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  1. [23:09] Aerendyl Farryn: /me is the pregnant boyfriend and grumps as Yuichi threatened to redden his hide, but he kissed the big dork back and even let him feel the elf's plump rump against his thigh. He was also thankful with how tight his pants were given how things might be in there. >.>
  2. [23:11] Angora: /me yawns and stretches his legs after standing up, emerging from wherever he’d snuck off to for his nap. It seemed quite more busy compared to this morning, but his eyes quickly pick the familiar face of Yuichi out before he gives a wave.
  3. [23:15] Kaya Park: /me Switches from one dildo two two, riding a 3ft long cock in the front and a 4ft long cock in the back door as she desperately tries to sat the burning in her loins
  4. [23:17] Yuichi: /me gave a little wave to the other canine "Welcome back, enjoyed your nap?" he asked with a snicker, while his hands gently trailed over his boyfriend's back
  5. [23:17] Sweet Robin: /me giggles hearing Yuichi words, Though it made her feel flattered
  6. [23:17] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me Poofs on in, waving to everyone! He gives a look to Kaya and giggles. "WELL... good day to you too!"
  7. [23:19] Kaya Park: ((Not sure if you've been lurking or not Vori, she's on a does of [color=cyan][b]Bimboleum light[/b][/color], and is thus both extremely curvy, horny, and very ignored -_-))
  8. [23:20] Yuichi: [yes, go and take care of our asian bimbo before she goes completely crazy]
  9. [23:20] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub](Ooh, a slight shade bluer now)[/sub]
  10. [23:21] Yuichi: [sub]suits you princess <3[/sub]
  11. [23:21] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]Aww! Stop being sweet, dork![/sub]
  12. [23:22] Yuichi: [sub]pf, fat chance of that happening, gonna make you blush all over[/sub]
  13. [23:22] Vorizuth Abrivaar: (Nah I just got here... but he'd be willing to help~)
  14. [23:23] Vorizuth Abrivaar: ([sub] hopefully I get some time today)
  15. [23:25] Kaya Park: T
  16. [23:25] Kaya Park: TT*
  17. [23:25] Angora: [sub](Angora is a completely new arrival, so feel free to introduce yourselves if he grabs your eye. ^-^)[/sub]
  18. [23:26] Sweet Robin: /me smiles as she waves to customers that enter the place
  19. [23:27] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me just can't help himself. He poofs on over to Kaya, noticing her distress and utter horniness. "Hmmm... allow me to help dear~" He licked two of his fingers, then began to slick them along the edge of her pussy, going up to rub her clit as she kept ramming herself with the dildo.
  20. [23:28] Aerendyl Farryn: /me looked around, but the staff seemed preoccupied. Craving something to drink after earlier he snuck over to the bar and attempt to reach up and over it, but between his already diminutive height and his plump sloshing belly all there was to be had was a wiggling elf on his chest and a big shiny elf butt wagging about as he tried to squirm back to his feet in failure and decided instead just just find a nice chair to slump into.
  21. [23:30] Yuichi: /me chuckled as he watched his boyfriend try to get something to drink and then pointed at Robin "She's still on duty sweetheart, just tell her what you'd like to have you dork"
  22. [23:30] Kaya Park: /me Kaya moans in appreciation at the added stimulus, her cunt has utterly drenched the stool beneath her and her cunt and asshole are clenched tightly around the intruding equine cocks. Unable to speak she's so overloaded, her skin is hot to the touch and her entire body is flushed. Her tits are bouncing like made, G cup breasts swinging like fat udders as she repeatedly slams down on the rubber cocks, her fat ass jiggling like a bowl of jello as she continues to plunge up and down, up and down.
  23. [23:33] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me Her moaning made his lips curl into a smile, chuckling as he continued his rubbing, quickening the pace as he continued. "Good... moan louder for me dear.
  24. [23:33] Vorizuth Abrivaar: (Fuck)
  25. [23:34] Vorizuth Abrivaar: *" he then leaned over, stuck out his tongue, and started flicking her clit with it along with his fingers, enjoying her taste.
  26. [23:34] Vorizuth Abrivaar: (There we go)
  27. [23:35] Sweet Robin: /me is on duty.. and is not busy
  28. [23:35] CJ the tiger: Sweet Robin may I interest you in some breeding?
  29. [23:36] Vorizuth Abrivaar: She already preggo lad
  30. [23:36] Kaya Park: /me continued to bounce , trying not to literally bounce on Vori's head as she was fucking harder faster, harder, faster... but it's not enough. With one last high pitch moan, she slowly slides off the top of her dildos. "A trail of drool leads from her mouth to one of her titanic tits. Shaking her head at Vori she says. "Like, the plastic just isn't good enough~. I need like, real cocks, and lots of yummy cum~"
  31. [23:36] Kaya Park: ((she actually has two wombs now
  32. [23:36] Sweet Robin: /me has a second womb but she wont tell them
  33. [23:36] Kaya Park: ((So she's 50% full))
  34. [23:37] Vorizuth Abrivaar: (Wowee she did it!)
  35. [23:37] Kaya Park: ((I'm just saying Robin... I have three holes, if you want some fun~))
  36. [23:37] Sweet Robin: X33)
  37. [23:37] Charl: [sub]I'm seeing people who're already pregnant still rolling! No sense stopping the fun after the first time, right?[/sub]
  38. [23:38] Kaya Park: ((It's just polite to tell people in here that you're pregnant in case they're specifically looking for breeding,))
  39. [23:38] Kaya Park: /me is also currently pregnant
  40. [23:39] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me "Heh... exactly what I wanted to hear~" and with that, he immediately slipped off his pants and got back up on his feet, getting in between Kaya's legs and pulling her close, his shaft hardening before her. "Which hole baby?~"
  41. [23:41] Aerendyl Farryn: /me muttered, having made a bit of a full of himself. "Robin," the sweet little elf called out. "I don't suppose you could fix me a mint-lime iced tea?" He'd grin a bit, feeling a bit silly about not ordering something alcoholic at a bar.
  42. [23:41] Kaya Park: /me Stretches out across the bar, leaning foward so that her tits are on Robin's side, and leans back to spread her ponderously fat ass cheeks, so large they encompass both her holes. She spreads them wide to reveal her pristine and beautifully tight asshole and cunt, dripping a steady of girlcum down her leg like a leaky faucet. She grabbed one of her own nipples, and gave it a tweak. Calling back she says "Like, my asshole is so totally neglected after the rough fuck wolfy gave me yesterday~ It totally needs a fat cock... or three~"
  43. [23:42] Aerendyl Farryn: /me is also currently pregnant, buuuut nobody asked~ ( :p )
  44. [23:43] Angora: [sub](Angora is currently new to the building but definitely vacant as far as pregnancy goes.)[/sub]
  45. [23:46] Kaya Park: ((for new comers, Kaya is currently on [color=cyan][b]Bimboleum light[/b][/color] and totally free use~))
  46. [23:47] Yuichi: [sub]wolfy? really? Maybe I do need to teach you some more respect :p [/sub]
  47. [23:48] Makunouchi Hayashi: [sub]Yuichi -> Breeding Mascot. :P[/sub]
  48. [23:48] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me Licked his lips at what was presented before him, and wasted no time in grabbing hold of one of Kaya's legs, getting on his side, and shoving his cock right into her asshole, shivering and moajing as he felt the warm tightness engulf him. "Ohh fuck yes... that is nice!~"
  49. [23:50] Yuichi: /me [sub]needs to teach a bunch of people respect it seems[/sub]
  50. [23:50] Sweet Robin: /me ear twitches hearing Aerendyle words, she looks at him nodding to the order where she walks to a Stove. She first puts 4 cups of water bringing the water to boil, She removes the pot from the heat adding in the mint leaves along with slices of lime allowing the water to infuse with the flavour. The process of infusing takes around 10 minutes before placing the pot in a fridge.. Though the fridge is bit special making the cooling down of 3 hour to 2 mins. She takes out chilled glasses and pitcher before filtering the drink making sure no leaf is in along with the slices of lime inside the pitcher before adding some ice cubes in. She then makes her way round placing the pitcher and the chilled up in front of Aerendyle
  51. [23:52] Sweet Robin: chilled glass cup*
  52. [23:53] Kaya Park: /me groaned in satisfaction as her warm cockhole was stretched for the first time in what felt like ages. It was a warm, tight fit that hugged his cock like a vice. Calling back she yelled out "Like, come on~ Fuck he harder~ I won't break unless you break me~ And like, you should totally break me~" as she desperately tries to user her non-existent leverage to slam her fat ass back against the elf's crotch.
  53. [23:54] Aerendyl Farryn: /me smiled up at Robin appreciatively for far more than he had expected. "Oh, well... thank you!" He chirped before a little smirk crossed his lips, that word he just knew would rile Yuichi more than it probably should. "Oh yeah, my little [b]wolfy [/b] does like to give it rough and leave you with a craving~"
  54. [23:56] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me Got himself into position, grabbing hold of one of her breasts with one hand and holding onto her leg with the other. He then grunted as he put every bit of energy he could into fucking the hell out of her, thrusting in and out as hard and fast as he could, his hips slamming into her ass with a rough slap everytime. Vori moaned with each passing second, occassionally muffling his moans by delving into Kaya's lips and kissing her deeply.
  55. [23:57] Yuichi: /me gave Aeren a deadpan look "You know, if you want to be spanked so badly, you can just ask for it, right?" he said and squinted at him for a moment and to prove that point he got up from his seat at the bar and made his way over to his cute boyfriend, simply turning him to face the bar again and pressed him against it, quickly followed by three hard swats at his bubbly butt in quick succession
  56. [23:57] Vorizuth Abrivaar: (AND GOD DAMN IT I GOTTA GO AGAIN EVERY FUCKING TIME.)
  57. [23:57] Sweet Robin: /me smiles as she giggles hearing those words "Well.. I really have no idea..  I not done such things with him.. Yet" She blinks a few times not witnessing Yuchi spanking his cute femboyfriend "Myyy~ So hot~"
  58. [23:58] Sweet Robin: brb a quick min or 2 getting something really quick to eat)
  59. [23:58] Kaya Park: /me is left totally alone AGAIN
  60. [23:59] Yuichi: /me kept the elf right where he was and gave a little bite to one of his ears before he whispered "Mind if I help the poor girl out for a moment princess? You can watch as much as you want as well~"
  61. [23:59] Makunouchi Hayashi: [sub]Kinda pity Kaya atm. x3 But sadly, I can't help.[/sub]
  62. [00:00] Kaya Park: ((I just rage queued for a dungeon, prolly not the best time to start over))
  63. [00:01] Yuichi: (Might be around for a while longer anyway if Aeren and I don't go for some gaming time at some point)
  64. [00:02] Sweet Robin: bk)
  65. [00:04] Aerendyl Farryn: /me yelped and despite being held firmly by the taught material of his shiny latex leggings, the mirror like sheen rippled as his bubble butt jiggled from the impact of the wolf's hand. "Eee! I--I know, but wolfy, it so much better when I don't need to ask~" The elf hid his flustered face under his sleeves as he suppressed a giggle before a gasp could be heard from the bite and even a little pathetic whimper as he offered a little nod. "G-Go help her... wolfy."
  66. [00:04] Angora: [sub](Angora could likely use an [s]indoctrination[/s] introduction to the bar’s main attractions, if you’re up for it Yuichi. ^-^; With how reserved he can be, it’ll likely take someone else making first move to get him started, plus you’re already introduced.~)[/sub]
  67. [00:08] Yuichi: /me still had his lips near the elf's ear and bit down on it a bit harder now, basically keeping him in place with just that as he slowly pushed the boy's tight pants down to reveal his bubbly freckled butt. "Time to teach you a lesson" he grumbled, half muffled since he kept his grip on that sensitive ear. At first he was just lightly rubbing his hand against it, until he suddenly pulled it away in a quick sharp motion, waiting for a few seconds, leaving Aeren in that horrible stretch of time where he knew the slap was coming, but not when and then brought his hand down again, hard, sending a ripple through those thick cheeks, quickly followed by a few more slaps, which echoed out in the not too busy bar until the elf's ass was colored in a nice shade of red. Only then did he let go "Now, are you going to tempt me to get some props or will you behave?"
  68. [00:13] Yuichi: [added a new rule to the list:
  69. 8. One impregnation roll per scene ]
  70. [00:13] James__: I opened the rules and literally saw it pop up there XD
  71. [00:14] James__: Also hi, I saw the ad and decided to scope out the place, since ya know, I have breeding needs c:
  72. [00:15] Angora: (Welcome then! I joined this morning, looks pretty swell here!)
  73. [00:15] Yuichi: [Just enter with an ic post then and interact. Channel is pretty much all rp based. Robin is the bartender on duty, so just turn to her if you want to order anything and then flirt someone up]
  74. [00:16] Angora: (Angora’s currently wandering about, if he interests ya at all and you wanna find him.~)
  75. [00:19] Aerendyl Farryn:  /me shivered in anticipation as Yuichi's hand gently caressed his freckle-dusted butt, which only made it more apparent when he had cocked his hand to deliver the first blow. The elf's own mind played against him as he flinched several times just as he thought the swat would come only for the moment to pass until it finally did between waits to catch him off guard and with company as several more loud wacks to his plump ivory flesh followed along with several loud yelps from the elf, the wolf's hand clearly outlined on the boy's butt. "I'm already being on m-my best behavior." He said with a shaky breath as the air caressed his warm worn cheek. "But fine... I'll be 'good'." Aeren scoffed. "Now don't you have someone waiting?" The elf huffed and rubbed his tush, not shy about letting out a little moan for Yuichi to hear.
  76. [00:19] Aerendyl Farryn: (Darnnit!)
  77. [00:20] Yuichi: /me pulled away with another little lick to his poor abused ear as he got Aeren's pants in place again "I think she is kinda busy with herself right now actually. Or do you want to suddenly get rid of me now?"
  78. [00:22] Sweet Robin: /me blinks a few times seeing the hot spanking happen before her eyes, She does sneak in a slap to Aerendyl booty just before his trousers was pulled up. This made her purr and giggle at the same time
  79. [00:24] James__: James comes in, wearing his club best, dark blue button up shirt, black slacks, and black and white Tennies that looked brand spankin' new. His hair is spiked up with some mousse, and he is wearing come cologne that is not overbearing in scent. Old spice if someone had to put a name to it. It's a pleasant smell that smells like a mix of aromatics. He makes his way up to the bar, keeping a casual stance as he taps the bartable to try and get the barkeep's attention. He takes a quick initial look to see what girls may be available for some "clubbing"
  80. [00:25] Sweet Robin: /me looks at James making their way to the bar, She quickly makes her way behind putting on a friendly smiles "Welcome~ If you like a drink let me know~"
  81. [00:25] Yuichi: /me sneaked a kiss to Robin's cheek as he returned to his seat with a little whisper to the girl "Careful, or you'll be next~" the words accompanied by a little wink before he got back to his cup of tea, that had cooled down considerably by now. He raised a hand in greeting as someone new came in "Hey there, menus are at the bar and the specials are written on the wall over there" he pointed past Robin "Also the cute neko girl there is our bartender on duty right now, so just tell her your orders"
  82. [00:26] Sweet Robin: /me cheeks are glowing dark red due to the unexpected kiss and the words Yuichi spoke into her hears, But she waits if she is needed to make orders
  83. [00:28] James__: James nods "I could use a whiskey and coke mix. I'm looking to have some fun tonight. Thusly I need my liquid courage" he gives off a very smooth smile.
  84. [00:28] Aerendyl Farryn: /me sqeaked in mild surprise and maybe a bit of pain from his already stinging rear as Robin snuck in a little slap of her own on his jiggy tush. His face almost as red as his butt as he glanced at her. "H-hey..." Was all he could muster before his ears burned at Yuichi's words again and he turned his attention back to him. "Of course I wouldn't want to get rid of you, wol-- " The elf stopped himself to reevaluate things carefully. "Wolfboy." Saved it.
  85. [00:29] Yuichi: [sub]you're an adorable dork xD [/sub]
  86. [00:29] Angora: /me walks himself back in the direction of the bar after looking at just about everything that caught his eye. He takes notice of the new arrival and gives a wave. Something about the young man smelled odd to him; not a natural smell, but not bad either. It definitely had him curious for sure.
  87. [00:30] Sweet Robin: /me nodding her head hearing the order "Well.. there is special drinks, Take a look at the menu while I make you the Whiskey and coke" She  speaks with a smile as she grabs onto a glass first fill it part way of Whiskey before pouring cola into the glass "Ice?"
  88. [00:35] Aerendyl Farryn: /me finally sat again and pondered. wondering if he could get a glass of Yuichi... or maybe someone else~
  89. [00:36] Yuichi: /me gave Aeren's cheek a little poke "Hey dork, the lewd is showing on your face again" he said with a chuckle "Do I wanna know what you were just thinking or should I just take you home straight away instead?~"
  90. [00:40] Aerendyl Farryn: /me blinked almost too innocently as he looked up at the wolf. "On my wha'~?" He just passively waved off any such notion as if Yuichi had spoken nonsense. "I don't think you'd have to take me home for anything..." The elf simply admitted with a dorky sheepish smile.
  91. [00:41] Kaya Park: /me is back and also a depressed bimbo
  92. [00:41] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me Is also back. Thank lord
  93. [00:42] Aerendyl Farryn: (now make with the babies!)
  94. [00:44] Sweet Robin: *Kaya is already pregnant with Wolfy babies)
  95. [00:45] Kaya Park: /me nods, this is true
  96. [00:45] Yuichi: /me [sub]is really against this nickname and puts it under punishment by spanking and similar things[/sub]
  97. [00:46] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]I feel like this only encourages the spread of this nickname... among other things.[/sub]
  98. [00:46] Kaya Park: ((oh you're way too late))
  99. [00:47] Aerendyl Farryn: (Well make with the obnoxious lewding then!)
  100. [00:47] Yuichi: [sub]Maybe I should punish it with temporary ignorance then?[/sub]
  101. [00:48] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me Well he had to quickly take care of some stuff back at his home plane, but he returns here and is by Kaya's side. "Sorry 'bout that.. now where were we?"
  102. [00:48] Kaya Park: /me pouts at him. "I'm not sure I'm talking to you, you left me while you were literally balls deep in my ass"
  103. [00:50] Vorizuth Abrivaar: "Well I cant do anything when I'm forcibly pulled away from you... so sorry but it's not my fault?"
  104. [00:50] Kaya Park: (She want's you to just bend her over -_- )
  105. [00:52] Aerendyl Farryn: (Sometimes you have to be direct with a guy I find~ :p)
  106. [00:52] Yuichi: /me "psst" he made in the darkelf's direction "She's running high on bimboleum, just go for it and give her a pounding until she asks for more, she's not able to think straight right now in the first place and her body is just asking for it if you can't smell that even with your puny sense of smell"
  107. [00:54] Vorizuth Abrivaar: (Yea you cant really portray body/hidden language that well through text)
  108. [00:54] Aerendyl Farryn: /me isn't sure if he should be equally insulted by the remark about the drow's sense of smell, but he is a different elf himself so he'd let it slide and instead take Yuichi's moment of inattentiveness to give his fluffy ear a nip in revenge.
  109. [00:55] Vorizuth Abrivaar: (Also how the fuck else was I supposed to respond other than apologising and explaining myself? Im not a big dunb brute who's first fucking thought is to bend over and rape someone.)
  110. [00:55] Kaya Park: (You're reading way too far into a bimbo being bratty)
  111. [00:55] Yuichi: /me suddenly perked up, the fur on his tail puffing up from one moment to the next before he even had a chance to pull Aerendyl away, just to then flick his head softly. "You do know exactly what happens when you do that, right?" he asked his boyfriend with a little squint
  112. [00:56] Kaya Park: (if [i]I[/i] was mad at you, I'd have said so in braces)
  113. [00:56] Yuichi: [Well, now it has been made clear. Up to you if you pick up on it, no need to drag this out any further ooc on either part]
  114. [00:57] Vorizuth Abrivaar: (I'd rather not now. Mood's been ruined for me. I'm sorry.)
  115. [00:57] Sweet Robin: /me lays down on the bar top stretching her body
  116. [00:57] Kaya Park: /me Gives Robin a raspberry on her belly
  117. [00:58] Aerendyl Farryn: /me just has the broadest grin across his face, no apologies from the exceptionally bratty elf today. "I do, but what of it~?"
  118. [00:58] Sweet Robin: /me giggles feeling Kaya doing a rasperry~ Though Robin does taste a bit like pudding
  119. [00:58] Kaya Park: /me resist desire to lick robin from head to toe
  120. [01:00] Yuichi: /me gently grabbed his chin and pulled Aeren into a small kiss "Do it again and I'll tie you up before I force you to watch while I fuck one girl after the other around here, while you get to do nothing but squirm and huff and leak into the little cage I'll put on you again"
  121. [01:01] Sweet Robin: "Enjoying yourself?" She asks Kaya as she is too busy laughing due to being ticklish, Not only she tastes like pudding but smells like it too
  122. [01:02] Kaya Park: /me stretches out her long curvy body and climbs up to straddle robin, bending down low to kiss her on the lips, tasting the sweet pudding on her lips, The leaky nature of her cunt is all the answer Robin needs
  123. [01:04] Sweet Robin: /me eyes opens a bit before half closes enjoying kissing Kaya, she begins to purr loudly enjoying the kiss. Robin lips partens a bit begging for Kaya tongue to enter
  124. [01:06] Aerendyl Farryn: /me seemed to turn paler than normal at the treat. Even the kiss, while wonderful and knee-weakening, couldn't curb the conflicted feeling that boiled up in him. Yuichi could feel the elf's muscles twitch as he actually thought about going for another nip, this time of the other ear just for balance. Something definitely stirred in him, maybe he was still under the influence of the cocktail of candy he had earlier... or maybe he was just naturally a really dumb elfslut and the wolf brought out the worst of it.
  125. [01:08] Kaya Park: /me let's her tongue lazily slip into into Robin's mouth. The pace was slow and sweet, delicate love making as she softly kissed and tasted the smaller woman. Enjoying the taste of pudding and the wonderful smell of Robin's arousal
  126. [01:10] Sephon Mcjagger: /me Attempts walking into the bar after reading a ad bringing him here. Steps his way inside looking around the room with a smile. "Nice spot." made his way toward a table to give himself a rest on a chair. Nodding his head in approval.
  127. [01:10] Yuichi: /me did nothing to stop Aeren or even hold him back, he had made the consequences very obvious and now it was up to his boyfriend if he'd hang himself with the rope he was given or not
  128. [01:11] Yuichi: /me also gave a wave to Sephon "Hey there, come on in and enjoy yourself." he glanced over to Robin as she was making out with the bimbofied Kaya "I am afraid our bartender is a little busy right now, but with basic drinks I can probably help you as well for a while"
  129. [01:11] Sweet Robin: /me cheeks glowing dark red as she starting to pant, she is in fact loving the romantic kiss that she and Kaya are sharing. Robin starts to suckle onto Kaya tongue loving the taste of the females saliva, She breaks for a few seconds "you taste sooo gooodd~"
  130. [01:12] Erielle Heluris: /me walked into the bar, tossing her hair back, high heels clicking as she strode inside. "My good bartender! Anything with fertility +." She called out, taking a seat at the bar. "I'm hoping to have better luck today."
  131. [01:13] Yuichi: /me sighed as he pushed Aeren onto the barcounter so he could get up and walk behind the bar with a smile at Erielle "Name's Yuichi by the way and I am no bartender, but the bartender on duty is unavailable right now, so I will have to help out for a while." getting a fertility+ going was no problem though and so the tall glass with the pink liquid was in front of her on top of a small napkin soon "Enjoy"
  132. [01:14] Sweet Robin: /me moves her hand to the side getting a shot glass containing pink fluid (Fertility+)  from the fridge before handing it to Erielle.
  133. [01:14] Yuichi: [quick shower time, will be back in a moment, also too slow Robin :p ]
  134. [01:14] Sweet Robin: (woops XD)
  135. [01:14] Sephon Mcjagger: /me "I've worked around places like this before, its hard to keep a bartender free." Commenting back toward Yuichi. Puts his feet up
  136. [01:14] Sephon Mcjagger: (Double dose?)
  137. [01:16] Erielle Heluris: /me smiled, accepting the drink with grace. "My apologies, but last time you were so busy I couldn't catch your name." She raised the glass, then began to drink, her eyebrow arching as she found it surprisingly good. Today, she was dressed in a red gala dress, a high side slit showing off her hips and thighs, and clearly showing the woman had no underwear on. The dress was backless, and cut to show off the maximum amount of sideboob possible without exposing her nipples. She arched her back as she drank, emphasising her rear, then glanced at Sephon. "Say, you wouldn't be looking for a partner, would you?"
  138. [01:22] Kaya Park: (is busy, be a sec)
  139. [01:22] Aerendyl Farryn: /me grunts as Yuichi pushed him against the bar, it seemed he wouldn't have to hang himself after all as he was saved by the surge of patrons and a busy bartender. Though now that he was alone, would kind of mischief could he possibly get into?
  140. [01:22] Sweet Robin: no worries(
  141. [01:23] Yuichi: /me just reached for Aeren from this side of the bar now and turned him around, so he was looking at the wolfboy again "I'm still here with time for you, you know?" he asked with a smile "Just might have to serve a drink now and then"
  142. [01:29] Aerendyl Farryn: /me shrieked in surprise as he was spun around, fortunate to see the wolf's familiar face. "Well, you seem to have adapted quite nicely to bar wench." The elf snickered with the tease. "Do you take special requests for drinks?"
  143. [01:29] Yuichi: /me "Depends on the request. Also call me wench one more time and I'll put you in a nice short dress and force you to work the bar while I enjoy myself... dork"
  144. [01:34] Aerendyl Farryn: /me huffed, that was hardly a threat. "Variety is the spice of life." He commented the current ratio of current staff with a haughty giggle.
  145. [01:38] Aerendyl Farryn: (Oh, look at the time. I should have dinner!)
  146. [01:39] Rng: /me peers inside. Does a little twirl and waves a greeting.
  147. [01:40] Yuichi: /me waved towards the girl that just had come in and pointed at the places right in front of the bar "Welcome, come on in and tell me what I can get for you"
  148. [01:41] Erielle Heluris: /me Hearing no reply from the other man, the witch shrugged, and pulled her long skirt aside, pushing back her ass and lifting it up slightly, providing free access to both her ass and pussy. "I suppose I can't be picky anymore... I'm free use for now."
  149. [01:43] Sweet Robin: /me looks to the side as she waves to Rng "Myy~ what a cute girl~"
  150. [01:43] Rng: /me shrugs and makes her way towards the bar. Plops down but gives a dismissive wave otherwise. Is just here to watch for now! Can't resist a place where luck is involved~ Waves back at Robin!
  151. [01:46] Sweet Robin: /me is currently underneath another female, She looks at Rng leaning in gently kissing the new girls cheek "We do have items which can make the chance of being pregnant higher~ We do even have an item which makes females grow a cock temp for 24 hour~ If you like take a look at our Menu~"
  152. [01:47] Charl: [sub]Rng please explain why my rolls so far have been a 1, a 20, and another 20. Am I flipping a coin instead of rolling a d20, and nobody told me?[/sub]
  153. [01:50] Rng: /me curls her lips mischievously. Just waggles her fingers at Charl~ Then shrugs to Robin. [sub]Just here to watch and relax for now. But thanks for the suggestions![/sub]
  154. [01:50] Sweet Robin: /me nodding her head hearing those words "No rush~ Though I won;t mind trying the tiem.. a few special drinks~ And have a round with you"
  155. [01:50] Sweet Robin: "Well in the future~"
  156. [01:53] Kaya Park: ((I'll be with you in about 5 minutes robin <3 ))
  157. [01:54] Sweet Robin: kk <3~)
  158. [01:57] Matthew Cromwell: Ello ello everyone
  159. [01:58] Sweet Robin: /me waves at Matthew
  160. [01:58] Matthew Cromwell: Hey Robin. How are you doing today?
  161. [01:59] Miranda Rance: Hey all!
  162. [01:59] Penny Cuoco: Hello erveyone !
  163. [01:59] Sweet Robin: "I am feline fine~ you?" she smiles before waving at Miranda
  164. [01:59] Sweet Robin: /me then waves at Penny
  165. [01:59] Guy Kenon: /me sneezes.
  166. [02:00] Matthew Cromwell: "Ello Miranda and Penny." he called, turning to Robin. "I'm fine. Just kinda new here"
  167. [02:00] Miranda Rance: (OOC, what are the dice mechanics exactly for breeding?)
  168. [02:01] Yuichi: /me waved at the bunch of newcomers that had just gotten in through the door "Hey everyone, come on in and enjoy a drink while you flirt each other up. Our bartender is a little busy with one of the guests right now but I can get you all of our basic drinks as well and obviously all of our specials, so just step up to the bar and tell me what I can get you"
  169. [02:01] Yuichi: [all info on that is in the room description]
  170. [02:01] Sweet Robin: "Hmm? well welcome~ If you like a drink I will try my best to serve you~ Though Yuichi may need to serve, Due to be being under this cutie Kaya~"
  171. [02:03] Matthew Cromwell: "Rum and Cola for me. And a Virility+ if that's not too much to ask." He called to the bar, moving to take a seat and relax
  172. [02:04] Guy Kenon: /me plops down at the bar and pops a vicodin and flicks his hand to order a drink as he smiles some. "Clearly I need booze and vicodin to get this arm pain to go away. Then again, hard to find males into wanting to use what I have to leave a few little ones!" Chuckles and smiles cutely.
  173. [02:05] Yuichi: /me served the drinks right up, as that was easy enough to do "Careful on the specials, the stuff is potent. You might want to wait with downing that one until you've find a partner."  before he turned to Kenon "Well, can't tell you how hard it'll be to find someone for that, but I can get you some booze, anything striking your fancy?"
  174. [02:06] Matthew Cromwell: "Thanks for the warning by the way." he said, raising the glass and drinking the rum and cola. He set the other drink down to make sure he didn't mix things up, and let himself have a hand free
  175. [02:07] Guy Kenon: /me laughs and shrugs a little. "Actually what the guy over their said, run and coke. Though clearly I can't use any sperm booster. After  all, eggs here than sperm down below."
  176. [02:08] Greeny Futa: /me gave a disgruntled nod at Yuichi's warning. "It's true. I made that mistake earlier and the stuff is still coursing through me. It's not worth it," she spoke with a bit of a ragged voice like she was worn out from just sitting there. The orc had clearly taken some of the potent stuff at some point as there were some heavy stains in the crotch and legs of her tight jeans along with a barely contained bulge thanks to the stuff.
  177. [02:08] Yuichi: /me pointed at the wall behind himself on which all the specials were listed "We do have something for that as well though" Yuichi said with a little smile as he served the drink right up
  178. [02:08] Sweet Robin: /me smiles as she waves at Greeny "well you yet to fuck someone though cutie~"£
  179. [02:09] Charlot: [sub]Oh! Hey, Greeny. ♥[/sub]
  180. [02:09] Yuichi: /me couldn't help but chuckle at the orc's words "Well, there might be someone around who's willing to help you out with that and grant some sweet release?" he offered with a smile as he let his eyes wander through the bar
  181. [02:10] Guy Kenon: /me laughed hard and nodded quickly. "I can see that, yet still. As you said, wait for a partner I take it, unless some random guy is gonna end up giving me a roofie."
  182. [02:10] Matthew Cromwell: /me sips at his drink as the others talk
  183. [02:10] Greeny Futa: /me gave a wave back with her teeth grinding a little. "I-I know! It's not like I didn't try. I just don't think I could properly milk myself of it all at this rate."
  184. [02:11] Sweet Robin: "I mean.. I was kind of busy then.. I apologies for not attending to your needs"
  185. [02:11] Kaya Park: /me waves at Robin
  186. [02:11] Sweet Robin: /me is still under Kaya though ;w;
  187. [02:12] Sweet Robin: (Waving at the person you're laying on? XDD)
  188. [02:13] Greeny Futa: /me grunted and now that she was in a more suitable place to just let things hang out, the orc undid her pants again and let the thick, veiny monster spill out once again with a sudden splatter of precum onto the floor. "Oof...It's not your fault. I just had poor timing and was overly eager."
  189. [02:13] Kaya Park: /me Continues to kiss Robin passionately, grabbing her hair and pressing her lips against Robin's with as much force as she can muster. Her tongue danced in Robin's mouth, letting the sweet taste of her pudding flavored lover mingle with her own, creating an intoxicating flavor that drove her mad with lust, she found her hips grinding on Robin's stomach, arousal leaking like a waterfall
  190. [02:13] Kaya Park: ((wasn't sure if we'd moved since I had to poof for a bit :P ))
  191. [02:13] Rng: /me lazes and flops with a yawn. Raises one hand! "Coffee, please!  [sub]Can I get that here?[/sub]"
  192. [02:14] Kaya Park: ((FYI for the newcomers, I'm under the effect of [color=cyan][b]Bimboleum light[/b][/color] and am currently free use... just wait till I'm done with this cutie here))
  193. [02:15] Matthew Cromwell: ((fair enough. I will take you up on that offer. XP))
  194. [02:15] Sweet Robin: XDD nope Robin stayed under you this whole time)
  195. [02:15] Erielle Heluris: ((Am also free use atm, hanging out at the bar))
  196. [02:16] Yuichi: /me "Yeah, we do have coffee as well" he said with a little nod and got one cup for her going while he looked over at the orc from time to time, enjoying the nice display "Well, there are some ladies just waiting for someone to take care of them right now"
  197. [02:16] Guy Kenon: /me smiles and relaxes as he lets the pain killer kick in. "How is everyone tonight?"
  198. [02:17] Miranda Rance: /me looks over at the orc with a blush on her face- she'd heard orc futas were overwhelming, but to see it in person was a whole other thing!
  199. [02:18] Sweet Robin: /me eyes half closes as she is being rather submissive at this moment, She looks at Greeny  breaking the kiss for a few moments speaking "Well.. You could fuck either me or Kaya~ Poor Kaya is sex crazed and not had any fun like you~ You don;t mind do you? Kaya?" She then continues the kiss feeling Kaya cunt rubbing onto her belly though really not sure on how due to Robin only being four four three in height
  200. [02:18] Matthew Cromwell: /me moves over to Erielle and sits next to her. "Hello hello." he said, sipping at his drink, a second one in hand. She could probably recognize it as the Virility+
  201. [02:19] Erielle Heluris: /me glanced at the man, then his drink, and grinned knowingly. She slid her own drink closer, a Fertility+. "It seems we're matching." She said, her voice husky and seductive.
  202. [02:19] Miranda Rance: /me helps herself to a cup of coffee... and a shot of fertility+...
  203. [02:20] Yuichi: /me "See, what did I say? lots of attention for a cute orc with a hefty fick" he chuckled as he put the coffee in front of the cute redhead.
  204. [02:20] Greeny Futa: /me hadn't noticed the dark elf for a moment. The orc was just relieved that she didn't have to keep that thing tucked away in such small jeans. Her cock was heady and thanks to the drugs from earlier, even her precum was white enough to be mistaken for pure cum. She looked over at the dark elf and gave her a devious smirk. "Well, I might just join in if the blushing elf over there doesn't want some company."
  205. [02:21] Kaya Park: /me Breaks her lip lock with Robin and sits up, a trail of saliva connecting her to Robin's mouth. "Mmm, yeah if you want to fuck Robin like, totally don't let me stop you~! I'm like, super super horny and definitely won't be able to get off from kissing and grinding anyway~"
  207. ((She was sitting on your chest and bent over to kiss you, not prone))
  208. [02:21] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me stepped inside of the bar, the third time on the same day and finally he was free enough to indulge and stick around. Such a bothersome day, indeed. He just walked inside, jacket hanging on his shoulders and the hands stuffing the jeans' pockets. Finally, he could actually stay around and do what he wants, find someone that catches his eye and just unwind. "Hello, patrons and staff!" He shouted heartily to everyone in the premises with a light laugh coming through his lips before he simply helped himself to sit down on the bar. The way he was with the jacket hanging over the shoulders and a tank top was probably a bit too much on showing off the physique but right now, that was the least of his worries. "Oi, may I get something strong to last me through another hard night?" He asked with a light chuckle as he tapped the bar's counter.
  209. [02:21] Matthew Cromwell: "Seems we are. Care to have a bit of fun then?" he asked, offering his glass to toast with her. He was tall, fit, with a bit of unkempt hair, but nothing too bad. He enjoyed the fact that she spoke in that tone, since it definitely gave him ideas
  210. [02:21] Greeny Futa: /me smiled up at Yuichi. "Yeah. Didn't take long, but not surprising considering how active this place is. I'm pretty impressed," she said with a bright smile.
  211. [02:21] Guy Kenon: /me enjoys his drink while just people watching and still eyeing on the males. Wonders with his mind on what is in their pants. Can't help but have perverted thoughts.
  212. [02:21] Rng: /me took the coffee with thanks, sipping on it. Ahh~
  213. [02:22] Erielle Heluris: /me raised her own to meet Matthew's, toasting with a clear clink of crystal. "I'm Erielle." She said, her smirk knowing. "And may I ask what the handsome stud who'll breed me is called?"
  214. [02:23] Sweet Robin: /me panting a bit as she has stings of saliva down her chin "I mean~ I thought you wanting to be stuffed? But it is up to the person"
  216. (Ohh.. I mean how flexible is you character? DX)
  217. [02:24] Miranda Rance: /me the confident smirk from the orc was her undoing. She knew, even without Miranda saying anything, what exactly she wanted. "Well, I suppose- I mean, I wouldn't mind spending time with you and your friends. Or whatever you want...."
  218. [02:24] Matthew Cromwell: "Matthew. And I'll make sure to do just that." he said, lifting and quickly downing the drink in no time. He shook and coughed a bit, not used to the flavor or feel of it, but it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. "You have a place you want us to go, or?"
  219. [02:24] Kaya Park: /me Gives the pudding flavored girl one last kiss. and slides off her, landing back on the seat. Her bimbo-rific curves, G cup tits and fat ass, breeding hips all jiggling as she stretched. "Well, like, yeah~ I totally wanna get stuffed! But if some guy or gal with like, a huge dick want's to fuck you~ I'm not gonna try and stop that!"
  220. [02:25] Kaya Park: ((flexible enough!))
  221. [02:26] Sweet Robin: /me giggles hearing those words nodding here head "Thanks~ Though i won;t stop them from fucking you either" She stays still for a few moments still savouring the taste of Kaya saliva
  222. [02:26] Erielle Heluris: /me watched as Matthew downed his drink, then finished own, before turning to face him completely and pulling down the fabric of her dress, exposing her large, full breasts. "Why, I'm not picky. Wherever you want, however you want."
  223. [02:26] Sweet Robin: (Super felixble sitting on a 4'3 girl chest and able to kiss her lips XDD)
  224. [02:26] Guy Kenon: /me jolted as he felt the bar smack and turned to groan as he grumbled a little. "Hey easy on the hit. I'm wounded here mister!" Guy said as he then glanced at the demon male that walked in. Raising a brow and gently rubbing his arm where the pain is and looks at the pills in the bottle. "Maybe I shouldn't have these in hand while drinking. I don't think vicodin and booze is a great match." Glances around but still looked at the man that smacked the counter. "You seem like you need more of a night cap to wind down than just a party drink there, Demon boy. You can call me Guy."
  225. [02:26] Greeny Futa: /me slowly stood up and wandered over to Miranda with that overly virile length bobbing with every step she shook. The orc leaned in towards the dark elf with lust flaring in her eyes. "Well then, I hope you're ready to bear some orcish children," she teased with a few playful nudges.
  226. [02:28] Kaya Park: ((Circus performer Kaya Park ;) ))
  227. [02:28] Miranda Rance: /me breathes, her heart pumping in her chest, "Oh- oh gods, yes."
  228. [02:28] Matthew Cromwell: He smirked, standing and leading her to one of the lounge couches. Sitting her down, he leaned in and stole a kiss from her, unbuttoning his own shirt and tossing it over the furniture. His hands then went to work, taking firm grips on both of her breasts, his thumbs circling her nipples fervently
  229. [02:28] Kaya Park: /me Smirks at Robin. "Looks like we missed all the good dick again" she laughs
  230. [02:29] Aerendyl Farryn: /me lulled in his seat at the bar, the elf barely noticed the newcomer specifically as the activity of the place steadily increased on the whole, the familiar aroma of coffee did pique the boy's interest though. "Hey wolf, dork--" He called out to Yuichi with a little wolfish grin, if one didn't know better he might have even had fangs. "Can you make me some coffee too? And put some sugar and [b]cream[/b] in it~" The small elf chirruped over the bar.
  231. [02:29] Greeny Futa: /me stepped behind the elf with hot breath pouring against her neck. A hand slipped around, snaking between her thighs and idly rubbing at her crotch whether it was clothed or not. "Mm. Good. You elves always make the best broodmares."
  232. [02:29] Sweet Robin: /me giggles as she nods "Yeahh~ All day I gotten no dick~ But there still is time~"
  233. [02:30] Kaya Park: /me laughs along with her "Me too babe~ And I've been a bimbo this whole time~"
  234. [02:32] Yuichi: /me served another cup of coffee for Aeren, sugar and cream next to the cup on the counter "You little tease" he said with a smile before he glanced over to his coworker and the poor bimbo girl "You girls know I could take care of you, right? Just have to ask" a smile played around his lips as he glanced at his boyfriend, knowing all too well what even just that offer would do to the poor elf's imagination
  235. [02:32] Erielle Heluris: "I see you're a breast lover. Good choice; I've been told I have rather nice ones." She chuckled, her nipples stiffening under his ministrations. Her hand went to his crotch, and she started to massage his cock over his trousers, feeling its length and thickness, anticipating the delicious feeling of it filling her.
  236. [02:32] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me glanced towards the male that spoke towards him with his dark blue eyes, a light grin crossing his lips because someone actually did go as far as to approach him in such a fashion. "Well, that would be my own problem, I guess?" He answered with a light chuckle as he scanned the male from top to bottom as his left hand just rested underneath his chin. "Well, I'll reciprocate. My name's Makunouchi but call me Maku and we'll get along just fine, heh." He found a bit of interest in the male, after all, it's not every day that someone dares to approach a stranger in such an audacious manner. "So, Guy. What are you doin' around here? Searching for company in the lonely night?" He teased a bit as he rose up from where he sat down to a seat closer to Guy, talking by distance was surely not comfortable for any of the two, he thought to himself.
  237. [02:35] Matthew Cromwell: "I believe those people are right. Nice and soft." he said, moving his lips to her neck, her collar, then her breasts, suckling on one and then the other. He moved his hands to her waist, pulling at her pants to lower them around her knees, and then her ankles. His hands with strong, to say the least, calloused, definitely from someone who worked hard
  238. [02:35] Kaya Park: /me smirked at Yuichi. "it's not fair to make you keep doing all the work for us too insatiable sluts" she says, sticking her tongue out at him
  239. [02:35] Sweet Robin: "Myyy~ Trying to make your boyfriend jealous?" She asks in a teasing manner but still lays on the bar counter
  240. [02:35] Miranda Rance: /me gasps as the orc starts fondling her roughly, without regard to her comfort or pleasure- and that was exactly what she wanted. She had a miniskirt, but no panties. Green fingers met her slutty, wet cunt with no barrier... she had come here hoping for this.
  241. [02:37] Guy Kenon: /me eeped weakly as he saw that playful smirk but clearly its as if the motion pulled him in closer to wanting to know the man. Chuckling as well as he shrugged a little. "Well personally asid from my arm pain and luckily on medication for it. I figured I'd hang out in a unique bar. Though didn't expect this much in the lounge. I mean I guess searching to avoid a lonely night is about right. I'm unique after all, cunt down below and I have a womb compared to a guy with balls, by your terms I can tell by the jawline you are male." Laughing more and sipping his drink while he looked over the male with a weak blush. "So what drug you in here, Maku?"
  242. [02:38] Yuichi: /me "Oh, jealous is not the right word there, or is it?" the last words directed at Aeren himself while Yuichi stroked along his cheek, just to return his attention to the two girls right away "Also, I wouldn't call it work either if it's something I'd enjoy just as much in my spare time. That said though, I am here to entertain people and what better to give a good show than take care of two girls in such need?"
  243. [02:39] Greeny Futa: /me growled a little in Miranda's ear, a pair of fingers stroking at the sloppy pussy and brushing up against her clit. After a few moments of teasing, she pulled her fingers away and pushed the elf forward against the bar counter and pinned her there between the counter and the orc's body. That huge, throbbing length was pushing up against that skirt and a good portion of her backside with precum dripping down onto her clothes. "Is this the first time you've been with an orc? You seem incredibly excited from such gentle touches."
  244. [02:39] Aerendyl Farryn: /me just slurped noisily at his coffee after adding enough sugar and cream to spike his blood sugar levels, Yuichi never failing to push just the right button as the elf otherwise remained silent as his bright blue eyes panned between Kaya and Robin as the wolf's obviously rhetorical question remained unanswered with nothing more than a little shift in the elf's hips.
  245. [02:40] Sweet Robin: /me giggles hearing the first lot of words "Well.. I won;t know~ Just met your cute Femboyfriend today~" She sticks her tongue out being in a really teasing mood "Well this Job is fun~ And true, watching people fuck is rather.. Entertaining"
  246. [02:40] Matthew Cromwell: ((sorry, back. logged me out for some reason. Erielle, you post just now?))
  247. [02:41] Kaya Park: /me shrugged at wolfy. "I mean, if you want to stuff me... I'm not going to say no... but Robin IS the only one who hasn't gotten one of your babies yet..."
  248. [02:43] Miranda Rance: /me squeaks in delight when she's shoved to the bar, so forcefully, the way only a brutish orc could~
  250. "Yes! But I've fantasized about it for agesssss!" She moans out.
  251. [02:43] Sweet Robin: "Awww~ But I'm sure the drug is driving you nuts~ I bet you want to be stuffed first~"
  252. [02:44] Erielle Heluris: ((no it just logged me out as well lol))
  253. [02:44] Matthew Cromwell: ((weird. :P))
  254. [02:44] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me smiled a bit while listening to Guy talk, he was not rude enough to interrupt the other while talking as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Well, I just need to unwind, had a pretty long day, to be honest. Kinda tough when you seem to attract people out of the blue." He chuckles a bit and glances towards the other male, it was really interesting and if anything, it would be a first for him, doing a male that's got female genitalia. "So, it's only by my jawline that you spot me as a male?" He got closer with a light grin on his lips, just to tease the other for the moment.
  255. [02:45] Yuichi: /me "How about I just make sure to help both of you out then?" he asked and without further ado he climbed onto the bar himself to join the too girls. "Now first of all, let's get this in the right order, because like this it is no good~" a smirk played around his lips as his hands found their way onto Kaya's hips to pull her up and back. "Now if you want to taste our sweet robin, you really should do that somewhere else but on her mouth." He lost no time to push the bimbo's face towards Robin's honeypot, even if there might have been some light undressing left to do "Come on, get to work, I want to hear both of you moan soon" the words emphasized by a rough slap to the asian fuckdoll's thick bubbly ass
  256. [02:45] Erielle Heluris: "You have rough hands." She said, biting her lip. "Not that that's a bad thing..." She crossed and uncrossed her legs, fidgeting as he groped her, her pussy growing wetter by the second. Meanwhile, she continued to stroke his cock, before finding his zipper and pulling it open, hoping to free his stiff member.
  257. [02:46] Greeny Futa: /me 's hand was pushing the elf's face into the counter with another hand pinning her shoulder. That cock pushed up underneath her skirt and traced along her inner thigh before the monstrous tip was pressed right against her dripping slit. "Then I'm glad your fantasy could finally come true." With a dirty grunt, the orc nipped at the elf's ear and pushed inside, stretching the elf's pussy out nice and wide. So many thick, veiny and pierced inches forced their way into her folds and filled her up.
  258. [02:49] Matthew Cromwell: He was plenty big under his pants, enough to fill her at the very least, even reach to her womb with ease, and just as hard from teasing her. But... He smirked and pulled back, kneeling and moving his head between her legs, his lips kissing up her inner thigh until he made his way towards her core. He was going to drive her mental, at least that was the plan. Considering how she reacted to his hands, this witch would easily break
  259. [02:49] Guy Kenon: /me gave a slight huff with the remark smacked in his face as a joke but it then only just made him laugh hard. "I mean I shouldn't assume by strong jaws or anything. After all there are women out there with jawbones like yours." Smiling in a coy remark back, shifting to face Maku and looking him over fully from head to toe but then shook his head. "In real manner. Seeing your crotch shows you're male cause you aren't tiny." Grinning in a playful devilish manner only to raise a brow and drink his own cocktail again. "So I was right, a mellow moment over a party night."
  260. [02:51] Kaya Park: /me Kaya was all to happy to oblige, digging Robin's undergarments out of the way, she wiggled her fat ass in Yuichi's face, as she dove head first into Robin's delicious honeypot. Her tongue lapped and suckled at Robin's pudding flavored hole, devouring her juices like they were the most delicious thing in the world. She pushed her hands in, and pulled Robin's leg's further apart to allow her deeper access, as her tongue started to toy with Robin's clit.
  262. Her hands were needed elsewhere, but, desperate to keep the attention of the first cock she'd had in HOURS Kaya began to twerk, bouncing her fat bubbly ass like a perfect slut, her whole bubbly boddy shaking as she ass quaked and shook, her holes becoming visible every so often. enticing wolfboy in.
  263. [02:52] Erielle Heluris: "Boy," She chided, resting a hand on his head and intertwining her fingers in his hair. "You get ahead of yourself." She cocked her head, then pulled him closer to her pussy. "Did you think I'd be so easy?"
  264. [02:56] Miranda Rance: /me moans in pleasure, not caring who hears her as she's filled by a monstrous orc cock, her tight pussy wrapping around the green, veiny member as it slowly, agonizingly, shoves it's way into her, inch by inch, making her shiver with need, with hunger for more. She grinds back against the orcess, desperate to get filled by her, to have her womb kissed by a futa cock.
  265. [02:56] Kaya Park: ((for the record Yuichi, I'm laying down on my front, she's on her back, and we're head to crotch, not 69-ing. Just to make this picture a little clearer))
  266. [02:56] Matthew Cromwell: He chuckled. "Not at all." he fibbed. "Just a habit of mine, making my partner beg for it, and feel good before starting properly." he said, leaning in and dragging his tongue slowly along her slit and over her panties. His arms wrapped around her thighs, a kind of grip that prevented her from pulling back, not that he expected her to
  267. [02:56] Yuichi: (exactly how I had it pictured as well)
  268. [02:56] Yuichi: (just waiting for robin to post before I continue ^^ )
  269. [02:57] Kaya Park: ((sure, robin and I were pming just to make sure we had the positioning down ^^))
  270. [02:57] Yuichi: (xD)
  271. [02:57] Sweet Robin: /me ears twitching hearing Yuichi offering to help both females at the same time "Meroooww?" She  speaks being a bit puzzled, She watch him climb on top of the bar before seeing Kaya face is now above Robin wet panties. In a few seconds she feels her own panties getting slipped of her body making her cheeks glowing dark shade of red.  Her mouth opens wide gasping feeling her cunt is being lapped "Nyyaaaa~" Her cunt juices also tastes like pudding but more richer in flavour. a faint scent of pudding fills the room as Robin curls her toes being eaten out
  272. [02:57] Alleria Nightstalker: (tactics matter!)
  273. [02:58] Greeny Futa: /me was rutting into the elf more and more aggressively, each time the orc's tip battering at her poor cervix. It didn't take long for her to pierce right through and stuff her full of every last inch of that towering meat rod. The orc sounded and felt like a mating animal, plowing into the elf like crazy, stretching that womb every time her cock buried inside with those heavy cumtanks constantly swatting against the elf's body. It was a relentless assault and that thick, oozing precum was already left sloshing around inside that womb.
  274. [02:59] Erielle Heluris: "Then I'll leave you wanting. I do not beg." She reached out with her foot, then started to caress his shaft with it, gently massaging its length. "I take." Nevertheless, she allowed him to continue, closing her eyes and arching her back as she enjoyed his cunnilingus.
  275. [03:00] Matthew Cromwell: He let her foot do as she please, his tongue moving along her core, teasing just a bit before he moved her panties to the side. It didn't take him long to find her clit, and even less time for him to roughly circle it with the wet appendage, occasionally even stabbing at it to add some extra stimulation
  276. [03:01] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me was getting replied in kind, Guy surely had his wits about teasing and playing around, it quite excited the demon to having a high interest on the other. "Well, my size is something that we probably can discuss in private, if you are so inclined." He spoke in a teasing manner as he ran his tongue slightly across his lips. "Well, I'll be quite honest. Your approach is something that's eye catching, no doubts. Catching my attention is something that some enjoy, others probably don't." He let out a light chuckle as he leaned towards Guy and stopped near the other's ear to whisper lowly. "How about you and me handle each other's night? You and me get out of this place and go to mine." His voice had the velvet traits that were common for demons to allure other beings and it probably could help him, at this point.
  277. [03:01] Erielle Heluris: "Not bad... I'd extend to you doing it rather well." She purred, grinning down at him, golden eyes flashing. "But given how hard this fat, throbbing cock of yours is, I'm surprised this is all you want to do."
  278. [03:02] Yuichi: /me clearly let Kaya feel that he was enjoying this treatment as his canine length quickly started to stretch his tight outfit once more and press against her, so much in fact that he freed the thick fuckrod without much show around it, just to lift it a little with one hand and then let it slap down on her needy body, rubbing against her for a moment to see how greedy she'd react to the burning hot cock, there was something magical to watch a true slut all needy for cock after all.
  279. He had no intention to leave her waiting for long and a moment later her thick cheeks were pressed around his blue shaft, pre drooling from the tip and soon coating her smooth skin before he pulled back and just slammed into her greedy ass, all the way to his knot in one go. She was well stretched from her dildo display earlier and even if she hadn't been, there was little reason to be gentle with such an obvious cockgobbling bitch. He rocked her against Robin, so the cute neko could almost feel his hard thrusts through her once Yuichi really started to move, his hips slamming against the asian broodwhore hard enough for his balls to slap against her, even though he was not fulling sliding in.
  280. [03:03] Matthew Cromwell: He pulled back and glanced upwards at her. He liked the color of her eyes, finding the hue almost hypnotic. "Do you want me to do more? Stop the teasing?" he asked. Of course he wanted more, but he also didn't want to leave a woman unsatisfied
  281. [03:06] Miranda Rance: /me 's eyes cross as she bounces against the heavy, animalistic rutting she was getting from the aggressive orc futa. It was too good! Already she could feel herself about to hit a climax, one of certainly many, as the orc's balls slap against her. She can't help herself, stuck in front of the bar as she was, getting pounded by a filthy orc... she grabs another drink and downs it, hoping to make her body into something even better for the orc roughly taking her... by whim, she just pounds back a drink mixed with Breeder's Delight.
  282. [03:07] Erielle Heluris: She smiled, then ducked down suddenly, her hand bracing against the back of his head as she kissed him, long and deep, before finally pulling away, a string of saliva still connecting their lips. "I think you'll find I am more than ready to receive you." She breathed into his ear, nibbling on the lobe as she retreated. She lay back and spread her thighs, reaching down between her legs to spread her labia. "Would you like to confirm it?"
  283. [03:07] Aerendyl Farryn: /me watched with wide eyes as Yuichi had hopped the bar and got slipped right in with the two girls without missing a single beat. Those big blue pools already glimmered with a hint of jealousy and something more as his knees pressed into one another, his hands folded nearly on his lap as he literally bit back a whimper as his teeth dimpled the soft pink flesh of his bottom lip. He knew the wolf was enjoying himself, not just with the two girls, but he knew Yuichi also held the knowledge of what he was about to do to the poor elf.
  284. [03:08] Guy Kenon: /me jolting from the remark but loving how the other showed interest and was very surprised with the result  as he nodded fast. Standing up and finishing his drink but paid that as well as a nice rum along with a few shot bottles of the virility and fertility drinks cause he was curious on just understanding them both. Smiling fast at the offer still and hooking his arm around Maku's as he stood and slightly was a little off balance cause of the pain meds. Holding himself up though with he help of Maku as he and the much taller male walked with him out of the bar and off into the distance. Heading towards Marku's as he hugged around him, backpack over a shoulder with items from the bar he bought in it.
  285. [03:09] Matthew Cromwell: He smiled widely, almost wildly as he moved in, the drink from before having fully kicked in. Moving between her legs, he rested his cock on her stomach, just to give a sense of scale for her before running the head over her clit. It was a final bit of teasing for him before he finally, [i]finally[/i] pressed in. He wasn't rough for now, pushing in the girth only an inch or two so he didn't harm the woman. He was careful, at the very least
  286. [03:11] Kaya Park: /me Kaya's IQ was not at it's highest right now. It might even be fair to say it's at it's lowest. But there was one thing so pronounced in her, that it was just about the only thing she knew how to do anymore.
  288. And that was [b]fuck.[/b]
  290. Where non Bimbo Kaya might have struggled to focus both on the massive fucklog stretching her ass and lapping at the delicious sugary sweet taste of Robin's honeypot, Bimbo Kaya was well equipped, her fuckwhore brain perfectly built to focus on her single task. Her tongue continued to taunt and tease Robin's cunt, lapping at her clit with grace and dexterity. The thrusts from Yuichi forcing her tongue all the deeper, like it was a tiny dick of her own, fucking in time with the giant wolf cock fucking her.
  292. She moaned and screamed into Robin's cunt as her ass met the knot, not yet swallowing it, but the length and force was already driving her insane. Drips of cunt juices and spit coated her face and tits as she lapped at Robin's pussy, and her own cunt was a fucking waterfall, soaking the bar and Yuichi's balls as he continued to slam his fat, breeder fuckstick into the worthless cumbuckets ass. Her backdoor tightened up like a vice, squeezing the wolf-studs cock for all it was worth, making the fuck as tight as any pussy or throat, a well trained buttslut doing exactly what she does best.
  293. [03:11] Greeny Futa: /me was treating the elf like she was little more than a sex toy. The heavy thrusts were making that cute ass turn a nice, bright red and the more pleasure the orc felt, the more her nails sunk into the elf and raked down portions of her. Even when the orc leaned in, it was only to bite at the back of the elf's neck, though it did make the orc's breasts press firmly and grind against the dark elf's backside. With how potent the orc's precum was at this point, it wouldn't be a surprise if the elf was already pregnant, but that cock still throbbed viciously like it was so close to using the poor slut as a cum dump.
  294. [03:13] Erielle Heluris: The witch was no novice; in her many long years of life, she'd taken almost as many cocks of all shapes, sizes and species. Her experienced cunt received him well, gripping him tightly, squeezing down with her inner walls, delightfully wet and warm inside. "You can go deeper," she purred, locking her legs behind him. "Or do you not want to drive that cock head up against my womb? Give me a kiss in my deepest, deepest part."
  295. [03:15] Matthew Cromwell: He nodded, pulling back before driving himself deep, nice and fast for her (and his) pleasure. He would ram into her cervix like a train, his hips smacking against her satisfyingly as he shivered. She felt amazing to him, that experience definitely helping things along. He would have guessed she was maybe in her mid twenties. Oh how wrong he was.
  296. [03:18] Greeny Futa: /me grunted out and buried her length inside of the elf. The orc grit her teeth and heavy gallons of incredibly potent seed gushed right inside of her. The orc already tended to let out a lot, but thanks to the Cumfountain drink it seemed almost never ending. Orc spunk flooded that womb time and time again until it couldn't hold anymore and heavy explosions of the excess splattered out all over the floor. The orc then lifted Miranda up, hauling her new cock sleeve up and carried her to one of the back rooms for the time being.
  297. [03:20] Erielle Heluris: The witch cried out, uncaring for how loud she was, moaning as she was finally speared by his fat shaft. Her breasts bounced in time with his thrusts, and her legs locked him in tighter, pussy squeezing down like a vice on his dick. "Ha, haaaa~ you thrust well. Good stamina." She panted. "I was lucky you approached me out of all these women... I'd have hated to miss out on a cock like yours."
  298. [03:21] Sweet Robin: /me starting to breather deeper loving the moment as she looks down licking her own lips watching Kaya eating her cunt out. Her back slightly arches before feeling her body Jolt once. She looks down seeing his huge cock is inside of Kaya ass. Feeling the tongue going deeper and deeper with each thrust Kaya is getting, Not only she can hear the sounds of Kaya ass being roughly fucked.. but she can feel it coming from Kaya herself  "Nyaaa~ Someone is having fun~ Hope he has enough for me~" She grins as her cunt is leaking more and more cunt juice as she can;t wait to be pounded~ she looks around the room hoping the guests are enjoying their time before focusing on the fun she is having herself
  299. [03:24] Matthew Cromwell: "And I would have hated to miss out on a pussy like yours." he complimented. He would move back again, pulling out to just the tip before skewering her again, just as hard, if not harder. And then again, and again, in and out, in and out, over and over again as he developed a slow but rough rhythm. He shifted his hands from her waist to her wrists, taking them and pinning them above her head, a kind of way to restrain her, if only playfully. With her hands up, he leaned in to steal another kiss from her, before moving his lips along her neck and towards her ear, his chest pressed against hers
  300. [03:27] Erielle Heluris: The witch started to grind against him whenever he bottomed out, matching her rhythm to his thrusts, driving him deeper and deeper, bit by bit, with every stroke. She closed her eyes to focus on the pleasure radiating from her core, running up her spine in electric jolts. She craved his seed already, her female instincts already marking Matthew as a worthy male, a father, a stud that would breed powerful children. The thought of her womb being flooded by his hot, steaming semen was almost enough to make her cum immediately, her velvety inner passage clamping down hard on him as she struggled against an impending orgasm.
  301. [03:28] Yuichi: /me winked at Aeren with a smug grin on his face, giving an especially rough thrust to Kaya, to make her moan out even louder. After that he surprisingly slowed down a little though, so he could reach down and grab one of the drinks he had sneakily prepared before he started to toy with the two needy sluts. The glass in his hand was filled with a foamy white liquid and without hesitation he downed the cumfountain, not stopping in his fucking for one moment, just slowing down enough not to spill a drop. As soon as the glass had left his hand again, he slammed it down on the fuckdoll's ass, sending another ripple through the cockreceptable's flesh. "Let's see if we can turn you into even more of a cumbucket this time around and make all those greedy holes overflow with some virile spunk, wouldn't you love that bitch?" little grunts and growls mixed into his words.
  302. The wolf had been holding back on forcing his knot in, but seeing the bimbowhore go off like that, he simply stopped to care and slammed it home, stretching her wellfucked ass even more to truly turn it into nothing but another fuckhole for his pleasure. There was one thing different from his usual approach this time though, as he didn't push in even deeper but only took a firmer hold on her and forced his knot right back out, just to slam it back in on the next thrust, giving her no choice but to take it over and over with every thrust, making sure her asscunt would be nothing but a gaping mess by the time he was done.
  303. [03:29] Greeny Futa: /me came back after a little bit, her cock still impossibly needy and hard and leaving a trail of her seed as she walked. She went back to her seat at the bar with a sigh. Though she'd gotten to let out a little bit, the orc's lust clearly wasn't quite quenched yet.
  304. [03:30] Matthew Cromwell: He softly bit her ear and growled as he moved faster, picking up the rhythm's pace. Her tightness was making it harder to go at a slow pace, but if he went too fast he would be thrown over that edge way too fast. With the position, he could just barely run over her g-spot with each thrust into her womb's entrance, adding more to the pleasure. He decided to add something else, tugging at her ear with his teeth to add a bit of pain to it, maybe enough to get a moan out of her
  305. [03:37] Erielle Heluris: She obliged, gasping as he bit on her ear, her toes curling as he continued to ram his cock into her sodden cunt. "...faster..." She moaned, her golden eyes snapping open and focusing on Matthew. "Harder." She demanded, her legs embracing him so tightly it was almost suffocating. "I want it," she whispered, breathing near his ear. "All of it. I want you to empty every last bit of sperm in your balls in my pussy." She freed her hands from his grip, then hugged him tight, her fingernails digging into his back, but not enough to draw blood. "Breed me, Matthew. Knock me up with that fat fucking cock."
  306. [03:39] Kaya Park: /me "Ahh~ Yess~ Fill~ Me~ Up~" was, roughly, what Kaya tried to say, between needing her tongue to continue to pleasure Robin, and her voice being muffled by the girl's thighs, What was clear, however, was the response when the knot first stretched the cockwhore's ass. She screamed, her toes curling, cum gushing from her cunt in a body shaking orgasm. As she came down off her high, she was aware of a strange feeling in her ass. It was the feeling of it not being totally full. She actually felt a slight breeze, and then *BAM* the cock slammed back in, sending ripples through her immense, whorish ass, as the knot sent her over the edge into another orgasm, rocking her body like a leaf in a storm. Her ass did it's best, the deeper portions clung on tight, trying to squeeze as much pleasure out of Yuichi as possible, but her hole was a wrecked mess. Stretched wide and leaking juices are precum, her asshole was a crater. It would be days before it recovered, and the bimbo bitch loved every second of it, as evidenced by her screams and moans as she was railed, all muffled by Robin's muff.
  308. One area she wasn't slacking on though, was Robin. Grabbing the petite girl by her ass, she, with Robin's help, flipped the smaller slut on her back, exposing her asshole. Without a second's delay, Kaya dove tongue first into Robin's bunghole, her tongue slipping past her rim as her fingers sneaked down and found Robin's soaking cunt, expertly finding the clit and continuing her assault on it, trying to make the adorable little barslut moan as she dove deeper and deeper, timing her tongue with Yuichi's strokes to ensure it pushed even deeper into Robin's asscunt.
  309. [03:41] Aerendyl Farryn: /me nearly bit through his lip as he watched his boyfriend plunge into Kaya's hungry ass, the elf's heart pounded in his chest as his own experience of having been impaled  on the end of the wolf's spear flashed through his mind. Yuichi's wink to him was direct hit, the neediest moan slipped out of him as his eyes fixated that beastly fuckstick as it pounded the bimbo's effortlessly as he even had time to enjoy a drink.
  311. The rubbery material of Aeren's pants squeaked as his thick thighs rubbed together and the boy's ass and hips wormed around on his seat at the bar. As if it weren't a flooded from his time with Yuichi earlier, the elf could feel a combination of precum from his tiny caged 'clit' and the arousal from his still stinging pussy slowly dribble down the length of his leg and stain the top of his sock. How could he let himself be turned on by this, by watching his boyfriend enjoy himself with not one, but two other?
  313. It didn't matter, his mind shattered and he jumped and let out a squeak of his own as Yuichi knotted himself with so little care. And it wasn't over as he watched the wolf just use that knot to fuck that lucky fucking bimbo.
  314. [03:41] Matthew Cromwell: He nodded, doing as she had demanded of him, and move faster, harder, more intensely, easily like a beast, intent on fulfilling her wish for breeding. He huffed, getting closer and closer as he hammered away at her cervix, not sure if it would give way, and not caring either. His hands would move downwards, under her ass, a finger even managing to slip into her back door, perhaps as an extra avenue for pleasure. He couldn't properly conceive that thought much now, the desire to knock up the woman beneath him growing by the thrust
  315. [03:45] Erielle Heluris: His finger slipping into her ass sparked a surprised cry from the witch as he fingered her weak spot, her pussy tightening around him as a small orgasm rocked her. She glanced at the other trio that was busy, and her eyes widened as she saw how the young wolf spread open the girl's ass masterfully, making a mental note that she would have to ask for that knot to go up her butt as well. And just as she left her guard down, Matthew's relentless hammering forced her cervix to give way, and his cock head squeezed through into her womb. Her mouth opened wide in a soundless cry of pleasure, and she came, impaled on his pulsing cock.
  316. [03:47] Matthew Cromwell: Her climax threw him right over that edge, way faster than he thought. He groaned, his back arching, his cock driving itself deep one final time as he came, pumping his load deep into her, right into her womb. He shivered and moaned from the relief of finally emptying his balls inside of a woman, especially one as lovely as this one. He made sure to thrust one, twice, three times more, making sure his seed was perfectly deep inside her before leaving it there, the white substance leaking out around him even due to the sheer volume. The substance was hot, thick, and potent, to the point it felt molten inside her body.
  317. [03:47] Kaya Park: ((oops, onto your front, rolled robin onto her front))
  318. [03:49] Erielle Heluris: ((time to roll the d20s!))
  319. [03:49] Aerendyl Farryn: (Good luck!)
  320. [03:50] Matthew Cromwell: ((I get a plus three because of drinks and cervix penetration, correct?))
  321. [03:50] Yuichi: (yep)
  322. [03:50] !System: [user]Matthew Cromwell[/user] rolls 1d20+3: 16 + 3 = [b]19[/b]
  323. [03:50] Matthew Cromwell: ((well then))
  324. [03:50] Kaya Park: (oof)
  325. [03:51] Matthew Cromwell: ((oof on my part?))
  326. [03:51] Kaya Park: (more just, off that's a big roll)
  327. [03:52] Matthew Cromwell: ((Well, it's actually an 18, because cervix penetration is a negative for her, not a plus for me
  328. [03:52] !System: [user]Erielle Heluris[/user] rolls 1d20-3: 11 - 3 = [b]8[/b]
  329. [03:52] Matthew Cromwell: Nice!))
  330. [03:52] Aerendyl Farryn: (Congrats! ^^)
  331. [03:52] Kaya Park: ((doesn't matter... dad :P ))
  332. [03:53] Matthew Cromwell: ((indeed. And Daddy to you in particular))
  333. [03:53] Erielle Heluris: ((niiice, quick question, does the bar have a way of determining if one got knocked up immediately?))
  334. [03:53] Sweet Robin: /me feeling she is losing her mind to the emotion of lust, her eyes are fully glazed over. the scent of pudding in the room is getting stronger due to how aroused Robin is~ She also moans pretty loudly along with purring at the same time. Her ears twitch hearing someone is having a drink along with the thrusting seeming to slow down... Did he orgasm already? No.. she does not think so... well rather hope Yuichi did not well not that quickly, she tries to look down but fails the first few times.. she is eventually able to take a look seeing two different types of cups assuming Yuichi had a drink.. but she has no idea what he had. She did not hear them speak due to the moans in the room overpowering them, she is easily flipped over on to her hands and knees. For some reason this position made Robin feel a bit embarrassed, mainly due to her tight tail hole is exposed and more accessible. She notices Aaerendyl face find a rather cute expression. Robin jumps a bit feeling her ass is slowly getting licked as her thighs is getting pretty wet and sticky~ This before her skin starts to turn slightly into her Slime Neko form.. only slightly though.  Robin starting to rock her hips back and forth going in sync with the licking as her hard clit is being played with
  335. [03:53] Yuichi: (not yet, no. We might include something like that in the future
  336. [03:53] Kaya Park: ((Don't tempt me, I've got my hands(and mouth and ass) full over here... and I kinda wanna fuck Erielle next
  337. [03:55] Yuichi: (you might be busy for a bit longer though Kaya, I have something else planned if Robin is up for the idea, you'll see ~
  338. [03:55] Kaya Park: (^^)
  339. [03:55] Matthew Cromwell: ((Maybe a kind of "fast-acting pregnancy test" would be useful. Granted, Erielle is a witch, so she could probably do a spell of some shinanigans))
  340. [03:55] Alleria Nightstalker: /me can just tell. She has special eyes.
  341. [03:56] Matthew Cromwell: ((Ah, very nice. "Special eyes" 0-0
  342. [03:57] Erielle Heluris: Another orgasm followed on the dying throes of the first as Matthew emptied himself inside her, his boiling hot seed surging into her womb, utterly filling her, the excess squirting out from the tight seal his cock formed with her pussy. She saw stars, quivering beneath her mate as he impregnated her, legs locked tightly. Then she breathed in, trying to gather her composure, and grinned widely. She was sure he'd knocked her up, but she'd have to confirm it later with a spell. "That was.... Excellent...." She panted.
  343. [03:57] Sweet Robin: (TBF if someone heat dissapears.. usually they are pregnant.. but if they do go in heat)
  344. [03:57] Erielle Heluris: ((also sorry Kaya but I've gotta run soon, but when we're next on together can definitely make that happen, she'll want her butt stuffed by Yuichi at some point.))
  345. [03:59] Sweet Robin: "Ohh? a surprise? X3)
  346. [03:59] Matthew Cromwell: He nodded. "Definitely." he said, kissing her lips before slowly pulling out, his cock half-erect now, drenched in her juices and his own cum. He climbed off of her and panted, looking down at the woman he had just attempted to breed. He wondered how successful he was, and smirked because of it
  347. [04:01] Yuichi: /me was recklessly hammering away at her, not caring for the fact that she had just gotten off and not just once but multiple times in a row, all that mattered to him right now was that she was a good fuckdoll for him, focused on making his cock feel good and that she did. He did have a few surprises in store for her and as he felt his first orgasm approach he suddenly pulled out of her almost ruined ass and instead slammed all the way into her so far ignored pussy, claiming it all the way in one go, forcing his knot into her as well, just in time for it to sweel up to an enormous size as he started to pour a hot load into her, filling her just like the day before, blasting his seed into her like a firehose and completely coloring her insides white. There was no holding back on her part this time, and as he flooded her with his ballbatter, he forced himself out and back in, causing a huge mess as his cum and her own juiced poured out immediately in the few moments they could while he ruined her even more with his swollen knot. The last few spurts were shot over her ass and back, giving her a nice glistening cumcoating, which was still massive thanks to the cumfountain he had just downed.
  348. Once he was done he gave Kaya a hard spank to her spunkcovered ass "Get on the floor bitch, on your back, and pull your legs up like the breedingbitch you are. There's another cock coming your way." As soon as she had followed his command, he grinned at Robin and picked up the other drink he had prepared "So my sweet Robin, how about you come over here and drink this beauty and then find out how it feels to pump a bimbosluts cunt with a dick of your own while I stretch that cute pussy of yours?~"
  349. [04:02] Erielle Heluris: She groaned as he pulled out, her pussy gaping and his semen oozing out of her well-fucked cunt. She spread her legs to admire the creampie, and briefly wondered if the bar's cameras had managed to film her. "I'll make sure to let you know if you were successful." She said, smiling. "Now, if you don't... Mind... Me... I need to take a rest after taking a load like yours."
  350. [04:04] Matthew Cromwell: "I expected as much. You nearly exhausted me yourself." he smirked, going to pull up his pants and shuffle over to the bar, asking for a glass of water.
  351. [04:04] Erielle Heluris: ((cya all later))
  352. [04:04] Alleria Nightstalker: /me peered out from over near the bar at Yuichi. "Don't you ever get tired?"
  353. [04:05] Yuichi: /me smirked at Alleria "Didn't you experience yourself recently that I am not quite normal?~"
  354. [04:05] Matthew Cromwell: "Am I allowed to help myself?" he asked towards Alleria
  355. [04:07] Zanath lundrake: /me walks in "hello"
  356. [04:08] Ann Ivory: /me slipped her underwear off under her skirt and strapped herself into one of the breeding harnesses
  357. [04:09] Alleria Nightstalker: /me nodded her head. "I'm off duty right now." She smirked at Yuichi, and she shrugged her shoulders. "You seem to be pretty vulnerable to the concoctions around here."
  358. [04:09] Yuichi: /me could actually be near immune to them, but where would be the fun in that?
  359. [04:10] Alleria Nightstalker: /me never said it was a physical vulnerability.
  360. [04:11] Yuichi: /me "To be fair, I am the one who is making most of them, so it would be weird if I made them in a way that they wouldn't work on me, right?"
  361. [04:12] Aerendyl Farryn: /me quickly averted his jealous glazed gaze the moment he caught sight of Robin's own similar eyes, his face fully flushed clear up to the very tip of his ears as he shifted forwards on the bar stool while his hands slipped between his legs at the same time. His thighs squeezed around both of his hands as he shamelessly grinded his female sex into his palms, fortunate enough to have a second sex to tease as his cock was otherwise indisposed of in its cage.
  363. He couldn't keep his eyes off the action for long as he watched as Yuichi switched holes on the needy cockslut without as little as a blink, Aeren helpless but to watch as watch the wolf unload the largest load the elf had ever seen and it was the moment that the male's cum splattered across Kaya's back that the small elf let out the loudest cry yet.
  365. His body shuddered as he couldn't hold back and pathetically got off right there on the stool against his own hand. He huffed and panted as he slumped with such a look of shame in Yuichi's direction as evidence of what had one dripped... dripped... dripped right down the cotton of his socks, canvas of his shoes, and right off their rubber soles and onto the floor under his seat.
  366. [04:12] Yuichi: [sub]it is actually a purely physical vulnerability. If you're really interested I can explain it at some point, but his story is convoluted as is, so I'd rather do that in private than bore everyone with it[/sub]
  367. [04:12] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]Time for an elf to perhaps hide... >.>[/sub]
  368. [04:15] Kaya Park: /me ayeeeee yes~!" was all Kaya could yell as she was stretched beyond any semblance of normality, her now vacant asshole a gaping void from which splatters of cum, pre and her ass juices leaked,down onto the table. Improving over her last attempt, she maintained her consciousness, but was winded and out of breath her cunt, only mildly gaped from the relatively few insertions of the knot was leaking cum by the gallon onto the bar. In reality, it had seen worse. Panting, Kaya reached a hand into her asshole, and scooped out a glob of cum, and sucked her fingers clean. "Mm, delicious! Has that cute boyfriend of yours been feeding you like, pineapple~" she asked. Sitting up to stretch, and fix her fair so that she's maintaining perfect bimbo attire, she leans back on the bar, stretching her legs out wide, and then up behind her head, looking like a bimboified asian pretzel as she stretched out like a contortionist.
  370. "Mmm, like, are you up for that Robin~?" she asked the girl who's asshole she'd been tongue deep in not moments about. "You want to come fuck another hot load into this stupid slutty asian breeding bimbo? I promise you'll feel really good~!"
  371. [04:18] Alleria Nightstalker: /me dusted off her hands, then she stood up from her seat. Was that a hint of a bump on her belly already? She grinned over curiously at Yuichi's suggestion, and she looked up at Robin. "That does sound like it would be interesting! I would like to see that in practice. Though..." She started to slip away, heading back into the back room.
  372. [04:21] Sweet Robin: (Is there a rule on how big the cock is the item makes us grow or?)
  373. [04:21] Alleria Nightstalker: (Nope! Whatever works for you. It's just going to be capable of knocking someone up.)
  374. [04:25] Sweet Robin: (is it just females thrill or?)
  375. [04:25] Aerendyl Farryn: (Robin is going to swing for the fences. xD)
  376. [04:25] Kaya Park: ((18' cock "P))
  377. [04:25] Yuichi: (girl's ovi thrill light. Not gonna go for permanent versions like that)
  378. [04:25] Sweet Robin: I would not mind having it till i knock someon up XD)
  379. [04:27] Yuichi: (you can go for the permanent version yourself at some point :p )
  380. [04:29] Alleria Nightstalker: (Go for it! Nobody is stopping you.)
  381. [04:30] Charles Rhodes: [i]pauses in the doorway to the bar for a moment, taking in his surroundings. In that time, he slips off a black suit-coat, and adjusts the cuff-links of the crisp white shirt beneath it. After fiddling with the opals set into the links, and raising a curious, even amused eyebrow at the scene unfolding already, he makes his way to the bar. With a smile he drapes his coat over the back of one of the chairs, then takes his seat, and browses the bar's rather interesting menu. His pale, icy blue eyes take note of some of the more intriguing patrons, then back to the menu, before he offers a warm smile to the bartender. "The specials look quite interesting, but perhaps I should start more simply. Whatever scotch you like best would be lovely, if you would be so kind."[/i]
  382. [04:30] Yuichi: (all actual bartenders/staff are involved in scenes right now, Just assume that someone is serving the drinks/specials in the meantime please)
  383. [04:31] Sweet Robin: /me looks down being curious due to feeling Kaya has stopped eating her cunt, as leans up a bit she got to witness something pretty~ Yuichi giving Kaya a creampie... It seems he shot a lot inside of the female's cunt before painting Kaya ass and back. She has lost her mind to the emotion of lust as she sits up wanting her turn of go now.
  384. Hearing the offer and being peer-pressured... Though worked here for two days she should of knowing what type of drink she was offered... but all she can think about is sex. she nods her head accepting the drink and downs it in one go. She feels her body changing a bit before feeling her clit feels funny, she gently rubs it before feeling it grow into a cock? She  carefully sizes it up.. seeming to be around 13 inches long... and 4 inches thick, there is no knot but her cock is barbed ~ She still has a really wet cunt "Well~ Let's have some more fun~" The drink looked similar.. but there was a slight difference now she thought about it. She then looks at Aerendyle teasing him with a wink and blows a kiss at him.
  385. [04:31] Charles Rhodes: [sub](Can do. I will assume that he's sipping [i]my[/i] favorite scotch, which would make both of us very happy.)[/sub]
  386. [04:36] Yuichi: /me gently guided Robin over to the already waiting Kaya, so her newly formed cock would line up nicely with the bimbo's cum oozing cunt. He slowly wrapped his fingers around Robin's new cock and moved it slightly to rub her tip against the asian fuckdoll's soaking wet folds "No need to hold back, she's well lubed, I promise that" He didn't lose any time himself though as his other hand was soon between Robin's shoulders, pushing her forward a bit. Just a moment later she could feel the wolfboy's tapered tip against her own pussy. "Don't worry, I'll be a little gentler with you, than I have been with her" a nibble to one of her ears followed, accompanied by a whisper "At least until you scream for me to go all out on you as well"
  387. And with that said he pushed in, spearing her tight cunt on his throbbing cock, just as hard as ever while he forced her to take his whole length bit by bit until his swollen knot was pressing against her, the movement forcing her to slide into Kaya's greedy pussy at the same time. "Now let's see how long it takes till you cream her even more~" he cooed as he started to thrust, slowly picking up the pace as he drove Robin's feline shaft into the bimbo's hole at the same time.
  388. [04:43] Alleria Nightstalker: /me emerged out of the back room with something, which she secreted away before she headed over to the bar. "Oh wow, you actually did it!" she remarked, seeing Robin with a cock getting pinned between the two others. She smirked, hopping behind the bar. "This place always manages to stay pretty interesting." She looked over at Charles, and she gave him a smile. "I can help you out with that." She pulled out a nice bottle of scotch, giving it a spin in her hand. She pulled over a glass, filling it up and then passing it over to him. "Here ya go! Let me know if you need anything else!"
  389. [04:43] Kaya Park: /me "Ahhhhh YES!" Kaya screamed out as she was penetrated again. The initial fucking was far less intense than anything Yuichi had put her through, and she was able to user the time to further show off her bimbo fuckdoll charms as she prepared for another reaming, as the cat girl's fat dick slid easily into her well lubricated hole, still tight and welcoming as anything, Yuichi's sloppy seconds making for the perfect lube to enable Robin to go all out. "OOOH, YES Robin" Kaya shrieked. "pound my little whore cunt! Drown my fucking womb in cum and pound it in with your dick! Make me swell up like a balloon I'm so full of cat and wolf jizz! Make me push it out and drink it all down like the nasty broodwhore I am! Fuck me, fuck me in my pregnant cunt!" she called out, her tits now splattered with jizz and girl cum from having rolled over on the counter dancing and bouncing like udders and she was thoroughly abused by the duo railing her, one through the other!"
  390. [04:47] Aerendyl Farryn: /me rocked on his stool, hands still clamped between his thighs against him as he caught Robin looking right at him again and this time even acknowledging him with a wink as he whimpered softly as yet another newcomer had sat down at the bar. He expected Yuichi's involvement to have ended there, but wasn't at all surprised as he watched the wolf help guide the neko girl up before he'd put himself in place behind her -- it wasn't over. The elf whimpered again and whined as he watched the threesome get back into it, a small puddle of both male and female ejaculate around the foot of his stool as his glazed over gaze couldn't look away from Yuichi's and the girls, his need for that stupid dork of a wolf so strong that he could live it vicariously through others.
  391. [04:50] Sweet Robin: /me allows Yuichi to guide her newly formed cock to the really wet cunt that just received a creampie, She smiles licking her lips as she is looking forward for this~ Her cock leaks a plop of pre onto Kaya cunt lips "shame she is already knocked up~ I would not mind finding what it feels like to impregnate someone" speaking in a soft and seductive tone. She shivers feeling the males tapered cock touching her own really wet and eager cunt lips. Hearing she does not need to hold back but does reply hearing the other part of Yuichi words letting what she prefers "I prefer a rough fucking anyway~" she has some sort of mixed Sadistic and Machism smile on her face.. something she rarely show unless she is really horny before teasing the cunt before slamming her whole barbed cock within one thrust "Nyaaa~ Though you just been fuck~ God you feel soo amazing down here!!" At the same time. Hearing the cries of what Kaya wants she looks to the side seeing Alleria "Can I have... cumfountain? How many? No idea... Enough to make this girl belly a cum balloon~"
  392. [04:50] Sweet Robin: Woops pressed enter too soon DX)
  393. [04:53] Sweet Robin: ** meanwhile feeling her own cunt is being filled up by a huge canine cock, inside of her cunt feels really tight.. not only that.. really close to a pretty silky silicone onahole. due to her size and being part slime, the canines cock is already in her womb as she wiggles her hips happily "I feel like I am in heaven~" **
  394. [04:56] Alleria Nightstalker: /me snickered at Robin's comment, and then she nodded her head. "One should be plenty for that, though I'll make sure it's extra strong!" She hummed to herself as she began to mix the drink, eventually taking a big frothy white drink and setting it on the counter. "Hold on, let me get it to you." She moved around the bar, moving dangerously close to the mating trio to push the cumfountain right up to Robin's lips. "Bottoms up!"
  395. [04:58] Charles Rhodes: [i]turned his gaze to the rocking, whimpering elf only a couple bar stools away from him, sipping his scotch. Curiosity flickered across his eyes as he looked from the elf to the rather raucous display, making connections in his head. Mostly, however, it was the noise that got to him. For some reason, Charles found himself to be more drawn in by sound than sight, and the sounds were... Interesting, to say the least. And of course, the nearest sounds were coming from a rather sweet-faced little elf, who seemed content to pleasure himself at a distance. After a moment of thought, the blond rose from his seat, and took the few steps that would bring him to Aeren's side. "You seem to be enjoying yourself quite a bit..."[/i]
  396. [04:59] Yuichi: /me flashed a grin as he heard her say to like it rough "Guess I don't have to hold back then." but before he went all out he smiled at Alleria "If you're already making drinks, get Robin here a fertplus and a breeder's bliss as well, would you be so nice?" He then winked at his cute boyfriend as he said the next words "I want to be sure this little neko slut is well knocked up when I am done with her" and with that he put his hands on her shoulders and really started to hammer away, not losing much time before he even forced his knot into her stretchy cunt, giving her a very hard filling, given the fact that his normally large knot was still swollen up from fucking Kaya stupid just a moment ago. Just like before he didn't leave it at that and forced himself back out again, filling her up with his massive knot over and over again while his tip pushed into her womb like a battering rum, having breached her cervix a long time ago.
  397. His balls in overdrive combined with the fact that he was still on virility+ and a breeder's bliss from earlier just made him go wild with the need to breed the little halfslime. One of his hands slid over to her breasts and started to pinch and twist away at her nipples while his hips made her ass bounce with every hard thrust, letting Kaya feel them by proxy as well.
  398. [05:09] Aerendyl Farryn: /me was so fixated on what was going on that he didn't even notice the strange move in next to him, Yuichi's words always managed to strike true on the elf as he declared his intentions following his demand for more drinks for the neko. He was so taken by the continuously unfolding scene before him that he didn't even realize he had begun to grind against his self-bound hands again, a girlish moan passing his parted lips as he released a contented sigh. It wasn't until the strange spoke up that Aeren realized he wasn't alone anymore and he nearly had leaped out off of his seat. "A-Ah! I-- no, I'm... um, please-- I'm sor--" The elf panicked and fell all over himself for something to say before he finally settled on: "Y-Yes..." Any sense of the original color of his freckled face lost to the blushing.
  399. [05:14] Kaya Park: /me "Ugh! Fuck! Me! Harder~!" was the cry that sprang from Kaya's mouth as she was railed by the thick, barbed catdick. The fuckstick continued to stretch her too her limit and beyond, globules of cum and cunt juices ran down her shaft as she railed Kaya's sloppy, gooey cunt. Kaya reached down, pressing her hands on the bulge in her lower abdomen where the cock was penetrating her, her arms pressing her gigantic bimbotits together. "Ugh, yes Robin! Fill me up like a fucking balloon! Make me wish I was like you so I could get pregnant a second time! Fucking ruin my stupid fucking bimbo cunt so that I can never have a normal dick again!" she called out, her tongue now hanging loose from her mouth, saliva and drool running down her face as she frantically held on for dear life, feeling every thrust from the wolf reverberate through the smaller girl between her legs
  400. [05:16] Charles Rhodes: [i]chuckled softly at the stuttering and stammering, the cool tone of his gaze warmed with a genuine smile. "Oh, please. Don't let me interrupt. You were putting on quite the show yourself." He gave a playful wink to the small, effeminate elf, leaning against the bar beside him. Flicking his gaze from that adorably blushed face to the enthusiastic breeding happening frightfully close, he kept his voice light, even friendly. "Would it be safe to assume that you know those fine folks?" As far as he could tell, everyone seemed quite comfortable in their current roles, leading to his natural conclusion. Even so, his attention remained mostly focused on the pretty lad in front of him. "I'm Charles, by the way."[/i]
  401. [05:17] Vorizuth Abrivaar: [sub] wait Yuichi has a knot? If so... oh dear I might need a good dicking from him...
  402. [05:17] Yuichi: /me [sub]is a WOLFboy after all[/sub]
  403. [05:17] Alleria Nightstalker: [sub] So does everyone, seems like[/sub]
  404. [05:18] Yuichi: [sub]also Alleria, hit little robin up with those drinks :p [/sub]
  405. [05:18] Sweet Robin: (i dont have a knot.. I have barbes!! when i do grow one!!)
  406. [05:18] Vorizuth Abrivaar: /me [sub] casually slips Yui a bookmark.....
  407. [05:20] Alleria Nightstalker: [sub]still in the air waiting for her to drink the first one[/sub]
  408. [05:20] Yuichi: [sub]just making sure it's not forgotten ^^[/sub]
  409. [05:23] Charles Rhodes: [sub]Someday, I might just have to experience some of these lovely cocks for myself. Though my bottoming moods are... rare. I could still be tempted...[/sub]
  410. [05:23] Yuichi: [sub]That's what they all say before they happily bend over :p [/sub]
  411. [05:23] Sweet Robin: /me smiles seeing that Alleria went out of her way to help Robin to drink the juices "Mmmmm~ Yummy~" She says as it's pretty obvious she is in fact.. a lightweight already being controlled not by only lust but now being pretty tipsy.  She nods her head confirming Yuichi words as she speaks whilst moaning "Y-yesss~ Fuck me harrddd~ Fuck me rough~" Her mind then for some reason muffled to the male's words of going to leave her knocked up at the end. She now wonders if Yuichi has taken the cumflation drink, She then loses that train due to hearing an adorable girly moan. She looks to the side wanting to see who did it before seeing it was Aerendyl blowing him a quick kiss. She then faces towards Kaya as she smiles starting to thrust her barbed cock, even more, rougher and faster along with adding some circular movement inside~ You thought a small girl like her won't able to strong at all but this is proving otherwise due to her instinct to breed has 100% taken over her mind~ She slowly slides her cock out till the tip before slamming it all back in, Her cock tip pounding at Kaya cervix demanding entrance. On the inside of the hot cunt, her cock is leaking quite a bit of  pre but is sending two feelings.. emotion and pain due to the barbs scraping onto the walls, she tightens her own cunt around on Yuichi cock along with her body has now turned into her Slime Neko form, She is partly transparent but still pretty hard to see through due to being pink.
  412. [05:23] Rng: /me sips on her now lukewarm coffee.
  413. [05:26] Alleria Nightstalker: /me tips the drink back, and then she hops over to the bar once more to mix up the second round that Yuchi had requested. "You know, I shouldn't encourage requests like that out of you, but... well, this is hot," she replies, bringing out a fertility+ with a breeder's bliss mixed into it. Like the first, she hand-delivered it to Robin, allowing her to drink it up without even having to move.
  414. [05:30] Aerendyl Farryn: /me allowed slip just the most unabashed and shameless moan as he nearly fell off of his seat again as rubbed off against his open hands, fingers kneading his swollen heated femme sex as he slipped back into a pseudo trance as the three fucked their lights out in the middle of the floor. The blond human's soft voice would bring him back around, his lust-riddled gaze acknowledging from the corners, this time he seemed even deeper into his self pleasure as if having taken the male's invitation to heart. He did however manage a nod of confirmation to the man's inquiry and if he was keen enough he could follow he elf's eyes to Yuichi as he coaxed the girls on while having his own fill. "Y-Yeah... the wolf is my--" The elf whimpered wantonly. "My boyfriend..."
  415. [05:30] Yuichi: /me lost all restraints he still had at the sounds coming from the two girls and his cute boyfriend as well and with one hard push he forced Robing onto Kaya, thrusting hard enough to make the girl hilt in the bimbo's desperately needy fuckhole. "Hope you're ready" he grunted as he hammered into Robin as deep as he could and then switched his movements, keeping her almost completely pinned on Kaya and switch to short but incredibly fast movements, slamming his hips against that slimy body over and over and thus controling the rhythm in which the asian fuckdoll was taking Robin's dick as well, the Neko's pussy well stretched around his girthy wolfcock. He was already fairly close and now completely running on instincts as he bit down on her shoulder and neck, a growl emanating from his throat as he kept her in this dominating hold while rutting away like a wild beast. Just moments after Robin had been able to drink those potions she could feel him throb like crazy inside of her and then it came, the dam broke and with increcible power his cum was rushing down his pipe to blast into her, quickly filling up her womb to the point of no return but also showing no sign that he would stop soon. His balls reproducing the babybatter almost as fast as he could pump it into her until the cute slimeneko was inflating just like a perverted balloon herself.
  416. [05:34] Kaya Park: ((This feels like one where Robin should maybe go before me? Or I can do a small post begging you to cum in me))
  417. [05:34] Yuichi: (yeah, switching order for this might be better)
  418. [05:35] Yuichi: (also gonna get my roll done already)
  419. [05:35] !System: [user]Yuichi[/user] rolls 1d20+5: 20 + 5 = [b]25[/b]
  420. [05:35] Yuichi: (now that one feels earned xD )
  421. [05:35] Kaya Park: ((HO-HO-HOLY SHIT))
  422. [05:36] Yuichi: (and that's 7/7 then ^^ )
  423. [05:37] Charles Rhodes: [sub]And that, folks, is a nat 20, and I came just in time to witness it. Sir, your record is impeccable.[/sub]
  424. [05:38] Yuichi: (I wonder how long I can keep that streak going actually ^^ )
  425. [05:41] Aerendyl Farryn: (>.>)
  426. [05:42] Charles Rhodes: [sub].......... [i]glances briefly at the 'boy's thrill' before shaking his head[/i][/sub]
  427. [05:42] Charles Rhodes: [sub]Nope, no, definitely not.[/sub]
  428. [05:42] Sweet Robin: /me looks to the side seeing a drink and a pill is given to her, Due to unable to think straight due to numerous of factions she swallows the pill and the drink instantly. She gently pets Yuichi head feeling his teeth biting into her shoulder and neck as she does not seem to feel in pain at all, In fact, she loves the biting, it did not take long before her eyes lights up feeling the thick.. hot and a lot of cum shooting into her womb which slowly made her belly round like an inflated womb "Haaahh~ Yeesss~ Breeddd mee~" she moans out loudly not caring who heard her. With a few teases she pulls almost out then slamming back in, she continues this a few times before her cock breaking into the womb as she starting to shoot a lot of cum~ Thanks to the cumflation drink she had as really potent, she produced so much cum that Kaya's belly swells up like a cum balloon
  429. [05:43] Kaya Park: ((roll for us Robin!))
  430. [05:43] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]Do it. >.>;;[/sub]
  431. [05:43] Sweet Robin: I mean.. i doubt I will beat 25 )
  432. [05:43] Sweet Robin: unless it;s for you? XD)
  433. [05:43] Kaya Park: ((pretty sure you literally can't... but do it anyway))
  434. [05:44] Charles Rhodes: [sub]Never. Not even as a challenge, a noble attempt to break his streak.[/sub]
  435. [05:44] Yuichi: (you have to ^^ show us that natural 1 to really make a point here ^^ )
  436. [05:44] Kaya Park: ((Nah, I'm already preggers))
  437. [05:44] !System: [user]Sweet Robin[/user] rolls 1d20-5: 8 - 5 = [b]3[/b]
  438. [05:44] Sweet Robin: lol
  439. [05:44] Kaya Park: ((7/7. He did it lads))
  440. [05:45] Sweet Robin: (2nd womb now occupied~)
  441. [05:45] Sweet Robin: But... for how long? you made me drank an ovi/laying eggs)
  442. [05:46] Yuichi: (the ovi only works for your cock, so everything else is up to you as normal)
  443. [05:46] Sweet Robin: Hmm.. kk though the girl i came in already is pregnant)
  444. [05:50] Yuichi: [sub]Well, I hope I made the wait worth it for you girls ~ [/sub]
  445. [05:50] Sweet Robin: (Yup)
  446. [05:54] Sweet Robin: (Ok i do 1d7 to see how many days before birth... and weirdly enough.. It's the same day as adams kids being born XDD.. 6 kids ;w; $ of Yuichi.. 2 of Adams)
  447. [05:54] Sweet Robin: 4**)
  448. [05:54] Yuichi: (nice bunch of pups ^^ )
  449. [05:54] Kaya Park: Kaya squealed as she was pumped full of the Neko Slime's delicious cum. Soon it overflowed, causing her stomach to inflate, and inflat, and inflate until she looked like she was 9 month's pregnant. She gurgled as cum leaked out her mouth, her nose, some even trickled out her tear ducts. When at last. Robin pulled out, there was an audbile pop as a geyser of cum erupted from her cunt, spraying onto the face of the exhausted neko slime. It all smelled vaguely like pudding. When the geyser began to subside, she took a mug off the bar and held it out, filling it to the brim, and then a second. When at last she stood up, shaking her body to dislodge some of the last dregs of cum, her bimboified features had shrunk, returning her massive G cups to a more modest DD, and her fat ass and wide whips were... still fat and wide, but more proportional. Grinning, she passed one mug of jizz to Robin, and clinked it with her own, before downing it in one swig. "Ah... well that was fun" she said with a smirk. Walking over, she planted a cumstained kiss on Yuichi's lips. A waterfall of cum was pouring from her bottom lips still. Looking to Aerendyl she says "You want some of this too hun? It's really good... tastes like pudding".
  450. [05:55] Kaya Park: ((I just have mine go quick. I like baby bumps, but beyond that I don't really enjoy being preggo))
  451. [05:55] Kaya Park: ((BTW, no longer a bimbo. The last orgasm flushed it from her system))
  452. [05:57] Yuichi: /me answered that kiss for a second before he broke into a smirk as he pulled out of Robin "Oh, I got my poor boyfriend covered~" he cooed as he made his way over to the elf and just climbed on the bar counter right in front of Aeren, spread his legs and just swayed his still hard rod from side to side "Time to clean up princess" he said with an equally cheeky and mean expression, knowing just how much he liked this, a thick cloud of musk coming from that canine cock as it was covered in a mix of both girl's juices and his own cum.
  453. [05:58] Kaya Park: /me Looked to alleria behind the bar. "Hey, is there a shower around here? I wanna wash up?"
  454. [05:58] Yuichi: /me "through the door to the backarea and to the left, the door right in front of the staff room."
  455. [05:59] Alleria Nightstalker: /me gestured over to it, but Yuichi already had her covered.
  456. [05:59] Sweet Robin: /me smiles as she nodding her head, It is very obvious that Robin is really drunk.. Before all of the cum leaks out she places a  plug into Kaya cunt before taking a photo. She accepts the mug of her own cum though being really tempted to add Girls thrill to the drinks.. she thinks for a few moments as her own womb made sure not a single drop of Yuichis cum would spill out.. in fact apart from the bits which impregnated her her body consumed the rest~ She smiles as she can taste the sperm through out her body "Yummyy~" She then starts to clean the counter, lapping it with her tongue before being a nice girl cleaning Yucihi cock as her own returns back to her usual clit
  457. [06:00] Yuichi: [stealing Aeren's treat away? Now that's just evil]
  458. [06:00] Kaya Park: /me Comes back some 15 minutes later, dressed in a light blue sundress showing off her baby bump, as well as her curves, and totally clean, fresh, less bimbo-y makeup applied, smelling vaguely like vanilla. Taking a seat at the bar she says. "Ugh, I need a drink after that" she says with a polite smile. "Can I get some red wine please? Whatever you've got around"
  459. [06:01] Sweet Robin: (Going to roll a random D20 X3 odd= no Girls thrill, Even = Yes to add to the mug X3)
  460. [06:01] !System: [user]Sweet Robin[/user] rolls 1d20: [b]13[/b]
  461. [06:01] Sweet Robin: Welp thats a nope this time XP)
  462. [06:03] Sweet Robin: /me downs the mug in one go before walking over... well stumbling over to Alleria giving her a quick kiss sharing the taste of her own pudding flavoured cum that is mixed with Kaya juices~ She them stumbles before falling onto the ground now being asleep behind the counter (I'm off to sleep ^~^ nini)
  463. [06:03] Yuichi: /me had to stop Robin as she was just casually going for his cock, there was someone else who desperately wanted that treat after all ~
  464. [06:03] Yuichi: (night ^^)
  465. [06:05] Kaya Park: /me is done for the night, but is going to stay around and tease everyone.
  466. [06:05] Yuichi: [sub]will likely leave soon as well, it's past 6am for me now [/sub]
  467. [06:06] Kaya Park: /me punches Yuichi in the shoulder. "You're lucky I'm elastic by the way. You gaped my ass so wide i think I could have fit my head in there"
  468. [06:06] Aerendyl Farryn: /me was already between Yuichi's legs before he even said a single word to him, he knew exactly what all this was leading too and he had sat there in his own sticky trickling mess the entire time with that expectation. The reward for his lust and devotion for the wolf dangled right in front of him for only a moment before it was on the elf's pretty little face, all of the red gone from it as she nosed and nuzzled that filthy musky shaft from balls to tip, smearing everything on himself as his tongue dragged along the belly of that beastly fuckstick and through every little bit of the the wolf and girls that covered it. There was nothing left to the elf to feel any shame to warrant blushing as he let moaned loudly as his body was rocked with a visible shudder. This wasn't just lust, this was something different -- it was pure addicting. There was no drugs, no drinks to explain away this one as the elf buried his nose between Yuichi's cock and balls and drew in a just the loudest snort from the wolf's filthy cock.
  469. [06:06] Yuichi: /me "Well, you seemed to be very much enjoying yourself when I went all out on you" was his only answer, accompanied by a smug grin
  470. [06:07] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]What a dumb elf.[/sub]
  471. [06:08] Yuichi: /me "Now watch him go~" Yuichi said with a soft smile and stroked through Aeren's hair as he was clearly enjoying himself. He knew his cute boyfriend well after all.
  472. [06:08] Yuichi: [sub]My cute dumb elf though, so it's fine <3[/sub]
  473. [06:09] Kaya Park: /me Gave wolfboy a sneer, and then a wink
  474. [06:13] Yuichi: [sub]But with that I will also stop for now, at least with being actively around. Gonna set up the ad again so some new people might come in, but aside from that I won't really be around. If I am needed ping me, I'll react to that for as long as I am still awake[/sub]
  475. [06:19] Aerendyl Farryn: /me left Yuichi spotless with a fresh glistening shine of elf slobber, the elf however... well he wore the pride in his work on his face.
  476. [06:20] Alicia Rockfire: [sub]Did I just miss a facial[/sub]
  477. [06:20] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]Not that I really did anything, but I suppose I should stop at some point. It's getting late.[/sub]
  478. [06:21] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]Well kind of, but not really, just had to clean the tool of a true stud. :p[/sub]
  479. [06:22] Alicia Rockfire: /me [sub]regrets missing that. Cleaning up is hot~[/sub]
  480. [06:23] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]Yeah, especially when it's your boyfriend you're cleaning after he really got into it~[/sub]
  481. [06:27] Aerendyl Farryn: And with Yuichi gone, the bar lulls into the night~
  482. [06:28] Alleria Nightstalker: /me is back at the bar quietly cleaning off the GIANT MESS YUICHI LEFT! Sheesh.
  483. [06:29] Yuichi: [sub]Actually Robin gobbled up most of that, greedy halfslime that she is[/sub]
  484. [06:30] Yuichi: [sub]We should hire a company to do the cleaning during nighttime though, that shouldn't be on the staff xD [/sub]
  485. [06:34] Alleria Nightstalker: [sub]But then I can't make passive-aggressive cleaning comments![/sub]
  486. [06:35] Yuichi: [sub]I mean if you like to clan up the cum I pumped into some girl that much we don't have to?[/sub]
  487. [06:35] Yuichi: *clean
  488. [06:38] Alleria Nightstalker: [sub]Hahah[/sub]
  489. [06:39] Yuichi: [sub]So how about this, you'll be said girl and we get a cleaning company after all? ~[/sub]
  490. [06:39] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]I mean... I'll clean it? >.>;[/sub]
  491. [06:40] Alicia Rockfire: /me [sub]also offers to help[/sub]
  492. [06:41] Aerendyl Farryn: /me [sub]in facts just helps himself and even whistles while he works.[/sub]
  493. [06:41] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]XD[/sub]
  494. [06:41] Alleria Nightstalker: /me seems to have found her hired help.
  495. [06:41] Yuichi: [sub]Ok, Alleria will get bred and you two do the cleaning. Sounds good to me[/sub]
  496. [06:42] Aerendyl Farryn: /me is hired? Would gladly do it for the privilege.
  497. [06:43] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]But... you have a perfectly good elf boy, you insatiable dork.[/sub]
  498. [06:43] Yuichi: [sub]Well, yeah, but I know how much you like to watch ~[/sub]
  499. [06:47] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]But I like to be bred too! >.<[/sub]
  500. [06:47] Yuichi: [sub]I just knocked you up though![/sub]
  501. [06:48] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]So? Try harder, earn more points you dork![/sub]
  502. [06:53] Yuichi: [sub]How am I supposed to get you more pregnant than pregnant though? o.o[/sub]
  503. [06:55] Henry Monarch Rabbit: Woohoo, Dice games! I'm already excited before I even read the rules!
  504. [06:57] Aerendyl Farryn: [sub]I don't know, I'm the dumb one. You figure it out~ ^^[/sub]
  505. [06:58] Greeny Futa: The answer to that is always multiwombs. :D
  506. [06:58] Henry Monarch Rabbit: /me stands with clothes on one second, and after doing a backflip, has no clothes on the next! He's completely nude now. Such a weird party trick.
  507. [07:00] Aerendyl Farryn: Well do be sure to read the rules, they are there for a reason. Drink and the like are on the board behind the bar, most of the staff is currently passed out or soon to be passed out. If service seems too slow you may assume that you've been served and enjoy your stay. We enjoy your patronage -- or something like that.
  508. [07:01] Aerendyl Farryn: /me the stupid elf lazes about, pretty sure he was beginning to be able to tell apart the different tastes in his mouth.
  509. [07:05] Nick Tsunami: /me peeks head in and looks around curiously
  510. [07:10] Alleria Nightstalker: /me waves over at the newcomers. "Welcome!"
  511. [07:13] Nick Tsunami: /me shyly waves to Alleria “ h-hello.” He said as he rubbed the back of his neck.
  512. [07:14] Alleria Nightstalker: /me casually applies bleach to some of the slimier parts of the bar. "It's a bit slow right now, but this is the place if you're looking to breed."
  513. [07:15] Nick Tsunami: /me nodded “ does seem kinda slow. Don’t suppose I could be grabbed and given a big smooch or my butt groped? If not that’s okay.” He said as he walked over to the bar.
  514. [07:16] Greeny Futa: /me apologizes for making the bar so messy. "Err...sorry. A lot of that may be my fault."
  515. [07:20] Alleria Nightstalker: /me stepped out from behind the bar for a moment. "I'm not sure..." she said, walking causally passed him. And then she stopped to sneak in a big grope of one of his butt cheeks with her strong hand. She smirked, then circled around back to the bar. "Just because you're cute~" She waved her hand at Greeny. "Don't worry, you're fine. I was fucked literally right on top of here, so some of it's probably me."
  516. [07:21] Nick Tsunami: /me squirmed slightly as his butt was groped with her strong hand and blushed as he was called cute “ y-you think I’m cute?” He asked as he rubbed the back of his neck as well as rub his now sore bottom.
  517. [07:22] Greeny Futa: /me gave a wryly smirk. "That's true. You did get filled up quite a lot. It's kinda satisfying to make such a big mess...until you've gotta clean it up, I suppose."
  518. [07:24] Alleria Nightstalker: /me chuckled. "Don't I know," she replied to Greeny as she wiped away. At Nick's question, however, she just gave him a mysterious smirk.
  519. [07:24] Nick Tsunami: /me smiles a little at the smirk and just didn’t reply as he glanced at the other and nodded “ hello there.” He waved.
  520. [07:33] Greeny Futa: /me hummed as she idly tapped her fingers against the bar counter. "Seems to have really quieted down, now. Guess everyone got all the crazy out earlier."
  521. [07:34] Alleria Nightstalker: /me nodded her head, and she gave her belly a pat. "Yeah, that was certainly me."
  522. [07:35] Nick Tsunami: /me pouted “ aw I missed all the fun. I want to be transformed by some dice or something like that. I always come late and miss everything.” He said as he gave an adorable pout.
  523. [07:35] Greeny Futa: /me brightly smiled. "No kidding. I bet you were quite happy that the first one impregnated you or you may have been suffering still."
  524. [07:39] Alleria Nightstalker: /me snickered, and she shrugged her shoulders. "I'd like to think I could have outlasted anything," she replied. But then she turned to Nick. "Transformed by dice? This may not be the right room for that sort of thing. Though I'm sure someone could come up with a breeding-themed drinking game or two..."
  525. [07:41] Greeny Futa: /me quirked a brow as she leaned forward, her chin in her hand and her elbow on the counter. "If you think so, then maybe you should try whatever drug you took again," she jested.
  526. [07:41] Nick Tsunami: /me chuckled nervously “ heh yeah that’s what I meant. Breeding themed. Thing is I can’t get pregnant.” He said as he rubbed the back of his neck still “ I don’t know why but I also want a sloppy kiss for some odd reason.”
  527. [07:45] Alleria Nightstalker: /me shook her head suddenly. "Oh no no no. That kind of drug is a trap! And I would only give it to somebody I wanted trapped." She looked over at Nick. "We do have a couple things that will fix your problems if you feel you're on the wrong side of things as well."
  528. [07:47] Nick Tsunami: /me tilted his head a little “ like what? I’m curious to see what you have here that could get me pregnant. Or be on the wrong end of things.” He grinned a little.
  529. [07:47] Greeny Futa: /me snickered to herself. "Sounds like it, but sounds like most of the fun. Something kinda cruel for some evening amusement. Definitely something worth playing around with."
  530. [07:48] Alleria Nightstalker: /me points at the Boy's Thrill. "That stuff is potent enough to grow you a fertile cunt that's all ready for breeding. And it lasts until you finish the breeding unless you take the lite version."
  531. [07:50] Nick Tsunami: /me looks over at the boys thrill “ are there also glory holes here? Just out of curiosity and I want to see how that works. Maybe hook me up to it?” He asked kindly.
  532. [07:53] Alleria Nightstalker: /me nods her head. "Oh, there are, though you'll have to get lucky on the participants." She gives Greeny a wink. "...but if you want to get hooked up, that could happen." She pulled out the syringe alongside its big disclaimer, and she set it on the counter.
  533. [07:54] Grahtbur Burguk: /me sits down at the bar wearing her apron. "any new cute guy's around today?"
  534. [07:55] Greeny Futa: /me had a faint blush on her face as she looked at the syringe. "Probably a bad idea tonight. Last thing I want is to go to sleep constantly soaking the bed. But I'll tell ya what, I'll definitely take the shot whenever you decide to take it again, too."
  535. [07:56] Nick Tsunami: /me looks at the syringe and gulped “ I’m not a fan of needles.” He said as he couldn’t wait to try the glory holes even though he heard he might have to be lucky and realized the needle wasn’t for him “ then let’s hook me up.” He grinned.
  536. [07:56] Grahtbur Burguk: /me raises her hand looking over at greeny "If you want, I'll give you a go at me if you still need ta go~"
  537. [07:58] Greeny Futa: /me chuckled. "Well, the syringe is more for getting bred, or something like that. But I don't think I'll be playing anymore tonight, otherwise I'd be more than happy to make a mess outta you."
  538. [07:58] Grahtbur Burguk: /me chuckles and shrugs "your loss~"
  539. [08:00] Nick Tsunami: /me blinks “ so wait what’s the needle for again? Could it make me get pregnant as I can’t. I don’t uh have the right uh tools.” He said as he blushed slightly before nodding to Grahtbur.
  540. [08:06] Alleria Nightstalker: /me nods her head. "So actually I'm a little tired to do any hooking up. But the syringe will give you the tools to get pregnant, though you'll still need to ride a cock to get there all the way."
  541. [08:07] Nick Tsunami: /me gulped as he didn’t like needles that much “ don’t suppose someone could inject me? I’m don’t think I could do it as I’m a little scared of needles. And where am I supposed to find a cock to ride at this hour?”
  542. [08:09] Alleria Nightstalker: /me shrugged her shoulders. "That's your problem, unfortunately. Though a lot of cocks around here are pretty easy to convince when they do show up." She took a hold of the syringe. "You sure about this?"
  543. [08:11] Nick Tsunami: /me gulped as he was maybe having second thoughts “ well is there a cure? Like it’s not permanent right?” He asked as he stared at the needle. His heart racing a mile a minute.
  544. [08:13] Alleria Nightstalker: /me shook her head. "The only cure is to produce a child. It's permanent until then, then it goes away. Or there's a lite version that will make you produce eggs if you get knocked up, but it only lasts a day."
  545. [08:16] Nick Tsunami: /me thought for a bit before nodding “ I’ll take the other one where I’ll take the eggs if I get knocked up. I prefer that. Though I don’t know who would want to knock me up right now. It’s kinda late. “ he said as he noticed how quiet it’s gotten.
  546. [08:18] Grahtbur Burguk: /me chuckles "I wouldn't mind being knocked up myself. hehe... you looking to compete?" she says with a glare, than pats him on the back. "Im joking hon, don't run away."
  547. [08:19] Alleria Nightstalker: /me nodded her head. "Okay, sounds good to me." She started to mix up a drink, sprinkling in a couple special powders before she passed it over to him.
  548. [08:20] Nick Tsunami: /me chuckled as his back was patted “ don’t worry I ain’t running away. I also wouldn’t mind getting one big sloppy kiss. I’m in an affectionate mood.” He said as he took the drink and took a breath “ cheers.” He said as he drank it all in one gulp.
  549. [08:21] Greeny Futa: "So refreshing to see plenty of people still wanting to get knocked up so late. Hehe."
  550. [08:21] Grahtbur Burguk: /me watches Nick drink the strange liquid. "uh... huh?" she mutters then blows a kiss towards the other orc.
  551. [08:23] Greeny Futa: /me sticks her cheek out as if to catch the kiss. "And you as well. I'll definitely will have to put several orc spawn in you soon."
  552. [08:24] Nick Tsunami: /me finished the drink “ aw I want some kisses. Heh like I said I love kisses.” He said as he now could feel he could carry eggs inside him if he were to be knocked up. He just needed to find someone.
  553. [08:27] Grahtbur Burguk: /me turns back to Nick and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "so, how ya feelin'?" she asks, she'd never drank anything from the bar, prefering to have natural pregnancies.
  554. [08:28] Nick Tsunami: /me squeaked as he was suddenly given a kiss on the cheek and blushed red “ feeling now I can get pregnant with eggs if I’m knocked up. T-thanks for the kiss.” He said as he blushed still.
  555. [08:30] Grahtbur Burguk: /me pouts as she looks at nick. "I wanna be pregnant, and here, a cute boy would rather get knocked up himself than to give me a good fill~ Boohoo~"
  556. [08:31] Nick Tsunami: /me felt bad for her “ I mean I’d knock you up but I’m more of a submissive type. I like to be dominated and such. “ he said as he kissed her cheek “ you’ll get knocked up. I haven’t found anyone yet.”
  557. [08:34] Grahtbur Burguk: /me giggles. "Aww, such a tease." she says, trailing her fingers along his cheek until they fall off his jaw line and go to her lap.
  558. [08:36] Nick Tsunami: /me smiles a little “ y-you are rather cute and pretty. I always love orcs. “ he said as he shivered a little at her touch on his face from her fingers “ am I teasing? Heh I didn’t notice.” He winked.
  559. [08:37] Grahtbur Burguk: /me giggles then crosses her legs. "If I had a dick, I'd probably try to knock myself up. maybe they will help your problem?"
  560. [08:38] Nick Tsunami: /me shrugged “ well I was just given a drink that was able to get me to be pregnant so I’m sure if you ask around they could help with your problem to.”
  561. [08:39] Nick Tsunami: (Take this pm since it’s just us?)
  562. [08:41] Alleria Nightstalker: /me doesn't mind watching the show.
  563. [08:42] Nick Tsunami: Lol it was just so quiet haha XD
  564. [08:42] Nick Tsunami: my bad
  565. [08:43] Alleria Nightstalker: /me is tired, no worries.
  566. [08:43] Grahtbur Burguk: (I prefer play in public. Im a kinky whore like that)
  567. [08:44] Alleria Nightstalker: (I like that attitude!)
  568. [08:44] Nick Tsunami: (That is fine. Can Nick be breast smothered? ^^ if that’s okay.)
  569. [08:45] Grahtbur Burguk: (if he asks lol. Being shy wont really get you anywhere. with how things are going, its assumed she figured she was at near harassment levels of bothering him)
  570. [08:45] Nick Tsunami: (Ah. Sorry I’m just a shy person lol.)
  571. [08:46] Nick Tsunami: /me took a deep breath “ can I be breast smothered? Please?” He asked as he couldn’t help but admire her lovely tits.
  572. [08:48] Grahtbur Burguk: /me looks confused for a second then smiles. "with my boobs?" she asks the obvious, then leans out of the barstool. "Not many people ask for that haha..." she admits and holds her arms open for him. "cmere you."
  573. [08:49] Nick Tsunami: /me blushes red “ heh with any boobs really.” He grinned as he nodded and slowly went into her open arms happily as he slowly nuzzled his head into her tits.
  574. [08:53] Grahtbur Burguk: /me closes her arms into a hug, pulling his head closer to her chest between her breasts.
  575. [08:55] Nick Tsunami: /me smiles happily as he was then smothered into her bosom. He was enjoying every minute of it “ mmm this is nice. Keep me here even if I try to pull back?” He asked hopefully.
  576. [09:16] Greeny Futa: /me couldn't quite go to sleep yet and she idly stared at that syringe that was left on the counter. "I wonder how bad it would be after an entire day without relief."
  577. [09:38] Sozzu: /me blinks a few times at Grenny and ...turns around to run.
  578. [11:22] Yuichi: /me slowly walked out of the backarea with a big drawn out yawn and a stretch, the wolf was [url=]dressed[/url] for his job already, but clearly hadn't gotten up too long ago after a long night in here. He looked around the room as he rubbed some sleep out of his eyes "Thank god, seems to still be quiet, then I can get a tea first..." and with that he made his way behind the bar
  579. [11:37] Yuichi: /me put some honey in his freshly brewed tea while he was leaning on the barcounter, still more tired that awake, but that was fine as long as no customers were coming in. Another heartfelt yawn. "Well at least work on the kitchen is coming along." he mumbled to himself
  580. [11:46] Jinx Hive: /me Walked in and waved to the owner. Jinx was new here and wondered about something. "Hey, guy... Can I ask you a question?"
  581. [11:46] Yuichi: /me straightened up just slightly and flashed a smile to the newcomer "They there, name's Yuichi and sure, how can I help you?"
  582. [11:48] Jinx Hive: /me Blushed and scratched the back of her head. "Yeach.... so... It's kinda pervy and stuff, but..." She rised her hands in a protective way. "Dont judge, but I feel subby today, and kiiiinda feel bondage-y right now? What are the chances of getting tied up for public use around here?"
  583. [11:50] Yuichi: /me gave a soft chuckle at that question and shook his head "Nothing to judge about, is there? Otherwise I'd have to judge every customer on the subby side of things. As to how likely it is? hmm.." he tapped his chin for a moment "It has happened a few times before and we do have all things necessary to make that work around as well. The question is more if someone comes in who'll be interested to do that. So in the end it comes down to the same thing as everywhere else, to find a fitting partner"
  584. [11:53] Jinx Hive: /me Smiles. "Well... Wouldnt edvertising that there's a tied slut waiting for use, bring more life to the joint?" She smiled. "Oh, and Im Jinx by the way~" She sat next to the bar and relaxed. "Still, I have both parts, if you catch my drift, so... entertainment for both guys and ladies I suppose~ Either that, or I can just wait around with a glass of something something?" She tapped the bar meaningfully.
  585. [11:55] Yuichi: /me "Well, I'm technically not a bartender, but our regular staff seems to still be out of order after last night. So as long as it's nothing too fancy I can hit you up with a drink" he then pointed at the wall behind him, which had the place's specials written on it. "Just see what you'd like to have and I'll get it ready for you, while we wait for a nice lady or gentleman to tie you up and treat you like a proper tied up slut~" the last words were spoken with a smug grin and a little glimmer in his eyes
  586. [11:57] Prince Mowgli: /me approaches the bar, his cheeks a little red at what he's about to ask for. But if he's going to hang about he needs the right gear... and so the money goes over the counter, the bronze-skinned boy taking a breath before talking to the man behind it. "A [color=cyan][b]Boy's Ovi Thrill light[/b][/color] please."
  587. [11:59] Jinx Hive: /me Rested her elbow on the bar and her chin on her hand. "Just toss me a beer, sweetie~" She tapped her lip alittle. "What about you though? Employees dont get to enjoy the customers? If anything, I would look good as an ornament to the bar, hogtied with vibrators buzzing at my bits~ Dont you think?" She asked impishly and pulled her top down, showing one - to be fair, small boob.
  588. [12:02] Yuichi: /me raised an eyebrow at that order "Just to make sure, you are aware of what you ordered there, right?" But despite these words he lost no time to mix it up, which resulted in a tall glass filled with a deep purple drink "Normally I'd advise to only drink the specials right before making use of them, but I feel like you'd just ignore my warning either way. So here you go" he said with a smile and put the glass in front of the boy. Without stopping to move for even a second he pulled one of the drawers open and pulled a beer out, quickly flipping it through the air once as he switched it to his other hand and then popped the bottle open before he placed it in front of Jinx. He didn't hesitate to take a good look at what was offered to him "Oh, no rule against staff sampling the customers, or each other for that matter. But I am afraid I still need a moment to bounce back from last night. It got a little crazy in here" [still waking up and making breakfast and so on right now ]
  589. [12:04] Jinx Hive: /me Took the beer and swung a sip. "Gotcha~" she said in the frendliest of ways, knowing way too well how it feels to be hangover. She hid her little tit and rised an eyebrow. "What did the kid order though? Magic potion or something?"
  590. [12:05] Prince Mowgli: /me nodded. Well... it was only temporary anyway, right? If the jungle boy was going to join in the games... there was a very particular way he -wanted- to experience them. So down that drink went down his throat. He took a deep, long breath, and shuddered. Hand went to his crotch in those jean-shorts, feeling the shrinking begin. Toes curled in those jelly sandals he wore, feeling less and less of that already minute bulge, until a slick, warm camel-toe pressed against the boy's underwear. His hips began to swell into properly child-bearing ones, the button popping off the shorts into the bar as the zipper peeled open, revealing that perfect new cunt. "Hah... hnnnnh..." Mowgli panted, the smell of heat rising from his loins.
  591. [12:06] Jinx Hive: /me "Nevermind. I think I get it..." She chuckled, taking another sip. ^^
  592. [12:07] Yuichi: /me pointed at the ball once more "Boy's Ovi Thrill light. It's a light version that mixes two of our specials. Basically allows guys to get pregnant with everything that goes along with it" he sipped from his cup of tea, still in the process to get back on his feet for the day "Lasts a day and any pregnancy from it will not bring live children but an egg forth. Safer this way with the time limit."
  593. [12:08] Yuichi: /me code
  594. [12:08] Prince Mowgli: /me gave a wobbly smile at Jinx and Yuichi. "T... thank you," he breathed. "Now I just need to find someone to make use of it I guess..." he breathed.
  595. [12:08] Yuichi: (fail... I do need more coffee
  596. [12:09] Jinx Hive: /me Got slightly interested. She really didnt want to bother the employee and let him wake up propperly, but... "You've got something that would make me lay eggs without... you know, going full girl?" Then she smiled at Mowgli. "I'd help, but you know..." She shrugged. "I dont do kids~"
  597. [12:11] Yuichi: /me "Sure, though if you go to town on the cute boy now you won't need to take any, it's already running through his body now and one partner taking Ovidelight in some form is enough to guarantee the effect" he explained with a little wave "So feel free to just bend him over the bar and fuck him to your leisure. Patrons are expected to clean up after themselves if they make a huge mess though."
  598. [12:12] Jinx Hive: /me Rised her hands protectively. "Like I said before... Sorry but that ai'nt happening."
  599. [12:12] Prince Mowgli: /me huffed. "I'm -not- a kid!" he insisted. Flushing. Alright, so age was a bit of a nebulous thing for the jungle boy. He did look young! But no reason he couldn't be older. But if she's not interested... no, there's bound to be -someone- that'll turn up. "It at least tastes nice," he says in a soft voice.
  600. [12:13] Belladonna Beauty: [i]The faunus gives a long, exaggerated stretch as she arose from one of the many small outcroppings of furniture that decorated the room. "Mn..." an amber hue glimpsed towards Jinx with bemusement, "Roll around with me for a bit?"[/i]
  601. [12:14] Yuichi: /me was confused for a second before he realised his mistake "Oh, the questions weren't directly related. In that case yes, Ovidelight is normally not directly related to any changes aside from making people lay eggs."
  602. [12:14] Jinx Hive: (Again and ooc, sorry Mowgli, but opposite to majority of this site i really dont get turned on by characters that look/are young ^^)
  603. [12:14] Prince Mowgli: (It's alright, I understand. <3)
  604. [12:15] Yuichi: (am actually expecting the jungle boy to play off of the older looking references on his profile as no actual age is put in. We do have an age requirement of 16, both perceived and actual)
  605. [12:15] Prince Mowgli: (I can certainly do that. I tend to leave it very open)
  606. [12:16] Jinx Hive: /me Looked at Bella and smiled. "Darn tempting... But im soooo in a bondage mood right now! I mean... I guess we can roll around untill someone wants to tie me up?" Jinx giggled. "I'll take the Ovidelight then, if you dont mind?" She looked at Yuichi.
  607. [12:17] Yuichi: /me "Why would I mind?" he asked with a snicker "You're the one paying for it after all, this is how a bar works" he said and unlocked the drawer with the more potent stuff before he put a small syringe onto the bar right in front of her. "This is the normal version, that one will last for about three days until it wears off. Faster if you tend to knock lots of people up. Enjoy~"
  608. [12:18] Belladonna Beauty: [i]The Belladonna ever-so-casually bounces back against the couch's embrace with a final, "You know where to find me~".
  610. [sub][s]Yuichi, I wouldn't mind playing with you if you're ready soon x.x[/s][/sub][/i]
  611. [12:19] Yuichi: [sub]You two enjoy each other for now, while I sip on my tea and wait for my brain to get into a working condition again. But I will sure be up to full on scenes later during the day, as usual ^-^ [/sub]
  612. [12:19] Belladonna Beauty: [s][sup]<3
  613. Have you ever considered having a room spreadsheet for pregnancies and such? How many poor girls Yuichi or others have filled up?[/sup][/s]
  614. [12:20] Jinx Hive: /me Took the syringe and... well, just bluntly injected it into her arm. Jinx didnt feel much different, she only got a tymmy cramp of split second. "Whew... ok..." Jinx shrugged and took another sip of her beer, standing up and approaching Bella on the coutch. She sat her slim but round butt next to the girl and giggled. "Hi, Im Jinx~"
  615. [12:20] Yuichi: [sub]To be fair, so far not enough guys that are around on the regular. Our female customers seem to be the more loyal ones ^^ Yuichi is 7/7 so far though [/sub]
  616. [12:22] Erielle Heluris: [sub]Would you be up for stuffing Erielle's ass later, Yuichi?[/sub]
  617. [12:23] Jinx Hive: /me puckers her lips to the side and fusses a bit.
  618. [12:24] Yuichi: [sub]So much attention >.< uhm, let's see about that later? I just got up not too long ago after a very short night and am mostly tending to the room to keep it active. I should be actually around for lewds later today though, yes[/sub]
  619. [12:24] Erielle Heluris: [sub]no problem, I'm heading to work myself so I can't do anything soon anyway[/sub]
  620. [12:25] Belladonna Beauty: [i][sup][s]Guess I'll be getting filled up with eggs. <3[/s][/sup]
  622. The cat blinked owlishly at how benignly Jinx treated her 'injection' of egg breeding delight, "I..." Her mouth twisted ever so slightly as she carefully picked her words, "Blake." With that, she attempted to rise up, meet the other's height from a position a little less... submissive?[/i]
  623. [12:27] Jinx Hive: /me Looked at 'Blake' Still fussing and twitching her puckered lips left and right. "It's ok... Clearly you want Yuichi, and I kinda feel like im bothering you. We dont have to do anything~" She smiled friendly and sipped her beer some more.
  624. [12:27] Zona Patching: /me makes her way casually into the room, a slightly confused expression on her face, "Now, I knew the capital had some strange bars, but am I reading your sign right?" she asked simply, her gaze falling upon Yuichi with the assumption he was someone in charge, "This is a house of ill repute? A place to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh yes..?" she asked rather bluntly, taking a seat at the bar as she did, "How exactly does this establishment work then?"
  625. [12:29] Yuichi: /me lighty shook his head at that question "We're not a brothel if that's your question no. We are a bar in which the rules are a bit more on the loose side of things though." He then pointed at the wall behind him "Got our specials listed there and menus for normal drinks are at the bar and on the tables. Since I am the only staff on hand right now you will have to come to the bar to order though." he explained with a soft smile and a playful wink
  626. [12:34] Esther Harriet: [sub]"I'm not sure about the repute of the place, though."[/sub]
  627. [12:34] Belladonna Beauty: [i]The expression that faded into creation within Blake's amber hues, one of barely contained lust, amusement, it definitely stated otherwise. "No, not at all, I was surprised you'd decided to pick me over the rest." She purred out, slender digits dancing forward, pulling at Jinx's side to get her petite form onto said couch with her. [/i]
  628. [12:35] Yuichi: [sub]the online reviews speak of very fulfilled customers ^^[/sub]
  629. [12:35] Mocha Linda: Hello there !
  630. [12:35] Prince Mowgli: [sub]Also very filled customers.[/sub]
  631. [12:36] Yuichi: [sub]Hey there, room rules and stuff is in the room description. The place is pretty rp focused so once you feel ready just come in in an ic post and we take things from there [/sub]
  632. [12:38] Belladonna Beauty: [s][sup][i]She left. >.>[/i][/sup][/s]
  633. [12:39] Zona Patching: /me raised an eyebrow slightly before looking to the wall, taking a moment to read through the options for the drinks, "I see...." she mumbled softly her paw scratching at her chin.  She turned back to Yuichi with a slight smirk on her lips, "So, if I were to say, order a Virility drink, that would be a imbued potion that would increase my chances to breed another?" she questioned slowly, "If so, why not, I'll have one," she chuckled, moving to her coin purse to pull a few coins.
  634. [12:40] Belladonna Beauty: [sup][s][i]Well, my 'position' for a breeder just opened up Zona! Come play with kitty.[/i][/s][/sup]
  635. [12:40] Yuichi: /me "Hitting the nail on the head with that explanation, yes" he said with a smile and quickly got to prepare the drink for her, which resulten in a thick glass in front of her, filled with a clear golden liquid "Normally I'd advise to only take the specials after finding a partner, but I have a feeling you won't have a problem to find someone willing and available"
  636. [12:43] Prince Mowgli: /me had perhaps jumped the gun on that. But he was happy to rest here still, waiting patiently for someone to play with the newly formed cuntboy's equipment. A chewing of his lip, looking at the glass with the remnants of the purple gloop at the bottom. He smiled at the cow too, simply being a backdrop for now... there was bound to be -someone- who wanted to put him to use at some point
  637. [12:44] Zona Patching: /me licked her tongue over her lips slowly as she looked at the glass, before glancing back to Yuichi, "Well, that is perhaps a good idea.. Why don't I just hold onto it until someone catches my eye then?" she asked with a chuckle, lifting the drink casually as she looked back out over the room, "So, anyone in the mood to play with me perchance?" she asked simply, swirling the drink idly.
  638. [12:46] Yuichi: /me "Sure, just leave it right here for the time being" He said as he finished his own cup of tea, his eyes in turn wandering over Belladonna, the jungle boy and Linda, since all of them seemed to be a good fit for Zona in one way or another, they only needed to speak up now.
  639. [12:47] Mocha Linda: /me slowly walks into the interesting bar, unaware of the type of clothing the place demanded she was only wearing something light, a sleeveless tshirt that barely contained her breasts and short that could burst at any moment. She happily looked around at the people already inside
  640. [12:47] Prince Mowgli: /me is indeed super fertile and equipped with a cunt right now, but he doubts he's Zona's type... the girls get first dibs for now, he decides, smiling at Bella and Mocha.
  641. [12:48] Esther Harriet: /me idly spinned on her seat, leaning over the bar. "If you don't mind, dear, gin and tonic?" She asked The bartender. "You know, if you don't mind so much. I'd hate to be a bother!"
  642. [12:49] Yuichi: /me wasn't following any conventions when it came to his [url=]outfit[/url], so he sure wouldn't hold his customers to any in that regard either. He gave a nod and a bright smile to Linda as she got in "Welcome, drinks at the bar, specials are listed on the wall behind me and menus are on the tables. Just come to me when you're ready to order" and while he was still saying that he quickly got that gin and tonic going and placed it in front of Esther a moment later "Here you go, enjoy"
  643. [12:53] Esther Harriet: /me had her money on hand ahead of time, slid ahead of the drink the moment it was on the bar. "I intend to," She replied with a smile, leaning back on the stool. "Thank you so much, cutie. Now don't mind me, I'm sure there's plenty of lovelies who need you more."
  644. [12:55] Yuichi: /me chuckled softly "Only serving drinks right now, so don't worry too much. It's been a long night for me so I am not ready to tumble with anyone just yet." He explained with a soft smile, he had little rest since he started to work here though, that much was true
  645. [12:57] Zona Patching: /me continued to swirl that drink idly, giving a slight nod to Esther and Linda as each entered the bar but otherwise making an effort to wait to see what others did, leaning against the bar with a pleasant smile.
  646. [12:58] Zona Patching: [sup]Sorry, trying to play to the RP itself.  And yeah, I'm afraid Mowgli is a little outside my preference sorry[/sup]
  647. [12:58] Yuichi: [sub]no worries, not your fault nobody is actually approaching. Can't do more than give a nudge to people ^^[/sub]
  648. [12:59] Prince Mowgli: [sub]Just the way the room works, no harm in it. ^^[/sub]
  649. [13:00] Mocha Linda: /me moved over to the bar, doing her best to avoid knocking people with her large frame, looking at all the people discussing she thought getting a drink might be a good start
  650. [13:02] Yuichi: /me smiled at tha bovine "See anything that tickles your fancy yet?" his expression slowly turning into a smug grin instead "Or anyone for that matter?" a little wink followed those words, a little flirt was always good for the tips to roll in after all. "Here's a menu, just tell me when you've decided on something. Oh and just so you know, I'm not actually a bartender, just covering, so the really fancy drinks, I'll probably have to disappoint you on to my great dismay"
  651. [13:04] Mocha Linda: /me smiled and looked at the menu for a little moment "Maybe something simple ? I'm not too sure what I would like" she tried herself at one of the seats, feeling her rear covering it whole and making it disappear
  652. [13:05] Esther Harriet: /me offered a gentle raise of the cup to Zona, that and a lazy wink. Maybe a little tired tonight, but a pretty girl deserves a good evening, no? After all, with an entrance like that, her interest was piqued. Still, why not rise up, wander over, offer an "Evening, dear. Pleasant night?"
  653. [13:05] Yuichi: /me "Well, I can offer you a variety of drinks ranging from coffee and teas, over juice to all kinds of alcohol. And for the more experimental experiences we have our specials of course. I wish I could offer you something to eat as well but the kitchen is still being renovated at the time being. We actually just opened a few days ago."
  654. [13:10] Mocha Linda: /me nodded and looked at the kind bartender again "I'll try one of your alcohols, always helps socializing when I don't know anyone" she said as she turned around to see all the people in the place
  655. [13:11] Yuichi: /me "Well, let's give this a try then" he said as he pulled up a broad glass and put it in front of her, just to pull out what looked like a slightly flat wine bottle at first as it was flipped through the air, switching from one hand to the other before it was opened and a golden liquid poured into the glass, the scent of honey coming from it in a thick cloud. As soon as the bottle had vanished again he pushed the glass a little closer to her "Give it a try and if mead is not for you that one is on me and we'll look for something else"
  656. [13:15] Charl: /me wanders in with a leisurely stride and props a forearm on the bar-top. "Think I could get a tequila shot? Salt n' lime, too." Never too early for tequila! ...Someone's probably said that at some point, right?
  657. [13:15] Zona Patching: /me turned slowly to Esther, her smile spreading over her muzzle at the sight of the girl, "It is quite pleasant of an evening yes, particularly with some good company," she replied softly, her paw patting the seat beside her with a gentle motion, "Would you care to sit for a time, perhaps some conversation would do well, an ice breaker of sorts," she asked, turning to face the lapine more fully as she placed the cup of interesting liquid on the bar for now.
  658. [13:16] Yuichi: /me "Welcome back" he beamed a smile at Charl "Was already wondering where you had disappeared to yesterday" he commented with a chuckle as he placed the ordered drink in front of him
  659. [13:18] Charl: /me waggles a dismissive hand. "Hey, I don't do ALL my studwork in here. And you're the same, I bet." He hops astride a stool and contemplates the shot for a placid, extended moment... then gathers a long streak of salt on his tongue and tosses back the shot, [b]chomping[/b] down on the lime before the burn has a chance to leave. His whole face scrunches, but he's all smiles afterwards.
  660. [13:21] Yuichi: /me "I wouldn't, if I ever caught a break in here" Yuichi answered with a chuckle and much more honesty than one would assume in the seemingly joking response.
  661. [13:24] Alex Ivory: /me yawned as he stepped into the bar, all dressed but still shaking off the morning dreariness. "Morning, everyone. What've I missed?" He asked.
  662. [13:25] Yuichi: /me gave a little wave in Alex's direction "Depends when you've last been here and what you're actually curious about? There's a lot happening in here every day, so if you want me to list all of it I'll never be done"
  663. [13:25] Charl: /me barks a laugh. "Busy busy, huh? Gimme a refill, if you'd be so kind... and maybe a water, too." He folds absently brushes some salt off his upper lip. "Trouble is, as the wombs fill up, there'll be less breeding to go around... unless the kids pop out real fast, or we get a lot of fresh blood." He snorts. "Won't sell much liquor when half the clientele's knocked up, either."
  664. [13:26] Alex Ivory: /me shook his head at Yuichi. "Any new girls looking to get knocked up? Or are most just lurking? I don't wanna scare someone off or pick the wrong person," he said.
  665. [13:28] Yuichi: /me made sure Charl didn't have to wait long for that refill "Oh, from what I've seen the last few days that won't be a problem. Active breeders are what we're short on, not willing wombs. Plenty of girls who go unattended sadly. What do you think why I've been this busy. Also to be fair, we're working on that whole being knocked up for a long time thing right now. Just don't have the formular down without side effects yet." He then turned towards Alex "Well, Belladonna over there was looking earlier, Esther is still here at the bar and I am afraid that's it for now. It has been a pretty quiet morning so far"
  666. [13:28] Esther Harriet: /me didn't need more to entice her, gracefully drifting to the seat that she directed the lapine to. A smile across her features, she took a long, lazy sip of her drink, letting it settle on the bar with barely a click of the glass. "I'd like that," she said. "But I feel I may be a disadvantage. Would you be willing to bless a poor young creature with the pleasure of your name?" Esther asked, eyes focused hard on the canine, as if examining her with careful focus. Could be a fun mark. "If that's not too formal, of course."
  667. [13:31] Charl: /me 's eyebrows climb, and he laughs. "Poor guy. Is THAT why you noticed I was gone?" He takes the second shot the same way he did the first, exhaling a hazy breath of bliss as an alcoholic warmth kindles in his cheeks. "I may just be on duty today, if the pattern happens to continue. Never too many kids."
  668. [13:32] Yuichi: /me "Nah, I noticed because I keep an eye on our regulars, that's all. Pretty sure that a girl or three would have liked you to be around though from what I've seen so far." he smirked
  669. [13:33] Zona Patching: /me raised an eyebrow at the bunny, a teasing smirk crossing her own lips as she caught that careful focus in her eyes.  Her paw moved forward slowly, her body shifting in a slight bow, "I go be Zona, it is a pleasure to meet you," she offered politely, "Though you, yourself, seem to have not mentioned your name, so what should I call such a cute bunny?" she asked, smiling a little wider then she should, the edges of her canines showing for just a moment before she relaxed
  670. [13:33] Zona Patching: [sup]go by* [/sup]
  671. [13:34] Yuichi: [sub]That said, most people are handwaving the actual pregnancy and those that don't usually only go for a few days. So I don't think that will actually be much of an issue. But we are brainstorming about a story gizmo excuse for all characters where that would not normally be the case/make sense[/sub]
  672. [13:35] Charl: /me laughs. "Hey, if somebody says my name, it tends to catch my attention... assuming I'm awake. I know our proprietress got my attention a couple times when she spotted girls who were up my alley." He takes a swig of his water, and contemplates a third shot... but doesn't ask for it, yet.
  673. [13:35] Charl: /me pauses. "Proprietresses? It's hard to think of one body as two people. I should work on that."
  674. [13:39] Yuichi: /me waved at that "I don't think they mind actually. Also to be fair they won't be around much this week, little business trip as they're trying to get some rare materials I asked for, so I can try to mix some new specials for us to offer. We have actually broadened the menu quite a bit by now."
  675. [13:39] Sephon Mcjagger: /me gives a yawn looking around "Hello, everyone." a friendly wave to everyone while walking on over toward a seat.
  676. [13:40] Alex Ivory: /me gave a friendly wave back to Sephon as he himself took a seat near a table. Seemed better built to handle his weight.
  677. [13:40] Yuichi: /me "Hey there" he greeted the newcomer with a smile "Specials are listed on the wall behind me and Menus are at the bar and tables. Since I am the only one on duty right now you will have to come over to order though"
  678. [13:41] Charl: /me spotted that! A lot more stuff up there. "You do alchemy too? Nice to meet another practitioner." He grins crookedly. "I do a lot of formulae that deal with sex stuff, 'cause I know my audience and a lot of 'em are perverts."
  679. [13:42] Esther Harriet: /me let herself shrink back only slightly, a moment of primordial fear showing in her eyes before she fluttered her eyes and took another drink. "It's Esther," she smiled back. "And what brings a lovely creature like you into this, as you said, den of ill repute? It's startling the gems that wander in. I might have to make it a regular haunt at this rate."
  680. [13:43] Sephon Mcjagger: /me happily would check this list talked about. Giving a look toward Alex seeing the wave. "Hello there." he said toward him as he looked over the list sitting at a table himself actually.
  681. [13:44] Yuichi: /me "Well, I guess you could call it alchemy in a sense. Though if we're honest to the matter it is more akin to gene therapy than traditional alchemy. But that does get fairly complicated if we actually get to the heart of the matter." he said with a smile and set up another cup of tea for himself. "And on the topic of my audience being perverts I think I'll decline to comment, I want my customers to keep tipping after all" he said with a grin and a wink
  682. [13:49] Zona Patching: A light chuckle came from the canine at that question, her paw raising to scratch at her head idly for a moment, "Ahh, well, to be honest it was simply curiosity," she replied simply, "I have a few days in dock due to some damage to the airship during my last trip so I thought to see what entertainment could be found in the city," she continued, glancing at the cup still in her paw, "I don't deal with magical concoctions very often either, so I was curious," she noted, tapping the glass absently.  Her attention slowly turned back to Esther after a moment, "Though it sounds like you yourself have made your way here a few times, do you visit with intent to the bar's name? Or just to flirt with 'gems' that walk in?" she asked slowly, her own gaze calculating as she watch the lapine.
  683. [13:51] Charl: /me scoffs, grinning jackalishly at the people who are in here at this hour. "Nawh, anybody who's here this early has probably outgrown any sense of shame in their perversion." He scoots the shot glass to one side and grins. "Gimme... a double-shot of virility, aaaaand... maybe some ovi. Making a girl or two lay eggs sounds kinda hot, today."
  684. [13:53] Yuichi: /me "You know those don't enhance just because you're taking more than one, right?" he asked with a smirk but still served two shots of virplus right up, just to place a small syringe next to it "Just so you're aware, that's the regular version of Ovi. It lasts up to five days, depending on how often you cum in that time. I can also mix up a light version for you, if you'd rather keep it down to about 24 hours though"
  685. [13:56] Charl: /me 's eyebrows twitch upwards. "What, they don't stack? That a limitation, or a feature?" He tosses one of the shots back, in that case, and pops the cap off the needle on the hypodermic, tucking it into his vein and triggering the shot without even a hint of squeamishness. One of the things you get used to, as an alchemist, presumably.
  686. [13:57] Yuichi: [sub]ooc reason for that is that there was little chance left to it if they would stack. The odds are already in the favor of the impregnator with the specials, tipping it any more in that direction would make the roles entirely pointless[/sub]
  687. [13:57] Yuichi: *rolls
  688. [13:58] Yuichi: /me "Bit of both. I could probably find a way around that if I put a lot of work in, but it's hardly worth the effort on a purely financial standpoint. Also, where is the fun if you know the outcome with certainty everytime. There has to be some challenge left for your little swimmers after all" he said with an amused chuckle
  689. [14:00] Esther Harriet: [i]Esther watched over the glass, peering across at her evening 'guest'. "I see," she said, nodding her head. "Well, I must say I'd be sorry to see you go. Are you a pilot? You're far too lovely for mere deckhand work," she continued. Some more to go with that drink. "As much as it pains me, I believe I must go for the night. Perhaps I could show you some of the local entertainment, while you're at dock."
  691. A brief pause, and a giggle. "I haven't taken the plunge. I just love to flirt. But you've got a few days to convince me, no?"[/i]
  692. [14:01] Charl: /me takes a swig of his water and snorts. "Yeah, yeah. I suppose I see your point! I'd just take a Bliss for the rut, but I don't exactly see any outlets around, and I'd rather not be all antsy and pent up until that changes." He taps out a quick message on his phone, laughing quietly at whatever message he's responding to.
  693. [14:02] Yuichi: /me "Yeah, the day is still pretty damn young though. It usually starts to fill up more a bit later during the day. So I am pretty sure you'll have your chance... or well chances with how things have been going the last few days"
  694. [14:04] Zona Patching: /me gave a slight shrug, "I rum my own shipping business and am the solo crew on the Albatross so yes, a pilot is about accurate," she replied simply.  She sighed softly at Esther's mention of leaving, a soft smile on her lips once more, "I may just take you up on that, both ideas in fact," she replied, giving a teasing smirk to the lapine, "Until we meet again, even if not soon, this town is on my usual route..."
  695. [14:06] Charl: /me contemplates the menu... but, naaaah. A cumfountain would probably be overkill, unless he found someone who [b]really[/b] wanted to get filled up. He already cums kinda a lot! "All right. Gimme a bliss so I can pop it at an opportune moment, and then I'll cash out my tab, for the moment." He clacks a plastic card on the bartop, along the edge.
  696. [14:07] Yuichi: /me pulled out one of the little pink pills and hold it out for Charl to take while he quickly swiped the card with his other hand to make sure everything was paid for. "Enjoy your stay. But knowing you that's more a question of time than anything else"
  697. [14:08] Esther Harriet: /me nodded, taking another deep sip of her drink, slow deep gulps until the glass was empty, and then back to the table. "You take care, Zona. Come find me sometime, and we'll see what happens."
  698. With that, she rose, taking a momentary curtsy before heading for the door. She'll find the pup later.
  699. [14:08] Charl: /me chooses to encapsulate his response in the form of a sly little wink, accepting his card back and swinging himself off the stool to find a more comfortable seat. Like... there. That booth, not far from the restroom.
  700. [14:09] Yuichi: /me let his gaze wander over the more silent patrons around, flashing a smile here or there "So, anybody else needs a drink or any other kind of attention?"
  701. [14:11] Zona Patching: [sub]I might disappear myself, it's getting a little late[/sub]
  702. [14:11] Charl: [sub]Like a good ol' Nigerien handshake.[/sub]
  703. [14:12] Benett Baldwin: /me was just entering as the bunny left, his tail swaying idly. He stops and watches her for a few moments; she was rather cute, after all. But since she was leaving, he just admired the view. His ears perk at the question and he nods, heading for the bar. "Hmm... virility and do you have a lite version of the fountain thing? Something without 'immensely' in the name... knots and too much cum don't really mix." He perks his ears and lowers them; he seemed to be driving both cute girls away!
  704. [14:13] Madame Stripe: /me had just sat down at the bar when a call was made out to all for drinks and such. She put her hand up and waved casually. “Over here, ‘keep. I’ll go for a martini please, and with virility.”
  705. Requested the zebra as she peered around at the other folks.
  706. [14:15] Yuichi: /me lost no time to serve the virplus up right away, while also pouring another one for Madame Stripe "Nice to see you around again." he said with a wink before his attention returned to Benett "I'm afraid there is no light version on that one. I could just dilute it a little, but I can't make any promises on how much that would reduce the effect if I am honest with you." The Martini was following just a moment later. "Looking for something in particular today? Always trying to keep our regulars happy"
  707. [14:19] Benett Baldwin: /me nods and takes the first... shot, he guessed before shaking his head. "Without definitive say, would rather not. Would rather not hurt someone too much... or let all the efforts go to waste depending on how quickly they'd... return to normal." He shrugs, finding a couch to flop down into after paying for the virility drink. He yawns and stretches, taking a curious look around.
  708. [14:19] Madame Stripe: /me smiled as she was recognized and let out a simple smile with a nod. “I never come in with expectations, but I always know it when I see it.” She returned his wink as she remained at the bar keeping her eyes peeled for those who might be interested.
  709. [14:21] Yuichi: /me "Well, I can't imagine that taking too long with what I saw from you so far" he said with a cheeky little grin and then returned to his own cup of tea, not going for any alcohol just yet as it seemed like he had to take care of the place for quite some time until one of the bartenders arrived with how wild last night had been.
  710. [14:30] Madame Stripe: /me blushes as she takes a sip. We’ll see. Things seem a bit quite at the moment.” She said as she once more scanned the room for any shy beauties that were possibly interested in getting knocked up by the zebra.
  711. [14:31] Yuichi: /me "Yeah, just that time of day on a monday. Lots of people still asleep or at work. It'll get lively once people are done for the day and come in for a drink and some real relaxation." he offered with a slight smile "Same reason I am the only one on duty right now if we're honest"
  712. [14:39] Madame Stripe: /me gives the bartender a nod in agreement. “Fair enough. Suppose I’ll just have to sit here and drink more. Poor me.” She said playfully.
  713. [14:39] Cherri Hope: /me waves as she comes in.
  714. [14:40] Yuichi: /me "Well, maybe your luck is just about to change" he said and nodded towards Cherri before he flashed the girl a smile "Welcome, come on in and take a seat. Specials are written down on the wall behind me here and menus for the regular stuff are on the tables and the barcounter. If you have any questions feel free to ask and otherwise just come over and enjoy yourself"
  715. [14:44] Cherri Hope: /me looks a little confused for a short while, not really following what he meant but shrugged and sat down. "I'm good for right now thanks."
  716. [14:45] Yuichi: [sub]explanations for pretty much everything are in the room descritpion, if anything is unclear feel free to ask[/sub]
  717. [14:46] Charl: /me fiddles with the little pill between his fingers.
  718. [14:47] Madame Stripe: /me raised her eyebrows at the girl coming and sitting down nearby. She raised her drink towards Cherri in an inviting manner. “He makes a mean martini. I highly recommend.”
  719. [14:47] Cherri Hope: /me just yawns and stretches. "It's a little to early for anything at the moment."
  720. [14:48] Yuichi: /me pointed at that almost empty glass in Madame Stripes hand "You want a refill on that by the way? Not as if I was busy with anything, so might as well keep you well taken care of in that regard"
  721. [14:50] Madame Stripe: /me smiles at the girl and gives her a nod. “Anything huh? Well fair enough.” She says placing the glass on the counter and nodding at the bartender. “That would be lovely. Thank you. Nothing added this time.”
  722. [14:52] Yuichi: /me "Wouldn't think of it" he said with a wink as he mixed the martini up "Can't send a breeder into a rut without a partner, I'd be the one who would have to clean that mess up after all" the wolf was rather cheerful despite how quiet the place was right now and a moment later she had a fresh glass of martini right in front of her
  723. [15:00] Madame Stripe: /me smiled. “Thank you!” Grabbing the glass Stripe turned her attention back to the room. She gave the drink a swirl before taking a sip and began to feel both effects of the previous drink.
  724. [15:00] Rng: /me waves a good morning!
  725. [15:01] Yuichi: /me answered that wave in kind "Come on up, only serving people at the bar right now as I am a bit short on hands over here"
  726. [15:03] Rng: /me wanders up to the bar and plops down. "A coffee, please!"
  727. [15:04] Yuichi: /me "sugar and milk?" he asked as he turned around to the coffee machine and take care of her order, once again letting his gaze wonder through the room in case anybody else needed a drink or one of their specials prepared
  728. [15:05] Rng: /me nods to both. "Very sweet! I'm sleepy but not a fan of bitter~" she replies with a big yawn.
  729. [15:07] Yuichi: /me it only took a short moment until he places the cup in front of her, some milk already poured in and with three little bags of sugar right next to it, so she could sweeten it to her liking "Here you go. Looking for anything specific today? Depending on what brought you here I can introduce you to some of our regulars?
  730. [15:07] Kirby the Starboy: /me A short boy dressed in pink enters the bar, having received a random invite and curiously accepted. He looks young considering his size and cuteness, but looks can be deceiving. Upon spotting those at the bar he perks up and gives a big wave, offering a "Haii~~!" as his only greeting.
  731. [15:08] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me walks in the bar with a wide smile on the lips, it was a sign of a good night, apparently. He hung his jacket over the shoulders as he walked towards the bar, lightly tapping the counter with his right hand. "Oi, Yuichi! How're you doing today?" His tone of voice was quite cheerful and spirited as he spoke towards the wolf which by now was a familiar face to him everytime he stepped inside of the bar.
  732. [15:09] Rng: /me tears all thee bags, sweetening the coffee before giving it first a stir, followed by a full sip and a long sigh. "Ahh~ Hm? Oh nah. I'm a fan of watching, I think. Games of luck and such... " she shrugs, only to take another sip.
  733. [15:09] Yuichi: [sub]Hey Kirby, for future descriptions please keep in mind that we have an age limit of at least 16 in both actual and perceived age. Thank you ^-^ [/sub]
  734. [15:09] Kirby the Starboy: (Ah, good to know
  735. [15:11] Yuichi: /me greeted both of the newcomers with an open smile "Hey you two." And then pointed at the wall behind him "Specials are listed on there, normal menus can be find all over the place. Just get comfortable and tell me when you're ready to order." After that Yuichi turned towards Maku "Hey, nice to see you again. A bit tired, but that's fine since it has been a rather slow shift so far. It was a pretty long night though. And what about you? You seem to be in a really good mood?"
  736. [15:15] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me smiled warmly towards the wolf as he helped himself to a stool, left arm resting on the counter as he remembered yesterday which made him smile even a bit wider. "It was an amazing night, I'll tell you. I am glad that I came back a third time yesterday, went out with this guy and it was just a pleasant time. So, yeah, it was just a great night and a better morning, seeing he stayed in bed instead of disappearing like some hooker." He spoke with a light chuckle invading his lips before he paused. "Can you serve me a glass of red wine, dear friend? I'm feeling good today, so let's start the day off with class."
  737. [15:17] Yuichi: /me "Sure can, fancy something on the fruity side or rather go with a dry one?" the wolfboy asked while he already gave a glass a whirl and placed it in front of Maku "Also glad to hear you two had a good time. Already lookes like you were hitting it off pretty well. Though you did miss out on a show here. I'll probably gonna get an earful from Alleria about cleaning the mess afterwards when she comes in later" he said with a chuckle
  738. [15:21] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me laughed a bit as he heard the wolf talk. "I want just a dry one, to really kick off and make the systems get in sync. And I had my own show to attend to, if you catch the drift." He joked a bit as he stretched his arms in the air, in such a lazy fashion before he resumed talking. "You know? I could help you with cleaning for a simple favor. I'll drink the wine, you get me a mop, cleaning supplies and we'll get things squeaky clean. Two men work better than one alone, aye?"
  739. [15:22] Kirby the Starboy: /me Kirby just takes a seat at the counter top, a boy of few words he takes a look at the menu in search for something sweet before pointing out a drink to the bartender. A Long Island Iced Tea, a classic for those who want to drink but don't want to taste it.
  740. [15:23] Yuichi: /me took quick care of both orders before he responded "Thanks for the offer, but it's all taken care of by now anyway. We might just have to hire a company to give the place a good scrub every night, especially since we added the cumfountain to our specials, it got a bit messy at times and cum is surprisingly hard to scrub off once it starts to seep into the floorboards" he said with a cheerful grin, obviously in a good mood himself, even though he stuck to tea for the time being
  741. [15:27] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me chuckled a bit as he nodded with his head, after that, he glanced at the glass on the counter for a bit. "Well, how's the tally score? Still a hundred percent?" The demon asked with a playful tone as he grabbed his glass by the bottom part and put it to his lips, taking a good sip off the red wine. as he let out a pleased sigh, it was quite a good wine that they had in stock. "You know, you could write a book on how to be a breeding stud. It would work wonders out there." Makunouchi was in quite a good mood if he was joking around so openly, in contrast to his usual kept personality.
  742. [15:29] Yuichi: /me only felt his grin widen at that question "seven out of seven and no end to the streak in sight yet. Though I honestly wonder how long that will last" he said with a chuckle. "And I dunno on writing a book, it's not as if I was short on money and giving my secrets away just like that? No, people will have to work for it all on their own, it'll be boring otherwise. That said, I should maybe stop to knock all of our bartenders up or I'll have to cover even more shifts...."
  743. [15:31] Kirby the Starboy: /me goes on to listen in on the conversation as he sips from his drink, not really knowing that much about this place considering he was new. The talk of cum fountains caught his attention and he wondered what all else he could see here. He wouldn't mind being a bit of a fountain himself.
  744. [15:32] Yuichi: [sub]Time for a shower, the heat is killing me. will be back in a bit[/sub]
  745. [15:32] Madame Stripe: /me raised an eyebrow at the bartenders score. She took a drink and thought to herself ‘seven for seven, damn’. She interrupted with a joke  “I’ll have what he’s having.” Pointing over to Yuichi and going him a smile.
  746. [15:35] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me nodded with his head as he could not stop but chuckle at the wolf. "Well, you're active, can't do much about it. Gotta let the beast out of the cage instead of keeping it held back, eh?" He spoke in quite a teasing tone as he took another sip from the wine, his dark blue eyes glanced around the bar before he went on to be a bit more interactive with those around of him, shifting his glance first to the shorter male that was by his side. "Hmn, you seem to be a bit put off by all the chatter, I am sorry for rudely casting you out." He extended his right hand towards the other male. "Name's Maku. A chatterbox when in a good mood and a grim one when the mood's below normal." He joked even with his own introduction.
  747. [15:40] Yuichi: /me winked at Madame Stripe "Doubt it's in the tea. I could mix you up what I had last night, but I am not cleaning up the mess that might come of it" he commented and stuck his tongue out with a playful smile before he looked at Maku again "Well, I am more the kind of guy that keeps other cute boy's caged anyway" the wolfboy said with a glimmer in his eyes, the slender silverchain necklace from which three small keys were dangling around his neck was a pretty clear sign of this
  748. [15:42] Kirby the Starboy: /me Was actually nowhere near put off, he looked more intrigued by it all in fact. Still though, Kirby accepted the man's hand with his left and shook. He introduced himself with a chirpy tone and a single word: "Kirby~~!" He seemed a creature of few words and an undyingly possitive personality. Doesn't much give away the fact he's basically an eldrich horror wrapped in strawberry flavored marshmallow.
  749. [15:48] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me smiled a bit as he glanced at the shorter male after shaking his hand. "Kirby, huh? That's a nice name. I like the color. Pink is quite catchy to the eye." He said in a gentle tone as he shifted his glance to the wolf. "As for being territorial...I'll say that those that can pass my picky personality are ones that I intend to keep around...For a loong while..." He joked a bit as he took out a set of two keys from his back pocket, they were small and painted in metallic red, twirling the keychain on his index finger. "I am quite territorial. But casual ones, I just live, do them and let go, not discardable but it's not the type of thing that will get me possessive." He completely the earlier sentence as he stuff the keys back in his back pocket and went on to finish the wine.
  750. [15:58] Kirby the Starboy: /me Once introductions are out of the way Kirby returns to his drink, sipping on the concoction happily as he continues to listen in on all the conversation.
  751. [16:00] Camden Carrin: /me was simply in the back of the room, like usual, browsing stuff on his phone. "So how about that new Bond film, huh?" he announces, to absolutely nobody. "Who would have thought that grumpy asshole Craig would still be at it? What a fucking world we live in, that guy needs to retire already."
  752. [16:09] Evelynn Bolasco: This place seems pretty interesting. Mind if I have a seat?
  753. [16:11] Camden Carrin: Y'all don't have to ask, but go ahead.
  754. [16:12] Makunouchi Hayashi: [sub]No problems with helping yourself to a seat, we quite appreciate new visitors, in more ways than one.[/sub]
  755. [16:17] Yuichi: [sub]I am a bit taken with irl stuff right now. If you need any drinks just assume there is bartender taking care of that please[/sub]
  756. [16:22] Makunouchi Hayashi: [sub]Will do, mate. It'll be alright. Monday's a bit slow at this hour.[/sub]
  757. [16:27] Castanic Kat: /me stares at the sex shop paraphernalia and tilts her head.
  758. [16:28] Camden Carrin: Something wrong, sweetheart?
  759. [16:33] Teagan Mae: /me looked through the specials. "You'd think with the kink of this place, they wouldn't have the contraceptive thing.. right?" She pressed her lips together biting lower pensively.
  760. [16:34] Camden Carrin: /me shrugs. "Unfortunately, one of our bartenders isn't really one for pregnancy. Which is fucking weird considering where she chose to work, but I guess you can't choose your passions. Maybe she just likes watching."
  761. [16:36] Teagan Mae: /me shrugged her shoulders. "I can kind of see the fun in it? I mean, it's not -perfect- right? So maybe one lucky person has a chance? Same motivation and risk, but a lot less of the whole.. some kind of furry parasite trying to grow in you?"
  762. [16:37] Camden Carrin: /me nodded. "I guess. It's like "I better be really shit at my job or you best be really good at your job for this to work. Like, 'only the best of the best are good enough' kinda shit."
  763. [16:39] Teagan Mae: /me raised an eyebrow and laughed. "Job? Sort of serious sounding for sex.. unless you're selling it I guess."
  764. [16:40] Camden Carrin: /me shot her a look. "She's a bartender at what is basically a brothel. She is LITERALLY selling it."
  765. [16:43] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me glanced at the two that were interacting as he let out a brief chuckle, Yuichi had gone away and gave place to another bartender, so he decided to simply raise his right hand, to signal the bartender to come his way, After a bit, the bartender came and the demon just requested two simple things, another glass of red wine and a small platter with fruit to accompany the drink, the mix of fruit with wine was something that he enjoyed pretty much. The demon awaited patiently as the bartender got to fixing the order and then returned with what he had been asked. While the demon took a little slice of an apple from the platter and put it in his mouth, then following up with a light sip from the glass of wine. He just listened to the others talking as he sat on the stool, just indulging in his own thoughts, right hand on the cheek and the left lightly moving the glass as his eyes glanced at the wine, swirling around.  
  766. [16:43] Teagan Mae: "You sound like the sort of person who gooses waitresses at a strip club."
  767. [16:44] Camden Carrin: "Well, that's unnecessarily harsh."
  768. [16:44] Yuichi: /me grumbled from his spot in the corner, where he was enjoying his break "We're not a brothel, nor are any of our staff hookers. Treating them in such away against their wishes will result in me throwing you out. The only exceptions to that are the free use breeders, who go for that willingly."
  769. [16:45] Camden Carrin: /me shot back "We've known each other for an entire week at this point, my dude, you know I ain't like that. Come on, man."
  770. [16:45] Makunouchi Hayashi: [sub]The wolf defending his home, good job. Couldn't have said it better.[/sub]
  771. [16:46] Yuichi: /me "Just making a point clear in general here. Not just for you specifically. If you had gone against that you wouldn't be here right now. So all good"
  772. [16:47] Teagan Mae: "People read subtext. You can infer things by what a person says. I'm glad that sounds harsh, that lets people know you at least don't want to be seen that way."
  773. [16:47] Teagan Mae: /me smiles politely and sits herself on a bar stool.
  774. [16:47] Camden Carrin: /me rolled his eyes. "Just kinda getting sick of everyone jumping to conclusions. I make a joke, everyone assumes I grope waitresses. I make a point about how a room doesn't seem built for dudes and should probably be ladies only, I get accused of hating lesbians. Gettin' real tired."
  775. [16:47] Teagan Mae: "If the victim role carries with you everywhere you go, you're either the victim of a conspiracy, or a slow learner."
  776. [16:48] Yuichi: /me waved his hand "Like I said, you're good. I just wanted to clear up on this before anyone gets funny ideas based on the conversation. You haven't treated anyone from my staff badly so far, so everything is alright from my point of view"
  777. [16:50] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me glanced over his right shoulder to see the familiar wolf resting on the spot and decided to down the red wine and just take a few more pieces of fruit in his mouth and just eating them up before he let out a brief chuckle while raising up from his seat. "Hey, Yuichi! Won't you have a drink with me, mate? I'll even ask your colleague here to serve us and I'll bring it over there" He spoke heartily, it had gotten boring to be drinking on his own and the only familiarity or light friendship he had about this room was the wolf, for now, anyways.
  778. [16:51] Camden Carrin: "Those two are entirely separate situations, how does one learn from them. I'm just saying I ain't had the best weekend, you can't learn from losing your keys how to not get punched by an alcoholic."
  779. [16:52] Yuichi: /me finally looked up from his phone and flashes a smile "And on the topic of the drink Alleria made. I like it, it's a nice challenge and tickles the drive to hunt in me. I'd be less interested in her if she was easy to get and I am pretty sure she knows that just as much as I do. Alea also liked the idea, so it got added to the list. Easy as that." he then looked over to Maku "Afraid I'll still have to make some calls and get stuff organized, some problems with the kitchen rework and I really want to have that thing running soon." (still mostly busy irl, sorry )
  780. [16:53] Camden Carrin: /me shrugged. "I getchu, you want things that are harder to get. It's why the high paying jobs require years of experience."
  781. [16:54] Teagan Mae: "Both of those threads are exposing an opinion of yours, through inference or "a point". Both times those insights were supplied a propos of nothing. The lesson is "think a little longer about what you say, if you're averse to people supplying their opinions back.". Even you seeing those two items as completely random, like losing your keys or drunken assault is telling something about yourself."
  782. [16:54] Teagan Mae: /me offered a sympathetic smile. "I'm not trying to make you feel bad, just trying to help you realize, maybe the pattern is there, and it is you."
  783. [16:55] Teagan Mae: "Leaving that stuff hanging is how you get hateful little incels driving on sidewalks."
  784. [16:56] Yuichi: /me "Just saying right away, not against you guys debating stuff, but I expect stuff to stay friendly and civil on both sides, because if I have to interrupt my break to stop a fight I'll be pissed for the rest of the day and I'd rather keep my good mood"
  785. [16:59] Madame Stripe: /me rested her head on her hand as she looked over at the others. She heard them talking but found that her second martini dulled most of what they said. Noticing the bartender up and at ‘em she waved him down pointing to her drink signaling she’d like another. Though the two drinks were having an effect the zebra was large and could handle a few drinks before getting too rowdy. Once more Stripe looked around so see if there was any interest in the room.
  786. [16:59] Camden Carrin: "Ain't so much afraid of supplying their opinions back. One was literally a joke on the term "selling it", the other one was someone asking for feedback when anything that wasn't 100% positive got yelled at. And the implication that I'm an incel really isn't appreciated. But whatever, this conversation is just going to end up in us at each other's throats so let's end it here so Yuichi doesn't gut us with a sharpened spatula."
  787. [16:59] Makunouchi Hayashi: /me nodded his head, understanding the wolf's situation at the moment as he bowed ever so slightly. "I'll help myself to rest back in a booth, hope you don't mind it." He spoke lowly towards the wolf and slowly walked to one of those booths but then he stopped walking to glance at Camden. "Mate, relax, don't be so pent up. We all have a bad day sometimes, try not to show it too much with your words and you may feel better with time. It's alright to feel stressed sometimes, take a drink, relax, you got some company right there even if just for chatting. Don't let your day get sour." He patted the male's shoulder before he helped himsef to one of the booths, it was where he could just step inside and rest without anyone disturbing him, he would be there for a few minutes. The place was not with much movement, so there was no use in him being on the outside, just to drink over and over, it was not like alcohol had much of an effect on him. So he decided to just rest back. [sub](Will be back soon) [/sub]
  788. [17:00] Sephon Mcjagger: /me rubs along his head listening and thinking over this banter. certainly has stumped him in forming a idea. A cross of his arms as silence seems like the best answer for such a situation. This only made him look the specials over again he liked the design or perhaps the font used kept his attention.
  789. [17:02] Camden Carrin: /me sighed. "Thanks, Hayachi. You're a good bloke, I'll be fine with time. Just feeling a little tetchy today, lots of stuff adding up. Don't worry, I ain't usually like this." And with that he went back to drinking his drink and just checking his phone, plugging his earphones in so as to listen to some news report or other.
  790. [17:04] Ari Dayton: /me peeks his head in, too embarrassed to enter, but a shove from his sister makes him stumble into the bar. Catching himself from falling the femboy mouse nervously rubs the back of his head trying to ignore all of the patrons as he sits at the end of the bar. Wearing a cute dress with some naughty lingerie underneath. The poor mouse seemingly lost a bet or is normally this shy as he meekly tries to get the bartenders attention by a small wave.
  791. [17:04] Alleria Nightstalker: /me emerged from a back room with a sharpened spatula in her hands. "Did someone need this?" she asked, looking over at the bar. Somehow, the doe already had a bit of a visible bump on her belly to mark her activities the other day. She wandered up to the bar to start serving people. "Also I heard people talking about me!" She looked over at Ari, giving him her attention.
  792. [17:06] Camden Carrin: /me gave a one-handed wave at the by-now familiar deer, shooting her a smile. "We were just discussing your drink, Ally, that's all. I made a joke about you being a bartender that apparently didn't go down that well but it doesn't really matter. By the way, Yuichi's out on break so if people come in you're gonna be on your own. You okay with that?"
  793. [17:06] Yuichi: /me looked over to Alleria "Don't think we're gonna need that. And yes, I was talking about you when I said that I enjoy a good challenge"
  794. [17:09] Ari Dayton: "Err i-i'll take something fruity I guess?" The shy mouse blushes a bit as he looks over the menu of the special drinks, not sure if he's quite ready for any of the those as his sister walks off and leaves him on his own. "I'm Ari by the way" he says to the bartender and immediately kicks himself mentally, thinking she doesn't need to know his name for him to order really.
  795. [17:11] Teagan Mae: /me wiggled her fingers to Alleria. "So you're a pregnancy pill's namesake?"
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