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  1. *transcript copied 1/20/2013 7:18pm. channel *vectorlinux in IRC*
  3. <twin2014> hello?
  4. <roarde> hi, twin2014
  5. <twin2014> hi, i just installed VL7.0 and trying to install a wireless usb adapter. totally new to linux and looking for assistance, am i in the right place?
  6. <roarde> yes, twin2014, but we may need to resort to the forum for this
  7. <roarde> but we'll try it here for now
  8. <twin2014> thats fine i dont mind logging into the forum if more convenient
  9. <twin2014> prob would be better if i can eventually get this thing installed anyway that other people can see it
  10. <roarde> what wireless adapter is it?
  11. <twin2014> thx for assistance, its a netis WF-2111
  12. <roarde> come to think of it, just open up a terminal and do: 'iwconfig'
  13. <twin2014> chipset is Realtek, i think its rtl8188cus
  14. <twin2014> or something like that
  15. <roarde> (with it plugged in, of course)
  16. <twin2014> ya i just did lsusb and thats the chipset it listed
  17. <twin2014> im chatting to you via a separate laptop on windows vista right now
  18. <roarde> check iwconfig to see if it's been configured as a wireless device
  19. <twin2014> ok one sec
  20. <twin2014> next to 'lo' or 'eth0' or 'wlan0'?<bigpaws> We need the exact output from lspci exact rtl...
  21. <roarde> don't know how familiar you are with freenode, but go slow: it might be considered "flood", which will get you disconnected
  22. <roarde> bigpaws is much better with this
  23. <roarde> bigpaws: you caught that we're working on a usb device?
  24. <bigpaws> oops
  25. <roarde> lsusb shows realtek
  26. <twin2014> do you want the text output from iwconfig?
  27. <bigpaws> Is there output
  28. <roarde> yes, please. if it's long, well, do you know pastebin?
  29. <twin2014> totally new to linux sry, i dont know what pastebin means
  30. <roarde> tell ya what -- i'll let bigpaws ask ya for specific lines
  31. <bigpaws> roarde: I will be in and out. After you get the needed module chak lsmod
  32. <twin2014> wlan0     IEEE 802.11bgn  ESSID:off/any  
  33. <twin2014>           Mode:Managed  Access Point: Not-Associated   Tx-Power=0 dBm  
  34. <twin2014>           Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr=2347 B   Fragment thr:off
  35. <twin2014>           Encryption key:off
  36. <twin2014>           Power Management:on
  37. <roarde> gonna check first to see if just maybe it has it
  38. <bigpaws> It appears to be up
  39. <roarde> twin2014: not a good idea to do that again, but thanks for the info\
  40. <bigpaws> Now try iwlist scan.
  41. <twin2014> sry, how do i paste it acceptably?
  42. <bigpaws> See if your network shows up
  43. <bigpaws> twin2014: As command use this: iwlist scan
  44. <twin2014> all 3 say "interface doesnt support scanning."
  45. <twin2014> and wlan0 after that says "network is down"
  46. <roarde> visit
  47. <roarde> paste text in the box, press "submit", and give us the resulting URL
  48. <roarde> (if there's anything else to paste)
  49. <twin2014> ah ic. thanks ill use that from now on
  50. <bigpaws> twin2014: ifconfig wlan0 up
  51. <twin2014> ok one moment
  52. <bigpaws> then try the command: iwlist scan
  53. <bigpaws> roarde: Family gets upset when dinner is late
  54. <roarde> right. thinking of seeing what wicd will do
  55. <roarde> presently, have someone with a security problem in prvmsg. should just take a minute or two
  56. <twin2014>
  57. <bigpaws> Which network is yours?
  58. <twin2014> ah each 'Cell#' is a network?
  59. <bigpaws> yes
  60. <bigpaws>  ESSID:"gaugestation"
  61. <bigpaws> That is the network SSID
  62. <twin2014> Cell 05
  63. <twin2014> "Elainennw"
  64. <roarde> should check to see whether wicd is running - probably is.
  65. <roarde> and will interfere. or we can use it.
  66. <roarde> trouble is, i've been on networkmanager long enough to forget how
  67. <twin2014> bigpaws: any insight/comment?
  68. <twin2014> roarde: talking to bigpaws, right?
  69. <roarde> ok, got wicd up
  70. <roarde> twin2014: there's a symbol near the lower left of your screen (i think) that looks a lot like the connection applet in vista. true?
  71. <roarde> no, i'm asking you if you see something on your screen that looks kinda like the connection widget from Vista
  72. <twin2014> are you talking about on the vista laptop im on right now or on the Linux desktop im troubleshooting?
  73. <roarde> and sorry, make that lower right
  74. <roarde> the Linux desktop
  75. <twin2014> like on that application tray thing at the bottom?
  76. <roarde> on the other hand, you could open the menu and look for "wicd (something)"
  77. <twin2014> does wicd come preinstalled?
  78. <roarde> yes, it does
  79. <roarde> the next release uses networkmanager instead, but 7.0 (which you should stay with for now) uses wicd
  80. <twin2014> looking
  81. <roarde> if you
  82. <roarde> if you're on the menu, look in the "network" section
  83. <twin2014> i dont see 'network'
  84. <twin2014> youre talking about the 'Menu" dropdown at the top left of the desktop, right?
  85. <roarde> ok, you're probably looking at that tray
  86. <roarde> yes
  87. <twin2014> 'accessories', ... 'internet', .... 'system',.... no 'network'
  88. <roarde> internet?
  89. <twin2014> oh here we go
  90. <twin2014> wicd network manager
  91. <roarde> start it
  92. <twin2014> sry missed that somehow before
  93. <roarde> see if it lists networks. probably not, but let me know
  94. <twin2014> nothing listed
  95. <roarde> ok.
  96. <roarde> at the right of the row "Network  Switch Off Wi-Fi Disconnect . . ."
  97. <twin2014> is my adapter even installed correctly? i was having trouble understanding whether it was or not from all of the linux commands to enter and their output
  98. <roarde> there's a small down-arrow. click that.
  99. <twin2014> ok, im in prefernces now
  100. <bigpaws> twin2014: It is installed.
  101. <roarde> General Settings tab, should see "Network Interfaces"
  102. <bigpaws> Most time the module (What you would refer to as a driver) is in the kernel
  103. <bigpaws> No need to install nay modules.
  104. <twin2014> ok, im at that tab
  105. <bigpaws> Dinner is ready. I am not ignoring you
  106. <roarde> is the "Wireless interface:" box filled in?
  107. <twin2014> bigpaws: oh im sry, don't let me interrupt your dinner. roarde has been helping me.
  108. <twin2014> roarde: blank
  109. <roarde> more like "taking your time" to this point  :D
  110. <roarde> ok, put in: wlan0
  111. <twin2014> done
  112. <roarde> no spaces, no caps. click "OK" at bottom, that window will disappear
  113. <twin2014> done
  114. <twin2014> ok hit refresh
  115. <twin2014> im seeing networks now!
  116. <roarde> gotta hand it to ya, yer quick!
  117. <roarde> so connect already  :P
  118. <twin2014> said requires encryption, new window came up
  119. <roarde> uh-huh
  120. <roarde> you know your wifi password, right?
  121. <twin2014> yes, trying to remember type of encryption
  122. <twin2014> does it say it in that cmd output?
  123. <twin2014> one sec
  124. * rbistolfi (~rbistolfi@ Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
  125. <roarde> is "psk" an option?
  126. <roarde> if there's a blank for the pass, just fill that in and hope for the best
  127. <roarde> ah. "WPA" (or WPA1)
  128. <twin2014> ok but what are the different wpa types?
  129. <twin2014> one sec
  130. <roarde> don't really know. but click "properties" next to the net and select "WPA 1/2 (Preshared Key)
  131. <twin2014> ok i selected that, trying to connect
  132. <twin2014> hmm
  133. <twin2014> says connection failed bad password, i just asked her what the pw is im pretty sure its correct
  134. <twin2014> in the wicd network manager it shows the network as wpa2 though
  135. * rbistolfi (~rbistolfi@ has joined #vectorlinux
  136. <roarde> what does the password look like? make up something similar-looking and share it
  137. <twin2014> so would i select 'wpa2-peap' or 'wpa2-leap' in settings instead?
  138. <roarde> try wpa 1/2 passphrase
  139. <roarde> or is there a way to get the true password from the windows machine?
  140. <roarde> make up a password that looks kinda similar and type it here
  141. <twin2014> i just verified the password with her again letter for letter, i dont think thats the problem
  142. <roarde> looking to see if it's hex digits, pure numbers, words, or what
  143. <twin2014> its just lowercase alphanumeric
  144. <twin2014> very simple
  145. <roarde> any letters past "g" in the alphabet?
  146. <twin2014> i tried both wpa 1/2 passphrase and shared key, still says bad password
  147. <twin2014> *preshared key
  148. <roarde> all i can suggest is running down the list.
  149. <roarde> no, wait.
  150. <roarde> close wicd and reboot
  151. <roarde> it's a problem with our wicd installation
  152. <roarde> one of the reasons for the change to networkmanager
  153. <bigpaws> not sure about that
  154. * rbistolfi (~rbistolfi@ Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
  155. <roarde> bigpaws: wanna work with wicd, or shut it down?
  156. <twin2014> wait one sec
  157. <twin2014> in windows it says the encryption type is AES
  158. <bigpaws> right
  159. <twin2014> and WPA-personal
  160. <bigpaws> twin2014: Can you try following this tutorial:
  161. <twin2014> sry WPA-2 personal
  162. <twin2014> ok ill follow that link am i just selecting the wrong encryption type?
  163. <bigpaws> I think the only problem is the actual connection. I just do my stuff manualy with rc.inet1.conf and wpa_supplicant
  164. <bigpaws> That is a good chance
  165. <bigpaws> twin2014: Try this on. It is from VL 6.0. It should work
  166. <bigpaws>
  167. <twin2014> bigpaws, roarde: should i try rebooting and using wicd again first?
  168. <bigpaws> Won't hurt
  169. <twin2014> ok one moment
  170. * rbistolfi (~rbistolfi@ has joined #vectorlinux
  171. <twin2014> now when i use wicd and try to refresh it doesnt even show any networks
  172. <roarde> open preferences again and see if "wlan0" is still there
  173. <twin2014> yes it is
  174. <twin2014> do i need to turn it on again with ifconfig wlan0 up or something?
  175. <roarde> in terminal, check "iwconfig"
  176. <roarde> wicd should do that if it's running
  177. <twin2014> what info do you need from that?
  178. <roarde> does wlan0 look the same as before?
  179. <twin2014> do you want me to pastebin or something specific?
  180. <bigpaws> No need
  181. <bigpaws> Is there the same output as before?
  182. <twin2014> one sec
  183. <roarde> ('ifconfig' would contain the word "UP")
  184. <twin2014> no its not the same
  185. <bigpaws> Ok as root type: ifconfig wlan0 up
  186. <bigpaws> There will not be any output
  187. <twin2014> it doesnt list 'encrytion key' and power management now says 'off' instead of 'on', also tx-power is now 20 dBm instead of 0
  188. <bigpaws> Cool
  189. <wigums> good
  190. <bigpaws> Open the wireless icon you used on the desktop again
  191. <roarde> (wicd)
  192. <twin2014> ok i did ifconfig, opened wic
  193. <twin2014> wicd
  194. <bigpaws> Do you see a list of networks?
  195. <twin2014> no
  196. <twin2014> still not showing anyh
  197. <bigpaws> USe the refresh button
  198. <twin2014> ya thats what i was doing, nothing still
  199. <bigpaws> ok
  200. <twin2014> network interface in preferences still has wlan0
  201. <bigpaws> Does the command ifconfig show wlan0?
  202. <roarde> this looks like the old problem . . .
  203. <roarde> Shut down. Not "reboot", but shut down. Wait a bit, start back up.
  204. * rbistolfi (~rbistolfi@ Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
  205. <roarde> ("a bit" is a few seconds or so)
  206. <twin2014> bigpaws: yes it does show wlan0, do you need pastebin?
  207. <bigpaws> NO
  208. <bigpaws> Sorry
  209. <bigpaws> In the command line typr iwlist scan
  210. <bigpaws> typr/ type
  211. <twin2014> wlan0 says 'no scan results'
  212. <twin2014> do you want me to shut down or put something else in the command line?
  213. <twin2014> 'typr/ type' ? i dont understand
  214. <bigpaws> In the command line type ifconfig wlan0 down
  215. <twin2014> done
  216. <bigpaws> tpypr/type is spelling correction
  217. <bigpaws> Remove the USB device and plug it back in
  218. <twin2014> done
  219. <twin2014> it shows again in lsusb
  220. <twin2014> do ifconfig wlan0 up again?
  221. <bigpaws> yes
  222. <twin2014> done. does it matter if wicd has been open during all of this?
  223. <bigpaws> Learning already
  224. <bigpaws> IT shoulkd not
  225. <twin2014> ok i just closed it now
  226. <bigpaws> I apologize, bad fingers
  227. <bigpaws> Ok
  228. <bigpaws> After the ifconfig commnd then try ifconfig and look for wlan0
  229. <twin2014> its there
  230. * rbistolfi (~rbistolfi@ has joined #vectorlinux
  231. <bigpaws> Cool
  232. <bigpaws> Now iwlist scan
  233. <twin2014> ok worked that time, showing networks. open wicd and check?
  234. <bigpaws> Yep
  235. <bigpaws> You are following right along. Great job
  236. <twin2014> ok see networks, opened properties of mine
  237. <twin2014> this is where i couldnt get past last time
  238. <bigpaws> ok
  239. <twin2014> i have the right password, i have wpa 1/2 passphrase selected for encryption
  240. <twin2014> should i use that or something else?
  241. <bigpaws> Are you using PAssphrase or PSK it should be in ()
  242. <twin2014> in the wicd network manager window it says my network is WPA2
  243. <bigpaws> Right I am looking for WPA 1/2 (Passphrase)/ WPA 2 (PresharedKEy)
  244. <twin2014> not sure if its passphrase or psk, you're saying one should have the password enclosed in parentheses? ()
  245. <bigpaws> It is in a drop down list
  246. <twin2014> oh sry both of those options are there
  247. <twin2014> you want me to try both with the password?
  248. <roarde> lemme check something. i'll probably get disconnected, but will return
  249. <bigpaws> You may need to open Advanced settings
  250. <bigpaws> ONe and then the other
  251. <twin2014> trying to connect with wpa 1/2 passphrase
  252. <bigpaws> Ok if that one fails then  try with preshared ket
  253. <twin2014> it hung on msg: " validating authentication.." then says 'connection failed: bad password" like last time
  254. <twin2014> trying psk
  255. <bigpaws> ok
  256. <roarde> did you check the box next to the password so that you could see what you're typing?
  257. <twin2014> ya
  258. <roarde> (had to ask)
  259. <twin2014> same result
  260. <bigpaws> ok
  261. <roarde> bigpaws: wanna shut down wicd?
  262. <bigpaws> NOt yet
  263. <roarde> k
  264. <twin2014> roarde, bigpaws: im gonna try reconnected to network with windows laptop im on, just to double check that she knows her password correctly
  265. <twin2014> will disconnect and then try to reconnect to irc
  266. <bigpaws> Good idesa
  267. <twin2014> she swears its right but dont want to give you guys a headache if shes wrong
  268. <twin2014> gonna disconnect
  269. * Disconnected
  270. * Attempting to rejoin channel #vectorlinux
  271. * Rejoined channel #vectorlinux
  272. * Topic is 'Welcome to the VectorLinux Support Room! VL Rocks!!! Our support forum is at where you may find quicker answers. ;-) NEW ISOS:'
  273. * Set by uelsk8s! on Mon Nov 28 19:40:06
  274. <twin201400> roarde,bigpaws: just doublechecked the password, its correct
  275. <bigpaws> ok
  276. <twin201400> thats why you have trouble typing eh? it must be the bigpaws?
  277. <roarde> I have to wonder whether assigned ip's are all used.
  278. * twin2014 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
  279. <bigpaws> Yes
  280. <twin201400> dunno if this helps, but i just tried connecting to an unsecured network, and it hung on "obtaining ip address..." then said "cant get ip address"
  281. <twin201400> *"connection failed: unable to get ip address"*
  282. <bigpaws> ok
  283. <bigpaws> In the command line type: iwconfig wlan0 essid Elainennw
  284. <twin201400> done
  285. <bigpaws> Now see if iwconfig wlan0 output look different
  286. <twin201400> yes, it has the ssid instead of "off/any"
  287. <bigpaws> Cool
  288. <bigpaws> Type wpa_gui
  289. <twin201400> its up
  290. <bigpaws> Do you see the networK?
  291. <twin201400> no. "status: could not get status from wpa_supplicant" in current status tab
  292. <bigpaws> ok close it
  293. <bigpaws> Now try wicd
  294. <twin201400> no networks found again
  295. <twin201400> should i ifconfig wlan0 down, unplug, up again?
  296. <bigpaws> Did the output of ifconfig change?
  297. <bigpaws> Shutdown the system, wait 10 seconds and start again
  298. <twin201400> sry not sure, i didnt save the output of that previously
  299. <bigpaws> Do not just restart
  300. <bigpaws> np
  301. <bigpaws> np=no problem
  302. <twin201400> ya got it
  303. <twin201400> it still shows something for wlan0
  304. <bigpaws> Do the shutdown wait and start
  305. <twin201400> shutdown and restart?
  306. <twin201400> one sec
  307. <twin201400> restarting
  308. <bigpaws> Ok
  309. <twin201400> i like how fast the OS boots up, esp on this old machine i got
  310. <twin201400> ok back on desktop
  311. <bigpaws> Ok Open WICD
  312. <twin201400> ok i see networks
  313. <bigpaws> Cool
  314. <roarde> just click on "connect" for the one you want
  315. <bigpaws> Faster typer than me
  316. <roarde> (don't go for "properties" until it makes ya)
  317. <twin201400> i tried just connecting, it mustve saved properties from before cause its outputting same result as last time
  318. <twin201400> connection failed: bad password
  319. <roarde> twin201400: do you have a few minutes to spare?
  320. <twin201400> ya why?
  321. <roarde> i need to reboot to look at another method
  322. <twin201400> ok
  323. <bigpaws> twin201400: Open the preferences tab in WICD
  324. <roarde> or wait - can do it without reboot, but will probably get d/c'd
  325. <twin201400> bigpaws: open
  326. <bigpaws> What WPA Supplicant Driver is listed?
  327. <twin201400> wext
  328. <bigpaws> Ok do you see the wireless interface and is wlan0 listed>?
  329. <twin201400> yes
  330. <bigpaws> Go to the connection and click on advanced settings
  331. <twin201400> properties for my network or 'advanced settings' tab in wicd preferences?
  332. <bigpaws> AS in the network you want to connect to
  333. <twin201400> im on the properties page of my network
  334. <bigpaws> Go to options
  335. <twin201400> dont see that anywhere
  336. <twin201400> window up says "Elainennw - Properties"
  337. <twin201400> buttons at bottom are scripts, information, cancel, ok
  338. <bigpaws> Right you need open an advanced or options window for that network
  339. * roarde (~roarde@pdpc/supporter/active/roarde) Quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
  340. <bigpaws> We need you to change the encryption
  341. <twin201400> the window i have up shows the encryption type and the key
  342. <bigpaws> Did you try this USB device in Windows to connect to this network
  343. <twin201400> i dont see an 'options' anywhere though
  344. <bigpaws> ok
  345. <twin201400> no i havent yet
  346. <bigpaws> How old is this device
  347. <twin201400> i just bought it at frys
  348. <bigpaws> Can I have the name model and version number.
  349. <twin201400> do you want me to disc and try to use the adapter on my windows laptop?
  350. <bigpaws> Not yet
  351. <twin201400> its a netis WF-2111
  352. <twin201400> it says on the box it supports linux. both on cd and on netis website there is a linux driver/module
  353. <twin201400>
  354. <bigpaws> I am doing some reading for this
  355. <twin201400> k
  356. <bigpaws> what is the output of uname -r
  357. * uel_sk8s ( has joined #vectorlinux
  358. <twin201400> 3.0.8
  359. <twin201400> wondering if VL7.0 had bad install?
  360. * uel-sk8s ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
  361. <bigpaws> output of: lsmod | grep r8192
  362. <bigpaws> | = pipe above the enter key
  363. <twin201400> maybe i typed something wrong but it didnt give me any output
  364. <bigpaws> output: ifconfig and check for wlan0
  365. <twin201400> wlan0 is gone
  366. <bigpaws> cold reboot please
  367. <bigpaws> shutdown then start
  368. <twin201400> meaning shut down, wait 10 secs, restart?
  369. <bigpaws> yes
  370. <twin201400> shutting down
  371. <twin201400> restarting
  372. <twin201400> is it possible it has wrong driver configured with it or something?
  373. <twin201400> ie using 8192 but should be using 8188?
  374. <bigpaws> There are alot of possibilities
  375. <bigpaws> It can be either
  376. <twin201400> ok
  377. <twin201400> on desktop
  378. <bigpaws> I am not trying to be vague
  379. <twin201400> no i understand
  380. <twin201400> what next?
  381. <bigpaws> I am looking in to that
  382. * roarde (~roarde@pdpc/supporter/active/roarde) has joined #vectorlinux
  383. <roarde> how goes it?
  384. <bigpaws> What is the plan for this laptop? As in is this only going to be used on this network?
  385. <twin201400> are you and roarde in irc often? do you mind if i get an email contact for you guys just in case?
  386. <twin201400> for right now yes
  387. <bigpaws> I am on the forum.
  388. <roarde> actually, a visit to  would be more worthwhile
  389. <twin201400> ok
  390. <roarde> I'm beginning to think that the driver doesn't fully support encryption.
  391. <twin201400> bigpaws: do you want me to try something on the laptop? or try to use the adapter on the laptop?
  392. <roarde> There's a way to use the windows driver for it, but others know that better than I do.
  393. <twin201400> why cant i connect to an unsecured network then?
  394. <twin201400> does that use encryption too?
  395. <roarde> good question
  396. <bigpaws> roarde: It is a newer device and supports wpa 2
  397. <roarde> and here i sit without a good answer
  398. <bigpaws> The reason could be dhcpc clobering itself
  399. <twin201400> would installing some other version of linux and testing the adapter on that be helpful?
  400. <twin201400> would other linux distros have different drivers/modules?
  401. <roarde> actually, it's the same except for the age of 7.0
  402. <twin201400> i meant as in non slackware
  403. <bigpaws> VL is not slackware
  404. <bigpaws> What is this laptop
  405. <roarde> the kernel is basically the same across linuxes
  406. <twin201400> what type of linux is it based on then?
  407. <twin201400> whoever edited that part of wikipedia was wrong then lol'
  408. <bigpaws> Losely on Slackware
  409. <roarde> where is located?
  410. <bigpaws> ps aux | grep wicd
  411. <twin201400> bigpaws: one sec
  412. <bigpaws> That was for roarde
  413. <twin201400> oh sry
  414. <roarde> there's some file that tends to hang around which causes problems
  415. <roarde> heh.
  416. <bigpaws> brb
  417. <bigpaws> exit
  418. * bigpaws ( Quit (Quit: leaving)
  419. <roarde> twin201400: unplug the wireless, wait about half a minute, then see what iwconfig has to say
  420. <twin201400> ok
  421. <roarde> (don't plug it back in)
  422. * bigpaws ( has joined #vectorlinux
  423. <bigpaws> Had to reset irssi to unignore joins/parts/quit
  424. <bigpaws> Hope it worked
  425. <roarde> by the way, is that a laptop, desktop, or what?
  426. <twin201400> lo and eth0 listed, no wlan0. both say 'no wireless extensions'
  427. <twin201400> desktop is running vectorlinux7
  428. <bigpaws> Nice the config change worked
  429. <roarde> ok. just making sure that device is what we were looking at
  430. <bigpaws> Sorry that was for em
  431. <bigpaws> twin201400: ps aux | grep dhcp
  432. <twin201400> need pastebin or something specific?
  433. <bigpaws> Was there more than one line of ouput?
  434. <roarde> how many lines? keep in mind that long lines will wrap. lines begin with a username, either yours or "root"
  435. <roarde> one of the lines will mention "grep chcp". ignore that one.
  436. <roarde> heh.
  437. <twin201400> root      3428  0.0  0.1   2440   788 pts/0    S+   02:25   0:00 grep dhcp
  438. <roarde> that the only line?
  439. <twin201400> You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root
  440. <bigpaws> ok
  441. <bigpaws> Try wicd
  442. <roarde> do: hostname
  443. <roarde> (before cranking wicd back up)
  444. <twin201400> sry it takes awhile to get you the output, im using a flash drive and resaving a .txt file
  445. <roarde> i was wondering how you were managing that  :P
  446. <twin201400> lol
  447. <bigpaws> twin201400: ps aux | grep dhcp > output.txt
  448. <bigpaws> Would output the text to a text file
  449. <twin201400> ah nice thx
  450. <twin201400> wicd open
  451. <twin201400> no networks
  452. <bigpaws> Damn
  453. <roarde> device is still unplugged?
  454. <twin201400> yes
  455. <roarde> ok
  456. <twin201400> wlan0 still in prefs
  457. <bigpaws> So is this the permenant location for it. Or will it be moved to another location
  458. <roarde> do you know about 'su' or 'becoming root'?
  459. <twin201400> well to execute commands as root i need to first login using 'su -' right?
  460. <bigpaws> yes
  461. <bigpaws> su = swith user
  462. <roarde> that'll work. go ahead and do that.
  463. <twin201400> bigpaws: permanent location?... of the desktop or the adapter?
  464. <bigpaws> Both. I can probably get you setup without wicd
  465. <bigpaws> Howeer it will be text files not a  gui
  466. <roarde> What he's suggesting is that it will be inconvenient to connect to a different router/hotspot if that is done.
  467. <bigpaws> That is why I asked about future plans for this system
  468. <roarde> what's the name of the realtek module?
  469. <twin201400> bigpaws: not permanent for either... i dont really care whether setup is text/gui... just at this point i need to figure out a solution that is simple and reproducible and doesnt restrict me to one setup
  470. <twin201400> i mean windows has its faults but something like this for me coming to linux for the first time is really frustrating have to spend a day or two researching for a small usb adapter setup
  471. <twin201400> roarde: name of realtek module?
  472. <bigpaws> That is the fault of the hardware not linux
  473. <twin201400> let me check
  474. <roarde> twin201400: actually a question for bigpaws
  475. <roarde> twin201400: plug the adapter back in
  476. <twin201400> its what shows up with lsusb right?
  477. <bigpaws> roarde: r8192s_usb
  478. <bigpaws> For me to install Windows is 8+ hours. For Linux is about 1 hour or so.
  479. <bigpaws> The problem is that realtek does not publish the hardware specs to write drivers for it.
  480. <twin201400> bigpaws: was just venting a little, have no desire to turn this into a win/linux debate/flamewar. and i really appreciate your guys' help
  481. <bigpaws> I understand that.
  482. <bigpaws> If Realtek published it's hardware specs a perfect driver would be working./
  483. <roarde> bigpaws: how would i find if i have that driver available?
  484. <bigpaws> cat /boot/config...
  485. <twin201400> bigpaws: should i plug the adapter back in or no?
  486. <bigpaws> Does it show in ifconfig?
  487. <bigpaws> roarde: You need to cat the kernel config
  488. <twin201400> bigpaws: talking to me or roarde about ifconfig?
  489. <bigpaws> The ifconfig is for you
  490. <twin201400> wlan0 is gone from ifconfig
  491. <twin201400> its currently still unplugged
  492. <bigpaws> Ok. Plug it ion and check again
  493. <roarde> bigpaws: RTL8192U ?
  494. <bigpaws> That is the similar chipset.
  495. <twin201400> checked again
  496. <bigpaws> twin201400: Also not that even if the wireless card ahs the same name another version may use a different chipset
  497. <twin201400> right
  498. <bigpaws> twin201400: Is wlan0 there
  499. <twin201400> is the chipset whats shown from lsusb though?
  500. <twin201400> no its not
  501. <bigpaws> yes
  502. <twin201400> well lsusb says its RTL8188CUS
  503. <twin201400> how is RTL8192U related?
  504. <bigpaws> Same type of chipset. Some manufactures use similar chipsets with a different name
  505. <roarde> twin201400: have you done 'su' yet?
  506. <twin201400> im in console as root right now
  507. <bigpaws> Enough to cahnge the name but so similar the drivers are the same
  508. <wigums> roarde, always use "su -" to get to root
  509. <roarde> twin201400: /etc/rc.d/rc.wicd stop
  510. <bigpaws> ifconfig wlan0 up
  511. <roarde> errrg
  512. <twin201400> *explodes*
  513. <twin201400> lol
  514. <bigpaws> hehe
  515. <twin201400> which should i do?
  516. <bigpaws> wicd stop first
  517. <roarde> you'll get an error message box from wicd-client. just click "ok" or whatever
  518. <twin201400> ok
  519. <twin201400> one sec
  520. <twin201400> it said stopping wicd daemon and closing connections
  521. <twin201400> now do ifconfig wlan0 up?
  522. <bigpaws> yes
  523. <bigpaws> Then check ifconfig for wlan0
  524. <twin201400> its therre
  525. <bigpaws> ok
  526. <twin201400> roarde: wicd was still open when i did that cmd, no error box showed up.
  527. <roarde> odd. oh, well.
  528. <twin201400> after doing ifconfig i just realized its still open and closed wicd
  529. <bigpaws> np
  530. <bigpaws> iwconfig wlan0 essid Elainennw
  531. <twin201400> wlan0 was updated
  532. <bigpaws> Cool
  533. <bigpaws> wpa_passphrase essid passphrase
  534. <bigpaws> change essid to your essid and passphrase to the one for the network
  535. <bigpaws> wpa_passphrase essid passphrase >> /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  536. <bigpaws> That will use the info you got to the config file you need
  537. <twin201400> one sec
  538. <twin201400> ok
  539. <twin201400> should i open that config file now to check it or?
  540. <bigpaws> yes
  541. <twin201400> i take it with linux >> is similar to c++ iostream?
  542. <bigpaws> You will need to edit that file
  543. <roarde> cat /etc/wpa_suppicant.conf   will just print it out (short file)
  544. <bigpaws> similarities
  545. <twin201400> what program should i open it with?
  546. <bigpaws> try nano /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  547. <bigpaws> There is tab completion in the shell
  548. <twin201400> "try nano... or "nano ..."?
  549. <bigpaws> nano /etc/wpa_supplicant.con
  550. <bigpaws> nano /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  551. <bigpaws> nano is an editor you can use.
  552. <bigpaws> Easier than vi
  553. <bigpaws> or emacs
  554. <twin201400> ok its open
  555. <roarde> (terminal should be "Terminal")
  556. <bigpaws> append # the line that says psk+your passphrase. Not the hex number
  557. <bigpaws> network={ ssid="essid" #psk="passphrase" psk=f5d1c49e15e679bebe385c37648d4141bc5c9297796a8a185d7bc5ac62f954e3
  558. <bigpaws> network={
  559. <bigpaws> ssid="essid"
  560. <bigpaws>  #psk="passphrase"
  561. <twin201400> its already got the #
  562. <bigpaws>  psk=f5d1c49e15e679bebe385c37648d4141bc5c9297796a8a185d7bc5ac62f954e3
  563. <bigpaws> }
  564. <bigpaws> Oh cool
  565. <bigpaws> then close the file
  566. <twin201400> k
  567. <bigpaws> AS root
  568. <bigpaws> wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  569. <twin201400> wait a sec maybe i did something wrong
  570. <twin201400> when i enter that cmd line again to open the file it doesnt have that stuff at the bottom
  571. <twin201400> and now theres a separate file in /etc called
  572. <roarde> twin201400: which command line did you retype?
  573. <bigpaws> Ok. Check the file this way
  574. <bigpaws> less /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  575. <twin201400> ok
  576. <bigpaws> Is the file ok?
  577. <twin201400> it looks diff now
  578. <twin201400> should i redo some of the steps before
  579. <twin201400> that ssid and passphrase stuff maybe
  580. <bigpaws> Can you pastebin that info
  581. <twin201400> how do i exit this 'less' mode?
  582. <bigpaws> I have to move to another computer
  583. <roarde> typing 'q' quits less
  584. <twin201400> oh sry no the file is fine
  585. <roarde> (typing 'h' gives help, btw. you'll use 'less' often)
  586. <twin201400> i hadnt scrolled down all the way
  587. <bigpaws> ok
  588. <bigpaws> AS root
  589. <bigpaws> type this
  590. <bigpaws> wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  591. <twin201400> line 22: invalid psk '.......
  592. <twin201400> line 22: failed to parse psk .....
  593. <twin201400> line 24: wpa-psk accepted for key management, but no psk configured
  594. <twin201400> line 24: failed to parse network block
  595. <twin201400> failed to read or parse configuration .....
  596. <bigpaws> Can you pastebin the file /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  597. * wigums (~wigums@unaffiliated/wigums) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  598. <twin201400> where does > output.txt end up?
  599. <roarde> actually, in your home directory
  600. <roarde> or in /root
  601. * wigums (~wigums@unaffiliated/wigums) has joined #vectorlinux
  602. <roarde> we should find out where that thumbdrive is mounted
  603. <roarde> would make things easier
  604. <twin201400> i tried cat ____ > output.txt for that supplicant file i cant find the output txt file
  605. <roarde> ls /root/output.txt   and   ls  ~/output.txt
  606. <bigpaws> I am back
  607. <roarde> but it would still have to be moved to the thumbdrive
  608. <twin201400> one sec im copying it
  609. <bigpaws> no fun moving from 3 23 inch screens to one 15inch screen
  610. <twin201400>
  611. <roarde> a working example (afaict):
  612. <twin201400> i replaced each char of psk with '*'
  613. <twin201400> (in the paste, not the file)
  614. <bigpaws> Is that the pasphrase? 4311..
  615. <roarde> bigpaws: that's my file from my machine
  616. <roarde> as an example
  617. <bigpaws> Ah
  618. <bigpaws> I was wondering about that ssid
  619. <roarde> heh.
  620. <roarde> Would it complain and hang on the "example" WPA protected network?
  621. <roarde> bigpaws: you have the pastebin (not pastie) copy up now, right?
  622. <bigpaws> yes
  623. <bigpaws> no pastie
  624. <roarde>
  625. <bigpaws> I got it now
  626. <roarde> would the WPA example cause it to hang?
  627. <bigpaws> twin201400: you there?
  628. <twin201400> ya
  629. <twin201400> whats up?
  630. <bigpaws> You need to edit the file
  631. <twin201400> ok
  632. <roarde> if you like, as root 'leafpad /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf'
  633. <twin201400> ok
  634. <twin201400> its open in nano
  635. <twin201400> open in leafpad instead
  636. <bigpaws>
  637. <twin201400> is that the linux equivalent of ms notepad?
  638. <bigpaws> doesn't matter
  639. <bigpaws> no
  640. <bigpaws> a little more powerfull
  641. <bigpaws> Save that file as wpa_supplicant.conf
  642. <twin201400> ok
  643. <bigpaws> Then you can transfer it to the other machine or you can edit by hand
  644. <roarde> btw, you can leave #psk as asterisks -- doesn't matter
  645. <twin201400> ok done
  646. <twin201400> i put the pw back in
  647. <bigpaws> wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  648. <roarde> if you've saved the file, using the up-arrow key several times can recall the wpa_supplicant command
  649. <twin201400> ya gotcha
  650. <twin201400> same output as before
  651. <bigpaws> Doesn't really matter. We don't know where you live
  652. <roarde> twin201400: copy your existing /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf to /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf.bak
  653. <bigpaws> wpa_supplicant -Dwext -iwlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
  654. <bigpaws> Try that one
  655. <roarde> (or do that first)
  656. <roarde> (just plain "do that first")
  657. <twin201400> same output
  658. <roarde> back up the file you have. replace it with
  659. <roarde> do the appropriate edits, of course
  660. <bigpaws> Then edit with your information
  661. <twin201400> you guys still gonna be on irc in about 30min-1hr?
  662. <bigpaws> More than likely
  663. <roarde>    will be easier to work with
  664. <twin201400> i gotta stop and eat something i dont know how much longer i can do this
  665. <bigpaws> ok
  666. <roarde> i'm gonna try something and bbiab
  667. <twin201400> do you guys have the same usernames in the forum? is there some way to send you messages directly on the forum?
  668. <bigpaws> I do
  669. <roarde> same here
  670. <bigpaws> There is a pm there
  671. <roarde> but you'd be better off asking under "Networking & Security" or better yet, "Vectorbie Questions"
  672. <twin201400> ok ill prob be back in 30min-hr, otherwise ill have to msg you another time on the forum. thx so much for your help so far, just wish i could get this dumb thing working.
  673. <roarde> but if you want pm, from the menu bar near the top, members > search for members (tab)  is about the easiest way
  674. <roarde> off to check out something
  675. <twin201400> ok
  676. <twin201400> ttyl
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