Filip_K_Zhong | Enhanced | INFO

Dec 11th, 2019
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  1. !-Note-!
  2. 3rd party extensions (or code changes) is not official or supported by the developers of the game,
  3. they take no responsibility for 3rd party and doesn't recommend it neither,
  4. all usage of it is on own risk and extensions THAT GIVES YOU A ADVANTAGE is not allowed!
  6. !-Disclaim-!
  7. This script doesn't contain any hackusations, or code that gives you a unfair advantage.
  8. The adblocker in this script still supports the game, as the ads still appear
  9. (even if they are invisable and unclickable)
  10. This script is used through tampermonkey or resource override,
  11. if the game patches it, deal with it, it's not a vanilla!
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