I Kain't Get Molested. ... Whoops

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  1. [16:21:12] <@Kain> You wake up to find Lenore's gone. Oh dear. At least you feel rested! It's starting to get into evening, and there's a note that reads "I'm going to Conde Petie by Chocobo I'll be back either tonight or tomorrow, don't worry~ -Lenore" left for you.
  2. [16:22:36] * Nacchan yaaaaaawns! What a kawaii morn- ... oh, it's not morning at all. Our azure heroine reads the note and then, with a "huh," plops down and starts writing in her diary. She thinks to herself that she intends to leave a note back for Lenny while writing, and suddenly she's out the window realizing she forgot.
  3. [16:23:32] <Nacchan> With a fully written diary page, no less!  The page itself assures herself that she's not going to be gone all that long, since it's just meeting with one weirdo octopus.  Yep.
  4. [16:23:45] <Nacchan> ... The problem is how to find out where he is.  Whoops, didn't think that far!
  5. [16:24:26] <@Kain> The streets of Madain Sari have grown quiet as people return to their homes or filter into the bars. The merchants have closed up shop for the day and all of their wares are locked up. Where do you go looking?
  6. [16:25:33] <Nacchan> "Lessee... if I lived in water and liked little girls, where would I go..."  Nat muses out loud to herself.  Since there are probably not very many easy leads on places with a lot of little girls in them, she looks for where she remembers seeing him last!  And wherever that water channel happens to lead.
  7. [16:25:43] <Nacchan> And does silly stuff like waving to people she doesn't even know on the way.
  8. [16:25:52] <@Kain> Awareness!
  9. [16:25:55] <Nacchan> 2d6 LOL
  10. [16:25:56] <@Kain> Spot!
  11. [16:25:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Nacchan, LOL: 12 [2d6=6,6]
  12. [16:25:58] <@Kain> Perception!
  13. [16:25:59] <@Kain> ...
  14. [16:26:00] <Nacchan> ...
  15. [16:27:18] <castfromhp> (/me claps)
  16. [16:28:24] <Shawyun_Sariri> ('oh look a penny.')
  17. [16:29:17] <Nacchan> (it's funny because that only solidifies that I'll hit a 1,1 next time I roll athletics or something)
  18. [16:30:56] <@Kain> When you listen closely near the water, you can hear a bit of soft singing. It doesn't sound like Ultros, though, but you catch tidbits of the lyrics. "...oh summoner, summoner, where have you gone? Eiko, our friend, has part ways and gone.. summoner, summoner, find your way home, your friends shall await you return..." There's a bit of harmonica playing and you can see a boat sailing down
  19. [16:30:56] <@Kain> the canal, covered with a moogle tent.
  20. [16:31:20] <@Kain> *your
  21. [16:32:59] <Nacchan> "Gone?  Nnnnnno I'm pretty sure she's in Lindblum..."  Nat answers nobody in particular, mumbling to herself and wearing that weird headtilty face probably only the player can envision the right way.  Shrugging, she makes a split-second decision - ! - that this is probably a better lead than suddenly learning how to swim and tiptoes toward the noise for a closer listen.
  22. [16:33:25] <Nacchan> "Then again I guess Lindblum isn't here..."  She mumbles some more.
  23. [16:33:58] <@Kain> You think you can hop onto the boat as it passes!
  24. [16:34:06] <Nacchan> How big is it?
  25. [16:34:28] <@Kain> It's enough for a few people for sure.
  26. [16:35:02] <Nacchan> Alright, that sounds like 'big enough to where a human jumping on wouldn't rock it too much.'  ... Not that she's thinking about that.
  27. [16:35:04] * Nacchan leaps~
  28. [16:35:18] <@Kain> Roll Athletics, I want to see you roll double one's
  29. [16:35:26] <Nacchan> 2d6+11 yeah I bet I will too
  30. [16:35:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Nacchan, yeah I bet I will too: 15 [2d6=1,3]
  31. [16:35:32] <Nacchan> eh CLOSE
  32. [16:35:37] <@Kain> CLOSE ENOUGH
  33. [16:36:07] <@Kain> You hand on the boat with a thunk, surprising the apparent occupants of the moogle tent. The flaps open and you see three little moogles inside. "Aaah! Stowaway!"
  34. [16:36:35] <@Kain> "Oh, relax, it's a teenage girl."
  35. [16:36:38] * Nacchan raises a hand and grumbles. Knew she should've transformed first.
  36. [16:36:40] <Nacchan> Ahem.
  37. [16:36:41] <@Kain> "Aaah! It's a teenage girl!"
  38. [16:36:42] <Nacchan> "Hi!"
  39. [16:36:49] <@Kain> "Hi!"
  40. [16:37:09] <Nacchan> "Sorry!  I just um, wanted to get a closer listen."
  41. [16:37:26] <@Kain> The three moogles are sitting around a lantern, with a few different musical instruments, some bedrolls and pillows... the interior doesn't look as cozy as the usual moogle tent.
  42. [16:38:13] <@Kain> The third moogle considers. "Wait... Are you Carbuncle? Chimomo described a girl that looked a bit like this, kupo..."
  43. [16:38:26] <Nacchan> "... Oh whoa, that makes things easy."
  44. [16:38:34] * Nacchan looks around. Anybody in town able to see in here?
  45. [16:39:53] <@Kain> The moogles introduce themselves as Mocha, Morrison, and Momatose. As you look around, you begin to sail into an underpass, with the city streets overhead. You don't think anyone can.
  46. [16:41:08] <Nacchan> Cute names.  She crawls inside the flaps then, "That's right!  I guess it's kinda funny that" poofcat "3I'd come to listen to a song about Summoners if you think about it, huh?"
  47. [16:41:38] * Nacchan is now known as Bunclie
  48. [16:41:59] <@Kain> Mocha: "Oh... we were just singing about Eiko in particular, really... we grew up with her here, you see."
  49. [16:42:06] <@Kain> Momatose: "She was our best friend..."
  50. [16:42:28] <Bunclie> "3Really?  I was just visiting her yesterday!  ... Or was it today?  Nnnnnn, I already don't remember..."
  51. [16:42:46] <@Kain> Mocha: "We don't really have a way to get to Lindblum ourselves, kupo..."
  52. [16:42:54] <Bunclie> Carbuncle's tails point straight up, since the cat doesn't have any thumbs.  "3And she's doing great!"
  53. [16:43:10] <@Kain> Momatose: "Oh, good! Glad to hear that, kupo! We miss her so much..."
  54. [16:43:12] <@Kain> Morrison: "I think I know a good song, if you're interested..."
  55. [16:43:31] <Bunclie> The tails tilt.  "3Do you... really miss her that much?  Teleport isn't such a tough spell to cast, you know~"
  56. [16:43:39] * Bunclie prouds, ruby gleaming.
  57. [16:44:08] <Bunclie> "3But that sounds good too.  Hey, I know, we could share stories!"  :D
  58. [16:44:11] <@Kain> Mocha: "Oh, we really do!" Momatose: "But isn't it the middle of the night over there now?" Mocha: "Kupo..."
  59. [16:44:12] <Bunclie> 4o:D
  60. [16:44:52] <Bunclie> "3Oh yeah, and I think she might be with her-" Bunc's face turns as red as her ruby.  However that works on a cat.  "3Um... nevermind."
  61. [16:46:37] <Bunclie> "3But maybe soon you could go visit her as a group, right?  I'd be happy to take you!  Even though," she scratches herself, "3I kinda have a mission to take care of.  After that, though..."
  62. [16:46:45] <@Kain> Morrison: "Let's see... we could go with 'Tina's March Through the Snow'... or was it Terra? I can never remember, kupo. Or... 'The Ode of Odes', about the grimdark summoner who called forth his eidolons with a paintbrush." Mocha: "What about 'The Fox and the Ninja'?" Momatose: "I'm tired of that one!"
  63. [16:47:03] <Bunclie> (I love you)
  64. [16:47:55] <@Kain> Morrison: "Yeah, we'd love to visit Eiko..."
  65. [16:48:14] <@Kain> Mocha: "With her what?"
  66. [16:48:14] * Bunclie sits down, tails flailing. "3Sing your favorite! I'm actually looking for someone right now, but..." She peeks an eye out the tent. "3I have nnnnno clue where to look. So killing some time wouldn't hurt."
  67. [16:48:29] <Bunclie> The tails flop down.  "3Oh, with her boyfriend."
  68. [16:48:35] <Bunclie> worst eidolon
  69. [16:48:41] <@Kain> All Three: "Whaaaaat, kupo??"
  70. [16:48:50] <@Kain> Momatose: "What if we miss the wedding!"
  71. [16:48:58] <@Kain> Morrison: "She can't be old enough, kupo!"
  72. [16:49:04] <Bunclie> "3Shhh!  I didn't tell you, okay?"
  73. [16:49:19] <Bunclie> "3But I do hope they're happy together right now..."
  74. [16:49:39] <Bunclie> "3And I haven't heard her horn freaking out or anything so that can only mean good things!"
  75. [16:50:11] <Bunclie> (oh god that is so easy to misinterpret now that I think about it)
  76. [16:50:37] <@Kain> Morrison: "Hm, I think I got one though, kupo..." he starts to lift his harmonica, but you hear some loud blubbering nearby.
  77. [16:51:25] <@Kain> "Boo hoo hoo..."
  78. [16:51:29] <@Kain> "Bawwwwww hawww...."
  79. [16:51:32] <@Kain> "Abloobloo"
  80. [16:51:57] * Bunclie tilts her cathead. "3I didn't know that instrument could make sounds like that..."
  81. [16:52:09] <@Kain> You're sailing in almost complete darkness except for the light from the moogles' lantern, in a portion of the canal completely under the city.
  82. [16:52:23] <@Kain> Morrison: "Huh, that isn't me, kupo... is someone there?"
  83. [16:52:37] <@Kain> Morrison picks up the lantern and walks outside the tent.
  84. [16:52:44] <Bunclie> "3Outside...?  Let's look!"  She shines a ruby flashlight outside too.
  85. [16:53:37] <@Kain> The light is cast onto the purple, tentacley form of Ultros, curled around a pillar. He looks blearily over at the boat and mumbles. "Go away."
  86. [16:54:12] <Bunclie> "3Ohh, that was easy."  The cat turns the flashlight off and...
  87. [16:54:20] <Bunclie> DIALOGUE BOX
  88. [16:54:28] <Bunclie> >go out like this >turn back first
  89. [16:54:29] <Bunclie> 1d2
  90. [16:54:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunclie, 1d2: 2 [1d2=2]
  91. [16:54:45] <Bunclie> ... that is going to be a very dangerous option, dicemaid
  92. [16:54:47] <Bunclie> 1d2 are you sure
  93. [16:54:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Bunclie, are you sure: 1 [1d2=1]
  94. [16:54:53] <Bunclie> well okay then
  95. [16:55:28] * Bunclie doesn't have a whole lot of space to jump around, so crawls back into the tent and POOF.
  96. [16:55:40] * Bunclie is now known as Natty
  97. [16:55:52] <@Kain> Morrison: "Who's this freakupo?" he mutters to Momatose.
  98. [16:55:56] <Natty> Then sticks her face otuside of the tent.
  99. [16:55:57] <Natty> "No!"
  100. [16:56:14] * Kain is now known as Ultros
  101. [16:56:40] * Natty tries to stumble out of the tent without tipping the boat over, then to stand up on the boat in the same way, handhipping. "This is actually who I was looking for!"
  102. [16:56:59] <@Ultros> "Oh, it's YOU." he says, starting to get even more upset, big wet tears running down his face. "What d-do you w-want, you big bully?"
  103. [16:58:15] <Natty> "Eheh... sorry," she turns to the moogles and winks, "I'll have to listen some other time, 'kay?  But I promise I'll come see you again sometime soon, then we can all visit together!"
  104. [16:58:26] <Natty> With a wave, that is.
  105. [16:58:39] <@Ultros> Morrison: "You want to be left down here? With... THIS guy, kupo? Well, okay..."
  106. [16:58:52] <Natty> "Believe me, I know what I'm doing!  But thanks!"
  107. [16:59:00] * Natty somersaults out of the boat!
  108. [16:59:10] <@Ultros> You land on a wooden pier nearby.
  109. [16:59:16] <@Ultros> They wave and sail off.
  110. [16:59:27] * Natty clears her throat. "Ahem. Um... well, I actually wanted to..."
  111. [16:59:52] <Natty> DIALOGUE BOX?  ... Nah.
  112. [17:00:11] <Natty> "... Say I was sorry... kinda.  You didn't get hurt THAT bad, did you?"
  113. [17:00:52] <@Ultros> Sniff. Snifffff. "My feelings were smashed into itty bitty pieces..." ;-;
  114. [17:01:32] <Natty> Nat headtilts a bit.  "And so... you've been here... this WHOLE time?"
  115. [17:01:50] <Natty> "Oooh, you poor thing, I knew I shoulda came to say something sooner than now."
  116. [17:01:54] <@Ultros> "I couldn't find Mr. Typhon, so... I just came here to cry my eyes out!"
  117. [17:02:12] <@Ultros> "I'll forgive you if... if you... give me a kiss! Ehehehe..." he blushes.
  118. [17:02:30] <@Ultros> Tentacles wiggling everywhere.
  119. [17:02:34] * Natty blinks a few times. "What... that's it?"
  120. [17:02:59] <@Ultros> "Yeah! Pucker up, cutie!"
  121. [17:03:10] <Natty> "Hmm..."
  122. [17:04:10] <Natty> "Maybe later," she waves off like a big jerk.  "I was actually gonna come by and ask if you wanted to be stronger.  Whaddaya think about THAT?"
  123. [17:04:27] <@Ultros> He sort of deflates. "Uuu...."
  124. [17:04:33] <Natty> "..."
  125. [17:04:41] * Natty sighs. "Okay, c'mere."
  126. [17:04:45] <@Ultros> "W-welll... being stronger would be pretty nice...."
  127. [17:04:51] <@Ultros> !
  128. [17:04:55] <@Ultros> He swims closer.
  129. [17:05:11] * Natty bends over, but only toward his forehead! And... is completely ignorant that this is probably a trap.
  130. [17:05:41] <Natty> If it isn't she'll give him her blessing as per usual, but, c'mon.
  131. [17:05:42] <@Ultros> Nnnnope! You successfully kiss the squid's forehead!
  132. [17:05:47] <Natty> Oh wow.
  133. [17:05:52] <Natty> Then one little peck~
  134. [17:06:02] <Natty> Still a little gross, she has to struggle not to make a face after.
  135. [17:06:22] <@Ultros> He turns a scarlet shade all over. "Ohhh myyyyyy! That makes me feel all better! So adorable, Nacchan!"
  136. [17:06:26] <Natty> "Hee hee~  How's that, Ult- I'm gonna call you Ulty, 'kay?"
  137. [17:06:39] <Natty> "Haha!  ... Wait a second, how did you know my-"
  138. [17:06:47] * Natty gasps. "Oh no, I told you and forgot, didn't I?"
  139. [17:06:48] <@Ultros> "Sure, whatever! What's this about getting stronger?" the octopus leans closer.
  140. [17:07:16] <@Ultros>
  141. [17:07:42] * Natty goes ahead and wipes her mouth off. "... Oh it was probably nothing. AHEM! It's just... well I'll put it this way, I have a question for you. Ready?"
  142. [17:08:02] <@Ultros> "Uh-huh."
  143. [17:08:35] <Natty> (... Just a sec, might need to replace that theme early if my browser will ever load- oh there it goes yeah this is appropriate and I'll feel bad replacing it)
  144. [17:09:41] <Natty> "Why do you think I could beat you earlier, even though you said you were an Eidolon?"
  145. [17:09:45] <Natty> "Is it..."
  146. [17:09:46] <Natty>
  147. [17:09:53] <Natty> "1. Because I'm just really tough"
  148. [17:09:59] <Natty> "2. Because I'm actually a Summoner"
  149. [17:10:06] <Natty> "3. Because I'm an Eidolon too"
  150. [17:10:19] <@Ultros> Tick tock, tick tock.
  151. [17:10:20] <Natty> "Tick-tock~!"
  152. [17:10:36] <@Ultros> "Welll... you didn't summon anything...." he strains his brain thinking.
  153. [17:10:48] <Natty> "..."
  154. [17:10:56] <Natty> "1,1 4. All of the above"
  155. [17:10:59] <@Ultros> "And you don't have a horn...."
  156. [17:11:23] <@Ultros> "Ooh, I like that one! I'll go for four!"
  157. [17:11:43] <Natty> "Well, I'm sorry to say..."  She shakes her head slowly.
  158. [17:11:48] <Natty> "... Just kidding, you win!"
  159. [17:12:10] * Natty strikes a pose, complete with flashy laser lights!
  160. [17:12:22] <@Ultros> "Wheeheehee~"
  161. [17:12:28] <Natty> "Nnnnnactually I didn't think that one through at all."
  162. [17:12:29] <@Ultros> "...wait, you're really an Eidolon?"
  163. [17:12:46] <Natty> "... Toss me up in the air, wouldjya?"
  164. [17:12:52] * Natty leaps toward a tentacle!
  165. [17:13:23] <@Ultros> Ultros grabs at you, and tosses you up with a tentacle! And you think he touched your leg for a split second longer than he should have, but whatever..
  166. [17:13:48] * Natty doesn't even notice! That's for REAL humans to notice. Might throw off the inertia when she spins around a bit, but, whatever.
  167. [17:14:02] <Natty> One spin, two spins... 4rubyflash!
  168. [17:14:07] * Natty is now known as Bunc
  169. [17:14:24] <Bunc> ... Whump!  Or whatever noise landing makes.
  170. [17:14:28] <@Ultros> "So soft!"
  171. [17:14:42] <Bunc> "3Nice to meet you again!  I'm-"
  172. [17:14:46] <Bunc> "3..."
  173. [17:14:55] * Bunc shakes it off. "3Yeah I won't even ask."
  174. [17:15:27] <Bunc> "3I'm the Glittering Eidolon, Carb4u3ncle!  And it just so HAPPENS that I know how to kick faces in as a human, too.  Surprised?  Isn't it cool?"
  175. [17:16:14] <@Ultros> The octopus sort of bounces in the water. "That's amazing, bunc-chan~ What's your secret?"
  176. [17:16:16] <Bunc> "3I am like, totally at my peak and it feels good to brag about it!  So who's to say you can't be too, huh, Ulty?"
  177. [17:16:27] <Bunc> "3My secret~?  Well, it's..."
  178. [17:16:33] * Bunc paws forward a bit.
  179. [17:16:36] <Bunc> "3..."
  180. [17:16:45] <Bunc> "3I don't remember!"
  181. [17:17:22] <@Ultros> "Whaaaaaaa?? You either?"
  182. [17:17:35] <Bunc> "3WHAT"
  183. [17:17:39] <Bunc> "3Er, I mean."
  184. [17:17:49] <Bunc> "3Y-Yeah, I have amnesia."
  185. [17:18:39] <@Ultros> "Me too! I don't remember a thing from before I met Mr. Typhon!" the octopus splashes water, everywhere. "But we've been having lots of fun!, eeheee..."
  186. [17:19:38] * Bunc sniffles a bit. "3Whoa... that's harsh. I was about to say that I met a really good friend when I lost my memories and it was thanks to her help that I got where I did... but, it sounds like you're already doing the same thing!"
  187. [17:20:23] <@Ultros> Ultros droops. "So I can't get strong?"
  188. [17:21:21] <Bunc> "3No way!  Friendship makes you strong, but so does training every day!  And eating... well I'm pretty sure I just eat fish so maybe that DOESN'T help all that much.  I dunno.  I only really eat in my human form, anyway..."
  189. [17:22:09] <Bunc> "3Anyway, what I'm tryin' to say is, I'll be your friend!  And like, your personal trainer!  If you really ARE an Eidolon then it'll be easy, won't it?"
  190. [17:22:23] <@Ultros> "Y-you mean that?"
  191. [17:22:40] <@Ultros> "You'll... b-be m-my friend?" he looks like he's going to start blubbering again.
  192. [17:23:11] <Bunc> "3You BET I do.  My mission told me to take a break and I chose to spend it coming all the way out here, so why wouldn't I~?"
  193. [17:23:18] * Bunc sits up, tails flailing about happily.
  194. [17:23:58] <@Ultros> Several tentacles come at you at once, grabbing and hugging you. "Bloohoohoo! Abooo!"
  195. [17:24:17] <@Ultros> You feel big, sloppy tears fall all over your nice coat. :/
  196. [17:26:03] <Bunc> Aww, come on, that's not :/ at all, Aori, you silly!  Well, maybe a little bit, but getting cleaned isn't that hard.  Especially when, you know, you're a cat, and cats clean themselves.  "3Hehehe..."
  197. [17:26:49] <@Ultros> He sets you back down gently, after he starts to calm down. He wipes his eyes with a tentacle and flashes a big, yellow toothy grin.
  198. [17:27:13] <Bunc> "3Nnnnokay, okay!  Now let's see, where should I start..."
  199. [17:27:39] * Bunc backflips and lands on two feet that aren't paws.
  200. [17:27:50] * Bunc is now known as Nat
  201. [17:28:57] <Nat> "Ulty, whaddaya think you're best at?  Y'know... where your power comes from?"
  202. [17:29:32] <Nat> "For me it's up here, duh," she taps her forehead ruby and, pulling her finger away, swirls a wisp of red light on it, whisking it around in a circle.
  203. [17:30:12] <@Ultros> "Gotta be my legs! I'm the best at Twister!" he says, proudly.
  204. [17:30:45] <Nat> "Best at what-"  Nat does a typical 'I'm an amnesiac' pause and shakes her head. "... Nnnnevermind, I'll believe you."
  205. [17:32:20] <Nat> "I use my legs in this form too!  Even though I only have two of them.  I mean, did you see all those awesome kicks I did?"  She makes some snap-kicks at the air.  It's funny because when fighting Ultros she barely kicked as much as usual!  "Buuut, that doesn't change where my center-of-power is.  As long as I use that, I make everything look flashier!"
  206. [17:32:54] <Nat> She demonstrates by lighting up one of her snap-kicks with red light like... one of those light-up sneakers that doesn't exist in this setting probably, only it's an entire leg.  Actually that's a shitty example.
  207. [17:33:34] <Nat> "So... it's stuff like that.  What can your legs do that nothing else you have can do?"
  208. [17:34:00] <@Ultros> He thinks.
  209. [17:34:32] <@Ultros> "Hold things... latch on with my suction cups, carress the ladies..." a tentacle reaches over to your face while he talks.
  210. [17:35:03] <Nat> Her forehead lights up like a flashlight when the tentacle gets near.
  211. [17:35:12] <@Ultros> "Uau!"
  212. [17:35:17] <Nat> "~"
  213. [17:35:20] <@Ultros> He covers his eyes.
  214. [17:35:55] <Nat> "Well, I don't think most legs have suction cups," she turns the flashlight off and muses.  "So that's a point for you there!"
  215. [17:36:13] <Nat> "Anyone can do the other thing though.  Even I can do that!"
  216. [17:36:17] <Nat> "So no points for that one!"
  217. [17:36:40] * Nat considers mentioning that he has a tongue too but a 'too lewd' sign hangs from the fourth wall. Also don't wanna be giving him ideas.
  218. [17:37:00] <Nat> "... I mean, I WOULDN'T or anything, but."
  219. [17:37:04] <Nat> "Anyway!"
  220. [17:38:29] <@Ultros> He peeks from between his tentacles then attaches himself back to the stone pillar, listening.
  221. [17:39:21] * Nat lazes into stance. "What I do is... just think that I'm stronger than everyone else! Confidence is key!" She rubs her forehead a bit. "I mean, I don't actually KNOW if I really am, right? Some of the other big Eidolons even seem kinda scary sometimes... but! I just tell myself that I can win before I can tell whether it's true or not!"
  222. [17:39:46] <Nat> "And by the time I actually look back and think about it, I already won!"
  223. [17:39:57] * Nat gives a goofy thumbs-up. "That's one of my secrets~"
  224. [17:40:22] <@Ultros> "So don't think about it, just beat'em to a pulp! I like that idea!"
  225. [17:40:25] <Nat> "If I've ever lost before, I don't remember it."
  226. [17:40:42] <Nat> "... I think I've been told I did, once, but eh, I don't remember it so it doesn't matter!"
  227. [17:41:28] <Nat> "So!  Be really confident, and use things that your opponent doesn't have..."
  228. [17:42:04] <@Ultros> "Teach me more, Nacchan-sensei!" he blushes again.
  229. [17:43:13] <Nat> YOU CAN'T COMBINE TWO HONORIFICS LIKE THAT unfortunately she doesn't know that.  So she just holds out an arm and bwips a laser-sword out from it.  "Yeah!  I don't know anyone else - well, okay, besides one person - who can do THIS.  So it's like, my special technique!  Because I'm me!"
  230. [17:44:18] <Nat> "Another thing that makes it easy for me is..."  Here it comes.  "Every time I attack, I give it its own special name.  SOMEtimes I forget to say them out loud, I think, but they're in my head.  And that's what gives them true strength!  Knowing that each move has its own meaning!"
  231. [17:44:51] <@Ultros> "Oh, like..."
  232. [17:44:58] <@Ultros> He backs up from the stone column some.
  233. [17:45:26] <@Ultros> "One-Hundred Octo-Fisted Drop Dead Sexy Pummel!"
  234. [17:45:31] <@Ultros> 2d6+8
  235. [17:45:31] <Nat> "YES."
  236. [17:45:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, 2d6+8: 15 [2d6=4,3]
  237. [17:45:47] * Nat steels her stance and innocently puts her hands behind her back~
  238. [17:45:57] <@Ultros> He rapidly tentacles the stone column! And you see cracks forming.
  239. [17:46:03] <@Ultros> ...Crack... crack crack...
  240. [17:46:30] <@Ultros> The support suddenly blows apart! And the roof above you two begins to crack a bit as well.
  241. [17:46:30] <Nat> "That's perfect!  You're almost already better than me at it!"
  242. [17:46:35] <Nat> "..."
  243. [17:46:39] <Nat> "Uh..."
  244. [17:46:52] <@Ultros> Ultros looks up.
  245. [17:47:20] <Nat> "Don't worry, I got this!"  Is it falling?
  246. [17:47:27] <@Ultros> Crack... crack...
  247. [17:47:43] <@Ultros> CRUNCH, a chunk of the ceiling rips apart and starts to fall!
  248. [17:48:11] * Nat crosses her arms and tssssh, BLADES on them. "Leave it to me! Special art!"
  249. [17:48:17] <Nat> 2d6+5 shockwave this motherfucker
  250. [17:48:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Nat, shockwave this motherfucker: 12 [2d6=3,4]
  251. [17:48:22] <@Ultros> Hit!
  252. [17:48:55] <@Ultros> And then we played Fruit Ninja as a minigame.
  253. [17:49:03] * Nat dives upward, spinning like a drill and slashing the roof before finishing off with a BLAST of red energy from a finger! "To the Last Drop of My Blood!!"
  254. [17:49:08] <Nat> "... Okay, maybe that one doesn't fit."
  255. [17:49:58] <Nat> 2d6+2 also I think you're supposed to use force checks?  I just... want to see how bad Nat's force is
  256. [17:50:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Nat, also I think you're supposed to use force checks?  I just... want to see how bad Nat's force is: 11 [2d6=6,3]
  257. [17:50:20] <@Ultros> Pretty good, actually.
  258. [17:50:27] <@Ultros> You blast and slash the falling rock into itty bits! And see the starlight pouring down from above.
  259. [17:50:29] <Nat> Oh dicemaid, you card
  260. [17:50:49] <@Ultros> Oh well, you're not the one who has to worry about fixing the street.
  261. [17:50:56] <Nat> "Phew!"  She backflips and wipes her forehead.  ... Yes, the ruby.  "No problem~!"
  262. [17:51:01] <Nat> What's a street?
  263. [17:51:11] <Nat> sophieheadtilt.jpg
  264. [17:51:19] <Nat> ... just kidding, but that SHOULD be an image
  265. [17:51:38] <@Ultros> (Man, that was one of our Graces injokes too)
  266. [17:51:44] <@Ultros> ("What's ____?")
  267. [17:51:47] <Nat> (I know, you told me)
  268. [17:51:50] <Nat> (That's why I did it)
  269. [17:51:54] <@Ultros> (Au)
  270. [17:51:57] <Nat> (Hau!)
  271. [17:52:30] <@Ultros> Ultros: "Amazing! You're a good teacher, Nacchan!"
  272. [17:52:43] * Nat blushes. "A-Am I really?"
  273. [17:53:01] <Nat> "Usually I actually just make it up as I go, so I don't teach anyone else all that often..."
  274. [17:53:06] <Nat> "But!  It's true that it works for me!"
  275. [17:54:06] <@Ultros> "This'll be a piece of cake now that I've learned! Now I have my confidence again, ueehee~"
  276. [17:54:24] * Nat gives a thumbs-up. "Good! I'm glad I could help, for realsies!"
  277. [17:55:00] <Nat> "If you're really an Eidolon, I'd be happy to consider you my Underdolon!  ... Nooo that doesn't sound good.  I guess 'Apprentice' will hafta do."
  278. [17:56:20] <Nat> "Aah screw it.  Let's just be friends instead!"
  279. [17:58:13] <@Ultros> "Okay! Let's celebrate with a hug..." he reaches over for you...
  280. [17:58:38] * Nat starts to make a face for a second but shrugs it off. "Aww, why not. C'mere!"
  281. [17:58:46] <Nat> It's just a tentacle, it's not THAT bad.
  282. [18:00:51] <@Ultros> He grabs you again and squeeeeeeze~
  283. [18:00:53] <Nat> "Byyy the way, that kiss earlier was my blessing.  Don't lose it!"
  284. [18:00:54] <@Ultros> 2d6+7 Thievery
  285. [18:00:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Ultros, Thievery: 14 [2d6=2,5]
  286. [18:01:09] <Nat> oh man can I counterthievery- no I guess it'd be awareness wouldn't it
  287. [18:01:26] <@Ultros> ~
  288. [18:01:34] <Nat> yeah, derping ahoy~
  289. [18:01:42] <@Ultros> He discretely steals a pair of Nat's 1,1ribbons
  290. [18:01:50] <Nat> 1,1AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  291. [18:02:27] * Nat spirals back! "Um, but Ulty, I admit I have one more question... can you help me out?"
  292. [18:02:42] <@Ultros> He puts you back down. "Euh?"
  293. [18:02:42] <Nat> She says that while leaning forward a bit and bringing a finger to her chin questioningly.
  294. [18:03:08] <Nat> "You live in the water, don't you?  I'm about to get in a big fight with someone who lives underwater too, any pointers on how to beat 'em?"
  295. [18:05:10] <@Ultros> He thinks. "When in doubt, fry'em!  Lightning bolts or fire, it's octopus soup! ..." shivershiver.
  296. [18:07:15] <Nat> "Aha... so magic.  Well the only magic I know is..."  She swirls red light on her finger, then a little floating mirror, and then tiny adorable intuitive representations of other spells she has.  Including Dia.  "Y'know... protect-y and heal-y stuff.  But I have a friend who's good at those, SO all I gotta do is ask for her" oh god nat what are you doing mentioning you have female friends "help and reflect those so they're even BIGGER than normal!  Gotcha!"
  297. [18:07:18] <Nat> "Thanks, Ulty!"
  298. [18:07:59] <castfromhp> (introduce Plutros to Thetina)
  299. [18:08:08] <Nat> (that is a very good idea)
  300. [18:11:45] * Nat leans forward to give him ANOTHER hug and then pulls back, spinning around on one leg. "So no hard feelings for last time, yeah? Maybe next time we hang out we'll be fighting TOGETHER!"
  301. [18:13:05] <@Ultros> "Sure, sure!" the octopus beams.
  302. [18:14:13] * Nat turns around. "Now I just gotta... find my way back." 1,1by the way 'getting lost' is a perfect excuse for why she's not back when Lenore gets home unless you have even wackier ideas
  303. [18:14:26] <Nat> "Ooh, one more thing!"
  304. [18:14:35] * Nat leans backward to face the squid, limbo-style.
  305. [18:14:57] <Nat> "Do y'know what your gem is?"
  306. [18:15:28] <@Ultros> "Gem?" he looks confused.
  307. [18:15:41] <@Ultros> "No idea!"
  308. [18:17:33] <Nat> "Well," she bends over completely, making an arch shape that would probably kill most normal humans on average, "You're an Eidolon, right?  Look at my Ruby, in my forehead!  I'm pretty sure we all have those!"
  309. [18:17:55] <Nat> "Well, not Rubies, but I mean, SOME kinda stone or something."
  310. [18:18:00] <@Ultros> He loooks. "I don't know! Like I said, I don't remember squat. Hmph!"
  311. [18:18:06] * Nat does a handstand from here.
  312. [18:18:30] <Nat> "Oh right... eheh.  My Ruby's right there in my forehead so I couldn't lose it if I wanted to."
  313. [18:18:36] <Nat> "For youuuurs..."
  314. [18:18:53] * Nat backflips and stands up straight, spinning around.
  315. [18:19:42] <Nat> "Well, if you can't remember," she does some glancin'.  Still a bunch of debris from the roof collapse?
  316. [18:20:11] <@Ultros> A little bit!
  317. [18:22:00] <Nat> Good!  Then she searches around to find two little pieces that look around the same size and taps each lightly to her Ruby, infusing them with glowy bunclemagic.  "Then why not pretend this is a jewel until you can?"  She walks toward him and hands over one of them.  "Give it any kinda name you want, they'll be tokens of our friendship."
  318. [18:22:13] <Nat> "So even if either of us forget, my magic in these little guys won't."
  319. [18:22:15] <Nat> "Maybe."
  320. [18:22:17] <Nat> "Probably."
  321. [18:23:23] <@Ultros> He blushes again and looks at the glowy rock.
  322. [18:23:32] * Nat just smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles.
  323. [18:24:39] <@Ultros> "Heheee, I know what I'll call this, then!"
  324. [18:24:49] <@Ultros> "It's a carbuncle~"
  325. [18:25:43] * Nat pffffs. "Well..." Natbuncle's head shakes a bit at the thought of denying it. "Yeah, I like it! It's like a mini-me in there."
  326. [18:26:11] * Nat leans over to pat him on the head a couple times. "Then, until we meet again! See ya!"
  327. [18:26:24] <@Ultros> (The funny thing is, 'carbuncle' actually refers to red garnet)
  328. [18:27:03] <Nat> (Oh huh, I was convinced it was an archaic term for 'ruby')
  329. [18:27:08] <Nat> (well *amnesiac moe* anyway)
  330. [18:27:31] <@Ultros> "L-later, Nacchan!" bluuush. He slinks away into the water.
  331. [18:28:22] <Nat> "Wow, that sure wasn't as bad as Ammy made it sound at all."  Satisfied, Nat begins the trek back to the inn during which she'll obligatorily get lost.
  332. [18:28:24] <Nat> "..."
  333. [18:28:32] <@Kain> ....
  334. [18:28:32] <Nat> "Wonder why it feels so cold all of a sudden..."
  335. [18:29:07] <@Kain> Ultros ueeheehees as ties his precious ribbons around his glowy rock.
  336. [18:29:33] <@Kain> And Nat wanders into the night!
  337. [18:29:38] <@Kain> </>
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