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  1. What main color is Jonathans hair in the anime`blue
  2. What color is Jonathans hair in the manga`brown
  3. What color are Straizos eyes before he becomes a vampire`black
  4. What color are Straizos eyes AFTER he becomes a vampire`red
  5. What is the main adjective that symbolises "PLUCK"?`courage
  6. What was the original name for MADE IN HEAVEN?`Stairway To Heaven`Stairwaytoheaven
  7. What happens when the pillarmen are hit by unrefined sunlight?`they turn to stone`theyturntostone`they turn into stone`theyturnintostone
  8. How tall was Caesar Zeppeli?`186 cm`186cm
  9. How many kids did William Zeppeli have?`none`0`he didnt
  10. what are the names of DIOS children?`Giorno, Rykiel, Ungalo, Donatello`Giorno, Donatello, Ungalo, Rykiel`Giorno, Ungalo, Rykiel, Donatello`Rykiel, Ungalo, Giorno, Donatello`Rykiel, Giorno, Donatello, Ungalo`Rykiel, Donatello, Giorno, Ungalo`Ungalo, Giorno, Rykiel, Donatello`Ungalo, Rykiel, Ungalo, Giorno, Donatello,`Donatello, Giorno, Rykiel, Ungalo`Donatello, Rykiel, Giorno, Ungalo
  11. What did Jotaro sign his name as in Enya's guest book?`Qtaro Kujo`qtarokujo
  12. When Koichi is in Italy (VA) in which adaptation does he use ACT 1 more?`anime
  13. What Episode of the DIU anime do they finally encounter Akira?`12
  14. Which of Akiras fingers did Crazy Diamond break?`pinky`last
  15. What shape does Crazy Diamonds head form?`heart
  16. How old was Shigechi?`12
  17. Which series' figurines does Rohan enjoy having?`Sailor Moon`sailormoon
  18. What stand was accidentally used by 2 people (only in the Shonen Jump manga chapters) (the second user being Viviano Westwood in Stone Ocean) but was corrected in the official manga release?`Earth Wind & Fire`Earth Wind and Fire`
  19. What was Viviano Westwood's stand renamed to in the official manga release?`Planet Waves`planetwaves
  20. What team had the first music refference teams that were Japanese bands and music?`Wekapipo and Magenta Magenta`Wekapip and Magento Magento`Magenta Magenta and Wekapipo`Magento Magento and Wekapipo
  21. What stand did DIO consider the overall worst stand that he knew of?`Survivor
  22. Which member of the Stone Ocean protagonist crew was the only one to survive Pucci?`Emporio
  23. Who was the first user of the stand SCARY MONSTERS?`Dr Ferdinand
  24. What is the name of Tonio Trussardis brother (SPH only)?`Massimo Vorpe`Massimovorpe
  25. Who killed Damo?`Josuke
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