Mar 13th, 2016
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  1. 1. Elodie Rosetta Zumwalt
  2. MC. Overachieving poorfag that’s so poor that Naval Studies actually pays her a salary. Not as charismatic as Gertrude Pool, but is certainly more mature and level-headed.
  4. Appearance: 5’8 in height. Light skin, brown hair (fuck if I know what hairstyle, something like Kumiko from Hibike Sound Euphonium maybe). Grey eyes. Big breasts, but not like cowtits size, maybe something like Darjeeling or Maho or something. Rimless glasses. Wears pantyhose with her uniform.
  6. 2. Ingrid Berra
  7. Math genius and baseball nerd who really would rather not be driving tanks but needs an extracurricular activity to fulfill her honor roll requirements.
  9. Appearance: 5’6 in height. Black half-frame glasses. Blonde hair tied into ponytail with red scrunchy. Right eye is blue, other eye is brown. Wears pantyhose with her uniform.
  11. 3. Winona Henryka Griffiths
  12. Enthusiastic engineering ace that loves Tanks and Tankery Unlimited. The MC’s roommate. Owns a pet ball python named Cuddles the Defiler of Souls (or just Cuddles).
  14. Appearance: 5’7 in height. Short wavy dark red hair reaching to the shoulders. Brown eyes. Thick eyebrows. Wears black thigh highs with her uniform.
  16. 4. Josephina deGrasse
  17. Incredibly tall wallflower that desperately wants to make friends, but is unable to make them due to her excessive height and her inability to hold conversations. Surprisingly strong though.
  19. Appearance: 6’2 in height. Long ashy blonde hair drooping past her shoulders and nearly over her eyes. Blue eyes. Wears white knee highs with her uniform. Average bust.
  21. 5. Samantha “Stack” Bell Roberts
  22. The only other member of the crew actually familiar with tanks, having driven them in Elementary and Middle School. Often injures herself due to lack of patience for anything.
  24. Appearance: 5’2 in height. Short fluffy black hair with red streak done up in two tiny pigtails. Tan skin skin, blue eyes. Always seen wearing her black leather gloves for loading duties. Wears black thigh highs with white stripes near the top. Winning smile. Flat as a board.
  26. Uniform appearance: Dark blue button jacket with elements of WWII US Navy uniform. Light blue long sleeve blouse undershirt. Ribbon around sailor collar is red. Miniskirt is also dark blue. Comes with white sailor cap or captain’s cap with the LGA Fleur de Lis emblazoned on front for Officers (of which the MC is one).
  28. - MC has no adjustments to her uniform. Wears the officer’s cap.
  29. - Ingrid has no adjustments to her uniform.
  30. - Winona forgoes the jacket in favor of just wearing the light blue blouse undershirt.
  31. - Josephina has to wear a longer skirt to her knees, to compensate for her height.
  32. - Stack wraps the jacket around her waist, and rolls up the sleeves of her undershirt as well. She also doesn’t wear the hat (like a goddamn heathen)
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