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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1251"?>
  2.         <cmd type="ReturnMoney" number="31" time="2017-06-19T15:38:24" from="QIWIPT" secure="0724e5b9d84988718f5bd27c46efa5e5">
  3.             <ReturnMoney number="31" date="2017-06-19" time="15:38:26.368742" payDate="2016-06-26" payNumber="31" paySum="15409.46">
  4.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931218238" sum="4035.20"/>
  5.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931214528" sum="1094.00"/>
  6.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931159420" sum="698.65"/>
  7.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931142209" sum="770.71"/>
  8.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931200110" sum="705.00"/>
  9.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931205932" sum="2069.00"/>
  10.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931207393" sum="575.00"/>
  11.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931205778" sum="2639.00"/>
  12.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931204556" sum="1810.00"/>
  13.                     <invoice invoiceNumber="15931185274" sum="1145.00"/>
  14.             </ReturnMoney>
  15.         </cmd>
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