Capitulation 2

Jan 18th, 2014
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  1. You yawn and stretch your limbs as light from the window brings you out of your slumber. You haven’t slept this well in ages! You reach out an arm toward the side of your bed, feeling around for your phone. You can’t find it at all so you just flop back down on the bed, yawning again.
  3. Ugh, why did you leave the window open, you never leave the window open. You turn defiantly away from the brightness, choosing to sleep a little longer. You’re denied silence as you hear a blender start up in the next room. Ah fuck, at least someone’s making you breakfast.
  5. Wait… who’s making you breakfast? You didn’t sleep with any-
  7. Oh shit.
  9. You’re jolted wide awake as the events of yesterday play back into your mind. You were in that bitch’s house! And you were a gay looking horse! And you… you fucking cuddled with her on the couch holy shit. You need to get out of here. You need to get out of here -right now- .
  11. You jump up out of your pink bed and make for the door. Thankfully it’s slightly ajar and you can nudge it open with your nose. If it was closed you’re not sure you’d be able to reach the door handle with your current height. You stumble a bit as you rush through the hallway, frantically searching for the exit you saw yesterday. You gallop past the kitchen, not even glancing to see what was happening inside. If you saw her you’d probably have second thoughts about leaving and you really can’t afford that right now.
  13. You find the door from memory and lament finding it closed. Why the fuck is it closed?! It was open yesterday! You’re seriously regretting not having taken that opportunity when you had it. You clumsily prop yourself on your hind legs leaning against the door, reaching a hoof up in an attempt to grab the handle. It’s not working! You’re just barely out of reach of the door handle!
  15. Your ears swivel around your head as you hear footsteps from somewhere in the next room. Oh shit she must have heard you! You try to get down from your upright position a little too fast, causing you to fall backward and impact the floor. Your head swims as you let blind panic take you, scrambling and curling up in the tightest ball you can manage in the corner of the room. You can’t let her see you! If she sees you she’ll punish you for trying to escape!
  17. Despite your hoping, you know that you’re completely visible as she rounds the corner, looking for the source of all the noise. Her eyes land on your quivering form and her expression turns to one of worry.
  19. “Bubble?” she asks, taking a step forward, “buddy what’s wrong? Why are you out here?”
  21. Your response is just to curl even tighter, hiding your face behind your hoof and shivering even more. Oh god here it comes, the scolding and yelling. She’ll probably hit you too. You should have never signed those forms. You should have just sat out and rotted in the street.
  23. She seems to connect the dots about your location, and her worry deepens. You flinch as you feel her hands wrap around your curled up body. She lifts you up and carries you through the house in her arms as if you weighed nothing at all. You don’t know where she’s taking you but wherever it is, it can’t be good.
  25. You feel her settle down and place you in her lap. As if you weren’t emasculated enough you’re constantly being reminded about how small you are now. You feel her hand rubbing your back slowly. She’s trying to trick you into opening up so she can punish you or something no doubt. You stay curled up in your ball, scared at what she’s going to do next.
  27. She just continues to stroke your back, staying silent the whole time. You hate to admit it, but her hand feels really nice. You find yourself relaxing slightly, enjoying the feeling of her hand. You don’t know how long you just sit there sobbing into her lap, hearing her whisper comforting words into your ear.
  29. “Bubble, look at me.” she says, stopping her stroking. You don’t want to move from your curled up position, but you comply and move your head out from behind your hooves. Your vision is still blurry from your tears, and you still feel like you’re on the verge of crying again.
  31. You look up at her, a small smile on her face.
  33. “First off, I’m not mad.” She says, helping you straighten out into a more comfortable position.
  35. “B-but Mistress I-” you start to plead before she places a finger on your lips to silence you. You don’t know why you called her Mistress just now, but it just felt right.
  37. “No. I expected it, and I’m not mad.” She says, lowering her finger from your muzzle. “Bubblegum, I don’t want you to be unhappy here. I’m sorry but this is your life now bud… you can’t really go back even if I wanted you too.”
  39. That’s a depressing thought. You -did- sign your life over completely to that company. If you leave this chick you’ll just end up somewhere else, probably equally unhappy.
  41. “I tried to make a good first impression, bud! Was yesterday really that bad?” She smiles at you
  43. “N-no! No Mistress it wasn’t bad at all! It… it was really nice actually…” You sound really fucking nervous.
  45. “Well what’s wrong then Bubble?” she asks, ruffling your pink hair a bit.
  47. You look down at your hooves, not really knowing how to explain how you’re feeling.
  49. “Well I just… I feel like I -should- be more upset about this whole thing than I actually am… and I feel like if I don’t try to get out something bad will happen, even though I know nothing will… I don’t know I guess the prospect of being your ‘property’ is kinda scary…”
  51. You can feel the tears threatening to come forth. God damn it, you shouldn’t be resorting to crying this easily. You’re supposed to be headstrong about this whole thing!
  53. “Well there’s not much I can do about the ownership thing, seeing as you’ve got no id or records of yourself left, but what do you say we spend the week together, and if you’re really unhappy with your arrangement you can find another owner. How’s that sound?” For once, her cocky nature is gone, and her voice holds a gentleness that makes your heart flutter.
  55. That actually sounds…. really nice. You were going to leave at the end of the week anyway, but now that your mistress is in on it too you feel a whole lot more comfortable with the whole thing. You nod and smile softly.
  57. “That sounds great Mistress… Thank you.”
  59. Her smirk comes right back, and she ruffles your hair again.
  61. “Alright, now c’mon. The eggs are probably cold by now.” She says, lifting you easily off her lap and making her way to the kitchen. As she walks away you catch a view of her beautiful ass. Oh yeah, there’s still that whole thing. You can’t believe you tried to run away before sampling the goods! You might be completely emasculated, but you’re still a dude where it counts!
  63. Your breakfast consists of a bowl of dry oats, and a small dish of orange juice. You do lament the inability to use cups with your new body. Despite your discomfort with eating on the floor (and the fact that eating oats is kind of weird), the meal is delicious. Mistress enjoys her foul smelling bacon and eggs, and gets up.
  65. “Alright bud get ready, we’re going for a walk.” She says, picking up your empty bowls and tossing them nonchalantly in the sink.
  67. “Wait… a walk? As in… outside?” You’re honestly surprised at the thought of that. For some reason you assumed you’d be stuck in this apartment for the rest of the week.
  69. Your mistress gives you a sceptical look. “Umm… yeah? C’mon, you didn’t think I’d keep you all cooped up in here for the rest of your life did ya’?”
  71. You smile sheepishly and your wings twitch a bit unconsciously.
  73. “Umm… a little?”
  75. She just laughs, and goes about getting herself ready. You just sit by the table and wait, not really knowing what to do with yourself. Pretty soon she comes back with… something in her hand. You think it’s a leash but there’s nothing to attach it to… Oh, no, wait, there it is. In her other hand is a… sigh… Light pink collar that looks like it belongs on some rich slut’s Chihuahua.
  77. You REALLY don’t want to wear that thing, but you remember the whole ‘do what I say or there’ll be consequences’ speech, so you guess there’s not much choice. Putting it on has a strange sense of permanence to it. Like a declaration that you’re hers and hers alone from now on. Whatever, at least it goes with your color scheme…
  79. Once you’re collared, you feel a familiar sensation in your gut. Oh yeah, you hadn’t gone to the bathroom since waking up here, and the food from yesterday has probably passed through you by now.
  81. “Excuse me Mistress, but I need to use the bathroom…” It’s a bit weird to be asking something like this, but you don’t really know where to go to actually do the business.
  83. “Oh, yeah your litterbox is in the bathroom. Make it quick though, I’ve got work this afternoon and I need to be back by 11.”
  85. You stare at her blankly, trying to process what the just told you. Did she just say… litterbox? You’ll be dead before you EVER have to use a fucking litterbox.
  87. “I’m not using that.” You say, stamping a hoof to emphasise your point. You’re actually terrified about making her angry, but you do your best not to show it.
  89. She frowns and cocks an eyebrow at you. “And why not?” she asks, sounding slightly impatient.
  91. “B-because it’s… It’s degrading!”
  93. “Bubble, your dignity isn’t important, you’re a pet and there’s nothing wrong with acting like one. Besides, you’re too small to use the toilet anyway. Now hurry up, you really don’t want me to be late because of you.”
  95. You look down at your hooves, feeling slightly ashamed at yourself. You’re not sure why, but the idea of inconveniencing your mistress seems like the worst thing you could do in life. You begrudgingly make your way toward to bathroom and do your business. When you come back your mistress is waiting by the door with a leash, which she attaches before you both walk out the door. Standing in the elevator feels kind of weird with your new stature, and it takes a bit of coaxing by your mistress to get you moving again once you reach ground floor.
  97. As you pass the front desk, you try to hide your face in your mistress’s leg to avoid eye contact with the clerk. You’ve not had contact with any other people since your change besides your mistress, and you’re slightly embarrassed about being seen like this. Outside is even worse, and you find yourself shying away from everyone and everything you and your mistress come across.
  99. “Bubblegum, heel.” She says, noticing you’ve trailed behind a bit. You don’t want to slow her down any more than you have, and speed up your pace a bit, coming level with her legs. You feel more comfortable like this, being closer to your mistress’s legs makes it easier to avoid the gaze of the various people passing by. You think you may have noticed a few other ponies like yourself, but you didn’t look long enough to interact with them.
  101. As the walk goes on, you feel more and more dependent on your mistress. You feel safe with her, being the only familiar thing in this scary situation you find yourself in. Being on a leash is a strange experience. More than once you find yourself tugged this way or that, but pretty soon you get the hang of keeping in stride with your mistress. You try to ignore the various comments from people about how ‘cute’ you are and compliments to your mistress about owning something as pretty as you are. It’s honestly the most degrading thing you’ve ever experienced, and you actually find yourself enjoying it.
  103. Soon enough you find yourself in some kind of park. All around are ponies of various sizes and colors playing with their owners and each other. You find yourself slightly intimidated at the prospect of being here. With a tug of your leash, you’re coaxed toward a man and a stallion sitting on a bench chatting about something or other. When the man sees you and your mistress, his eyes light up. He must be a friend of hers.
  105. “Bianca! Wow you finally went and did it! I’ve been meaning to ask if you’d ever get yourself a pony.” The man says, standing up to greet her with a friendly hug.
  107. So that’s your mistress’s name? You briefly consider using it, before reminding yourself of what she told you. You’re not even sure you’d want to call her by name at this point. Something about calling her mistress sends thrills down your spine.
  109. The man, who you find is named Jacob, talks with your mistress about various things, mostly about you. Your mistress says that things have been a little rough at the start, but you’re coming around. They’re talking like you’re not even there, and you’re surprised to find that it doesn’t bother you that much. It’s just human talk, nothing a pony like you needs to be worried about…
  111. Ugh. You shake your head, realising you weren’t referring to yourself as human. Well, technically you aren’t, but you’d like to keep that delusion up as long as you can. You can’t help noticing the light blue and gray pony at Jacob’s side eyeing you curiously. He’s a bit bigger than you, and has the more angular look of a stallion. That’s the kind of build you’re supposed to have!
  113. Suddenly you feel something at your neck. Looking up you notice that your mistress is taking off your leash!
  115. “Go on Bubble, go play with Stormcloud for a bit while I talk.” You just stare at her for a moment, not really knowing how to react. Eventually you make your way over to the other pony and sit down across from him while your owners chat about things. You don’t really know what to say to him, so you settle with just sitting there doing nothing. The silence is a bit awkward, but you find yourself too shy to break it. Eventually he speaks up.
  117. “Hey, I’m Stormcloud, what’s your name?” His voice his husky and deep, making you both envious, and more shy at the same time. A stallion's voice should not have this kind of effect on you! He looks at you expectantly, and you realise that you’ve left him hanging for at least 10 seconds now in your apprehension.
  119. “O-oh… my name’s Bubblegum…” you say, looking away from him and letting the silence drag on.
  121. “It’s alright, I know the first few days are hard, but it’ll get easier. And Bianca is really nice; you’ll be taken care of.”
  123. You just nod, smiling weakly. Eventually you open up a bit, getting to know this new pony. You feel like you can use him to gauge how you’ll be in the future, and he seems pretty down to earth. Since your owners are pretty close, you can probably expect to see a lot more of him, and you’re pretty happy about that. If you met him when you were both human you’d probably be fast friends.
  125. After some time, you hear your mistress calling your name, signalling it’s time to go home. You let her put the leash back on, and say a quick goodbye to stormcloud before trotting off with your mistress. You feel a fair bit more confident now, and you don’t find yourself shying away at every bit of attention. By the time you get home, you’re actually walking slightly ahead of your mistress, being sure to leave a bit of slack and let her keep most of the control.
  127. “Good boy, Bubble. You did great out there.” She says, ruffling your hair as you enter the apartment again. Your heart soars at the praise. You feel like you should probably be bothered by that, but hey. It’s only a week. You’re allowed to indulge in good feelings when they come around.
  129. After getting herself dressed for work, mistress sets out your lunch on the kitchen floor, telling you that you can eat it whenever you like. She tells you she’ll be back by 6, and turns the TV on for you before leaving. You’re a little sad to see her go, but you’re also glad to have a bit of time to yourself to think.
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