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  1. Datura: the Datura innoxia plant is found across the southwest. Although highly toxic, it is sometimes used as a painkiller or drug. Successfully brewing a Datura solution is a DC 20 Nature or Heal check. This is rolled in secret. Failure results in a highly toxic variant of the drug which will cause overdose upon ingestion.
  2. Effects: +1d4 Wisdom (due to spiritual aspects of a Datura trip. Does not extend to perception-based checks such as spot), immunity to pain effects, -1d4 INT (due to severe hallucinations and inability to distinguish fantasy from reality), becomes dazzled in bright light. Length: 1 day. Overdose: taking two doses, or an improperly made dose, gives the Rage condition to a user, in addition to causing 2d6 CON damage. Addiction Rating: Negligible. Satiation: 1 day. Damage: 1d4-2 Dex damage (can be 0).
  4. Opioids: Opium is distilled from the latex of the opium poppy, and refined into morphine, heroin, or laudanum. Opioids can be used as an anesthetic or as an addictive recreational drug. They are typically smoked, taken as laudanum, or injected. The stats here represent the wide family of Opioids.
  5.     Effects: Relieves pain and grants immunity to pain effects, provided 2d4 Temporary HP (due to the general numbness and pain suppression). User takes 2d6 DEX damage until the effects have worn off (due to the sedative effects, a DEX of 0 indicates the character is in a stupor). Length: 2d4 hours. Overdose: a large dose of opioids causes a character to stop breathing, and begin suffocating as per the rules. Should they survive due to medical intervention, they take 1d6 INT drain, due to brain damage. Addiction Rating: Extreme (DC 20) Satiation: 1 day. Damage: 1d6 Dex, 1d6 Wis, 1d2 Con.
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