How Flurry Was Made

Sep 13th, 2020
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  1. >Be Gleaming Shield
  2. >Pride of Equestria and the Crystal Empire
  3. >Captain-Commander
  4. >Master of defensive magic, and arch magi
  5. >Also a pretty rad and cool gal, if you do say so yourself
  6. >It had been a long day
  7. >Nothing but paperwork and making sure the grunts cleaned their armor correctly
  8. >Boring, mindless nonsense
  9. >You barely got to yell at anypony either, which was pretty annoying
  10. >It was late
  11. >Your back hurt from wearing your armor all day
  12. >You just wanted to go to your room, shower, get the servants to make you a whole lot of food that was bad for you, and pass out till morning
  13. >The walk from the barracks to the royal wing of the castle was pretty quick
  14. >You had already loosened the straps of your armor on the way, so as soon as you opened your bedroom door you had everything off in a flash
  15. >Usually left it with the armorer, but your shit needed cleaned, and she always did a shit job at it
  16. >In the morning you'd see to it, but for now
  17. >Relaxing
  18. >As you entered your chambers, you quickly realized that relaxing might very well be a far off reality
  19. >Cadence was in the center of the room
  20. >All around her were chalkboards, absolutely covered in magical formulas
  21. >You were a pretty smart cookie, but the sort of stuff she had written out was so advanced that you couldn't make heads or tails of it
  22. >Twilight probably could, but her and Candy were the biggest eggheads now currently living
  24. >Your wife, covered in chalk, perked her ears up as you stopped
  25. >She looked over, saw you, and smiled
  26. >"Hey there, hon!" she chirped
  27. >You looked at her, then at the chalkboards
  28. >You then took a step back
  29. >Maybe you could just get a bite to eat at that restaurant a couple blocks from here until whatever... THIS was settled down?
  30. >"Wait," Cadence said, lifting a hoof. "Don't go!"
  31. >You just took another step back
  32. >"Everything's okay. This is just a idea I've been kicking around for a little while for a spell."
  33. >You didn't like when that phrase was said
  34. >An idea she was kicking around...
  35. >Last time she said that, you got turned into a bucking orange
  36. >It took them a WEEK to change you back
  37. >The tip of your horn glowed, opening the door
  38. >Cadence's horn glowed as well, and the door was forced shut
  39. >Shit
  40. >"It's not anything crazy, I swear--"
  41. >That's a bucking lie
  42. >"It's fun magic. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye," Cadence said, going through the motions before patting the spot right next to her. "Now get that cute butt over here and let me explain it."
  43. >You looked back at the door
  44. >You then eyed your window
  45. >You ran a quick calculation on your odds of getting to the window before your crazy, sexy wife caught you, smashing through the thing, surviving what must have been a twenty story fall, and doing it all without royally bucking yourself up
  46. >You could probably do it...
  47. >You'd look cool too...
  48. >But you'd have to come back eventually, and you didn't want to get an earful...
  49. >Taking a deep breath, you let out a sigh, walking over and sitting next to your wife
  51. "Alright. Against my better judgement, what the hay is all this?" you asked
  52. >Cadence beamed
  53. >"It's a spell!"
  54. >Slowly, a frown came to your face
  55. "I can see that, dummy. I mean, what sort of spell is it?"
  56. >Your wife let out a coltish giggle
  57. >The same sort of giggle that Twilight let out after a three-day science binge
  58. >The fur stood on the back of your neck
  59. >"A perpetual love spell. With it, you can bounce the love one feels for somepony else back and forth as long as the spell is maintained. The longer it's used the more intensely that love it felt!"
  60. >Wat?
  61. "What? Why in Equestria would you make something like that?" you asked. "Actually, can't you just do that already?"
  62. >"Nope," Cadence said, as happy as a fat filly in an ice cream shop. "My normal love magic just reminds ponies why they care for their partner. With this you share the depths of love you have for each other!"
  63. "...But why?"
  64. >"Because I thought it'd be neat!" your wife stated, puffing her chest out
  65. >Your wife is bonkers
  66. "You're bonkers," you told her
  67. >Cadence just laughed
  68. >"Bonkers or not, we're gonna try this spell!" she said, clapping her hooves together
  69. >You nodded
  70. "I kinda figured that. So what, are you gonna hit me with it or...?"
  71. >"Actually, I'm bringing in somepony to help us test this," Cadence replied, looking toward the door. "He should be--"
  72. >There was a knock
  73. >Your wife let out an excited squeal, bouncing in place
  75. >"That must be him!"
  76. >Her horn glowed
  77. >She yanked open the door, revealing the Crystal Empire's only one and only human, the biggest turd in the world, and your friend/ best guy-sis/fuck-friend Anon
  78. >The human looked a tad confused as he stood out in the hallway
  79. >He saw you and Cadence, then the chalkboards
  80. >His eyes widened, and he took a step back
  81. >The poor colt was about to make a run for it, but Cadence just picked him up with her magic
  82. >He was levitated into the room, the door being locked and closed behind him
  83. >Aw...
  84. >Tough luck there, bud...
  85. >"Anon! Perfect! Gleaming and I were waiting for you!" your wife said, sitting the human down right next to you. "Thank you for coming on such short notice by the way."
  86. >Anon looked down at you
  87. >"Gleaming?"
  88. "Yeah?"
  89. >"Should I not have come?"
  90. "You shouldn't."
  91. >"Does this have anything to do with a new spell?"
  92. "Yep."
  93. >"Fuck!" the human swore, turning away. "I knew it."
  94. >Cadence puffed her cheeks out
  95. >"Oh, come on you two. This will be FUN!"
  96. >"Last time you said that I was stuck walking around on the ceiling for a month."
  97. "And there was that one time you turned my coat green."
  98. >"And that other time when you somehow gave me a tail."
  99. "And--"
  100. >"Alright, alright, I get it!" your wife interrupted with a flap of her wings. "This time will be different, I promise."
  102. >You and Anon exchanged looks
  103. >You can't believe your wife just looked you in the eye and lied to your face
  104. >She's lucky you loved her to bits
  105. >"Have you tested whatever this is at all?" Anon asked
  106. >Cadence's ears perked up, then folded against the sides of her skull
  107. >"Well... I'm about to?" she said
  108. >As one, you and the human let out sighs
  109. >You both knew there was no point in running now
  110. >Cadence was too excited about this whole thing
  111. >Better to just make her happy and suck it up
  112. >"Alright, how do you wanna do this then?" Anon asked, pinching the bridge of his nose
  113. >Cadence squealed in excitement, leaping to her hooves
  114. >With a spell, all of the chalkboards disappeared
  115. >"Anon, you need to get naked, then the two of you need to get onto the bed. Gleaming, you need to get him hard and ride him. I think that's going to work the best here."
  116. >"Naked? Sex? What kind of guy do you think I am, your highness?" the human asked, putting his hands on his hips. "Next you'll be asking me to make you a sandwich."
  117. >You snorted
  118. "Just get that big fanny of yours over there," you said, giving his butt a smack
  119. >The teasing jerk bumped his ass against your face, grinning
  120. >"Hey, if I'm doing this Gleaming has to wear those socks I like."
  121. "What?! No! I'm not wearing those fro-fro, colty--"
  122. >There was the sound of magic, then a pop
  123. >Frowning as hard as you could, you saw you were now wearing the most hated thing you had in your wardrobe
  124. >Long, striped pink socks; perfectly fitted for you
  125. >You had no idea where Anon got your leg size
  126. >He probably got them from that fashion dyke that Twilight hanged out with...
  127. >"There we go," Anon said saundering over to your bed. "Looking good there, shield-butt."
  128. "Yeah, yeah. Just get stripped and get on that bed," you grumbled, wiggling a back leg. "At least I'll hopefully get a decent fuck out of this..."
  129. >For a colt that wore a lot of clothes, Anon was able to get out of them pretty quick
  131. >That, or you just had that effect on stallions
  132. >Which you had already assumed
  133. >The sloot
  134. >By the time he was at the edge of your bed, he was already in his underwear
  135. >He leapt onto it, rolling into the center
  136. >"Go on, Gleaming," your wife said, nudging you with her snout
  137. >You rolled your eyes, but now you were starting to get just a teensy bit excited
  138. >You could see Anon's cock teasing you through that thin underwear of his
  139. >Despite yourself, your tail twitched, and you licked your lips
  140. >Trotting over, you climbed into bed
  141. >Cadence started talking
  142. >You heard words like, "compatible" and "love synchronization" and "side effects" but you didn't hear too much else
  143. >The human could have just jumped onto the bed naked
  144. >But no
  145. >That tease knew what he was doing
  146. >He knew you liked to unwrap your presents
  147. >"You ready to get that back blown out again?" Anon asked as you crawled on top of him, flank in his face and your eyes on the prize
  148. "The only thing I'm ready for is hearing you call me mommy today, colt," you replied, flicking your tail out of the way
  149. >You buried your muzzle into his groin, inhaling deeply
  150. >Sweet harmony above did he smell good
  151. >His cock twitched against your nose, making you nuzzling him a little more firmly
  152. >You tensed as you felt him reach up and squeeze your flank
  153. >He tried to pull you back, but you resisted, letting out a snort
  154. >As fun as it would be to ride his face, you were happy right where you were, thank you very much
  155. >He was flexible
  156. >He could bend up a bit to see where his tongue took him
  158. >Sure enough, a few seconds later you felt him lick up the length of your slit
  159. >You grunted in, your back legs twitching
  160. >Grabbing the waistband of his underwear, you pulled upward hard
  161. >There was a rip, and his cock sprung up, hitting you on the nose
  162. >It was a hog of a thing
  163. >Not as long as a stallion's, but holy honey seed was it thick
  164. >You wet your lips with your tongue, opening your mouth
  165. >Your throat needed a good stretching right about now
  166. >But, before you would pop that mushroom head into your mouth, you heard your wife let out a cry
  167. >"Wait!" she said. "Not that like! You need to be face-to-face with each other!"
  168. >Cock still resting on your face, you stared at her
  169. >She had gotten goggles from somewhere, as well as a clipboard
  170. >A quill and a pot of ink was floating next to her head, held aloft by her magic
  171. >Sweet harmony above was your wife something else...
  172. "What?" you asked, lifting your head up
  173. >Anon's cock twitched, bouncing against your chin
  174. >"Trust me," Cadence said. "For this spell to have the maximum effect, you both need to have continuous eye contact with each other. At least I'm pretty sure this is how it'll work."
  175. >You felt Anon lay onto his back
  176. >He gave your rump a pat
  177. >Rolling your eyes, you shuffled around so you could look down at him
  178. >He looked pretty annoyed
  179. >What do I keep telling you about ripping my underwear?" he asked
  180. >A sheepish smile came to your face
  181. "You think it's hot and that I should do it more often?"
  182. >"Those are expensive."
  183. "I'll take you shopping in a few days. Promise."
  185. >"I have to custom order these pants."
  186. "Eh, we'll get some at the market."
  187. >"Do you know how many ponies make clothes for bipeds around here?"
  188. "I'm sure a couple."
  189. >Giving you "the look" he turned his attention toward Cadence
  190. >"So what else do we need to do here?" he asked.
  191. >Cadence hummed, tapping a hoof against her chin
  192. >"Actually.... Hang on; you hold still, Anon."
  193. >Her horn glowed
  194. >A mountain of pillows appeared right next to the bed
  195. >Sitting Anon up with her magic, she placed a few behind him so that his back was at an angle
  196. >"There, that should do it. Go ahead and give him the business, Gleaming," she said.
  197. >You gave your wife a wink, straddling the human, trapping his cock between his belly and your pussy
  198. >You started to grind yourself against him
  199. >In no time at all, his entire length was coated in your arousal
  200. >You could also feel yourself starting to wink
  201. >Anon took a deep breath, hands finding their way to your hips as you blew some hair out of your face
  202. "You ready to get fucked through the bed, big guy?"
  203. >"I'll believe it when I see it, you bone head."
  204. >You lifted your hips
  205. >Horn glowing, you gently grabbed his cock as you leaned down to give him a smooch
  206. "That's what I like to hear."
  207. >Positioning yourself over him, you took a few deep breaths, then began to press down
  208. >There was some resistance
  209. >This was always the trickiest part
  210. >You must have done this a hundred times and you never really knew if this would be the time you wouldn't be able to get that fat cockhead in you
  211. >Ears folding against your skull, you applied more and more force
  213. >Until, suddenly, it slipped right in
  214. >Your whole body tensed
  215. >Anon jerked, face contorting
  216. >His grip on your rump tightened a hair
  217. >You stayed where you were, taking a few more deep breaths
  218. >You weren't a small mare by any means, but he was almost too big for you
  219. >Just big enough that when he was hilted it felt like there was a bulge in your stomach
  220. >It was fucking amazing
  221. >You used your inner muscles to massage and tease his crown
  222. >The bedsheets shifted as Anon dug his heels into the bed
  223. >You grinned
  224. >He was doing that thing you loved
  225. >Trying not to show just how good you were making him feel
  226. >The tease
  227. >By the end of this, you'd have him neighing like a SLUT
  228. >Slowly, so as to not hurt yourself, you took more and more of him
  229. >More than once, you had to stop and take a breath
  230. >Inch by inch you took him until, with a sigh, you felt your rump hit hit pelvis
  231. >Anon let out a groan, bucking his hips, causing you to bounce just a bit
  232. >"Fuck," he said, voice husky and sexy and all the things you loved
  233. >You leaned down to kiss him again, trying not to groan yourself as you felt him throbbing inside of you
  234. "You're welcome," you whispered
  235. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Cadence furiously taking notes
  236. >"Okay, you're both doing fantastic," she said. "Now don't move. I'm about to cast the spell."
  237. >Her horn sparked to lift
  239. >You watched as mana began to ooze from her horn
  240. >It grew to the size of an apple before it dropped, falling a few inches before it began to float into the air
  241. >It lazily hung there for a few moments before splitting into two little balls
  242. >The balls morphed and twisted, quickly becoming two hearts
  243. >They floated over to you and Anon
  244. >One hit him in the head, disappearing with a puff of smoke
  245. >The other one hit you a moment later
  246. >Anon sneezed
  247. >You blinked one eye, then the other, your vision turning blue for a second before turning back to normal
  248. >And that seemed like it was it
  249. >Neither of you turned into anything weird
  250. >Your soul didn't leave your body
  251. >Your fur didn't fall out
  252. >For those few seconds afterward, you were completely fine
  253. "...Huh, was that it?"
  254. >You and Anon shared a look
  255. "You feel any different there, big guy?" you asked, grinding yourself against him
  256. >"Not really," he said with a shrug. "Maybe the spell was a dud?"
  257. "I think you might be--"
  258. >That was when it hit you like a ton of bricks
  259. >A belly-flipping, tingly, mane-and-tail-standing-curling-up feeling
  260. >It swept up throughout your body, stealing your breath away
  261. >You could tell that Anon felt it too, as he let out a surprised wheeze
  262. >"It's starting to work!" Cadence said excitedly. "How does it feel you two?"
  263. >Honestly, it felt like your whole body had just chewed some really strong cinnamon bubble gum
  265. >It was almost uncomfortable
  266. >You squirmed on top of Anon, pawing at his chest
  267. "Fffffffffffffffuck..."
  268. >The burning was starting to change, combining with the a bubbly, fizzy feeling
  269. >It was love
  270. >You weren't Cadence, but you could feel it
  271. >Your love for this weird alien, and his love for you
  272. >Pure, unfiltered, and only growing more intense
  273. >Anon let out a whine, arms flopping onto the bed as his belly heaved
  274. >You felt yourself break out into a sweat, eyes wide
  275. >This felt...
  276. >It felt...
  277. >Good
  278. >Unquestionably, unfathomably amazing
  279. >You had never felt this way with anypony but Cadence, and it was only getting better
  280. >Panting, your head snapped to and fro, wildly looking around the room
  281. >Anon's cock felt like a rod of hot iron inside of you
  282. >You could feel every inch of it, nearly feel the blood pumping through it
  283. >Your marehood-- fuck that, your whole BODY clamped down when you felt him twitch inside of you
  284. >You didn't even need to move
  285. >Heck, you didn't know if you could
  286. >Anon curled in on himself, pressing his face against your tuft as he let out another whine
  287. >His cock pulsed again and again
  288. >You felt his cockhead balloon, and then he was coming
  289. >Thick, hot, virile seed; rope after rope after rope of it
  290. >If you would have been in the right state of mind, you would have realized that this was the fastest that you had ever made the human cum, and you would have been jazzed
  291. >But you could barely remember to breathe, the love building and building inside of you
  293. "O-Oh... Fucking... C-Celestia..."
  294. >Your back legs knocked against Anon's sides as you found yourself cumming, so hard that stars exploded across your vision
  295. >Your mouth opened in a wordless cry, eyes crossing, front legs wrapping around the human's shoulders so you didn't fall over
  296. >Some cum spurted out of your cunny, you could only let out a grunt, buring your muzzle into his hair
  297. >He smelled amazing
  298. >He felt amazing
  299. >Too amazing
  300. >Anon didn't stop cumming, neither did you
  301. >It was a struggle to catch your breath, or keep your eyes open
  302. >Anon went limp, falling back
  303. >You didn't have any situational awareness or even strength to stop it
  304. >He hit the pillows with a "poof"
  305. >Looking down, you could see hearts in his eyes as he stared up at you
  306. >Pinke was invading the corners of your vision
  307. >The sound of blood pumping was roaring in your ears
  308. >It was too much
  309. "C-Cadence... stop.... the spell. P-Please." you said. through gritted teeth, body twitching and jerking at the longest, most intense orgasm of your life
  310. >Something hit the side of your head
  311. >The heat didn't immediately disappear
  312. >It slowly, gradually went away, until the room seemed frigid
  313. >Celestia only knows how the heck you were able to stay upright
  314. >It felt like you had just ran from Griffinstone and back
  315. >Sweat was stinging your eyes, and you were breathing so hard that you were afraid you were about to pass out
  317. >You looked down to see your whole lower body was covered in cum
  318. >Your marehood, teats, even rump and lower belly was covered
  319. >Enough to knock a mare up a hundred times
  320. >Your gaze then shifted to Anon
  321. >He looked a bit better than you felt
  322. >His body was flush and sweaty, and his eyes were closed as he tried to catch his breath
  323. >That was about right
  324. >Humans seemed to be made for breeding, so he could take a bit more than you could
  325. >Still, you and Cadence never had him like this before
  326. >Despite yourself, a burst of pride filled you as you slowly fell forward into Anon's chest
  327. >Worth it
  328. >Both of you groaned
  329. >"Are you okay?" Cadence asked
  330. "I'm... alive," you said
  331. >Anon didn't say anything, just raising a hand and giving her a thumbs up
  332. >Cadence let out a sigh of relief
  333. >"Good. Here, let me fix you both up."
  334. >A spell hit you both
  335. >Some of the sweat disappeared, and you didn't feel quite as exhausted
  336. >You perked up a bit, cracking open an eye
  337. "That was..."
  338. >"Awesome?" Anon supplied
  339. >You nodded, raising yourself up to look at him
  340. "That was amazing! It's never felt like that before! Right up until the end it felt perfect."
  341. >"Tell me about it. It felt like... I don't know how it felt..."
  343. >You turned toward your wife
  344. "Candy, you gotta try this!"
  345. >"So what? I'm just being passed around all willy-nilly?" Anon asked, giving your rump a smack
  346. "You're darn right you are, you randy whorse. Come on Candy. Get your butt over here."
  347. >Your wife let out a hum
  348. >"At the end there was an issue with the two of you," she said, almost to get herself.
  349. >"The love fluctuate far too much too quickly. You didn't have control of that, but I might be able to..."
  350. >She pulled off her goggles
  351. >"Gleaming, honey. I'll cast the spell on and Anon and myself. I'll need you to use your magic to keep it going, is that alright?"
  352. >You saluted, lifting yourself off the human
  353. >What felt like a gallon of cum spilled out of you as you did so
  354. >Your bed was probably ruined, but that was future you's problem
  355. >Anon, the horndog of a stallion that he was, was still semi-hard, his dick resting against his thigh
  356. >He smiled at your wife, patting the spot you had just been
  357. >"Come on up, Cantdance. Got a seat right here for ya."
  358. >Cadence giggled, trotting over
  359. >You crawled to the other side of the bed as you wife jumped up onto it
  360. >She immediately took position over him, sitting that big pink butt onto his lap
  361. >Anon squeezed her flank, which drew more giggling form the alicorn, who leaned down and began planting kisses all over Anon's face
  362. >Your wife was so touchy-feely
  363. >She kinda fucked like a colt would
  364. >All slow and loving and intimate
  365. >Lot of talking too
  366. >That's probably why you loved her so much
  368. >Also why you were the top of the relationship
  369. >The cute lil dyke
  370. >"Hmm~ Did you have fun with my wife, Anon?" Cadence asked, nuzzling the human
  371. >"I did," he replied cupping her face
  372. >"Are you ready to have fun with me?" she said, looking into his eyes
  373. >Anon nodded, kissing her nose
  374. >Cadence just smiled, horn glowing
  375. >"You ready dear?"
  376. "I am," you said, sitting up
  377. >The ball of mana erupted from her horn as it had before, breaking into two little hearts and hitting them both
  378. >Your horn immediately sparked to life, and you began to pour your magic into the spell
  379. >As you did, you realized something
  380. >A normal pony would never be able to use this spell
  381. >The amount of magic that was drained out of you just for the few moments you took control of the spell made you dizzy
  382. >And you could keep a shield dome the size of Canterlot up for days
  383. >Gritting your teeth, you stood a bit straighter
  384. >Stupid massive alicorn magical reserves
  385. >It really wasn't fair...
  386. >You had no idea how long you'd be able to maintain this, but you'd try to do so as long as possible
  387. >Neither Anon or Cadence seemed to notice your struggle
  388. >Both were staring into each other's eyes
  389. >Cadence was slowly breathing in and out as she lifted her rump up
  390. >Anon was quickly getting stiff, his cock growing hard between her chubby teats
  391. >As she rose, it bopped her marehood, making them both twitch
  393. >"This feels really nice, doesn't it Anon?" Cadence asked, kissing him again
  394. >The human nodded, his breathing becoming quicker
  395. >Cadence's wings unfurled
  396. >They flapped, knocking something over on the other end of the room
  397. >She let out a laugh, reaching down to grab his cock
  398. >"I can feel it. All of that love in that great big body of yours," she said, breathlessly. "It's wonderful..."
  399. >Hearts in her eyes, she pressed her forehead against his as she pressed his tip against her pussy
  400. >She murmured something that you couldn't hear
  401. >It was Anon's turn to giggle as he kissed her
  402. >Her wings flapped again, and you noticed something strange
  403. >Her mane was starting to move
  404. >It was growing longer, brighter, more colorful
  405. >Almost... ethereal
  406. >Like her aunt's
  407. >Before you would ponder on what that meant, Cadence lowered herself
  408. >She was a lot bigger than you, being an alicorn and all, so she was able to take Anon's hog without too much effort
  409. >In one swift, single motion, she had him hilted
  410. >Anon let out a groan, bucking his hips
  411. >Cadence's wings started to twitch like they always did when she came
  412. >"I love love," you heard her say as she began to ride him. "I love this big, fat cock too. Do you love this tight princess pussy, Anon? Do you like stuffing me?"
  413. >She never broke eye contact as she spoke, rising and lowering herself
  414. >Her mane and even tail began to whip around as if in some unfelt, unseen storm
  415. >Anon let out another grunt, eyes nearly stuffing
  416. >Cadence's rump tensed, and she let out another laugh
  417. >"It feels like you wanna knock this princess up. Is that what you want, Nonners? Do you want this pretty princess carrying your foal? It's okay. You don't even have to say anything, just keep filling me with that cum. I'll take that as a yes~"
  419. >Her mane moved around her head, wrapping around Anon's throat, stands caressing his face and chest
  420. >The human wrapped his arms around her, raising his hips in time with her, still looking at her with hearts in his eyes
  421. >You couldn't help yourself
  422. >You weren't made out of stone
  423. >One of your hooves found its way between your legs as your wife continued to give you the show of your life
  424. >Apparently, Cadence was even more of a dirty talker when love was flowing through her
  425. >She didn't stop talking through each orgasm
  426. >Just some nasty, degenerate shit
  427. >Stuff that would have Celestia washing her mouth out
  428. >You managed nearly ten minutes before you had to stop the spell
  429. >It was amazing
  430. >Super hot too
  431. >You kinda wished you had recorded it
  432. >There was a... issue however
  433. >It wasn't until a week later that you found out that Cadence's spell had some unforeseen side effects
  434. >A trip to the doctor for both you and Cadence revealed that you were both pregnant out of season
  435. >Out of season for you by a good four months
  436. >Alicorns didn't even GO into heat
  437. >You didn't even think they could get pregnant
  438. >The poor doctor was so shocked that the mare passed right out
  439. >Cadence was oddly calm
  440. >Happy even
  441. >She wanted to name hers Flurry
  442. >You were less calm
  443. >Waaaay less calm
  444. >How the hay were going to tell your mom that you got knocked up by a colt you weren't even married to?
  445. >Mom wouldn't let that fly
  446. >She was gonna kick the SHIT out of you...
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