town, and getting yourself townfirmed?
  598. So basically.... either he's the bishop, or he's full of shit. Or at least mistaken in thinking whatever he is will townfirm himself. Although, I guess firing as the loose cannon is a town thing, but.... what's the fucking point of townfirming yourself if you are dead.
  600. 124 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 03:07:31 AM
  601. Let me look at that Striker wagon a little more closely. The Stojil one is worthless, because.
  603. lol, guilty check.
  605. (10: Bill Door, bob99, Aekiel, castiel, Geabe, Moridin, KaiDASH, Eidolonic, Kalas, and StrikerLee)
  607. Well, uh. In worlds where Geabe is town.... Aekiel is probably innocent, yes. And Klackerz and... probably Sesc? Are scum. Ashaya is a strong choice for junior, too, at that point. Hm.
  609. And if Geabe is scum, then....
  611. Well. Wait.
  613. So, Geabe as town or scum, they both mean that Aekiel is unlikely to be scum?
  615. 125 Sesc Tue May 29 2012 04:35:16 AM
  616. Except if we are looking at Elder Witch!Aekiel, and they thought StrikerLee was the Spy? Like, the entire thing was just one gigantic derposaurus? JW!StrikerLee thought Kai was the EW (did this part of Geabe's argument EVER make sense?). Actual EW thought JW!StrikerLee was the Spy. I mean, we already are seriously considering a JW protecting the priest. This is just another step.
  618. Also, how do you get from Town!Geabe to Witch!Me?
  620. 126 Sesc Tue May 29 2012 04:39:17 AM
  621. ... can you stop trying to answer question I put there for other people, Eidolonic? Evidently it makes no sense. That was why I, y'know, ASKED AEKIEL. This is seriously the third time you fuck up my plans. Stop stealing my ball when I'm playing, damnit.
  623. -_-
  625. 127 Eidolonic Tue May 29 2012 05:08:39 AM
  626. Well. There's this thing where, if Geabe is town and telling the truth, you are scum?
  628. Like, if Geabe is a witch, you're certainly town.
  630. But if he's town, you look... extremely bad, and I want you dead? Operating from that perspective (witch StrikerLee, town Guljons, town Geabe), you refused to vote for StrikerLee, you tunneled Geabe, and you're trying to vote Aekiel for reasons that make zero sense, as when if Geabe is town, there's zero chance Aekiel is scum? So, I mean... yeah.
  632. Your question was just bad, so I mostly ignored it. As clearly if Aekiel is a Witch, he's not going to vote for Striker so early on that push, if Striker is also a witch.
  634. So, scenarios!
  636. Town Geabe = witch!Sesc, possible witch!moridin, possible witch!ashaya, town!jwlk
  637. Witch Geabe = town!Sesc, possible witch!moridin, possible witch!ashaya, possible witch!jwlk
  639. There are some other names mixed in, but basically I think there is a strong dichotomy here where either you or Geabe is a witch. If you weren't on the court, I'd be pretty content with just lyching you, and then Geabe, happily taking the 1 witch for 1 town trade. I'm still contemplating that, in all honesty.
  641. Moridin getting shot also just... makes zero sense whatsoever. It's a very real concern to me that it could be recluse EW!moridin shooting himself. It's a better move than it looks like at first glance, when you consider how ambiguous a large part of the player list is. But my focus right now is on the Geabe/Sesc alignment.
  643. If I decide Geabe is scum, then I'll probably demand a claim from Aekiel at some point, but might hold off until halfway point at the least. Just in case.
  645. I'm leaning about 60/40 in terms of Geabe scum vs. Sesc scum at the moment. There's almost a zero percent chance that you're both town. maybe 55/40, with 5% both town? Hm. That sounds about right.
  647. There's just a frustrating lack of people that actually look town in this game. Bill Door is trying though, admittedly.
  649. 128 Sesc Tue May 29 2012 05:25:53 AM
  650. What the fuck, Eidolonic? You are currently doing your best your push yourself up on my witchlist. Shit's totally not on.
  652. "Operating from that perspective (witch StrikerLee, town Guljons, town Geabe), you refused to vote for StrikerLee, you tunneled Geabe, and you're trying to vote Aekiel for reasons that make zero sense, as when if Geabe is town, there's zero chance Aekiel is scum? So, I mean... yeah."
  654. I refused to vote for StrikerLee? I refused to vote for bob, but said I would if it became neccessary. With StrikerLee, I was not on for deadline AND ASKED IF ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE WERE. I made fucking sure we had a lynch, when it looked like we might not get one (post #233). Where the fuck do you get a "refused to vote" from that?
  656. Geabe was either A) derpy or B) witchy Day 1. There is no other way to look at this, and I reacted accordingly.
  658. And with Aekiel, YOU are always the one to put votes somewhere to see what happens. And now I do it (plus my question, which you sabotaged), and suddenly it's a bad thing?
  661. Seriously. I am this close to blow the game open. Some people know this, others know that. Can we leave it at that? Rest assured, neither of your scenarios is correct. Aekiel is under a specific set of circumstances someone that needs to be put under a little pressure, to see what happens in other places, and now let me play my game. FFS.
  663. 129 Menace Wed May 30 2012 02:46:57 AM
  664. (cuts tension with a knife)
  666. So, er, back again. Spontaneous vacation over, let the games begin and all that. Just read through the Court chat, and I'll check back in with my opinion on the Aekiel/Gaebe/Sesc sheninagans after I read through the General chat.
  668. 130 Menace Wed May 30 2012 03:46:56 AM
  669. Gah. Posted in the General thread.
  671. Reading through these chats is giving me a fucking migrane. Never again, Moscone. Never again.
  673. 131 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 01:06:02 PM
  674. Voting to shoot Klackerz.
  676. 132 Moridin Wed May 30 2012 04:06:20 PM
  677. Uhh... Court kills tonight. No thoughts on who to shoot?
  679. Once again, my vote goes to Klackerz. Six hours left should be more than enough, but in case I can't get back,
  681. #vote Klackerz
  683. 133 Moridin Wed May 30 2012 04:07:05 PM
  684. Or, huh. Didn't realise Eid's post was about the courtkill, sorry.
  686. Looks good, then. Sesc, Menace?
  688. 134 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 04:45:43 PM
  689. I'll vote in a sec, but I want to clear something up first. Typing right now, would be nice if you could wait for that.
  691. 135 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 05:38:08 PM
  692. Let's let's clear something up, so we don't continue to go around in circles. I am the Inquisitor. Also, I already know who the Bishop is. So for me, the list of potential witches is really quite narrowed down, which is why I tried to check out the possible candidates yesterday and get a better feeling on them.
  694. klackerz and Geabe I already wrote about. Then there's jwlk who really really wants to kill me, there's Aekiel, who I thought was Town after his reveal but goddamn, the next post was bad. Does this game strip people of logic? Then there's Moridin, who always defended me, which kinda looks odd as well, sorry dude :P
  697. Anyway, here's what I thought.
  699. I'm not going to reveal the Bishop here now. Due to all the stuff that happened yesterday I'm not sure who here is really Town, even if that was kinda intended :P However, you now know my role, and we'll see who else suddenly knows. Half the town want to lynch me, so the witches aren't likely to kill me. Thanks for helping me out with that btw Eidolonic :)
  701. So if I die anyway, it looks like possibly you have another witch on the court, Menace. React accordingly. You'll need to win the game without me, but as I said in General -- there aren't that many candidates for witches left. The group of players Eidolonic posted (#587) didn't look half-bad. We have enough player to just kill all of them, if neccessary.
  704. But let's hope you all are Town, and I don't die quite yet. Then it could look like this:
  706. - This night, we get down to 11 players.
  707. - Next day, we get down to 10 players.
  708. - Pagan skip, down to 9 players (Alternatively: Aekiel self-kills and lynches someone the day before)
  709. - Night again, bishop activates
  710. - ???
  711. - Profit
  713. Obviously barring shenanigans like surviving players, but yeah. I didn't want to wait another day since I might die and/or the court disband. Hopefully, this is enough to convice you I'm Town (or at least enough to lynch me later, when I can confirm myself and the bishop), so that we don't waste time with me when there are more important things to do.
  715. We all just keep lynching from the list, and I'll only intervene if you are for some reason trying to lynch the Bishop.
  717. Thoughts?
  719. (I'll vote for klackerz before I leave, in two hours.)
  721. 136 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 07:20:08 PM
  722. - Pagan skip, down to 9 players (Alternatively: Aekiel self-kills and lynches someone the day before)
  724. ^ Third alternative: Lynch bob, but that might mean we can't control the following D.O.B. kill if he really is a witch.
  726. 137 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 07:29:40 PM
  727. This also assumes pagan 'can' skip that night, or will. Kalas is uh. Interesting? And was defended quite heavily by Klackerz.
  729. It doesn't necessarily townfirm you, mind you. You could be the inquisitor, sure, who gets the bishop killed, and has a scumbuddy fakeclaim? There's no nun, so you'd both be in the clear.
  731. Honestly have no idea who they'll shoot tonight. I genuinely hope it's someone I'm uncertain about. You'll pardon me if I'm not exactly uh. Terribly upset about either of you dying, as it's one name that I could cross of the list of possible witches.
  733. I think there's a reasonable chance that I'll live for a bit, but... there's a lot of role claims out there. Finding the bishop is going to be a thing Elders want to do, and there's... frankly not many options unfortunately. I've had a read, but... yeah.
  735. Who would be your preference for lynch tomorrow? I was sort of leaning towards Bob99, personally, and directing him towards the null Ollie slot.
  737. Ashaya - null to leaning a tiny bit scummy.
  738. Aekiel - town
  739. Bill Door - town
  740. Eidolonic - town
  741. Kalas - very light town - if he's scum, I'll flip out and rage at him for being a massive faggot postgame.
  742. Menace - town
  743. Moridin - mostly null.... paranoia about self-shooting is a thing, as is his defense of you when, uh. Eh.
  744. Ollie - null, leaning to tiny bit scummy
  745. Sesc - light scum, maybe closer to null
  746. Bob99 - light scum
  747. Castiel - light town
  748. Jwlk - light town
  750. Ollie asking to be replaced is slightly scummy, because I think he'd actually care about his witch team, where... Ashaya 'not' asking to be replaced is slightly scummy, because, well... it's Ashaya. Rest should be sort of self explanatory. Jwlk's anger feels sort of townish, Castiel was a scum read from Stojil, same with Kalas.
  752. 138 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 07:32:27 PM
  753. So if I take out the town reads, we're left with uh.
  755. Ashaya - null to leaning a tiny bit scummy.
  756. Moridin - mostly null.... paranoia about self-shooting is a thing, as is his defense of you when, uh. Eh.
  757. Ollie - null, leaning to tiny bit scummy
  758. Sesc - light scum, maybe closer to null
  759. Bob99 - light scum
  761. 139 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 07:38:17 PM
  762. Bob --> Ollie would work, yes. Respectively, Bob, and then we see what happens. But it brings us down to nine, in any case. Yeah, I agree with you.
  764. 140 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 07:39:21 PM
  765. Heh. Aekiel fire into Bob who fires into Ollie?
  767. That'd be pretty lulzy.
  769. 141 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 08:00:19 PM
  770. I don't really want to make Aekiel fire ever though. It's just throwing a town's life away.
  772. 142 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 08:57:38 PM
  773. Shit... I'm praying to god both of you are town at this point. And that scum are retarded.
  775. I just did a role list, and uh. Welp.
  777. I'm very much okay with a Bob lynch tomorrow and ordering him to kill Ollie.
  779. In case something bizarre happens (There's a slim chance I'll be out of town for work almost all of the next day, so I could get shot tonight and dob'd tomorrow)
  781. I'm town, 100%. You can doubt it if you want, but uh. I'm town. Might not have given this game as much attention as I'd have liked, because I'm in eight fucking mafias, and I'm giving the mspa WH a tiny bit more attention because.... more people give a shit about it than this clusterfuck of inactivity.
  783. This is what I want to happen for the rest of game:
  785. Night 5: Shoot Klackerz, hope someone random dies, like uh. Bill Door. ._. 11 alive, 7 dead.
  787. Day Five: Bob99 lynch, order to shoot Ollie. Ollie is either the scum BOD, or the Hunter/Gambler. He can be town or scum as the Hunter/Gambler. 9 alive, 9 dead.
  789. NIGHT FIVE: Uhhh. Hm. Not sure how the Twilight Pagan would interact with bishop stuff? But I'd be ookjay with skipping this night, and letting bishop get his info n6 maybe?
  791. Day Six: Ashaya lynch. 8 alive, 10 dead
  793. Night Six: If the game has not ended, this means at least one of Sesc and Moridin are likely scum. Or maybe Kalas being a massive faggot. Shoot whatever the most likely scenario is. 6 alive, 12 dead.
  795. Day 7: lynch whatever is still alive out of sesc/moridin/kalas 5 alive, 13 dead (game over, hopefully)
  797. Night 7: bang, someone's dead 4 alive, 14 dead
  799. Day 8: uhhhh. I'd no lynch here, with 4 alive? assuming court is disbanded. Yeah, no lynch is always the best play with 4 people remaining and only one possible kill at night. 4 alive, 14 dead
  801. Night 8: bang, someone's dead. 3 alive, 15 dead
  803. Day 9: Pray to god that the last scum is fucking obvious by this point. I mean, really. Game over, town wins?
  805. Hunter being alive and firing at the halfway point just means that day 9 happens on day 8 instead, with 3 remaining, and 2 town vs. 1 scum (hopefully).
  807. So, uh. Unless something is horrifically wrong somewhere, like. the scum team being jwlk, castiek, kalas, sesc, moridin... town should win?
  809. Death Order:
  810. Bob
  811. Ollie
  812. Ash
  813. Moridin
  814. Sesc
  815. Kalas
  816. Jwlk
  817. Castiel
  818. Aekiel
  820. 143 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 09:26:44 PM
  821. Menace - I don't really expect them to shoot you anytime soon, so uh. Try not to lead town to their doooooom after I die. Please. The Death Order for Dummies should work pretty well - but remember that the scum BOD is still alive... I forgot about that somehow in the above scenario. I'm assuming it's one of Ollie or Ashaya, so, yeah. They might give the life to town to try and stir up the wine, so be careful! I'd probably stick to the Death Order for the most part.
  823. 144 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 09:57:39 PM
  824. Eidolonic -- 100% d'accord, and that is exactly what I meant. I did the role list a few days ago and found that we were overclaimed when klackerz and Geabe revealed -- somewhere someone had lied. So I took what I thought were sure Town and ended up with a list of poeple to lynch, and a Town victory. If we stick to this plan you posted and we *should* win.
  826. 145 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 09:59:24 PM
  827. the BOD life may throw a wrench into the works. I forgot about that.
  829. And it's probably Ollie or Ash. Which uh. Makes the bishop obvious and... yeah. hopefully we don't need them anyways.
  831. 146 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 09:59:57 PM
  832. Also, I'm not sure if I'm around to next deadline (I'm on a trip), but I should be on for almost all of tomorrow.
  834. 147 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 10:01:04 PM
  835. Balls. Castiel was uh. Not someone I wanted them to be hitting, but yeah.
  837. 148 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 10:07:16 PM
  838. Er, but the witches are a bit stupid, aren't they? Assuming Moridin is Town, they tried to kill him for , and when he survives, they don't try again next night (so what about ?), and instead pick ... Castiel? Wut?
  840. Paranoia levels are rising. Moridin is probably the one I'm least sure about :/
  842. 149 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 10:08:35 PM
  843. Castiel was basically townfirmed, but with an unknown power. So it's... sort of understandable, but uh....
  845. You'd think people would understand by now that players > roles, after I keep ramming it down their throat every game (see: star wars 3)
  847. 150 Sesc Wed May 30 2012 10:08:42 PM
  848. ... this is supposed to read
  850. kill him for -reasons-
  852. what about -reasons-
  854. Anyway, I'm off home. Later.
  856. 151 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 10:09:39 PM
  857. Laters
  859. 152 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 10:34:11 PM
  860. And, yeah. If killing Ash and Ollie doesn't end the game, and Moridin hasn't been shot again by then, uhh. I'm alright with his neck being the next one on the chopping block.
  862. Like I said. He was my strongest scum read, and then... gets shot by the coven?
  864. Convienent, to say the least.
  866. 153 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 11:07:09 PM
  867. I'm mostly just waiting for the scum desperation ploy.
  869. Maybe they'll try to paint me as scum? That always ends well for them.
  871. There was copious amounts of sarcasm in the previous sentence.
  873. They need to shoot me twice for me to die, thanks to Kai's extra life. So they effectively have no choice at this point but to leave me for last, and hope that they can get it to a 1 town vs. 1 scum finale.
  875. Good luck with that.
  877. Still have at least two holy roles alive that they need to chew through, and probably three. There are also several players whose alignment can go either way that they'll need to kill, making it even easier to narrow them down.
  879. And that's not even counting angel protection that is sure to crop up. So they can't even kill their optimal target.
  881. I would like to take this post to apologize to you guys for my pretty mediocre play the first day or two. I'm in far too many mafia games at the moment, I had a throbbing headache, and I frankly was having trouble giving a shit. But with some information and some reads to play process of elimination with, I think it's safe to say I'm being semi-useful again.
  883. Watch this all blow up in my face as the scum team is something like... Stojil/Sesc/Moridin, Jwlk/Ashaya.
  885. 154 Eidolonic Wed May 30 2012 11:38:03 PM
  886. Suspicion level (regarding Kalas) rising.
  888. I'd really like to think he wouldn't be such a cunt to lie about trying to activate his power and not being able to. That's just a massive douchebag move.
  890. So I'll still call him town. But man, being exhausted brings out massive paranoia.
  892. 155 Menace Thu May 31 2012 04:57:37 AM
  893. Hey now, Eido. I know you're not suggesting I picked the EW team in its entirety for my Court. I know it.
  895. >:l
  897. 156 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 07:56:42 AM
  898. Uh. Wouldn't it be better if we didn't skip the night and got the bishop results straight away? I mean, it's guess-lynching vs. Bishop confirmation. That seems like a more practical thing, tbh.
  900. 157 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:15:27 AM
  901. No reason not to skip the night, unless you think we're going to lynch the Bishop tomorrow. They'll get their info on night 6, and we remove a coven kill and get an extra lynch.
  903. I mean... with Castiel shot, there's... only one person the Bishop can be, if it's alive. And as we're killing the BOD today, I don't think it's worth revealing him for angels to protect, as scum Bob would just fire on him.
  905. I'd skip the night day five, reveal bishop day six (if it's alive), have angels protect it night 6, and then he can reveal day 7?
  907. Are there any flaws with that? Not that the bishop really /matters/ at this point, in all honesty. It's just a matter of lynching down the list.
  909. 158 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 08:34:40 AM
  910. Ah, yeah. The only thing I was concerned about is that if we do a Day 6 reveal, can we be sure there will be Angel protection the night after? Like, do we have more Town than Witches as Angels? Do all Town vote? Or has the Bishop (through some unfortunate circumstances) already been protected, and so the option is out?
  912. Or the worst option, dead witches become Meddlesome Demons, and naturally block the Bishop protection. Actually, yes, that is the logical response to a reveal. I don't think we can count on Angel protection for the Bishop.
  914. Unless I understood the rules wrong. Revealing without info seems pretty much like a death sentence.
  916. 159 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:10:33 AM
  917. Demons are the night 'after' that night, I think. Not that night.
  919. Like. Let me think
  921. Bishop reveals day six. Night six, angels and demons both vote for the bishop. Angels block the kill, and demons would block the protection on night seven if angels tried to make it then, instead?
  923. Demons would have to select the bishop night 5 for the angels to be unable to select him night 6? But since we're skipping that night.... hm.
  925. 160 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:13:06 AM
  926. At the same time as the Angel vote, the Demons vote to block one living target from being protected by the Angels tomorrow Night. In this way, the dead Witches try to block the Angels just like the Angels try to block the living Witches!
  928. Demons can no longer vote on the Angel protection, and can never convert back to Angels.
  930. So if any witches have converted to demons, they have no chance at outnumbering town, anyways?
  932. 161 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 09:36:22 AM
  933. Oh. I misread that. The night after, indeed. Makes much more sense as well, and yeah, no Angel vote for Demons.
  935. So, the only thing can happen is that the witches aren't yet Demons and outvote the Angels. As in, we have ... Kai Town, Castiel Town. Either Geabe or StrikerLee Town? Klackerz prolly a witch. Stojil for sure. Guljons Town? Pretty tight. Maybe a 4-3 if every Town cbf to vote? But now we gank three more people (today+tomorrow) so that puts us at 10 dead, of which max 5 can be witches, but then it's game over. So we're looking at a 6-4 for Town worst case. Does this make sense?
  937. So yeah, this reduces the unknowns I felt uncomfortable about quite a lot. 2 people is a decent buffer for non-votes, and that the Bishop already was protected is even less likely. Alright. I feel better now :)
  939. 162 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:42:52 AM
  940. My suspicion is that Klackerz was town, and Geabe/Guljons/Stojil scum. Doesn't really change anything, mind you. It 'could' be 3 town and 4 witches dead but uhhh. That means game ends after killing Ollie and Ashaya at the very worst, so.... who cares? Heh.
  942. 163 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 09:44:39 AM
  943. I'm still a touch paranoid about you and Moridin, mind you. Can't shake the feeling that it's a scumquisitor gambit of sorts, or that he self-shot. But hey, that's why we have a kill order, so that we can remove all uncertainty and still win, eventually.
  945. 164 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:00:45 AM
  946. That was hilarious.
  948. >Hit majority
  949. >Nothing happens
  950. >Flail about and panic
  951. >Chocolate Pi goes "...crap"
  952. >Chocolate Pi then realises that it's just the minimum deadline set for day/night
  953. >All is well.
  955. 165 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:17:07 AM
  956. Sesc: Any last thought type things we want to discuss, in case ScumBobtheBod doesn't hit Ollie?
  958. Or are we generally in accord with:
  960. Bob
  961. Ollie
  962. Ash
  963. Moridin (Unless Kalas does not skip tonight, in which case Kalas)
  964. Sesc
  965. Kalas
  966. Jwlk
  967. Aekiel
  969. I mean, obviously from your perspective, you know 100% whether or not you should be in the place you are, or not. But from my perspective, is this a game winning strategy? There's minimal risk in being coy about the bishop things at this point. We all know who it is, I guess. Witches included. Which is why I'm praying Bob is town, even if it..ultimately doesn't matter.
  971. 166 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 10:18:00 AM
  972. Yes, I was just wondering. Considering we skip the night, I actually might as well declare the Bishop now, no? At least in here.
  974. 167 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:19:07 AM
  975. Yeah, seems safe. Unless Moridin and Bob are both Elders, but... if that's the case, there's enough information already said to make it clear cut.
  977. It's either Jwlk or yourself, at this point.
  979. 168 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 10:21:04 AM
  980. Uh. Maybe I shouldn't reveal then, after all. Because, well, it's neither. I really am the Inquisitor. And the bishop is not jwlk.
  982. 169 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:23:51 AM
  983. Uh. Huh.
  985. Then it's either Ash, and you were taking a pretty big risk, or someone lied about their role? Or it was Castiel and he's dead. Castiel was my initial Bishop read, so yeah.
  987. 170 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:30:04 AM
  988. Scum BOD has to be one of Ollie/Ash/Jwlk, unless like.. Kalas is the scum BOD, and one of his buddies was the pagan? Or you are and one of your buddies is the inquisitor, etc.
  990. 171 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:38:01 AM
  991. Probably should confirm who it is before deadline - maybe a couple minutes prior? In case of scum Bob misfiring. I wouldn't want to accidentally mislynch the Bishop day six who may or may not be around to intervene, heh.
  993. 172 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 10:44:14 AM
  994. Okay, let's make this another test for Moridin. I'm pretty sure you are Town, so if this leaks (aka, bob 'acidentally' kills someone bishop-y), you know how to adjust your lynch list, and the last remaining witches are obvious.
  996. The bishop is Ashaya. I was pretty fucking happy she appeared today, lol.
  998. 173 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:46:25 AM
  999. Yeah, no joke. Hopefully she shakes up the hangover and jet lag and pops in tomorrow to defend herself. This means that.... hm.
  1001. If Ollie isn't the BOD... Jwlk is likely the BOD? Or Kalas is and... I don't even know.
  1003. Can't dismiss the chance that Ollie is the BOD who never set a target to give the life to, as well, heh.
  1005. 174 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:47:44 AM
  1006. Hrm.
  1008. Bob
  1009. Ollie
  1010. Moridin
  1011. Kalas
  1012. Jwlk
  1013. Sesc
  1015. Mayyybe. I'm still slightly paranoid that this is a long con gambit you're pulling, but it's harder to pull off stuff like that with only 2-3 man witch teams in a smaller game.
  1017. 175 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:49:11 AM
  1018. I don't think Ollie is the last witch at any rate... unless he's been secretly making kills and paying a fair bit of attention while being out of town and expecting to be replaced, heh.
  1020. 176 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 10:50:07 AM
  1021. Keep your lynch original order, though. You posted it already in General, so changing it around now looks suspicious, and we want a reveal of the bishop anyway, that was why I asked earlier regarding protection. It's fine the way it is.
  1023. 177 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:51:42 AM
  1024. Yes, just have to get Ashaya on board.
  1026. I'll make sure people don't get happy go lucky and speedlynch her.
  1028. It's one of the benefits to being a litle bit uh. vocal.
  1030. I say jump, and people ask how high.
  1032. 178 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 10:57:48 AM
  1033. Really hoping Kalas is town and is telling truth about pagan/night skip stuff. Want to keep the townfirms/holies alive as long as possible.
  1035. 179 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 11:00:45 AM
  1036. By the way, these are my witches, now that I can safely post them without making people wonder where Ashaya has disappeared to in them :P
  1038. Legit Geabe: Stojil/klackerz/ollie/bob/StrikerLee
  1040. Full of shit Geabe: Stojil/klackerz/Geabe/bob/ollie
  1042. Maybe jwlk for bob. I really want to say Moridin is Town, because no semi-conscious witch would waste a kill like that, but this game has been so fucking odd that I just don't know. Also, if Kalas lied then fuck him.
  1044. 180 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:01:39 AM
  1045. Uh.
  1047. So, Ollie either wasn't the BOD, or didn't have a target set. If he's not the BOD, then... Jwlk is?
  1049. 181 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:03:24 AM
  1050. Aekiel - Loose Cannon
  1051. Ashaya - Bishop
  1052. Bill Door - Acolyte
  1053. Eidolonic - Fanatic
  1054. Kalas - Twilight Pagan
  1055. Menace - King
  1056. Moridin - Recluse
  1057. Sesc - Inquisitor
  1058. Jwlk - Gambler/BOD?
  1060. 182 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:05:07 AM
  1061. Castiel was the Hunter, if you're legit...
  1063. Hm.
  1065. 183 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 11:06:05 AM
  1066. Eidolonic - TOWN (Fanatic)
  1067. *castiel - TOWN
  1068. Bill Door - TOWN (Acolyte)
  1069. *Klackerz - ? (Judge)
  1070. Sesc - TOWN (Inquisitor)
  1071. Aekiel - TOWN (Loose Cannon)
  1072. *Uncle Stojil - WITCH (Oracle?)
  1073. Kalas - TOWN (Twilight Pagan)
  1074. *Ollie - ?
  1075. *guljons - TOWN (Survivalist)
  1076. Ashaya - TOWN (Bishop)
  1077. dhulli/jwlk - ?
  1078. *KaiDASH - TOWN (Priest)
  1079. *bob99 - ? (D.O.B.)
  1080. Menace - TOWN (King)
  1081. *StrikerLee - TOWN (Entertainer)
  1082. *Geabe - ? (Gravedigger)
  1083. Moridin - TOWN (Recluse)
  1086. Open & Alive: jwlk.
  1088. 184 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:06:58 AM
  1089. Castiel was shot on an even night, he has to be Hunter.
  1091. Ollie is either Gambler or BOD that didn't set a target.
  1093. 185 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:09:30 AM
  1094. Legit Geabe: Stojil/klackerz/ollie/bob/StrikerLee
  1096. Full of shit Geabe: Stojil/klackerz/Geabe/bob/ollie
  1100. So uh, yeah.
  1102. It has to be Moridin witch, Jwlk witch, Kalas witch, or Sesc witch.
  1104. Or Ashaya and You both witches, of course, with Jwlk or Castiel bishop.
  1106. 186 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 11:10:20 AM
  1107. @Eidolonic, might want to post something to prevent an Ashaya hammer. Frankly, it's unlikely she'd have been protected up to this point, given how inactive she's been. Reading your Court posts to catch up properly, will post in an hour or so (breakfast and stuff), maybe more, but I'll weigh in as soon as I'm able.
  1109. 187 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 11:12:16 AM
  1110. Lol, same thought with the list. So yeah, Hunter, Gambler and B.O.D. are open.
  1112. It's ... possible that Ollie had no target. I remembering thinking I found it odd how he reappeared when we did our not-B.O.D. claiming, just then, almost as if someone had told him to post. But witch!Ollie means bob was probably no witch, since the game is still going? Hmm...
  1114. 188 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:13:11 AM
  1115. Well. That was me. He was on IRC in the hotel room or something with Ash/Lungs/Lamora, I told him to go post whether or not he was BOD.
  1117. 189 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 11:15:52 AM
  1118. ... LOL.
  1120. And here I thought I shouldn't bring that up, because people would look at me oddly. TURNS OUT MY FEELING WAS RIGHT XD
  1122. But, uh. Yeah. My prime suspects are dead, indeed. I would now turn to jwlk, but you said he felt town-ish.
  1124. 190 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 11:20:04 AM
  1125. Also, I'm tired and have to get up early tomorrow. Do you think you all can keep them from lynching Ashaya until I wake up again, or does there need to be a rolereveal from me now?
  1127. 191 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 11:22:04 AM
  1128. Simply say that you want to give her a chance to defend herself first/see what reactions from the witches come etc. pp.
  1130. 192 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:24:32 AM
  1131. Jwlk does feel town-ish, but... I'm also notoriously unable to read him, forever and ever.
  1133. I've put him on my court twice when he was scum, after all. :D
  1135. Thoughts on demanding a Jwlk and Ashaya claim? Hm.
  1137. Ollie also could have been a witch who put his witch buddy(ies) as the targets... but now they('re) dead. Which would be funny. (As BOD)
  1139. So, we're looking at the following stuff:
  1141. Aekiel - Mechanically possible witch. Extremely unlikely.
  1142. Kalas - Mechanically possible witch. Unlikely.
  1143. Ashaya - Moderately unlikely witch. Only a witch if Sesc is also a witch.
  1144. Sesc - Moderately unlikely witch. Ashaya is also a witch if he is.
  1145. Moridin - Moderately likely witch. Self-targeting EW Recluse.
  1146. Jwlk - Moderately likely witch. Probable witch BOD.
  1148. 193 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 11:26:10 AM
  1149. Or that you want to wait for a Bishop reveal before further lunches. That should work. I'm crashing. Until 7-ish hours.
  1151. 194 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 11:26:46 AM
  1152. Sure. I'll just lay everything bare in main channel, sort of. Demand claims.
  1154. 195 Menace Thu May 31 2012 12:13:59 PM
  1155. Little do you three know, I'm actually the scum!King in disguise, and you're all my loyal scum subjects. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan!
  1157. /cackles
  1159. Er, I mean, what?
  1161. 196 Menace Thu May 31 2012 12:15:28 PM
  1162. Also, Jwlk is apparently the Bishop. What a tweest!
  1164. 197 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 12:19:18 PM
  1165. So... either Sesc+Ashaya, or Jwlk. That seem about right? Personally I'd take out Jwlk, since he's a sneaky motherfucker who could easily slip by so far and is therefore someone I'd be wary of while I have a moderate townread on Sesc, then if the game doesn't end Courtkill Sesc and lynch Ashaya the next day. Any order of that form works, though, since it really is a numbers game at this point.
  1167. Inb4 EW!Eidolonic D:
  1169. 198 Menace Thu May 31 2012 01:48:00 PM
  1170. ... Or we could wait until he gets his checks and then kill him if they turn out bogus? Or better yet, have Sesc check him to see if he's legit? Or both?
  1172. That suggestion was... kinda scummy, Moridin. I hope you're not being scum when I specifically prohibited any more of you faggots on my Court from being scum. >:l
  1174. 199 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 01:51:20 PM
  1175. Uh....
  1177. You just melted my brain, Menace.
  1179. Sesc checked Ashaya as holy.
  1181. He's not going to check Jwlk as holy.
  1183. How many fucking holy roles do you think there are.
  1185. 200 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 01:55:55 PM
  1186. In before Ash, Sesc, and Moridin are all scum.
  1188. 201 Menace Thu May 31 2012 02:39:24 PM
  1189. Bah. Fuck this game format. I miss everything important.
  1191. In that case, I still think it'd be a bad idea to gank Jwlk before he gets to say his piece, in case I picked an all scum Court (because Eido is always scum, even when he isn't). >_>
  1193. Seriously. NEVER AGAIN, MOSCONE.
  1195. 202 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 02:48:34 PM
  1196. What Eido said.
  1198. King is accounted for. Priest is accounted for. Acolyte is accounted for. As such, if Ashaya is holy, there is no way in hell Jwlk can be the bishop (and vice versa).
  1200. Unless, of course, scum made use of Acolyte!Ashaya's absence to insert Bill Door as a fake acolyte, but tbh that's just... yeah, no. It's Jwlk/(Sesc+Ashaya) at this moment.
  1202. Menace: In that case, what do you suggest we do? We have a certainty of hitting scum if we take out the three listed above, but the same argument for leaving Jwlk alive also applies to Ashaya, which means we only have Sesc as a target (and not my preferred one, at that) and have to account for both a lynch and a Courtkill.
  1204. At this moment, I suggest we wait for Ashaya's input, see how it plays out. Give her another 12-16 hours, maybe? She should be a touch more active now, especially since her supposed role is due to reveal soon (if she is indeed the bishop, or at least is claiming it, even).
  1206. 203 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 02:50:14 PM
  1207. Also, wtf. Why is Menace no longer yellow?
  1209. 204 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 02:52:42 PM
  1210. Also interesting, now that I think about it, is Jwlk's rather unsubtle suggestion that we stop waiting on Ashaya (as far as he knows the one person who, if he's scum, will throw a real amount of doubt on his rr).
  1212. 205 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 02:53:36 PM
  1213. Nvm about the Menace thing, a refresh fixed it.
  1215. 206 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 05:05:49 PM
  1216. Lol, jwlk is full of shit. We have found the last witch :3
  1218. A bit sad though that the bishop prolly won't even be needed. Here I play one of my best games ever, and then we win through numbers. OH WELL.
  1220. At least I get to put one over the lying witch. Come on Ashaya, I want that smackdown.
  1222. 207 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 07:30:36 PM
  1223. Hrm. This actually could be a lot closer than I'm comfortable with. Thank god for my extra life.
  1225. Any of the four of Jwlk, Ashaya, Moridin, Sesc could be witches - and there's a few combinations.
  1227. My paranoid BY THE NUMBERS suggestion:
  1229. Day Six: Lynch Moridin, leaving Jwlk and Ashaya alive going into the night. Tell the Angels the story, and let them protect who the 'real' bishop is. 8 players remain.
  1231. Night Six: Court Kill Sesc, Coven Kill someone, probably Menace to disband. 6 players remain.
  1233. Player List at that point:
  1234. Aekiel
  1235. Ashaya
  1236. Bill Door
  1237. Eidolonic
  1238. Kalas
  1239. Jwlk
  1241. Day Seven: Both 'bishops' give their report: Lynch whoever is the more likely scum. 5 players remain
  1243. Night Seven: Another confirm gets shot, Bill probably. 4 players remain.
  1245. Day Eight: This leaves, uh. Aekiel, Myself, Kalas, and Ash or Jwlk. If Kalas or Aekiel is a witch, town probably loses, hm. Lynch Ash or Jwlk, 3 players remain.
  1247. Night Eight: If that doesn't end it, whoever isn't a witch out of Kalas/Aekiel gets shot... Angel protection could be a thing at this point to be honest.
  1249. Day Nine: If that goes through, I mean, it's over, they win. But uh. Yeah.
  1251. This all requires the following: Kalas or Aekiel to be an Elder Witch (meaning no night skips due to them joining coven, Witches to never target me (wasting a kill on extra life), and Angels to never get a protection right (Unlikely with how much it's narrowed down).
  1253. Basically, I think it has a roughly 95% chance of ending in a town win.
  1255. Thoughts? And yes, obviously you two aren't going to be happy with it because it sort of ends in your demise, but uh. It's a numbers game, etc.
  1257. 208 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 08:15:23 PM
  1258. Uh. Either Ashaya or jwlk will be lying. If Ashaya is lying, so am I, which means you have two witches and don't need the Bishop anymore because how can there be anymore left? Us two plus Stojil plus Geabe or StrikerLee plus klackerz because really.
  1260. If jwlk is lying, you can just lynch him and see if the game ends, and if it doesn't, you'll get the bishop info next day. So basically, just lynch jwlk and see what happens. This is pretty straightforward. If you don't like what Ashaya has to offer the next day, there's still enough time to do your thing.
  1262. But jwlk is a witch. There's no two ways about it.
  1264. 209 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 08:21:02 PM
  1265. Pretty much, yeah. The numbers game as you pointed out, Eid, is a bit dicey. There are several ways for witches to win. However, we have a certain combination in Jwlk/AshayaSesc - one of those two sets is certain to be scum. As Sesc said, we lynch Jwlk and NK Sesc, and then either kill off Ashaya's coven or lynch her, whichever makes more sense based on said coven.
  1267. 210 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:23:03 PM
  1268. Well.
  1270. Or there's this thing where both of you + Ashaya are witches. That's a possibility.
  1272. Sure, either Jwlk or Ashaya + Sesc are witches, but that doesn't mean that those are the only witches alive. Moridin is still an extremely likely witch in multiple scenarios, and Kalas is at least possible.
  1274. 211 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 08:23:37 PM
  1275. I think this works because killing the three either exchanges two town for one scum which at 3 scum is decent, or one town for two scum, which ends the game most likely, or at the very least hands it to us on a silver platter.
  1277. Once we go through tomorrow's lynch and the game still doesn't end, we can explore alternate lynches like me easily enough.
  1279. 212 Moridin Thu May 31 2012 08:26:00 PM
  1280. Eid: Me being a witch is a possibility, perhaps even a probability, to you. But even you have to acknowledge that either Jwlk or AshayaSesc is a certainty. Thus, it's still more advantageous to work from there.
  1282. I don't mind being the first lynch after these three.
  1284. 213 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:27:21 PM
  1285. Well.
  1287. If we lynch Jwlk today, who do we shoot tonight?
  1289. 214 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:29:09 PM
  1290. It's still going to come down to that numbers game in the end.
  1292. The point still stands - if Aekiel or Kalas is an elder witch, and angels block no kills going forwards, and they leave me alive until last, they can win.
  1294. Other than that, it's extremely unlikely?
  1296. 215 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:32:11 PM
  1297. Alternative.
  1299. Lynch Jwlk today, Shoot Ashaya tonight, have angels protect Menace tonight.
  1301. Lynch Sesc tomorrow, see if game ends.
  1303. And the hell with any possible bishop shenanigans.
  1305. 216 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 08:34:30 PM
  1306. Assuming the game doesn't end? Not Ashaya, but if it really makes you happy, me. Also, Kalas the Witch is from the same planet as Aekiel the Elder Witch lynching StrikerLee the Junior Witch or StrikerLee the Junior Witch protecting the priest. That just does't happen.
  1308. And Aekiel the Witch means no StrikerLee the Witch means Geabe the Witch means NOT me and Ashaya the witch because that would be six (including klackerz).
  1310. 217 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:38:29 PM
  1311. I agree that Aekiel is roughly 99% town.
  1313. Kalas is... a little less likely, but still very probable town. I can see scum trying to gain massive town cred and playing for end game when it looks like their situation is bleak, in his scenario.
  1315. So if you don't view either thing as possible, you are saying you believe the remaining witch(es) to be Jwlk, or Jwlk and Moridin, correct?
  1317. So why are you advocating shooting yourself over Moridin, tonight?
  1319. 218 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 08:46:20 PM
  1320. Yes. Like I posted in #179. And I don't particularly want to die, but A) my role is over after today, and B) it looked like a compromise to your two scenarios -- we kill one of each scenario.
  1322. I'll wtf hard though if the game doesn't end after the jwlk lynch, so right now I don't really think anyone will get court killed. If it really doesn't end, it's time to basically reassess everything I thought.
  1324. 219 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:52:23 PM
  1325. Hm.
  1327. In before Castiel was the bishop, Jwlk and Ash are both witches along with you two. Stojil is the only witch dead.
  1329. 220 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:54:40 PM
  1330. Town still wins in that scenario though.
  1332. The only way town can lose is if Aekiel or Kalas is an Elder Witch, I think.
  1334. 221 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:55:38 PM
  1335. Uhh. Hm.
  1337. Or if Castiel 'was' the bishop, that means one of the witches could be the Hunter, which would be unfortunate.
  1339. 222 Eidolonic Thu May 31 2012 08:57:49 PM
  1340. But that's only really possible in Sesc/Ash/Jwlk all being witches worlds. Which are very slim in terms of being likely.
  1342. Yeah, okay.
  1344. I'm tired waiting for Ash to show up.
  1346. Go reveal as Inquisitor in chat and reveal that Ashaya is the bishop. We'll lynch Jwlk, and if game doesn't end, shoot Moridin or You tonight.
  1348. 223 Sesc Thu May 31 2012 09:18:43 PM
  1349. Sigh. I would have been way more dramatic if Ashaya was actually here :(
  1351. 224 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 02:21:08 AM
  1352. Well.
  1354. Jwlk not firing as the BOD means that uh.
  1356. It's pretty damn likely that Ash is the scum BOD, and Sesc is scum as well?
  1358. It's theoretically possible that Ollie was the BOD without any living targets set, sure. But you have to admit it doesn't look good.
  1360. Shoot Sesc tonight, lynch Ash tomorrow, and see what happens, I suppose.
  1362. 225 Sesc Fri Jun 1 2012 02:32:07 AM
  1363. Uhh. What. Why won't the game just end? :|
  1365. Well. Now I really am starting to become paranoid of everyone. My personal worst case scenario now is that Eidolonic didn't play an odd Town game, but a very good Witch game. FUUUUUUUUU
  1367. But yeah, right now I'm just staring blankly. I'll look over the posts one more time. Maybe I'll find something I missed. I'd like to convince you to listen to Ashaya tomorrow, and that the game looks like this:
  1371. Eidolonic - ? (Fanatic)
  1372. *castiel - TOWN
  1373. Bill Door - TOWN (Acolyte)
  1374. *Klackerz - ? (Judge)
  1375. Sesc - TOWN (Inquisitor)
  1376. Aekiel - ?
  1377. *Uncle Stojil - WITCH (Oracle?)
  1378. Kalas - TOWN (Twilight Pagan)
  1379. *Ollie - ?
  1380. *guljons - TOWN (Survivalist)
  1381. Ashaya - TOWN (Bishop)
  1382. *dhulli/jwlk - WITCH (?)
  1383. *KaiDASH - TOWN (Priest)
  1384. *bob99 - ? (D.O.B.)
  1385. Menace - TOWN (King)
  1386. *StrikerLee - ? (Entertainer)
  1387. *Geabe - ? (Gravedigger)
  1388. Moridin - ? (Recluse)
  1391. Open & Alive: Eidolonic, Aekiel, Kalas, Moridin (where you tick yourself off, if you are Town)
  1394. but yeah ... :/
  1396. 226 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 02:47:44 AM
  1397. Castiel was either the bishop or the hunter, as he was shot on an even night. He cannot be gambler.
  1399. I'm leaning towards:
  1401. Castiel - Hunter, town.
  1402. Aekiel - Loose Cannon, town.
  1403. Ollie - Gambler, town
  1404. Jwlk - Bishop, town
  1405. Ashaya - BOD, witch
  1406. Sesc - Inquisitor, witch
  1408. Sesc, if you are actually town, then the only people that can realistically be a witch and alive are Moridin and Kalas. You effectively townfirming Kalas worries me, frankly. I can see you/ash/kalas being three remaining witches.
  1410. We'll shoot you tonight, and let Ash at least post tomorrow, before considering what she says, and proceeding from there. Odds are pretty high she's getting lynched to be safe, admittedly. And if the game doesn't end, then it'll just be a matter of deciding between Moridin and Kalas, and praying that angels get a bounce, or they bounce a kill off me (lol) somewhere along the line.
  1412. I'm going to assume moderate competence among the witches, and say that they won't shoot me. They'll have done the math, too, and know they can't afford kills to bounce.
  1414. I don't know what world we're in, though. But I mean, from your perspective, I'd be jumping down Moridin or Kalas' throat right now, and your confusion just feels....faked to me. So, uh. Yeah.
  1416. Killing you tonight. Ash tomorrow. And.... in all honesty, probably Kalas after that? Hm.
  1418. It's possible that Ollie was the BOD that didn't trigger, and the last coven member is Moridin, too, with Sesc/Ashaya legit.
  1420. Wonder who gets shot tonight. Bill or Aekiel, I'd imagine. Angels are smart, and won't blindly protect Menace. They'll protect one of the holies though, sure. I trust Kai.
  1422. 227 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 02:51:35 AM
  1423. Man... I'm going to laugh so, so hard if StrikerLee actually was a Junior WItch, and protected the goddamn Priest night one.
  1425. Like, you have no idea.
  1427. 228 Sesc Fri Jun 1 2012 04:29:32 AM
  1428. Where am I Townfirming anyone? I only just posted the blank slate from my perspective. And yeah, I'd obviously rather we kill Moridin or Kalas and not me, but I'm trying to think of ways to prove shit here.
  1430. I mean, maybe this way -- if Ashaya and I were JW, then Geabe and Stojil were EW. Since there was no notice that all EW had died, there has to be *another* EW left, and that is from the same group I just posted: You (Eidolonic), Moridin, Aekiel, Kalas. So we are looking for a witch in there in any case.
  1432. If Ashaya and I were EW then there were no other EW besides Stojil ... does this at all fit with the way the game went?
  1435. Fuck, I really can't think straight anymore. Way to little sleep yesterday, sorry. Also, this is probably the last time I post in a day or two at least, because I'll be without nets. Make me happy and kill someone not me, but that'd require you to believe to be really effective. But listen to Ashaya, at least (and lol if she isn't on tomorrow).
  1437. Out.
  1439. o/
  1441. 229 Menace Fri Jun 1 2012 05:11:02 AM
  1442. I told you not to be scum, Sesc. I fucking told you.
  1444. ;_;
  1446. 230 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 11:05:00 AM
  1447. Sesc has died and left the Court.
  1449. 231 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 11:39:24 AM
  1450. Oh. Welp.
  1452. I guess Jwlk actually was the last Elder. Unless the Elder simply... didn't pick a kill, which is entirely possible, in an attempt to steer us away from possible EW Moridin, or such.
  1454. Going to just... stick with the 'kill everything until it all ends' plan, I guess.
  1456. 232 Eidolonic Fri Jun 1 2012 12:08:40 PM
  1457. I like the plan I proposed. It has the least BOD risk involved.
  1459. Day 7 - lynch Kalas
  1460. Night 7 - Holy role dies
  1461. Day 8 - lynch Moridin
  1462. Night 8 - other holy role dies
  1463. Day 9 - Aekiel activates on Ashaya
  1465. Town wins 100%? I mean, this is worst case scenario kind of deal. Witches doing anything other than shooting the holy roles means town wins even more convincingly. Angels protecting someone means town wins even more convincingly.
  1467. So, I mean. If you're the last Witch, Mori... you might as well give up? heh.
  1469. The only way I can see town losing is if Aekiel and Ashaya are both witches. Which is unlikely enough to make me comfortable with the plan.
  1471. If you see any flaws, Menace, point them out.
  1473. And yes, I realize it's terrifying letting me survive until the end, but... an extra life when witches got someone outed on night one means they can't afford to bounce shit off me. So, there's that.
  1475. 233 Menace Fri Jun 1 2012 02:33:14 PM
  1476. STOJIL WAS THE ONLY SCUM, EIDO. HA! You're still the supreme scum!King!
  1478. :D
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