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  1. Lisa Murkowski (AK):
  2. Dan Sullivan (AK):
  3. Richard C. Shelby (AL):
  4. John Boozman (AR):
  5. Tom Cotton (AR):
  6. Martha McSally (AZ):
  7. Cory Gardner (CO): (select "share your opinions or comments on legislation or issues")
  8. Marco Rubio (FL):
  9. Rick Scott (FL):
  10. Kelly Loeffler (GA): (scroll down)
  11. David Perdue (GA):
  12. Joni Ernst (IA):
  13. Chuck Grassley (IA):
  14. Mike Crapo (ID):
  15. James E. Risch (ID):
  16. Mike Braun (IN):
  17. Todd Young (IN): (select "share your opinion on legislation")
  18. Jerry Moran (KS):
  19. Pat Roberts (KS):
  20. Mitch McConnell (KY):
  21. Rand Paul (KY):
  22. Bill Cassidy (LA):
  23. John Kennedy (LA):
  24. Susan M. Collins (ME):
  25. Roy Blunt (MO): (click "share your opinion on legislation")
  26. Josh Hawley (MO):
  27. Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS):
  28. Roger F. Wicker (MS):
  29. Steve Daines (MT): (select "Share your opinions or comment on legislation or issues")
  30. Richard Burr (NC):
  31. Thom Tillis (NC):
  32. Kevin Cramer (ND):
  33. John Hoeven (ND):
  34. Deb Fischer (NE):
  35. Ben Sasse (NE):
  36. Rob Portman (OH):
  37. James M. Inhofe (OK):
  38. James Lankford (OK): (select "send an email to comment on legislation")
  39. Patrick J. Toomey (PA):
  40. Lindsey Graham (SC):
  41. Tim Scott (SC): (select "share your opinion on legislation")
  42. Mike Rounds (SD): (select "share your opinions or comment on legislation or issues")
  43. John Thune (SD):
  44. Lamar Alexander (TN):
  45. Marsha Blackburn (TN):
  46. John Cornyn (TX):
  47. Ted Cruz (TX):
  48. Mike Lee (UT):
  49. Mitt Romney (UT):
  50. Ron Johnson (WI):
  51. Shelley Moore Capito (WV): (select "send an email to comment on legislation")
  52. John Barrasso (WY):
  53. Michael B. Enzi (WY):
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