Mar 12th, 2018
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  1. Anonfilly was walking in the Everfree, still shocked and somewhat frustrated that he had been transformed into a filly, albeit with abilities similar to his motherly abomination that had given birth to him just last night. Thing never seemed to follow the laws of nature, Thing's body cheated and mocked the conventional wisdom of how biology worked. Now it seemed that Anon had inherited at least some part of Thing's strange and powerful biological abilities when she rebirthed him as a filly. He didn’t even know why she was walking in the forest. Perhaps he just wanted to be alone to think.
  3. Anon fiddled with his interesting tentacle tongue appendage, watching it curl around itself in a slippery display of muscular dexterity and flexibility as he pondered his predicament. Bored, Anon retracted her tongue back into her mouth and sighed in her much too high pitched filly voice. She raised her hoof up to look at the bottom, soft pads of her frogs cold be seen as she rotated her foreleg like an arm. So it seemed that Equestria had finally succeeded in assimilating him. He was now an emasculated petite equine.
  5. Anon still felt angry that Thing had forcibly transformed him into a filly but he couldn’t stay mad at her. Whether she planned for it or not, Anon now seemed to have shapeshifting abilities and he was determined to abuse them to the fullest! An evil and creepy grin spread over her face, her cheeks splitting in a monstrous smile that by all rights should not be present on a pure and innocent filly’s smooth face. The face looked cartoonish as it shapeshifted, a smile similar to the Grinch's evil smile. Oh yes, she was going to have some fun! She just needed to figure out how to use her newfound abilities.
  7. Anon was still clumsily trying to figure out how to be a pony, hopefully being an eldritch abomination would be easier. Perhaps he could start with what he already knew how to do. Her tongue seemed to be infinite. The more he willed his tongue to extend, the more would come out. What if he just made it keep coming out? What would happen? Perhaps this would help her learn.
  9. So, with that Anon opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out of her mouth, it just kept sliding out like a snake would, extending in front of her like a strange snake or worm. As more of the tongue continued sliding out she began flexing the muscle to keep it suspended in mid air but it was starting to get heavy. Anon felt something shifting in her belly. She turned her head just slightly and glanced at her side and her eyes widened. Her belly and chest were sunken, her ribs prominently jutting out of her skin. She looked like a holocaust survivor, malnourished. It seemed that her insides were sliding out of her mouth!
  11. The sight of her tongue sliding out of her mouth while her insides seemed to become ejected from her body reminded him of a youtube video he had seen long ago. He suddenly wished he didn't remember it because now he wanted to throw up.
  13. It didn’t matter. Perhaps he should have stopped but she was committed. More tongue continued to slide out and a veritable anaconda of muscle slithered in front of his face, sliding to the forest floor. As he willed more of it to exit, Anon began to feel strange. Her internal organs were depleted, the tongue cannibalizing their biomass and now her muscles were starting to liquify and convert to tongue. As Anon felt her body begin to really deform and collapse he was getting scared, he decided he had had enough. She could feel his tongue, it was incredibly muscular and flexible like a snake or a tentacle. She experimentally made it curl around and slide on the ground like a snake would, but Anon decided that she liked her internal organs where they were, she was starting to get creeped out.
  15. Slowly and instinctually, Anon retracted his tongue back into his throat, swallowing the muscle as he did. He could feel his belly fill again with the slithering muscle that rapidly mutated into the internal organs they had originally been. Once again, he was a filly again, whole and safe. Anon sighed in relief. There was a lot of complex mutation and transformation that went on to allow him to extend the tongue’s muscle like she did but it seemed to all be handled automatically and instinctually. Anon remembered that his mother could transform into things that she had assimilated. Would he be able to assimilate things as well? He would have to be creative with how he would transform. His tongue was just one small part of his body, if he put his mind to it he should be able to do some interesting things with his other body parts. He had seen his mother mutate in so many strange ways, the possibilities were just endless but with some practice and patience he could slowly learn all the ways he could mutate himself. He had all the time in the world of course and no responsibilities. He could take his time to learn and master-
  17. A somewhat faint but high pitched screech pierced through the Everfree forest. The voices sounded familiar. Where had he heard them before? Oh yeah, it was the trio of annoying little shits, the cutie mark crusaders. What in the world had they gotten themselves into this time? The troublesome trio’s desperately screaming little filly voices made him wince. Those voices could shatter glass. Anonfilly covered her ears to shield her very sensitive filly ears from the annoyance. Because of that he did not hear the approaching commotion.
  19. Anon rolled her eyes and started to turn around but not soon enough. Anon was blindsided by the fillies who burst from the brush with panicked looks on their faces and proceeded to crash directly into Anon. Anon was suddenly tangled in a pile of filly bodies with an unwelcome facefull of Scootaloo’s “sensitive” area humping his face.
  21. “Get off me!” Anonfilly screeched in her cute little filly voice.
  23. The three fillies scrambled to comply. Anon angrily stood up and dusted herself off, angrily glaring at the three fillies.
  25. “You little shits! Watch where you’re running next time! This is the third-”
  27. Anon hesitated as he saw the horrified looks on the three filly’s faces, they seemed to be looking above his face.
  29. “What are you-?”
  31. Anon was interrupted by a deep basal lion’s growl. He had heard the noise before on tv in his home a world away but never with the deep shaking quality that seemed to originate from the earth itself. Multiplied by the fact that he was relatively tiny, Anon felt her tiny bones rattle inside her flesh, she felt the air inside her chest vibrate to the noise.
  33. Horrified, Anon slowly turned her head around and looked up. Looming above was the huge visage of a manticore. Predatory eyes wide and drool sliming down the side of its mouth as the lion’s sharp fanged teeth prominently displayed themselves. This manticore looked very hungry.
  35. Anon didn’t even have time to react before the manticore lunged forward and brought its mouth down to bite Anonfilly’s tiny body, instantly crushing her skull.
  37. Well, this is the end, Anon thought. He cursed his frail filly body, he had no chance to escape or defend himself. He was so weak and tiny. With what he thought would be the last thing he ever thought, he cursed Thing to hell for turning him into a defenseless little filly.
  39. Surprisingly, getting his skull crushed did not produce much pain. Well, the brain didn't have any pain receptors, he reasoned. Wait, how was he able to reason when there were lion fangs piercing straight through his brain?
  41. It didn’t even matter. The manticore savagely crushed her immature little body as it bit her and repeatedly chewed on her like a cat catching and swallowing a mouse (
  43. Anon allowed his body to hang limp in despair and acceptance. He could hear his bones crunching but no longer felt pain, perhaps his neck had snapped, depriving him of any feeling. He could hear the muffled screams of the fillies as he was slowly swallowed, his mangled, broken body forced through the manticore's esophagus, twisting and contorting in the way only a savely crushed corpse could and was finally deposited into the manticore’s claustrophobically small stomach, his grotesquely broken filly body about to be dissolved in stomach acid.
  45. Wait, there was something wrong! By all rights he should be dead by now but he still felt his crushed and mangled limbs twisted inside this beast’s stomach. He should be asphyxiated inside here yet he was still able to think!
  47. Sudden realization immediately caused a euphoric feeling of relief and giddy happiness to burst into his mind. He forgot that his mom had turned him into an incredibly durable and adaptable alien shapeshifter! His body probably didn’t even need oxygen to survive.
  49. Anon now had a very large incentive to quickly figure out how his body worked. If he didn’t act quickly then perhaps the other CMC fillies would be eaten as well. They would not survive being eaten.
  51. Realizing that he had the chance to stop being the victim, Anon’s mindset changed. He focused his thoughts into trying to control his body. He allowed instinct to guide him. He felt the stomach acid trying to eat away at his body and just smoothly decided to soften his flesh and allow the chemicals to aid him in breaking down his body into a viscous goreish organic substance. He had seen his mother do this kind of thing before when she did her more grotesque transformations. But now he would be performing them as well.
  53. Anon put his full will and concentration in trying to learn how to control his body and escape the confines of this fleshy stomach. His whole body dissolved except for his head which he had kept intact for some strange reason. Perhaps he was attached to having a head, it just seemed wrong to be completely dissolved into goo. Anon allowed instinct to guide him, no doubt inherited from his motherly abomination as well. Strong muscular tentacles began to form out of Anon’s cellular goo. Eating him would be the last mistake this manticore would ever make.
  55. The tips of the tentacles began to mutate, forming themselves into sharp serrated spines made of bone. His tentacular weapons were ready to aid in his escape from this digestive prison. As the spines grew, they pushed into the stomach wall, piercing them as anon flexed his tentacles. Anon violently tore through the lion’s stomach and various organs. Anon slashed and tore through the manticore’s abdominals with her sharp tentacles, soaking herself with the blood, gore, and digestive fluids of the lion as she burst through the lion’s chest, destroying the heart in the process. She bust out of the manticore’s chest and belly.
  59. Anon’s high pitched battle cry pierced through the air of the everfree as her filly vocal cords strained in a high pitched screech. She looked like an alien octopus, tentacles with bony daggers wildly slashing into the air with her soaked filly head and face perched on top of the flailing tentacles.
  61. Anon, the filly-alien shapeshifter, stood victorious above her enemy, gored and defeated below her.
  63. Breathing heavily, Anon slowly walked down from the top of her enemy’s corpse to the ground. Her tentacles’ bony ends pierced the forest’s soft soil, supporting her filly head. She allowed herself a moment to bask peacefully in her victory. Her long, feminine mane and green fur shimmered in the red blood of her enemy, she closed her eyes for a moment and her face was illuminated in a serene ray of light that filtered through the trees. Her victory was as beautiful as it was violent.
  65. Suddenly, a twig snapped and Anon quickly swiveled her head to the noise and menacingly raised two of her tentacles in a fighting stance and grimaced, ready for a fight. Only to see, quivering at the base of a tree, obviously cornered and about to be eaten by the manticore, the Cutie Mark Crusaiders. They huddled together, trying to appear small, their eyes wide in fear of this new monster that had burst from their predator’s chest.
  67. Anon’s face softened and she smiled just a little. Anon scuttled closer to the fillies, her tentacles moving strangely, somewhat like how a spider would walk. She climbed easily over the manticore, her tentacles swiftly and nimbly navigating her tentacular body over the obstacle to quickly approach the terrified fillies. The fillies squished themselves together in a vulnerable frightened position, trying to sink into the bark of the tree at their backs.
  69. Anon smiled widely with genuine affability, her soft cute little filly face and long beautiful black mane soaked in blood and gore. She raised her head a little higher with her tentacle arms and raised her eyebrows, widening her eyes with delighted friendliness, grinning and towering over the frightened fillies. Anon raised a serrated tentacle, fresh blood and gore stuck to the dangerous weapon and stretched it towards them as if expecting a hoof bump.
  71. “Hi! My name’s Anon! What’s yours?”
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