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  1. Tables has just posted a new topic entitled "Goodbye, I'm done." in forum "The Commons Area".
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  4. I don't know where to begin with this. I am VERY upset with the decision to associate yourself with the DiceFortress community. This is very bad and a terrible choice on your part. You have given them admin rights in the group and everything. This is terrible for a variety of reasons and the main one being is that the group isn't as good as you think it is. The same person won their "giveaways" 3 times in a row and the only people that ever win the giveaways are people who were already on the friends list of the owner and they had him added for a while, hence making me think that it is rigged and it's all one big scam. This "Dicing Program" is just a simple program, (if this so-called program is even real), that randomizes number and types the results. This could be EASILY manipulated by someone who gets "host" rights and pretends that the program is outputting the results but in reality they are just pasting something into chat and pretending like the program outputted it there. I would hate to see members get scammed and that could very well happen, because the way they pick hosts is whether or not you AFK in their chat, (essentially), and be slightly active. They are terrible at picking admins is what i'm trying to say, so a scammer could get picked to be an admin. And the admins they do have that aren't scammers are absolute dicks. I was one of the few people in chat and I wanted to dice just to see what this was all about so I talked with a host and we were chatting and he said "not very many people on right now", and I said "yeah, most people are probably at school or at work or something". So he put up an announcement saying to join the chat everyone, 3 times, and nobody else joined. This made him upset and then for essentially no reason, he took out his anger on me and banned me from the chat. Then these so-called "miracle worker" owners of the group apparently get back people's unusuals for them and then everyone is all happy and yay you feel happy for everyone and you think of them as nice people but in reality, it's set up. I asked them to help |MAD| Variation get his unusual back which he got scammed away. They attempted to contact the scammer and they were going to "get variation's unusual back", but then later on that day the scammer messaged me via. tf2outpost saying "LOL, You got some people to add me for some "giveaway". I was upset that they couldn't get it back but they were hosting a raffle soon so I got in on that and hoped I could win something and sell it then split the profit with variation so that way he wouldn't have lost so much. During the giveaway in chat they were TERRIBLE at managing 200 people in the group, and the only way they would start the giveaway would be if they had 200 people in the group, (because they wanted more members and don't care about the ones they have). They ENCOURAGED, you heard me right, ENCOURAGED spamming. That is breaking our main rule, and yes it isn't our chat or on our servers but do you honestly think that this won't trickle onto the mad servers? And they couldn't control the spam they were getting and they weren't banning the spammers. They held off the giveaway until 1 troll would stop spamming, which is very stupid because they let one troll hold up the whole entire thing. But once they FINALLY started the giveaway they took 10 minutes to give away one item, with I believe 40 they wanted to giveaway. Obviously people were going to have go or do something during this long of a period, and I had to go eat dinner. I asked the owners if I won could they hold it for me or give it to my friend, (|MAD| Leeroy Jenkins). One of them laughed and said no we won't and the other didn't respond until after I had already ate dinner and he replied, "no".) Then when they gave away the first unusual they said and congratulations to the winner and said they gave him an unusual worth $150 i believe it was and that would be 4-4.5 ish buds and it was an orbiting fire stately steel toe. This hat is hard to sell and wouldn't get near that so I told the owner in A PRIVATE MESSAGE, "Hey, just a heads up, I don't think that unusual could pull that price". He replied to me very aggressively and after some arguing, banned me from the chat. This pissed me off because I was just trying to help and make sure that nobody in the group got false hope over what they were recieveing, but in the end it doesn't really matter because it was all set up anyways, there is no way that one person won 3 times in a row when there was 200 people in chat and 500~? ish people in the group with many people posting on the youtube vids to win. The chances of this dude winning 3 times is very unlikely, and most likely set up. Since you are affiliating yourself with this terrible group, I'm truly sorry but I'm going to leave the |MAD| clan now. I have enjoyed every last minute on the |MAD| servers and it was very fun, I will miss you all a lot but I'm not honestly very active on the servers anymore and this has pissed me off too much for me to want to stay in the clan any longer.
  6. In case it was too long and you didn't read it, (TL;DR), this group that the |MAD| clan want's to affiliate itself with is a terribly organized group that could scam |MAD| members and it is set-up and rigged. I will miss you all but I'm going to live the |MAD| clan. I enjoyed my time here but this was a terrible choice to affiliate yourselves with these clowns.
  8. ~With Love, Tables.
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