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A Poem For Me and You

AWorthlessAnon May 16th, 2018 89 Never
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  1. Stuck in endless cacophony
  2. Pain becomes the new monotony
  3. In reality I hold no harmony
  4. Instead I suffer in existential agony
  6. A flicker, a light, stunted and faded
  7. An epiphany has invaded
  8. Try to scream out, but left unaided
  9. My escape must be persuaded
  11. Must push forth to achieve
  12. A world in which I can believe
  13. One which I can perceive
  14. And not filled with lies that deceive
  16. Every day I strive for things essential
  17. To escape from a crisis existential
  18. All choices are consequential
  19. They must be taken to reach my potential
  21. The beacon bleeds as it escapes existence
  22. In my head I am alone with no assistance
  23. The void comes and I can offer no resistance
  24. I must do what I must for my own subsistence
  26. Forgiveness is folly, my confidence struggles
  27. A stab in the back, I can't offer any rebuttals
  28. Vertigo as I confront my troubles
  29. The ink flows into dark puddles
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