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  1. **__Roles you can apply for__**
  3. **—Experienced Player** is obtained by getting one world record
  4. **—Proficient Player** is obtained by getting 3 records, with a combined score of at least 1mil
  5. **—Senior Player** is obtained by getting 7 records, with a combined score of at least 5mil
  6. **—Dedicated Player** is obtained by getting 20 records, with a combined score of 15mil
  7. **— YouTuber**, must have 20+ subscribers and regularly make videos
  8. **— Committed**, see item #7 in Role Information, below
  9. **— Server Owner**, for owners of Discord servers (also submit an invite to the server for inclusion in #arrasio-servers)
  10. **— World Record Manager**, approve/reject world record submissions, and edit the WR spreadsheet
  11. ~~**— Supervisor**, must be active and helpful in this Discord~~
  12. **— Moderator**, for experienced Supervisors that are also active and helpful
  14. **Role information**
  15. **1.** __Vault Access__, __update-notify__, and __Old Art+Video Access__ are selfroles. To get or remove them go to #commands and use `+selfrole Vault Access`, `+selfrole update-notify`, or `+selfrole Old Art+Video Access`.
  16. **2.** Make sure to provide any needed proof when you ask for a role (your submission name for world record roles), or say why you deserve it if there isn't proof needed for it.
  17. **3.** In general, roles will be removed from people who no longer meet the requirements for them.
  18. **4.** The requirements for a role may occasionally be changed.
  19. **5.** Applications for roles that are crossed-out above are closed, but they may re-open later.
  20. **5.** If you want a new role to be created, ask in #discord-questions-suggestions.
  21. **7.** To get the Committed role, you need to make contributions to that are useful to everyone. For example, editing pages in the wiki, making strategy guides, etc. You also have to continuously make such contributions; that's why the role is called "Committed"--you're committed to helping the community.
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